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Why Children and Adolescents Can’t Get Dental Implants

Many teenagers lose their teeth due to various accidents and are unable to save their knocked out teeth by re-implanting them.  In order to minimize bone loss, a dental implant is usually the ideal treatment.

Girl With a Missing Tooth
Photo Courtesy of Paul de Bruin

An expert in dental implants at my dental school has called dental implants the standard of care when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Unfortunately, dental implants can only be placed after the jaw has finished growing.  If a dental implant is placed before a child’s jaw has finished growing, then it may impede jaw growth and stop other teeth from growing into their natural positions.

Since dental implants are placed directly into bone, they don’t move very easily.  Natural teeth are able to move because they have a living, functioning periodontal ligament, which dental implants lack.

What Is The Minimum Age to Get Dental Implants?

A few weeks ago, the associate dean at our dental school was giving us a lecture about tooth trauma in adolescents.  He told us that you want to wait until the following ages to get dental implants:

  • Boys: At least 17 years old
  • Girls: At least 14-15 years old

By these ages, the jaw has grown to the point where dental implants shouldn’t adversely affect future growth.

How To Replace Missing Teeth Until Dental Implants Can Be Placed

Not many pre-teens and teenagers want to walk around with a missing tooth.  They could face social isolation due to their “abnormality.” So what can be done to replace the tooth until the child is old enough to have a dental implant placed?

Usually the dentist will be able to make a denture consisting of just one tooth that can fill in the area where the lost tooth used to be.  Then, once jaw growth is completed, the dentist can make place a dental implant to replace the missing tooth.

Do you have any questions or comments about traumatic tooth loss?  Leave them in the comments below!



    • Hi Juliet – The ages are different because boys and girls mature at different ages. Bone growth in females is usually completed before bone growth in males.

      Since implants don’t grow with the person they are in, we want to wait until the bone is fully grown before we put dental implants in. Thanks for your question!

      • Hi this is off subject. I am known for my beautiful smile. My family teases my pictures saying this is not a tooth paste commercial. LOL! I went to the dentist to get a deep cleaning. It was very painful. When it was over I thought felt a little space in my front teeth. The inside of my lips we kinda getting caught between them. Well when I got to the car pulled down the mirror. There is actually gaps in between my front teeth. I’m devastated. Is this supposed to happen? You can’t have a beautiful smile with jacked up teeth…..

        • Hi Paulette – Congratulations on your nice smile! From what you describe, it sounds like you had a a good amount of plaque and tartar below the gum-line so your dentist/hygienist had to do “scaling and root planing” in order to clean them. The hope is that the pockets between your gums and your teeth will be reduced. Sometimes there is some gum recession after this procedure as your gums become more firm and healthy.

          I hope that helps, Paulette. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

          • I just went to the dentist today to see if an implant could be an option for a missing tooth, he said it could, but that I should wait a couple of years!! I’m 18 now but he said to wait till my jawbone has fully developed and said by by early to late 20’s?!?! And here it says till 15 for girls ., is there a reason why he said to wait that long??

  1. Hi Tom , Thanks for all the great info. My question is when will they start teaching students and start using natural implants made of calcium? Have they even acknowleded the possability of regrowing a tooth thru the use of stem cells?

    • Hi J – Growing teeth through stem cells is still an emerging field and I think it will develop over time. Dental schools usually lag behind when it comes to incorporating new technologies into the curriculum. I think it will still be many years until we get to the point where we can re-grow human teeth. Thanks for your comment!

    • Natural implants sounds great but they would not make it. If you placed anything foreign in the body the body will either reject it, accept it, or absorb it. In the case of any natural material I can see the material growing into the bone and be resorbed by the body over time. This usually happens when you placed a knocked out tooth back in the mouth. Any metal substance because it is inorganic cannot be resorbed by the body.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Joe. The man who discovered titanium implants (Branemark) was overjoyed when he found out that the titanium actually integrated with the bone rather than being rejected by it. It is one of the rare substances that our bones will accept as a dental implant.

  2. Thanks for your quick responce. I have to respectfully disagree, Accorfing to doctor and researcher Dr. Weston A. Price, he successfully regrew the teeth of a test group consisting of impoverished children with a calculated diet. I read his notes and test results as well as reviewed the pictures and as he stated the pictures showed that if a cavity was not drilled and filled the tooth would regrow itself if the person’s maintained a nutrient packed diet. If you have a chance check out his reports. He regrew those kids teeth years ago. I hope you decide to investigate and possibly continue where he left off seeing as you are or on your way to being a dentist. He said that. even back then, big business had/has been reducing the nutritional value even from foods like whole grain, butter and milk. His test on a range of foods at different town stores showed most foods were absent in natural nutrients.

    • Hi J – I did read into Weston Price’s research about six months ago. A recent book called Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel seems to echo many of his findings.

      From what we’ve learned, teeth with small cavities CAN “re-grow” or “remineralize” if they eat less sugar and have the available minerals in their saliva to remineralize the tooth.

      What I thought you were talking about before was growing a completely new tooth in mouth as an alternative to a titanium dental implant. Thanks for your comment!

  3. My nephew lost his two front teeth when he was about 4 years old due to rotting out. I may have been juice, it may have been soda. The dentist pulled the teeth. Now he is 8 years old and only one of his adult teeth began to grow in a few months ago and then broke off about 1/3 of the way out. Still no front teeth to this day. The whole family is very concerned. We keep waiting and waiting. This problem has been bothering this little boy for quite some time now and he is no longer smiling in his photographs. Is he too young for prosthetic teeth if he needs two front teeth at the age of 8?

    • Hi Brittany – The upper front teeth usually don’t come in until around 7-8 years of age. There is some variability, so it could be that the other tooth hasn’t come in yet. When you say that the tooth broke off about 1/3 of the way out, was the whole tooth knocked out?

