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What to Do When You Lose a Filling from Your Tooth

Earlier this week, I wrote about what you should do when a crown falls off.  Today, I will discuss what you should do when you lose a filling.

An Amalgam aka Silver FillingLosing a filling from your tooth can be quite a traumatic event, especially if it comes out while you’re eating and you accidentally bite down on it.

However, there’s really no need to worry when a filling comes out of your tooth because your dentist will be able to fix it.

Also, there’s no need to save the filling if it was a composite, amalgam, or glass ionomer filling (the majority of fillings.)

If it was a gold or ceramic inlay filling (rather uncommon) then you may want to save it if you can find it since your dentist may be able to cement it back into place.

What to Do When a Filling Comes Out of Your Tooth

The first thing that you should do is remove it from your mouth so that you don’t accidentally swallow it or breathe it in.  A majority of the time when you swallow a filling, it simply passes without a problem.  On the contrary, if you accidentally breathe a filling into your lungs, it could cause an infection.

Next, you should call your dentist and schedule an appointment to have your dentist replace the filling.  If the filling was recently placed, and it came out during the course of normal chewing, then your dentist may replace it for free or at a reduced rate.  It is important to communicate what you want to your dentist — if the filing was improperly bonded to the tooth, then the dentist is at fault and should probably replace it free of charge.

Before you get to your dentist, it is important to practice impeccable oral hygiene around the area where the filling used to be.  An unfilled tooth is a good trap for food which can cause harmful bacteria to accumulate.  Be sure to brush gently and carefully inside the hole where the filling was to ensure removal of all food debris.

It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth out with warm saltwater after eating.  An effective rinse can be made by combining one cup of warm water and one teaspoon of salt.

What To Do If Your Tooth Is Sensitive After Losing a Filling

If your tooth is sensitive after losing your filling, then it is likely that there are exposed dentin tubules.  Dentin tubules are tiny pathways of communication between the dentin and the pulp of your tooth.  The dentin tubules are essentially providing a direct pathway from the inside of your mouth to the pulp in your tooth.

Since the only sensation that the nerves in the pulp can send to your brain is pain, the tooth feels sensitive to hot and cold and can be quite painful.

To alleviate this pain, over-the-counter pain medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil can help.  A better solution would be to stop the source of the pain.  Since the pain is caused by the exposed dentin tubules, you can try to cover those.

You can cover the dentin tubules by putting a temporary filling material inside the hole in your tooth to replace that lost filling.  I have heard that sugar-free gum or a thick wax will work if you are in a bind.  A better material to fill your tooth is a commercial temporary filling material with zinc-oxide, which can be found at many pharmacies.

Commercial Temporary Dental Filling Materials

There are a few different brands of temporary dental filling materials on the market such as  Dentemp, Temparin and Cherry-flavored Refilit.  You can click on the links to learn more about them, but it’s probably best to get them from your local drugstore rather than online if you’ve already lost your filling. If you’re planning ahead and trying to make a dental first aid kit, then it may be a cheaper option to buy online.

These are all different brands of pretty much the same thing.  It is a zinc-oxide filling material that you simply push into the hole using a wet finger.  After a few minutes, your saliva will cause the temporary filling to harden.

It is important to remember that these temporary filling materials are only meant to last for a few days, although some reviewers online have had theirs last for a couple of weeks. Make sure you get an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible.


When you lose a filling, make sure you take care of the tooth and call your dentist. If it hurts, you can take some pain medicine, but you should probably go get some temporary filling material to fill the tooth until you can see your dentist.



    • Hi Logan – I would personally run to the pharmacy and pick up some temporary filling material and put that in until Monday.

      You could also call your dentist’s office. Usually, they have a number for emergencies. But, in this case, I would suspect that your dentist would just have you come in on Monday since this isn’t an extreme emergency. I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment. Try to have a great weekend in spite of the lost filling!

      • Thank you! I was looking for a response to this exact question! Thank you for your very informational article! I appreciate it! And so does my tooth! 🙂

      • Filling came out of 2 mollers and there Is now a deep hole pain kills hurts When eat, drink or Bryan it and Is very sensirive, what should i do

      • ‎ Hello Tom!‎

        I’m Nelli from Helsinki-Finland

        Glad to find your page! I read carefully the questions and your answers, but I ‎couldn’t found any answers to my case First want to thank you for be a ‎patience and politeness. ‎
        I want to tell you about the fatal end of emergency treatment maxillary tooth ‎root 7( in Finland tooth 21) with diagnosis of pulpitis in March 2013.‎
        The materials used for the treatment of the tooth root with the diagnosis ‎pulpitis are Ubistesin, Canasol, Ultracal and Cavit paste. Perhaps more than ‎two hours after the effects of anesthesia I had terrible pain in the throat and ‎tooth. It was anesthetized also my throat. During the treatment process several ‎times asked assistant to rinse the mouth because I had a terrible bitter taste ‎and feel / smell of welded metal / iron. ‎
        Two weeks I was in terrible pain, root canals open and without a temporary ‎filling. Bearing in mind that tooth 9 with chronic periodontitis (the reason is ‎short / half fill).‎
        I called often to municipal dental care or the dentist himself to continue / correct their mistakes, ‎but when the bill arrived I was able to connect with them.‎
        On the fourteenth day was urgent treatment of upper jaw tooth 7. The dentist ‎took a dental X-ray needle picture and continue treatment, but it was too late – ‎I went often in hospital from a variety of symptoms – palpitations, dizziness, ‎stomach pains, sinus disorder, headache, hair loss, insomnia, sensitivity to ‎light, dermatological problem – any face cream is peeling off my face, allergic ‎reactions to antibiotics, medicines for the treatment of sinusitis, or cholesterol ‎treatment, strong muscle nerve pain, permanent metallic taste in the mouth
        ‎ After laboratory tests, ultrasound, computed tomography and the nuclear MRI ‎studies I was to urgently surgery of liver cancer.‎
        Dear Tom, I was 47 kg. Cholesterol was still high ( I don’t use grease), my ‎physics and symptoms are equivalent to a person suffering from metabolites, ‎have also iron intake, the function of the immune system is destroyed by ‎untreated / undiagnosed immune diseases (only eye doctor has diagnosed ‎Sjögren’s syndrome), inflammation of the liver. But as usual I was diagnosed ‎with hepatitis B … and infectious! We did research on my husband for hepatitis ‎B and it was negative. The C – reactive protein was 50-70 mg / L. before ‎surgery, after was 110 mg / L
        Dear Tom, first I want to apologize that I write to you with details, I just would ‎like to help for easier way to resolve the questions.‎
        Second, I tried to not make spelling mistakes, but I am sure there is, perhaps, ‎because it is not my native language.‎
        Here are the questions:‎
        ‎1. I never had bleeding gums or signs of tooth decay; tooth pain start always ‎an internal – Is’t normal?‎
        ‎2. In acute dentist visit time or first aid the need for treatment do the dentist ‎have right to go inside tooth canal / s if there is not enough time?‎
        ‎3. I know that never before the dentist took a dental X-ray needle picture In the ‎second visit when the tooth was without a temporary seal on what special ‎needs dentist had to took this kind of picture?‎
        ‎4. Tooth 9 with chronic periodontitis and risk for sinusitis – what is the ‎likelihood of contamination of tooth 7 from bacterial inflammation?‎
        ‎5. If hepatitis B is not caused liver cancer, which is the real reason?‎
        ‎6. Teeth 7and 9 were removed, there was no other way out, however, replace ‎tooth 9 is a permanent hypersensitive to cold and warm, even if the water is ‎not ice-cold or hot. What are the cause of the hypersensitivity of the removed ‎tooth 9?‎
        ‎7. What are the causes of dry mouth and throat, even i drink enough water?‎
        ‎8. What are the consequences if the temporary filling (Cavit) is swallowed up? ‎

        For me is important your opinion! Have a nice day Tom!‎

      • Yes I wanted to Thank You I had no idea that there was something that I could put in the hole in my tooth , myself! I am in so much pain feels like a nerve is exposed . Its Labor Day no none of the offices are open. I hope this will get me out of some of the pain temporarily. It is good to be able to do something. My tooth is bleeding though so I hope it’s still ok to apply something to it.

      • Filling came out of back tooth and there Is now a deep hole that hurts when I eat, drink, and at night. It Is very sensitive. It also starts to hurt at night. What should i do

    • hey I am a kid so I don’t understand this stuff but it is 10;22 pm here and I should be in bed. anyways, my filling for a cavity just fell out and I cant tell anyone because im supposed to be in bed. idk what to do because there is a tooth right next to it that is loose. I wasn’t eating or anything but I was playing with my loose tooth and the filling fell out of the one to the left of it. I immediately took the filling out , it fell in 2 bits of piees abd a piece of the tooth came out too, and put everything in a bag. there is a dentist coming to my school soon and is doing the stuff for a cealance. but for the rest of the night what should I do???????

      • luckily its not hurting when I bite down and the nerve don’t seem to be hurting it either. but im wondering if I can swallow without blood flooding into my mouth. it hasn’t bled so
        far but I am seriously worried. plz contact me as soon as possibal logan.

      • Hey Rex, it would be good to get in to see a dentist as soon as possible to help you figure out what can be done for your tooth. Even when you’re not in pain, things can slowly happen that could be painful in the future. Good luck!

        • thx tom. I should be going to a doctor this Thursday. I told my school doctor and she looked at my tooth. she said that the filling fell out because the tooth is a baby tooth, and there is my grown tooth growing right behind it, but because of my three big crooked front teeth, the baby tooth is stuck, and wont move. the one to the right of it is very loose but my permanent tooth is growing down, this is all on the top right row of my teeth, and bacteria can get up into the small crack, making the new tooth able to come in with a cavity. My school dentist also said that If I brush my tooth then it might bleed because the nerves around it are starting to get irritated. So I am seeing a real dentist this Thursday and hopefully nothing will happen till I get there.

        • Tom! Back in 2010, my tooth had a whole in it, I went to the denist and that filled it with this white stuff… but lucky me They didnt finish it because of my insurance. But it didnt hurt for a while. Every since I had pains off in on and my tooth around it eventually broke off ….now 2014…. today the white thing came off I guess because there wasnt nothing holding it..and ots just my gum that is black. So gross… now im sitting here with no pain yet. My insurance is not on yet im in the process of getting it on so I can take care of this mess any advice I took a picture of the white thing.

    • If your tooth was as bad as mine up until the point I was in tears take paracetamol and then put toothpaste on the tooth with the missing filling, it may seem odd but after 5-10 minutes it helps the tooth, trust me☺

  1. Hi Tom. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I have a quick question for you, is it urgent to fill a cracked filling? I have a cracked composite filling on one of my back molars, but my dentist wants me to wait to re-fill it after I get retainers (I broke my orthodontic retainers 2 months ago and since then my bite has been off). I can understand why he wants me to stabilize my bite before I get the work done, but I was wondering if waiting 2-3 weeks to re-fill the tooth poses any dangers. Since my bite is off I’m having a hard time telling whether the discomfort I have (minor) is from my bite or the cracked filling. Also, how would you advise I “take care” of my cracked filling in the meantime to make sure it doesn’t get infected. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Lisha – When your filling is cracked, it leaves a small opening that is impossible for you to keep clean. Since your toothbrush can’t reach down inside of the cracked filling, your best bet for taking care of it would be to cut down on the amount of sugar that you eat and consider using a fluoride mouth rinse.