      If you go to a dentist, you can have an x-ray taken to find out what is going on with that tooth. The other one just might be taking its time coming out. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a merry Christmas!

  4. Hi Tom, I recently turned 17 and when I was 14, I had two upper left front teeth knocked out. When I went to the emergency room, the doctor there said that my facial structure would gradually change as a result. I can see that there is a change in the structure of my face because the left side of my nose and upper lip visibly sag more than the right side. This really bothers me. I’ve asked my dentist several times if I could get my implants sooner because I’m worried that the longer I wait to get them, the more my facial structure will change. He told me it would be best if I waited until I’m 18, is that necessary? Or can I get them now like the associate dean suggested? And when I do get the dental implants, would the change to my facial structure be reversed or at least less noticeable? Thank you for your time, Tom, your article was really helpful.

    • Hi Eric – I’m sorry that you lost your front teeth at a young age. Having the teeth in the mouth keeps the bone strong and healthy. When your teeth got knocked out, there wasn’t anything there to stimulate the bone, and so it started to dissolve from lack of use. If your dentist says to keep waiting, that may be best to do. Is the associate dean that you’re referring to a dentist? If so, I’m sure you could find dentists that will put implants in right now. It all depends on how much more growing your facial bones have left to do. Some people finish growing at 15, and others might take until 19 or 20.

      If your upper jaw still has more growing to do, it’s really not a good idea to put in implants right now as they will probably interfere with that growth.

      I would assume that your facial structure would be less noticeable when you get the implants. The presence or absence of teeth can greatly affect the appearance of your face. You could also look into getting bone graft when you get your implants to help build-up the bone around the lost teeth.

      I’m glad the article helped. Let me know if I answered all of your questions. Thanks for your comment, Eric.

  5. Thank you for your advice Tom, you have no idea how much of a relief it is to know that the implants could return my facial structure to normal. I’ll also look into the bone grafting.
    By the way, the associate dean I was referring to was the one you mentioned in your article, who said that 17 year olds could get teeth implants.
    I will try to get another dentist’s opinion on the teeth implants too, rather than rely on the word of my one dentist. Thanks again for your insight Tom!

    • Hi Eric – I’m glad I could help. I don’t want to give you any false hopes, since I have no idea how much your face has changed after the teeth have been knocked out. But I can tell you that putting teeth into people’s mouths usually has a good effect on their overall facial appearance.

      I had actually forgot that I wrote that part in about our associate dean – sorry for sounding confused!

      If you’re going to get another opinion, I would consider going to a prosthodontist. They are the dentists who go through four years of dental school and then a few more years learning about replacing teeth. A prosthodontist woudl probably give you the best idea of how to proceed.

      Here’s an informative page from the American College of Prosthodontists where you can find a prosthodontist near you and learn more about what they do. I hope everything goes well!

  6. I’ll be making an appointment with one of the prosthodontists on that website. Thanks again for all your help Tom.

  7. If a boy aged 10 or 11 fell down and the 11(Upper Rt central incissior ) & 21(upper Lt central incissor) were aulted pt did not bring the teeth and in this situation if an implant is not placed, will no the bone resorb and at the age when the growth completes, there will not be sufficient bone for an implant

    • Hi Gopiandan – If both upper incisors (#’s 11/21 in the international system or #’s 8/9 in the system used in the U.S.) were avulsed, the bone will resorb. However, an implant should not be placed that early because the bone is still growing. There should still be sufficient bone for an implant, and bone grafts can also help when the implant is finally placed.

  8. Hi, I am missing a tooth, and I am wondering if I should get implant. The problem is, because I am missing one tooth, the ortho says its problematic for me to get braces (I also need braces) . The space btwn my teeth is closing, he plans to reopen it.

    I dont’ know if I should get an implant. I lost the tooth 5 years ago.

    1. I’m worried because I have noticed that there is lack of vertical growth. Do you think dental implant and braces will allow vertical growth to occur, or will it stunt it?

    2. Will reopening the space between my teeth cause the bone of my jaw to shorten? Also, will closing the space permanantly stop my jaw from shortening?

    It’s just that I hear my jaw is still growing even up til my late 20’s so I dont’ want to mess my face growth more.

    Thank you so much for helping everyone.

    • Hi Reese – Implants are the ideal replacement for lost teeth because they allow the bone to do work so that it doesn’t atrophy and slowly go away, and they are anchored in your mouth solidly. By vertical growth, are you saying that it doesn’t seem like your jaw is growing down enough?

      As far as I know, re-opening the space will not cause your jaw to shorten. The orthodontist will simply move the teeth back to the way they were before you lost the missing tooth so that there will be room for an implant. The cells in your jaw will be able to remodel the bone (dissolving un-needed bone and creating new bone as needed)

      It would be a good idea to get a consultation with a dentist who does implants before getting your braces so that the dentist can work with the orthodontist to figure out how much space will be needed and if now is an appropriate time for treatment considering that you may still be growing.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, Reese.

  9. Our 10yr old son lost both front teeth last year in bike accident – put back in but only after approx 4hrs and dental team convinced they are not going to stay in. They are talking about transplanting lower 5ths that need to be removed anyway due to overcrowding – is this a good idea? Sounds good cos’ at least then he got real teeth there and presume they can make them look cosmetically like front teeth?

    • Hi Samantha – I did read a case report in the book Case Reports In Pediatric Dentistry last year that described transplanting premolar teeth to replace missing front teeth. They were able to make them look really good cosmetically. The only suggestions I have would be to make sure that the person doing it has a good amount of experience and has before and after photos of previous patients that they have worked on. Also, it would be a good idea to find out how long they think that the transplanted teeth will last.

      I can’t offer much information other than that because this really isn’t a topic we have covered at all at my dental school.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  10. My daughter, who is 11, has grand mal seizures. She knocked out both front teeth during a seizure and bad fall. I know she can’t have implants for a few years. Is there a dental bridge that would be safe for her (even when she has a seizure).

    thank you!