      We have new patients that come into the dental school that need lots of fillings. In some cases, it can take us months to finally get all of the fillings completed. As long as you haven’t developed a large cavity under the cracked filling, I would assume that there isn’t a problem with waiting a few weeks, especially since that is what your dentist recommends.

      One thing to consider is that if you have the clear plastic retainers that fit over your teeth, make sure that it still fits perfectly over your back molar after your dentist replaces the old filling (as the retainer would have been built to conform to the tooth with the old filling.)

      I hope that helps, Lisha – Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Hi Tom, thanks so much for the quick reply. I’ll go and pick up some fluoride rinse today. I’ll also remember to bring my new retainer to my filling appointment to make sure that it fits properly. With regards to the broken filling, if I’m unable to brush my teeth after a meal, is it a good idea to chew sugarless gum? I was wondering if it would be more helpful or harmful. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisha – Usually chewing sugarless gum helps your teeth because it helps you produce more saliva which helps your teeth.

      In your case, I’m not sure exactly what condition the broken filling is in, so it may be safer not to chew, but I can’t give you a good answer one way or the other. Since your dentist wants to wait to replace the filling, my guess is that you don’t need to worry too much. If it was a really big filling, your dentist probably would’ve let you know.

      I hope that helps, Lisha. Thanks for your comments!

      • Hi tom i have a toothache nw iv got a hole in my top bak tooth it black and there was a filling on the tooth and my bottom teeth are in pain az well theres a filling on bottom tooth but no crak or hole like the bottom. Is it the filling thats makin the pain i was that much in pain i had drugs to c if it wil ease pain but dudnt work iv only tryed few remidies nt working. Iv never had this kind of tooth ache before witch iv had heaps in the past i hvnt sen dentist for 6 years wat can i do help?

  3. Just had a exam and the dentist noticed a filling fell out in the last tooth on the bottom(All my wisdom are pulled).
    Said I should get it re-filled within 6 months and shouldn’t be a problem if I keep it clean.
    Didn’t even notice and there is no pain.
    Is this too long of a time to wait? Reason for 6 months is I have a job overseas and wanted to to it in either Guam or USA instead of Asia.

    • Hi Randy – Your dentist knows it it’s alright or not. It sounds like it was probably a shallow filling and you’ll be fine if you keep it clean. With the small hole in your tooth, just make sure you’re able to see back there well enough to keep it clean, or you could have another cavity on your hands when you go to have it re-filled.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, Randy.

  4. if itz not sensitibe but hurts alot u need to do to the dentist i had it befor they just pull it out it never hurtz swear when they num it.when they take it out u will feel like someone is pushing u thatz all then get gawz and stuff simple as it can be

  5. hi im just saying 2 mins ago i just relised that i have cracked my tooth right at the back and i can start to feel the nerves irratate it and my dentist is not at work today so i have to go through pain all day ouch!! so not all dentists are helpfull

  6. Hi Tom,
    I just came across this site because I lost a filling about 2 weeks ago but I don’t have dental insurance or the cash on hand right now to fill it with a dentist. What do you suggest I do? Thanks for your help!

  7. I was picking out potato chips from my teeth bc I was too lazy to get up to brush. Well I broke my filling with my fingernail thinking it was a potato chip. The next day- My tooth is tender and is giving me a pounding headache. The filling feels loose and is still in the tooth. My tooth feels stable and the filling is intact but still gives me a pounding headache in the front of my head. I’m a young disabled adult and I don’t have a dentist or Dental insurance. Only medial. Do you have any ideas to help my situation?

    • Hi Chris – With the headache, there is a good chance that there is bacteria that has gotten into the nerve of the tooth and it would either need to come out or have a root canal done. I don’t know of any remedies other than getting either of these two procedures completed. I hope that helps!

    • Tom, please help. I have thrush for two years. HIV- and no diabetes. However,I can’t rid my case of thrush. I’ve now noticed a odor where the filling came out of my tooth from eating pita chips. I’m also still waiting to hear from you about what to do about my tooth that has a odor and a loose filling. It was causing headaches but now my gums feel tender and the tooth smells stinky. I don’t have dental insurance and Im disabled. However I’m still alive and would like somebody to address my situation. Ive tried nystatin, garlic, rinsing hydrogen peroxide straight from bottle, ect nothing seems to rid the trush which is causing my bad teeth. I’ve lowered the sugar intake, no white rice, and eating plain yogurt. Going back for blood work next week and to take a culture of this oral candida. It’s funny how when you ask for help, everybody runs the other way or ignore it- I’ve been addressing this now for two years. I’m worried this will affect my health as I’m already disabled from a accident.

      • Hi Chris – If your fillings are loose or falling out and causing an odor, it sounds like there is decay in these affected teeth. Have you tried a dental clinic? Does your state provide any dental coverage for those who are disabled? If you make some calls, I believe you should be able to find somewhere near that can fix your teeth for you. Since your mouth is connected to your body, bacteria build-up as well as cavities can affect your overall health.

        I hope you are able to find a place to get your needed work done. Have a great day!

  8. Hi, I recently went to the dentist about one of my back teeth cracking on the side because it was causing an odd taste in my mouth. When I got there it turns out that the tooth had decay under the filling. The dentist said that it was almost decayed to the nerve and he was surprised that I didn’t punch him in the face from pain but I didn’t have any, just some tenderness when I flossed between that tooth and the one behind it. Anyway he told me I’d have to get it pulled but my question is why can’t he just refill it? I don’t really wanna lose ANOTHER back tooth (getting low now). I’m trying to have better habits but things just aren’t looking up yet. The filling has fallen out now so what would you advise since its “so close to the nerve where the two nerves meet”? Let him pull it request a filling? Thanks!

    • Hi Shavonta – If there is decay near the bone level, it may not be possible to put a filling in without doing surgery to remove some bone. Also, with the decay so close to the nerve, there is a good chance that you may need a root canal. If you are uncomfortable with the dentist’s recommendation and feel like he didn’t explain it to you well, I would go get a second opinion.

      Many dental offices will do free second opinions, you just have to call them and ask. Good luck!

  9. Tom, I appreciate you for giving helping me. Not only did you answer my questions, You gave me the knowledge I needed to make proper steps in order to fixing my teeth. My two questions left is, thrush developed bc of my poor mouth condition? Since I don’t have HIV or cancer. Blood work shows I’m not diabetic also. What Medicine would you personally recommend nystatin or diflucan? And with my case of thrush being for two years constant. It would take multiple treatment/rounds of nystatin or diflucan!? That may take ten to fifteen weeks to clear. My question is: do I first treat this thrush, or start working– repair on my teeth with the thrush infection present? And did thrush occur from my poor teeth problem? Tom, I really appreciate you man. I hope your truly blessed bc you deserve to be. Tom helped me when everybody else turned away. I will always remember that. Man, thank you.!

  10. Hi Tom,
    I just had several cavities filled in august, and they were a little sensitive at first but they seemed almost completely better until about a week ago. One of my teeth is EXTREMELY sensitive (I can’t even drink room temperature water without pain, so I’ve been drinking out of a straw). Literally anything that is colder than body temperature sets it off. Heat isn’t really as big of a problem unless its something REALLY hot. The pain doesn’t linger and goes away almost immediately.I chewed on some ice that night, but I don’t remember any pain then, only later that night. I’m away at college and am not able to see my dentist right now, but I am scheduled for a cleaning next time I go home (about a month from now). The tooth is on the top in the back so it’s pretty much impossible for me to get a good look at it, but it doesn’t look or feel like there is a hole, as far as I can tell. What do you think this is and is there anything I can do to relieve the pain until I can see the dentist? Thanks!

  11. hello! i recently got a filling done on one of my back molars about a month ago and a crown put in on the molar next to it. i’ve been experiencing pain on the tooth that got the filling. and it seems as if it wasn’t properly done OR they didn’t fill it all the way (if that makes sense or if it’s possible). because the pain is kind of between the molar with the filling and the one with the crown, but more so on the one with the filling. there’s like a tiny part where the filling isn’t covering the tooth and that’s where i feel the pain. i have to chew food on the opposite side to avoid the pain. how will i know if the dentist is at fault? i doubt they would just blatantly fess up. i’ve been taking motrin for the past wk and the pain goes away but comes back when it’s time to take another dose of motrin. please help. thank u in advance!

    • Hi Gracie – You can go back to your dentist and see, but if you feel like you don’t have the most trusting relationship, then your best bet would probably be to get a second opinion from another dentist. You could just say that you have pain on those teeth, they will probably take a couple of x-rays and let you know what’s going on. I hope that helps. Have a great day!

  12. Hello, Tom.
    Last night, I was sleeping and when I woke up, the little gray feeling was gone, I must have swallowed it in my sleep, I don’t know. I’m worried it might hurt me or something, and it doesn’t hurt or anything, but its my last loose tooth as well, and its cracked in half and i’m going to get it pulled out very soon, can you help me? 🙁

  13. Hi Tom, I hope you can help me 🙁 My name is Alicia. A few weeks ago a filling fell out of my upper back right molar…it is on the outside on my gum line which its kind of big. I was sick for almost a week an a half with a bad cold, so I wasnt able to get it fixed at the time. I woke up this morning feeling much better from my cold, but had the worse headache and everytime i took a step i could feel my tooth hurting.. I did get ahold of a dentist and have an appt on monday, but in the meantime im still hurting.. so i went to CVS and picked up dentemp a temporary filling and put that on there… is that bad?? should i have not done that? I read to do that, but once i started doing more reading its saying when a nerve is exposed not to do it or if it throbs.. it doesnt really throb i just have a bad you think i will be fine until monday?? im worried now 🙁

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  15. Hi Tom,

    I currently dont have dental insurance and my filling fell off a couple of weeks ago. Crazy pain up to my head sometimes. Do you think an over the counter filling can help me for a while? Thanks a bunch!

  16. Hi Tom! How are you? The temporary filling came out one of my back upper teeth. A root canal has been done on it, so even tho the filling is gone, it does not hurt at all. I don’t know what whether to leave it alone since it’s not bothering me, or to cover it somehow with something. I am unable to get an official cap/crown at this moment in time. Thank you Tom!


    • Hi Nancy – Even though it’s not hurting, it is very important to get something in the tooth so as to ensure that none of the bacteria in your mouth leak into the root canal area and cause an infection. It would be good to get in touch with your dentist today (most offices have someone on call on holidays) or tomorrow to get the filling replaced. Depending on how long you plan on waiting to get the crown, you might consider a more permanent filling.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment, Nancy!