    • Hi Ann – I’m sorry to hear about the broken teeth. I’m glad you’re trying to find the best way to replace the teeth. In your daughter’s case, it may be best to have her visit a prosthodontist. That is the branch of dentistry dedicated to more complex cases of replacing missing teeth. With a bridge on her front teeth, there is a good chance that she could break it again and swallow it since it is smaller.

      I did find a case study that describes a woman with epilepsy who had gone through five removable partial dentures because she kept breaking and swallowing them during seizures. The dental professional was able to make a more specialized appliance for her that was much easier to remove during seizures so that it wouldn’t be swallowed. That may be something that you could look at. Here’s a link to the case report if you want to read it.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Ann!

  11. Hi Tom,
    My daughter is 12 years old. She is genetically missing her 2 permanent upper lateral teeth. Her permanent eye teeth have shifted into the lateral position and she still has her baby eye teeth. I’ve seen a few orthodontists in regards to this and they have given me two different approaches to her treatment. I am confused as to which one to follow. Both orthodontists say she will need braces to push her permanent eye teeth back into the correct position and create space for dental implants. One orthodontist says I should start treatment right away because the teeth are easier to move at this age. If I start now, she will need to have her baby eye teeth pulled out. BUT…this means that she will have to wear a retainer with two laterals attached to it because she can’t get implants till her jaw stops growing. Would this be between 16-18??? Potentially, then she will have to wear that retainer for approximately 4 years. I am worried about that long time frame.
    The other orthodontist says I should wait till she’s a bit older or wait till her baby eye teeth fall out on their own. This will minimize the time of her having to wear that retainer until the time she can get her dental implants.
    Any input as to what you think the best treatment in this situation should be?
    Thanks very much!!!

    • Hi Gloria – This is tricky, as there are pros and cons to each choice. If it were my daughter, I would probably go with the second orthodontist’s treatment plan. Whenever a tooth is extracted and not replaced with an implant, the bone that used to hold in the tooth slowly melts away due to atrophy – it’s simply not being used as it doesn’t have to hold in a tooth anymore. By keeping the space filled with a natural tooth, I would think that your daughter wouldn’t lose as much bone, which would give her more bone in which to place an implant when that time comes. That’s just my opinion as a dental student – I’m not an orthodontist. You might want to ask each orthodontist about the opposite plan and ask them why they wouldn’t go that route.

      Another option is to simply extract the baby canines and then close the space and not put in any fake teeth. This study shows that patients who went in this direction were actually happier with how their teeth looked, but it only compared them to bridges, rather than implants.)

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment! Let me know if you have any other questions, Gloria.

      • Thanks so much Tom for shedding some light on this tricky situation.

        I never was told about the potential for bone loss due to extracting the baby canines. I was leaning towards the second orthodontists treatment as well. If I do wait till her baby teeth fall out on their own, do you think there would be enough root in her baby canines to keep the bone from melting away?

        What is your opinion as to when would be the ideal time to put in implants?

        Thanks so much,

        • Hi Gloria – I can’t say for certain that bone loss will occur, but I do know that when we remove permanent teeth and don’t replace them with anything for a year or two, bone loss does definitely occur.

          The ideal time for implants varies based on the growth of your daughter. If her jaw is done growing by age 17, then that would be a good time to place them.

          I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment, Gloria. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  12. I’m 15 years and have a missing tooth on my upper jaw. (I’ve wore braces until 14 years old to get my teeth in the correct position and then we had to replace my missing tooth.)
    Since I can’t get an implant, as my dentist said, he gave me a REMOVABLE RETAINER to use that has a tooth attached where the missing tooth should be.
    However, I can’t stand it anymore, this retainer is really hard to use, so after a whole year of using it, I decided today to do a bit of searching online. I came up with something called a BRIDGE. Am I able to get a bridge? Is it as effective as the removable retainer? The removable retainer also keeps the teeth in their place, as they may move because of the empty space of the missing tooth. However, with a bridge, there is no empty space so no teeth movement. I’m not sure about this so I need your help. How do the two compare in my situation?
    Also, I wear a removable retainer wihout a tooth on my lower jaw to keep them in place. Do I need this?
    I am asking because my dentist never was very clear. And I don’t wanna grow up and find that what I was doing for such a long time was a whole waste because there was an easier, much better way.
    Thanks for taking time to read this. This means a lot to me.
    And thank you very much for helping me. I can’t thank you enough. 🙂

    • Hi Snow – Bridges usually aren’t recommended for the same reason that implants aren’t recommended until your jaw finishes growing. A bridge is simply three teeth stuck together. The teeth on the ends would be like crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, and then there would be a tooth in the middle that replaces the missing tooth.

      In your case, the removable retainer is probably your best option until your jaw has finished growing, and then an implant is usually the best option to replace the missing tooth.

      I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Snow!

  13. Hi Tom,
    My 15 year old son lost one of his BEAUTIFUL front teeth in a bicycle accident. Our dentist has said he needs to wait four or five years for an implant but I am thinking from your article and others it may be more like three. My question however is about the partial plate he is proposing for the meantime. Can he sleep and eat with it? My son is very self-consious and I worry what this will do to his self-esteem if he is always having to remove the plate in front of people. Also what’s this about potential bone loss while waiting for the implant?

    • Hi Jane – The guidelines state that the earliest should be around 17 years of age. Many people’s jaws continue growing after this age, so your dentist may be anticipating that your son will not complete jaw growth until around 19 or 20. When we make partial plates, we tell patients that they can eat with them in, but they shouldn’t eat things like corn on the cob or bite into apples. It is recommended to take the partial out over night so that it doesn’t irritate his gum tissue or develop an infection.

      The bone in our bodies will start to shrink if it’s not being used. Since the bone no longer has to anchor in a tooth and withstand biting forces, it may shrink slightly. Some people’s bone will shrink more than others. Sometimes people need small bone grafts before getting an implant, other times they don’t. It all depends on the person.

  14. Hey Tom,

    I have a big question that’s been bugging me for a long time. I’m missing a tooth from my upper jaw, next to my two front teeth. The rest of my teeth are “perfect”, just for that missing tooth. I’ve worn braces for four years to prevent my teeth from shifting because of that. About 2 months ago, they took them off and my dentist gave me a retainer. It’s not bad, but it’s not the same as having something more permanent and not looking like a magician taking his tooth off. I asked my dentist if I could get an implant anytime soon since I’m 15, he said I’d have to wait until I’m 18. Do I really have to wait that long? It’s not that I don’t ask my dentist these questions, but listening to others doesn’t hurt right? I mean, I can’t debate and ask for another solution if the answer is no but if it’s yes, I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Greta – One of the ways that dentists/orthodontists use most often to determine your “bone age” is by taking a hand/wrist x-ray. This x-ray does a fairly good job at showing whether or not your bones have finished growing. If they have finished, an implant should work out well. If not, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Since everyone is different, I can’t give you an exact age of when you can get an implant.

      I hope that helped – Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. My nephew lost his to upper 2 incisors while he was 8, dentist said he can get benifite from dental implant at age of 18. Now checked by another dentist at age of 11, who told that dental implant is not a good option in children who loose their teeth in early age , as base bone remodles and there is never enough space to put the implant. What do you say, is it always the case, and if so what are the other options.

  16. My 11yo son knocked out his two upper front teeth in a bike accident over the summer. He has been wearing a flipper plate since July and is doing well with it. The plan is to use the plate until he is 18 and get implants. The trauma to his jaw was so great that he will need a bone graft in preparation for the implants. The two incisors were also injured in the accident but seem to be viable right now. He was expected to get braces this year before his injury.

    At a recent visit, his orthodontist said we had a couple of options regarding his braces. One option is to straighten his other teeth and attach the teeth from his plate to the braces during the process. Then we would get the graft and implants when he is 17-18 per the plan.

    The other option she gave us is to move all the upper teeth together with the braces closing the gap left by the front teeth thus making the incisors be the front teeth. The incisors would then be built up with a veneer to make them look like front teeth. She says that the advantage to this is that he would not need implants or a bone graft and that the process of moving the teeth will actually generate bone in the jaw. Another thought is that should the incisors die, he would still only need two implants instead of four.

    The second option sounds intriguing, but has that type of thing been done before? Neither the pediatric dentist nor prosthodontist who made his flipper plate suggested such a procedure before her. Is this a viable procedure?


    • Hi,hope you don’t mind me commenting but my daughter is 7 and due to have a partial denture for her top front tooth due to an accident and is so worried about it,can I please ask how it looks?does it look natural etc?also does it hurt?thankyou for any info,I can’t find any online and she is so scared xx Thankyou xx

  17. My son is 16 years old and lost his two front teeth when he was 11 years old he now wears dentures. At what age could he have implants and how much will they cost. Thank you

  18. Hello.

    Are there any ladies (20 year olds – 30 year olds) missing front teeth ?
    I wonder what it feels like to not have front teeth.
    I know people feel embarassed, but I dont know how your mouth feels like.
    I have teeth that need more calcium, and my dentist says I will loose my teeth in 25 years
    I saw a lady once in the street without front teeth and she was not shy about it, she had a lisp though. And the most wierd thing is that she was about 20 years old.

    Hope this comments and questions dont bother anyone.


  19. Hello Tom,

    My son had an accident when he was 1 years old and had bad trama to his gums. Since then the dentist took one tooth out when he was around 2 years old because it was loose and bleeding at times. Over the years as his other teeth started to grow in, the gap of his missing tooth closed in. Now he is 8 years old and just started loosing his teeth naturally. He has one tooth growing where the tooth was removed and it is yellow and growing too far back. I am really concerned that he will need to have surgery and don’t want to wait too late to start procedures. Im very worried. The orthodontics won’t see him till he is 13 years.

  20. Hi my name is George im 13 andi think my front teeth (one from top and two from the bottom front teeth) are gonna fall!!!!! What should I do?????? Please help me

  21. Hi, my 11 yr old sone knocked his 2 front teeth out in a BMX accident. The dentist has put the them back in but we’re worried they will not take. what are our options? is it more comfortable for him to wear a denture?or is it possible to use a bridge with 2 teeth?. He has all of his adult teeth and had perfectly straight teeth before the accident. Will it have any Side effects on any other teeth? Very worried parents..

    • Hi, Kelly. I have the same problem with my child who is 11 years old. What have you done at that time. Please share to help me out. I have to decide either for the dentures or for the bridge.

  22. Tom,

    I have had two dental implants placed for teeth numbers 4 and 13. When consulting with my general dentist for a predetermination of benefits he offered me two options. 1-Metal abutment and PFM crown or 2- A ceramic abutment and ceramic crown. Can you give me information on the two options that may help me make a decision on these treatment options?


    • Hi Catherine – How wide is your smile – when you smile really big, can you see those teeth? The ceramic abutments and crowns are usually more aesthetic. With the metal abutments and PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns, the metal under the porcelain may make the tooth not look as natural, but it may end up being stronger in the long run.

      This paper looked at numerous studies on metal vs. ceramic abutments and didn’t really find much of a difference between the two. With that said, I would ask your dentist what he would recommend since he knows your history better and you pay him to give his professional opinion. I hope that helps, Catherine. Thanks for your comment!