  17. Hi Tom
    I had a deep filling over twenty years ago, now the tooth around has fell apart, and the filling it’s self has become loose. It is causing really bad headachs after eating, as I can’t afford a trip to the dentist at the mowment, would it cause any damage if i just removed the filling myself?

  18. A filling came out while I was eating granola (see, that’s what health food does to you!) I must have swallowed it (ick) and only noticed it later. It did not hurt at all. A few days later, I went to the dentist and he re-filled it suggesting that because it was a very large filling, I should consider a crown. The odd thing is, the tooth did not hurt at all before he replaced the filling, but now it hurts constantly. Why the heck would that be, do you think?

  19. Hello,,
    So the last time i went to da dentist wich was about 4 yrs ago,, i got fillings in my back molars,, n just today i flossed,, which its sumthing i never do,, n a piece of filling came out,, that tooth had been bugging me for a while n not that long ago dentist told me i had to have a root canal done on that tooth. Im worried about it,, and i would like to know what i can do=(???

  20. Hi, my filling just fell out and the next appointment i can get is on Tuesday and its Friday. But the problem is my tooth is really sharp and there’s barely any tooth left. HELP ME!!!

  21. Hi Tom

    Some of my fillings has come off. I am thinking of doing the filling myself as I do not want anymore drilling in my tooth. Do I need to do a professional cleaning like the doctors do before I can fill it in myself. If I do need to do then please let me know how that is meant to be done.
    Many thanks

  22. Hi Tom ,
    I am doing a root canel. My filing fell and my next appointment is on the 27 th of this month .Plus tomorrow is a Friday and no dental clinic is open . And I could not get any temporary filling from a pharmacy . What should i do ?

  23. I have a large filling in one of my molars that has fallen out. It has fallen out and been replaced 3 times in the last 5 years as it’s so big. I would prefer to have the tooth extracted so eliminate the problem as it is very costly, but my dentist thinks this is crazy as the root is healthy. She also wants to do a composite filling this time, I had amalgam in previously. What is my best option in your opinion? Thanks

  24. Hi. Tom. My filling came out my tooth still there. I have very bad pain its starting to smell nasty. I have noticed my gum is filling in the hole. I barely see any tooth left. What can i have done. Im afraid of going to the dentist. When i was 3 months pregnant the dentist decided to do a filling and the anestesia didnt work i felt everyrhing. Since then i barely go to thw dentist. Im 25 and still afraid. Can i get work done while im a sleep.

  25. Hi tom, I am from the uk and on business in India for the next week and then two in the states. Today a filling in my front tooth came out. Will it wait until I get back to the uk in three weeks time or do I need to sort it out before then? It is not painful at the moment just a bit sharp!!! Thanks..

  26. Hi Tom,

    I have just had a filling fall out unfortunately it makes up most of my tooth down to the gum, I have one side left. I’m worried about touching it or trying to stick the filling back on, it looks decayed where the fillings come away and I don’t know whether to try to clean it or just leave it alone. I haven’t drank anything or eaten and have taken Pain relief . It’s Friday night so no dentist till Monday, any advice would be great.

  27. Hey Guys,

    I’m out of the country right now and will be for another month and a week. I just had part of a filling fall out of my mouth. It feels like I have a decently sized whole in my tooth. Is this the kind of thing that can wait until I get back home or should I try to take care of it abroad?


  28. Hi tom
    My filling fell out yesterday not all of it but most of it has come out and food is getting stuck in the hole where the temporary filling should be I have just finished having root canal done should I go back my dentist to have the filling put back or just leave it till I go a week on Friday.

  29. Hello,
    I am having a mould taken for a dental inlay in 2 days but i currently have oral thrush (from taking antibiotics to deal with a wisdom tooth infection) will the dentist still be able to perform the procedure?

  30. Hi I lost my filling about two years ago. I know that sounds awful but I am absolutely terrified of dentist. No offensive it just seems to always be a painful experience. I also didn’t have insurance until recently so I couldn’t afford it. This past week my tooth started to hurt & I tried getting into the dentist but they were booked. The pain is now a 8 out of 10 if not medicated. Any suggestions to relieve the pain until I can be seen. Also I took a picture if that’s help determine the severity.

  31. I’m so glad I found this site, my filling fell out and my tooth hurts (10/10 pain), Friday night of labor day weekend. I sacked up the pain for a day until it was so unbearable and started trying to find an emergency dentist, none will take in another dentist patient. I used a filler and had immediate relief of pain but still throbing but tolerable. With some ambosal. I should last until Tuesday morning
    Thanks for the info.

  32. Hi, so I had fillings done in 4 of my molars about 6-7 years ago (year 6) ,as I’ve always had really weak enamel, but never really got them checked after that, and about a month ago I noticed like a hole (which I thought was just a small chip) so I didn’t think it was that urgent. But today the tooth felt a bit jagged so I checked in the mirror and a fair amount of the molar has just gone, like a good 1/4-1/2, it’s not really ideal for me to see a dentist before Monday, so is it okay for me to wait around a week or is it an emergency? Cause in some places I read that it’s urgent as it could get infected or start to decay if you don’t get it sorted ASAP and in others I read that people have left it up to a month and it’s been fine.

    So do I call an emergency dentist tomorrow or wait and make an appointment for Monday?

    I reaallly don’t want to lose a tooth, i’ve never lost one before and i’m only 16, I don’t want to lose a tooth at all, let alone this young.

    • It’s the very back molar on the left hand side, top of the mouth, the hole was on the inside of the tooth.