  23. Hello, My 9 year old son knocked out his upper front tooth and we tried to put it back in but it ended up needing a root canal and became ankylos. We are scheduled to go in on Wednesday of next week 7/18 for a decoranation (since the tooth is much shorter than his other front permanent tooth) and then a nance device with a fake tooth attached will be permanently installed.
    I’m worried about bone loss with a missing tooth. Since they are cutting the tooth at the crown the root will be reabsorbed into the jaw bone, but I’m worried it will cause bone loss. Are we doing the right thing?

    Another option I heard about is to have braces move another tooth into that position and then move it back when he is 17 for an implant.
    I’ve love your feedback as I’m very concerned we’re not doing the right treatment for him.
    Poor guy!
    Thanks so much!

  24. I am 13 and I am getting my braces off soon and I am missing my top canine tooth next to my right front tooth. I want to get an implant so I will have a natural looking smile again but my orthodontist says I hve to wait until I am 18. Is this true?Do I have to wait this long?

  25. my 11 yrs old son is having severe caries teeth one of his permanent molar lost its crown how cud i save the tooth or else what would be the possible treatment

    • Hi Supti – If he has already had a crown on the tooth and there are severe caries underneath the crown, there may be nothing left to do to save the tooth. Has it had a root canal? The prognosis depends on how much solid tooth structure is left. I hope everything goes well!

      • Hi Tom
        Thanks for quick response.Yesterday I met one adult dentist he suggested root canal and then reconstruction of the tooth.It is 1st molar upper left side.1/2 of the crown is there but Dr said root is exposed.Is it OK to go for rootcanal.?What about the further growth of that tooth ?Or what further treatment could be done?My son is very much prone to caries teeth,he is brushing twice a day,his sweet intake is restricted,meeting paedodentist every 6 month,what other possible precaution I need to take?Does he need to see a paedodentist or adult dentist?

        • Hi Supti – That first molar comes in around age 6, so it should be all done developing/growing now that your son is 11. If the dentist feels like there is enough healthy tooth there, then having a root canal and crown would be an option to save the tooth.

          Either a pediatric dentist or a general dentist that has experience with children should be fine – I would go with whoever you and your son are most comfortable with.

          The main factors we see in getting cavities is how often people eat and how thoroughly they brush and floss.

          If your son snacks frequently throughout the day, that could be the problem, even if it’s not something with a lot of sugar. We have an enzyme in our saliva that can convert starchy carbohydrates into sugar. For example, if your son ate some chips and got them stuck in the back teeth, this could cause problems. For more information, you can read the article What Causes Cavities.

          I hope that helps – Good luck getting his tooth fixed!

  26. Hi there, I had an implant when I was 14yo and I’m now 25 and my implant looks uneven with the other teeth. ( a lot smaller in size). it is quite obvious when I smile. Is there possibilities to fix it? Do we have to change the full implant or crown? Cheers Alicia

  27. Hello, I’m a 16 year old girl who just got 2 of my upper canine tooth pulled out today, because my permanent teeth had started to grow over it. I’m very worried because I don’t want to get braces. and I love to smile, but now I can’t because I have 2 gaps. My dentist said that if my jaw bone is still soft it will continue to come down but if not i might have to get braces. Will my teeth come down on their own or is it too late and I might have to get braces? Is my jaw bone even fully grown? I’m so sad right now.

  28. when I was 15 I chipped two of my front teeth, the dentist pressured me into getting crowns over those teeth. I did so thinking it was the best idea because that is what he said but they are much too large for my face and don’t match the surrounding teeth at all. It has been about eight years later. I’m wondering if it is too late to get them replaced with crowns that are fitting for my smile. I called the office a few years ago and talked with one of the office workers to see if I could get them re done for no charge and the woman seemed to think it might be too late to have them replaced but I’m really sick of not having the nice smile I once had.

  29. Hi,

    My father is 87 and in poor health and has already lost 5 of his teeth on his lower jaw. He would like to get implants instead of dentures. Is there an age limit that is recommended for getting implants for the eldery? I feel that the whole process would be painful for him because they actually would have to build up his jaw bone in preperation for the implants. Wouldn’t dentures be a better, safer and less painful route for him to take in this case?

  30. what if you’re 16 years old and a half but you want to get a dental implant not because you’re missing a teeth but because you don’t like how your teeth look?

  31. Hi Tom, I am 13. I’ve had my braces for about months. And recently on of my bottom front teeth is feeling pretty loose. I can here a popping sound when I touch it. I am very scared and don’t know what to think. Will my tooth fall out? I am sure I’ve lot all my teeth. Can you put braces on a implant? Is it just my teeth moving? Can you get your teeth whitens with an implant? It is the middle of the year for me and I am very self conscious of my appeance.can you make implants look the same as your other teeth? I have almost 2 months Til I turn 14 so I am almost to the age. To be honest, I don’t know what is going on. Please, can I get some advice from a professional like you?

  32. Hi, Tom! My 7 y/o knocked out a permanent tooth very easily, just by jumping and, in the landing, clenching his teeth in a peculiar way. It was reinserted and secured by our pediatric dentist a week ago. My son has good hygiene so, the good news is that the tooth looks like it will be saved. Now for the bad news and my question… This permanent tooth came in in front of the baby tooth, resulting in less than optimal gum tissue to support the front. I’m afraid that since the tooth came out so easily the first time, it can easily happen again. My pediatric dentist says that gum restoration is not recommended at his young age and, as your website confirms, a brace shouldn’t be used to support the tooth either. Is there anything that can be done to support this tooth, to diminish its chances of being knocked out again? Thank you very much! 

  33. Hey im 16 years old
    I have one missing front tooth and one half chipped off and all my teeth have green and yellow stuff and holes in them is their anyway i can get them all taken out and get a fullset implant?

  34. Hi,
    My 7yr old son broke his front top tooth vertically in half today and pushed the one next to it into the gum (not completely but noticeably) as you can imagine it was horrific and traumatic for him (and myself!) we took him to the hospital where he was checked over and we were told that theres a good chance that nerves in both teeth will die and that root canal work is the best option, i was wondering if you have any advise or any alternatives to consider? The most important thing is obviously his dental health but i am also concerned about the aesthetic side of it too. The lady also said that his teeth wont last and he will most probably need implants at some point after his 18th birthday is this the case? Please help!! Any info will be greatly appreciated
    Many thanks.