    • Hi Nicole – Usually it’s a good idea to get into the dentist as soon as possible. If you must wait, it’s good to brush the area really well. It could be that the tooth simply broke due to stress and that’s all, or it could be that there’s a very large cavity which caused it to break. Normally, the longer you wait, the worse it will get. Good luck!

  33. Hi Tom,

    I am a 51 yo female with fairly good teeth. Unfortunately, I am from the age of amalgamated fillings and the very last molar in my back right hand side lost the filling, which was filled again, but then about 3 months ago about 1/4 of the tooth came out. I have no pain, swelling, redness or bleeding. I have been unable to get it extracted (which was recommended) due to personal issues. My question is, do I have to get it extracted?

    My dentist has said it cannot be filled, but the tooth is strong (all three roots intact) no pain, and I am ensuring that no food gets trapped in the hole.

    Why can’t it be filled or adhered to the next tooth? It seems extreme to remove it.

  34. Sorry, I meant to say that I live in Ireland, and it seems that they always want to do an extraction rather than ‘save’ the tooth.

    Any advise would be very much appreciated.

  35. one of my teeth filling felt on wednesday eating a chewing a chocolate at 8:00 on bus and on thursday iI woke up and that teth started hurting so badly and on top that teth my gum started hurting too since today. it keeps on getting worse and worse iI cant even eat anything and its my first time so what should i do please reply quick its killing.

  36. hi Tom, i just got a filling yesterday and i think it fell out, but im not sure. it feels kind of gritty and it is super sensitive when i drink anything or eat. i figured it wasn’t a good idea to eat anything that requires a lot of chewing so i tried yogurt and even that hurt really bad… im calling my dentist when i get home from school, but i dont know what to do until then (as far as eating and drinking) and im afraid that it’s gonna cause problems anyway.. can you give me any advice please?

  37. Hi Tom. I’ve had my fillings for quite a few years. Just last night I was at work, eating my lunch, and my right frontmost molar felt strange. I looked at it in a makeup mirror we keep in the office and found that a portion of my filling had fallen out. The problem is that I don’t have dental insurance at the moment. I had cancelled my dental insurance over a year ago because I couldn’t afford it. My funds are better off this year, so I intend to pick my dental insurance back up; but it won’t be active until the first of January 2015. Would it be alright to use over the counter fixes until I can get my insurance activated next year? I’m not having any pain; just a small bit of discomfort because there’s a portion of filling that isn’t there anymore.

  38. Hi,
    I had a molar filled 8years back.Now all of a sudden one side of the tooth chipped off leavng a small gap between the two molars.The filling is intact and does not pain.But i need to fill up this gap so that the situation does not become worse. Can you please suggest a solution for this problem.


  39. I really want to thank Dr Isaac for saving my marriage. My husband really treat me bad and left the home for almost 1 month i was sick because of this, then i contacted for help, he told me that my husband is under a great spell of another woman. then he cast a spell of return back of love on him. And he came back home and ask for forgiveness and today we are happy again, i want you all who are having relationship, ex and even husband problem to contact
    Shella Staten Morris

  40. Hello. After spending $10,000 on my teeth this year alone (1 root canal, and about 7 crowns) I am very frustrated with my teeth! About 2 months ago I had a filling fall out of my front tooth. It was on the anterior or front side of my tooth that other people could see it. I went to the dentist and he replaced that filling for free. Today I started brushing my teeth when I noticed that on the same tooth, but higher (close to my gums, about 2mm away from my gums) another filling had fallen out. I have had multiple problems with my teeth over the years. I also have multiple sclerosis. Would the MS cause me to have problems with my fillings not attaching correctly? My teeth are stained from years of soda intake and smoking. My top 2 front teeth look like they have fissures down them. I have no pain (including prior to the root canal and crowns), just sensitivity to hot and cold, in which I have had all my life. Also would I be a candidate for veneers after the fillings are fixed?

  41. My front tooth has a LARGE section of bonding which now has started to crumble from the back side. I tried using the temporary filling stuff from the drug store Dentemp and it would not even stay in the hole. I tried it more than once and no luck. It’s Friday night, my dental insurance will not cover fillings etc, I do NOT have cash or credit cards to cover fixing it and I have to be the MC at an event next Sunday — I cannot do this with half a front tooth or no front tooth. Is there really any temporary cover for this tooth until after March 1st when I can make an appointment to get dentures (which ironically my insurance WILL cover)

  42. hi Tom my top back left second from last cracked in half last year and it also had a filling so the side of the tooth the filling is exposed, it is tender and the filling feals loose, I have a fealing that it is gonna turn into an abcess tooth, I live in a small town in alaska with no dental clinic, plane ticket would run me 600 or so plus hotel cab 1000 just for trip so is it possible to remove the tooth by myself with the door trick, or any other suggestions would be appreciated.

  43. Good day sir. Im currently onboard an ocean going vessel and my front tooth is giving me a hard time. I notice that when im bitting my tooth is hurting. is there anything I can do to ease the pain or temporarily rectify the situation? I cant go to the dentist since we are still underway.. Thank you. I hope you could help.

  44. Hi Tom,
    My Name is Crystal, My Filling fell out from a Root Canal that was done years ago and now there is a big hole. I was wondering if a White Filling inside means it’s infected or if it’s ok? I’m really worried. Thank u.

  45. Hi Tom I went to the dentist for 2 fillings the filling on the bottom is still there but the top which is on the side of my tooth fell out . This was done on Wed March 25-15 and the next day it fell out when the dentist was filling I heard him tell his assistant it wasn’t sticking very well. Is this his fault or will I have to pay for another filling?
    Thank You.

  46. I just realized about 30 minutes ago that I lost a filling I had put in four years ago. They did a porcelain filling right behind where I had a three day root canal. The filling is gone and I don’t know when I lost it. It also feels like one on the other side may be getting ready to either break or come out as well. My questions are: Could the crown have had something to so with the filling coming out? Also, is it dangerous that I most likely swallowed the porcelain filling? The tooth is my farthest back molar on my top left. I have had my wisdom teeth surgically removed as well. And the crown is right before that tooth.

  47. Hello, I’m in my late 20s and still have a baby tooth 🙂 X-rays show that there had never been a larger tooth to push it out. Given its lifespan, my tooth has been worked on a lot in recent years. Being next to the molars, it has gradually shown some decay, now there is a large filled in-hole taking up (visually) 1/3 of my tooth and though it has been filled in a couple of times, I would still get food trapped between it and the molar. This has in turn caused some decay on the adjacent molar.
    I’m here because about 10mins ago I was flossing and picking out food stuffs (not terribly classy…) from the offending area when off popped a chunk of filling!
    It does not hurt and I’ve been scraping and brushing food debris out. The tooth technically feels strong enough and has only bothered me when food has gotten stuck in the cavity. But I’m wondering if it sounds like the end of the road for my little tooth? If so, I’d rather prepare myself for the dentist giving me the same answer. I am quite nervous to think I may require a false tooth already!
    In the meantime I will chew in some gum to keep debris out as well as getting a massive bottle of corsodyl on the go!
    I hope you have some advice or options I should be considering at my next appointment.
    Kind regards,

  48. Hi Tom,
    I just noticed one of my front tooth is chipped on the top right of my tooth. Could it be a tooth decay?


  49. hi had a filling in front tooth that had some part chip off my dentist set me a appt for a week away ? I kinda feel like that’s along time will my tooth be ok until than ?

  50. Hi Tom. I have a couple questions. I have really bad teeth, it seems since I was in an accident and started different meds. I’m struggling first disabilitity n have no insurance. My back teeth r painful n sensitive n cracked. My filling fell out n now I’M in the worst pain ever. My last experience was I had a Amish dentist Pulling n breaking my tooth to get it out, n had to sign a paper he wasn’t responsible if anything happen.. I need help n dontknow where to go.? I brush all the time but im I’M in so much pain. I’M in Pa n I don’t qualif for dental help? What can I do?

    • Tom… I really need your assistance when I get home from vacation. Please reply as soon as u can. I’ve called multiple places and have found No help. Hoping u came bring a saving grace, Thank u.. sincerely candi

  51. I actually ran into a similar problem a few years ago. It was quite the hassle. Fillings can be a little pricey, as well. I didn’t know that wax could help alleviate the pain. I’ll be sure to try that if it ever happens again.

  52. OK so I had second top molar cavity almost down to nerve. Finished a round of antibiotics with no trouble. My concern is that the answer tooth hurts when tapped in one certain location with a temporary filling. I go back for the real filling in month. It doesn’t hurt when I tap lingual side of tooth or the back portion (near last molal) should I be concerned or is this just the sensitivity of having a temporary filling in place?

  53. hello I have some medical problems the last two years and 5 years ago I had 3 days of seizures after that my teeth starting to have a vary of problems I don’t have dental ins and in 4 years I paid out of pocket over $7,000.00 for appts cavitys and root canals with crowns on 3 teeth well the past few months two crowns fell off and 1 my mouth and tooth under the crown is rotting which I didn’t know cuz the crown is still in place away and now caused the 2 teeth on either side to decay and cause me extreme pain and a severe infection up into my eye and back to my ear I was put on antibiotics for 12 weeks I went 3 weeks ago to a spec. Endodonist to have 2 root canals and then filled they said no crowns r needed for these 2 paid another $3,344.00 and within 2 days of each other both fillings fell out this week my dentist has no openings till 7/15 I am in so much pain and really scared I have extreme anxiety and crying the last few days I just don’t understand why this is happening and I am breaking my self and my mom helped out finically I can’t afford but I also can’t have anymore teeth extracted my other side of my mouth have both back tooth removed which also cost over $1,500.00 bit included with the other prices I am ashamed I never had perfect teeth but I’m 37years old when it start to happen and I only had 3 cavities before all this please what would you recommend I feel I paid so much $$ and so much time in my mouth with no resolution I’m really suffering physically and mentally
    Thank You

  54. Hello im just wondering what to do my filling is coming out has been lose for a while I can feel the edge of it coming out and im quite worried because it is really painful when I chew on it so I cant imagine what the pain would be like when it comes out I worried to sleep to in case I breathe it in to my lungs please get back to me asap

  55. I hae a fillin in my front tooth and I am worriedir may come out while I’m on vacation. Dentists will nto be available then and all dentists where I live are on a vacation.
    In my country temporary filling material isn’t available. Any suggestions how to substitue it?

  56. Hi Tom, I got a filling on one a front tooth 3 years ago because I got my tooth filled down and a way too much came off and ever since Im still able to feel it with my tongue it feels like hard rock/cement and it’s been cutting my tongue and driving me crazy. I went in to have it polished but it’s still cutting my tongue and it’s very noticeable to my tongue and just after eating an apple it feels even rougher. What should I do? Go back and ask her to remove the filling is that even possible for her to remove it? I don’t want to have to get a new filling since it’s bothering me so much. What is causing my problems with it being so rough and cutting my tongue p is it broken/cracked, built up too much, an incorrect bite, a bonding failure, a toothache when the teeth touch, a constant toothache or an allergic reaction to the filling? Please let me know ASAP. I need your advice on what to do and on what could be causing my problem. Thank you!