  35. Hey there,

    I’m 13 turning 14 this year. I don’t have a wobbly tooth at the moment and I’m not sure if its an adult or baby tooth. So if it is an adult tooth do you think a tooth implant would be best to get?
    Thanks 🙂

  36. Hi,

    I am 19 years old and recently had my second bicuspid on the upper left side of my mouth taken out due to what my dentist says as tooth decay. He also said it was pulled because I had an ingrown baby tooth that never developed into an adult tooth. Therefore my question is, how old should I be to get a tooth implant? Also, I understand that it is very time consuming, but what is the most effective and inexpensive way to replace one tooth? Your comments are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, (:

  37. Hi I’m 15 years old now and have been mocked and made fun of for years because I’m missing 2 teeth due to lack of fluoride. I have had many surgeries over the years. I’ve had teeth removed also. I now have braces to make room for the implants I’m getting. I’m missing the two teeth on both left and right side next to my front teeth (not the canines). I have two questions. Because I have gone through so much pain for my teeth will I be able to cope more during and after the surgery for implants? And because the teeth are at the front will it swell more and be obvious that I had surgery? Also how long is the full process of getting my 2 implants? I’ve had braces for 2 years now and should have them for about another year and a half. This is kinda off topic but why is it that your gums swell when u have braces? Wish me luck! And thank you for your time I really appreciate it!

  38. Dear Tom,

    is there any Clinic in the United States that has specialists who are able to do autogenic transplantation of milk-teeth for children after traumatic tooth loss?

    I am asking this question, because my son (nine years old) has lost his (second) upper front teeth in an accident about 7 weeks ago, and three weeks ago we have been so fortunate to find the only doctor who does milk-teeth transplantation over here in Germany.
    He transplanted three canine milk teeth to the upper-front, and so far they seem to grow tight. He told us they might either stay until my son is old enough to get implants or they can even be replaced by molar teeth in about five years from now – which might then stay for a life time.

    The reason why I am aksing you about “congenial doctors” in the US is a bit funny: I told this doctor that I was about to travel to the US to have my son treated there, because I was convinced that I would find doctors who would know what to do in the case of a front-teeth-trauma of a nine-year old boy.
    He was immediately interested to learn who is doing similar surgeries like himself in the US, but I had to admit that my plans had been to travel to the Harvard University to continue my research there.

    Since you seem to be pretty well informed about latest scientific successes in the US, I thought you might be able to give me a hint where to look, I would love to get back to that great doctor with an information that might help him to build up a scientific contacts to the US.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Simin –

      I did read a book on this in dental school. There is a case report involving autogenous transplantation of teeth in the book Case Reports in Pediatric Dentistry. To be honest, the subject was never taught in my dental school and I would imagine that it is probably not taught in any general dental program in the United States. There may be some pediatric dentists or oral surgeons that perform this practice, but unfortunately I am not aware of any.

      I wish I could provide you with a better answer. If you do end up finding any, please feel free to come back and share what you’ve found as a reply to your original comment. Thanks for your comment, Simin, and good luck finding an experienced dentist to get this done for your son.

    • Hi Simin, my daughter had front teeth trauma and I was wondering how the milk-teeth transplants worked out for your son?? I’m in the US but would be more then willing to travel to Germany. Can you give me the name if the dentist there who worked on your son.

  39. Hi Tom,
    My 17 year old daughter got her braces off in May, after having them on 4 four years. She also had one tooth near the front of her mouth capped because it was hardly growing. It looked like a little triangle. (I apologize, I do not know the medical terms) I just took her to the oral surgeon to have a consult about having her 4 wisdom teeth out and they said that tooth that was capped is being rejected by her body and that there is a cyst there. They said she has to have it removed and that if it was not removed she would not only lose that tooth but also the canine next to it, which ,as of now, is healthy. They said it would take about a year to get an implant and she would have to wear a retainer. She is scheduled for surgery this Thursday. She is a good kid but so upset about the having that tooth removed,saying she wont do it. I can understand how upset she is considering she was so happy to have her braces off after 4 years. Her main concern is having to take out the retainer when she eats with her friends and at school. Is there anything I can say to her to make her understand better and also any advice what we can expect or ask for during this year long experience? Thank you. Jeanne

    • Hi Jeanne – Is this the first you’ve heard about the tooth being “rejected by her body”? Normally the general dentist will refer the patient to the oral surgeon to have specific teeth removed. It might be a good idea to get another opinion on this tooth before getting it pulled. I hope that helps!

  40. Thanks for the straightforward information.
    My 10 year old daughter has her lateral incisors missing (no baby or adult teeth are there) and we now have to consider the best option.

    Do we bring in her canine teeth to fill the gap or start to think about a bridge/denture and then implants? Having to weigh up the aesthetics against the amount of treatment.

  41. Hi,
    Tooth # 6 has broken off at the gum line – it has a root canal and was laminated. I am a small person 5’2″ and can understand the length issue with the screw, I used to work in a dentists office. Don’t they have different length screws? How about a shorter stockier one.. They also keep telling me I have to have the root removed and it will be a simple extraction, who are they trying to kid the very little that is left has to be as brittle as the rest of it was, in my crystal ball I see a trip to the Oral Surgeon.
    They want to do a three crown bridge with the extraction and crown 8 & 9 since the are laminated also so with 5 crowns for front teeth they would look so nice a perfect smile for the first time in my life. Have had issues with crowded teeth

    • Hi Mary – Yes, there are a variety of sizes of dental implants available. Did they tell you it wasn’t an option due to your height? If there’s nothing wrong with the adjacent teeth, I would hesitate to trim them down more just to do a bridge if an implant is an option. If you feel uncomfortable with the recommendation you received you should seek a second opinion. Many oral surgeons and periodontists are experts at placing dental implants. Have a great day!

  42. I am a 15 year old male adolescent and I have had may problems with my teeth in the past. In October 2014 I will be 16.I have had several teeth removed from my mouth and I am concerned that in the future I may have more problems and I want my teeth to last. Keeping my teeth clean and healthy is very important to me but I have several questions I want to ask.

    I am very self conscious and I believe my teeth are unattractive and I want to know if I can have Implants now. I have a cross bite/under bite and I might need braces but I know in my mind that I really want Dental implants-I want them for several reasons.If I have teeth implants They will be easier to clean and keep healthy as I believe I am unlucky person and that my teeth are just naturally weak, bad or prone to problems. With Implants I would be more attractive and confident-I could reinvent myself.

    I don’t want my dentist to waste my time fitting me with braces etc.-Also I don’t believe my enamel is strong enough for dental braces.

    I know that my life would be easier with implants. What can I do or should I do?


  43. Hi,

    My 5 year old son is has advised from Dentist to full Implantat (with full anesthesia) since his almost all his over teeth are defect. Please let me know if it is necessary now since this is his first teeth and would like to know the procedures completely.

  44. Well the ages for dental implants varies from gender to gender and from one individual to another. Though, 16 for females and 18 for males is recommendable. Various other factors such comparing size of patient as well their rate of growth. To be safe I think 21 for males and 18 for females is good to go.

  45. I am missing 2 teeth in my upper jaw. I am currently wear dentures and I HATE THEM! I want to get dental implants. I am 16, almost 17 and I want to have actually teeth in rather than taking my dentures out when I’m eating. Am I able to get dental implants under 18 years old? I live in Wisconsin so I don’t know if there are different laws about it but I’m not sure.

  46. My son got into a collision with another boy during basketball practice at school. He has lost 2 teeth. #8 is still there but doctor says it has to be pulled out. Cannot be saved. I’m a mother and I believe I’m suffering more than my own child who btw is 15. Doctor said he will need implants in the near future. What will happen in the meantime.

  47. Hi Tom,
    I was researching information on implants for my daughter. She was born without one of her permanent front teeth. I came across your article and can see others have the same concerns. I was impressed that you have been replying to this article for over four years! My daughter is currently in braces and the orthodontist is making room for the implant. We are working closing with her dentist as well. Kids are constantly asking about her missing tooth and although she is very pretty it is starting to make her self conscious and that worries me. She loves to take selfies on her camera and I don’t want that stop. I know how mean children can be. Your article confirmed what our dentist and orthodontist have told us. Thank you so much for your time and dedication! ! !

  48. Hi
    I am tara, my 9 year old daughter has lost her permanant front tooth (2 upper inscisor). will this affect the jaw bone till she gets tooth implantation. if yes what measures can we take. kindly reply.

  49. Hi Tom ,

    Well I was wondering if my 15 year old daughter can get a single dental implant ? Her right front tooth is at 45° and I was wondering if it would hurt her ?
    I would gladly be happy if you can answer back please

  50. Hi,I’m ashy.i had a canine impaction recently,but the the tooth could not be placed back in its original place so it had to be thrown I still have my baby tooth on its place and dentist had said that I need to take that tooth out and replace it with a new just 15 and I’m really scared of injections in my mouth so do I really need an implant in mouth cause implants need to have injections in it.i also have my brace can u advise me.i would be glad if u replyed,

  51. My 10 year old son lost all of his teeth in an automobile accident, what can be done to give him back his wonderful smile

  52. About 20 yrs ago after a dental check up the dentist asked the Hygenist to treat me,could she fit me in,he said to her.She was very annoyed,it was lunch time.She pulled hard with an instument on my lower teeth saying,what does he think this is a conveyor belt!…I felt a ping!..One of my bottom teeth had been pulled loose by her.Being young at the time I did’nt like to complain but thinking about it I did.The dentist re examined me,I told him what had happened.He said he thought there may be something he could do.I couldnt return to him for this because I was moving house and it was far away.This tooth always felt loose.Last year it gave me problems and I had to have it extracted.My dentist said on the Xray it showed that it had suffered trauma in the past.I had to have a bridge fitted which was quite expensive for me.Could I have claimed compensation these years later?…..

  53. My son is two , i took him to the dentist because ge had feel acouple weeks ago and cracked he two front teeth. What bothered me the most was that i notice he couldnt eat well because it hurted. Once i took h to the dentist a spealiat reccomended that hes teeth were to be taken off due to the xray hes tooth cracked frm the top ontop of that he had major cavaity
    So yje teeths came off
    I dont like that hes only 2 and will have to be like this till hes other teeths come out. Any suggestions

  54. Hi Tom, I’m 17 and have had a poor dental history, I had a bike accident about 2 years ago and I broke my pre-molar and molar the pre-molar broke almost completely off and the molar broke in half, my dentist just put a fillingin the molar but due to the lack of oral hygiene when I was growing up the pre-molar has gone an awful brown colour and I feel like I don’t want to talk to anyone or smile, would an implant be available on the NHS due to the trauma to the two teeth? I have a dentist appointment this Wednesday to hopefully get my teeth fixed but I have a terrible phobia of the dentist and because I had a poor oral hygiene growing up I’m petrified of what he is going to say, I look after my teeth as best I can now with regular brushing and I no longer eat sweets and cake or drink juices and sugary drinks but I don’t understand how my teeth are so bad even though I look after them now and my brothers are so good when he eats sugary foods and drinks and doesn’t brush his teeth?