  57. I still have the filling in my tooth but there is a pain going down from that tooth and I have been taking tablets and they are not working now I am going to the dentist in a few days but what should I do in the mean time thanks.

  58. hi. my filling came out last night and i accidently swallowed it. I woke up this morning extremely ill. Throwing up bile and other stomach issues. Are the two connected? Is it mercury poisoning ?

  59. So today I realized my filling was wiggling and its sensitive and I am easily scared thinking about whether or not itll hurt. I just wanted to know if it will hurt if my filling falls out.

  60. Hi my filling feels kinda loose from the moment I got it. I have three fillings but two on my right side are set in and I can’t even feel like I have them but the filling on my left has always bothered me not in a bad but more like I could feel like it was loose. Now I just noticed it move when I touch it with my tongue, I feel no pain just a sense that it moves slightly. Please help me I am freaking out.

  61. Oh wait I think it’s my crown not my filling that is what feels loose.

    Its basically the same question just they are crowns not fillings.

  62. I had a root canal done back in 2007-2008… I was supposed to get a crown but never went back…. And now my filling is loose and my tooth is in pain! There is no tooth around the filling it broke off. Should I pull filling off? Or should I keep it in place? It feels like my gum is swelling around the tooth as well. It’s Friday and I have no insurance

  63. Hi Tom. I had a filling between teeth a few months ago (5) the dentist said it was a deep cavity but not in the pulp. I went as I had slight pain to cold. However now I have worse pain to cold. Occasionally the filling site flares up if I’ve done some physical exertion or been stressed, it settles down again. But it hurts if I drink chilled water (frustrating as worse than pre filling) I haven’t noticed any reaction to mild heat. But something really hot there is pain. The site also feels tender when biting carrots so I have favoured the other side for a few months. What do you think could be causing my issue? I am beginning to wish I’d left it and tried natural therapy.

  64. I was eating Jolly Rancher Bites and all of a sudden my filling (wich is all around my tooth) popped out halfway my tooth broke and i didnt think it was very healthy so I looked online.

  65. Tom, a piece of my filling came out, I bought temp filling. My question is how long can I leave the temp filling in before seen a dentist since I don’t have insurance or money on hand?

  66. I really appreciate the advice about getting a temporary filling from the drug store to hold me over until I can see the dentist. Last time I lost a filling I just suffered through it until I my dentist appointment. However, what should I do if I notice that my filling is loose. I imagine I should go to the dentist soon, but should I also try using the temporary fillings to keep it from falling out?

  67. A big problem beyond the physical tooth difficulties leads to medical coverage and cost …. wish there were some helpful hints or policy changes in med insurances ..

  68. Hi Tom. My tooth filling fell out and left a huge gaping (and painful)) hole in my tooth. The only items i have in my disposal to offer a temporary filling are a ball of cotton wool and mouth wash. I want to dip a piece of cotton wool in the mouth wash and put it in the hole. Can that help as i wait to see a dentist(They are very expensive here and i still dont have the money)


    • If your tooth was as bad as mine up until the point I was in tears take paracetamol and then put toothpaste on the tooth with the missing filling, it may seem odd but after 5-10 minutes it helps the tooth, trust me☺

  69. I used dentemp in my tooth and it was hurting when I out it in and I later read the part on the box that said not to put it in my tooth if it was hurting and I don’t know how to get it out because my tooth is still hurting and it’s getting g worse and worse and I can’t afford to go to the dentist

  70. Hi tom,
    I had composite filling in right lower third molar 3 months back. A few days back , I noticed the gum swelling and my toungue tip would stay there. I scrubbed it with toothpick and found a cavity laterally hidden under the gum. Now it is sensitive and sometimes painful. The composite filling over cavity is intact. How should I proceed. Thanks

  71. What should I do if I am not having any problems after my silver filling is out?
    It was done two years ago n I am not having any problems while eating.

  72. Question? Had a filling for over 40yrs…cost $30 back in the 70s…alot of money for my single mom. It cracked about 5yrs ago with a head trauma from a bicycling accident (thankfully was wearing my helmet). At the time of my cycling accident money was tight (teenage son…lol), and my dentist said I would need a root canal and crown. Took my chances. Was fine up til three days ago when the whole side of the filling broke off. I can see the molar’s dentin. Yet, it doesn’t hurt. to brush and drink hot/cold stuff. Try to eat on the other side cuz I don’t want to press food particles into the dentin. I have been researching on line. I get mixed reviews…yes, you need one, no you don’t, 10-15% that dont get a root canal w/ a crown need on. Yet, crowns are only good for about 10 yrs. So my question is….first, do I really need to do anything right away and if so, do I really need a root canal if it has never hurt or been sensitive or can I just get a metal crown?

  73. Tom

    I had a filling placed on Wednesday morning (yesterday). I bit into an apple awhile ago and the filling came out. What should I do?. My dentist says to call him if I have a problem.

    I am not supposed to see him until next year.

  74. Hi, my problem is that i had a filling which came out then slowly my tooth’s upper side broke almost all of them so there is only edge remaining and my doctor said it cant be filled again so i had to leave it like that but now there is some meat coming out from that hole and it pains a lot i cant even chew my food please suggest what should i do

  75. Mm mm my feeling just fell off ,it was a root canal so it’s not sore but It’s uncomfortable I keep spitting , I had to search for help thank you for this it might put me at easy soon


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