  55. hi tom, i’m fifteen and my permanent incisors never grew! i already wear a plate in my mouth to fill the gaps of the teeth but now i’m going to study abroad and feel that it’s going to be a big pain wearing a plate and taking it off from time to time as it is tedious and can be awkward..i want to get a bridge made but dentists are suggesting there no way to find another solution to this?

  56. My son, now 13, DOESN’T have 5 or so permanent teeth coming in. Three of the 5 are spaced throughout the back of his mouth and the other teeth have grown together not leaving any gaps and the missing teeth are not obvious. The other 2 are his front bottom teeth (24 & 25?) and he still has his baby teeth. Because there never were any permanent teeth, will there be more/less or the same jaw issues as if he had lost teeth? His front teeth look like those little chiclets gum with lots of space around them. I’ve been advised to see an Orthodontist and then work with a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and those two will work with his Dentist to address the situation. Is there any one designation of a “Dentist” that does all of these functions? This site has been very educational. I notice there have been no responding posts in well over a year. :o(

  57. Hi,

    My daughter is 7 and we went to her pediatric dentist about 6 months ago and found out that she will be missing four of her upper front adult teeth and 3 of her lower front adult teeth. Just nothing showing up in the X-rays. Unfortunately, this is all due to genetics. One side of my family has a history of missing teeth (no other developmental issues). The ones that I’m missing are in the back but hers are all in the front. What are some options as we move forward and wait until she is old enough for braces. I’ve heard retainers with teeth attached, maybe bonding to make her baby teeth look larger…what are your thoughts?

  58. Hi, i was 10 when i lost my front tooth but i am worried that if i get an implant that it wont be identical to my other front tooth. So do i get implants in my two front teeth?

  59. I am 15 years old and I have really weak. My dentist said that it was mostly genetic and have told me to do certain thithings and I do but my enamel keeps breaking off! I had braces which made it even worse, and when they where taken off there was so many more things wrong, and I lost my retainers for about a week or two and I tried to put the bottom one in and yet another piece of enamel broke off! It’s so embarrassing, it’s like I can’t do anything to make it better! Would getting implants to replace the especially bad teeth help anything?

  60. My 15 year old son is missing 2 lower front teeth. We have been advised to wait several years before considering implants due to jaw bone growth (exactly what you explain here). Is a Maryland bridge an acceptable solution while waiting for time to get implants? How long should it last? I understand that it would not damage the surrounding teeth like other types of bridges would.

  61. Hi Tom! I am Akash .i am 17 years old.I lost my half front teeth in an accident. It looks me very bad. Can it regenerate its naturally again or not?what will be possible solutions? Please answer

  62. Thank you for the information on dental implants for adolescents! My son lost one of his teeth in a skateboarding accident and we were told he couldn’t get an implants, so it’s nice to see why that is. I’m glad to see that there are single dentures available for him until he gets old enough to have it replaced! Do you know how much these usually cost?

  63. Hi. I am missing one of my front teeth since birth. When I went to consult for an implant the Doctor said I would have to wait till I’m 21 years old (I am female and turning 19)?

  64. My daughter was born without enamel on her teeth. They were yellow and jagged and looked awful. By about three years old it was painful for her to eat a cookie and syrup was impossible. We had caps put on all of her teeth. She is now six and her permanent teeth are coming in. They are worse than the baby teeth. The molars are black and pitted and very painful before they are even finished coming in. Her new front teeth hurt if exposed even to air for very long. She has to keep her lips or ting in them. We are putting caps in them as they come in. She us now loosing one of her front upper teeth and expats don’t even show a permanent tooth there to replace it. Is it ever possible to put dental implants in a child? She is a beautiful girl and this has been very challenging.

  65. Hello, I am writing this because I have no where else to turn as no one will help me. Just in hopes that someone, somewhere out there could possibly bless me with advice/knowledge about what to do or who to turn to..I’m a 29 yr old female. Whom is ill. I may have been the first child in the United States to receive four titanium implants at the age of 5-6, due to a Giant Central Cell Granuloma of my lower front mandible. My medical situation has been neglected for some time as no one believes how ill I’ve been feeling for years. My immune system is weak and I am physically and mentally weak at this point. By reading this article, and being a prime example myself..I 100% Concur with waiting to place implants in an adolescent until 17-18. As I have suffered with extreme pain, speech and swallowing difficulties as well as decaying of my good teeth which support my bridge of 4 implants. I am beyond suffering and the only answers I get from any specialist are “The system is broken..good luck getting help” or they blame Obama Care” yet they still have a job. Because of my situation my jaw hadn’t stopped growing until 27yrs old. And still it is not mature. I suffer from extreme nerve and bone pain as well as PTSD, severe headaches,nausea,joint pains,stomach issues,Fibromyalgia..the list goes on and on but I fear this situation has wreaked havoc on my system leading me to believe the damage is already done and my future is very uncertain at this point. I’m truly lost. Please do not allow any “Specialist’s” to place dental implants into your child.

  66. I also still have a bridge of baby teeth. Which has only been taken off once at 12yrs to be fully cleaned. I was abandoned by my mom at 15 and left to deal with unresolved issues by myself. No one will take of my bridge off to clean or exchange for an adult bridge because I can’t afford to remove a yellow decaying tooth next to my bridge which was already dead when they had to take my baby tooth off of it. Everyone is afraid to touch me as they don’t want to be responsible for harming my situation. Sorry for another reply…serious brain fog over here.

  67. Can an 18 year old get his or her teeth replace with implants, because of his or her has a mess up teeth? Instead of getting braces.

  68. My son is 12 years old and has 7 teeth that are missing… as i read he is way too young for implants. What can be an solution for him… socially this is causing an issue…

    • Yes, he can get a temporary pop off bridge like I had before acquiring implants but it would pop off on its own and cause social embarrassment. That was back in 1994, maybe ways of making them stay out have changed now. You should schedule an appointment with a Prosthodontist.

  69. Hi Tom,

    My 8yo son has to have almost all his teeth pulled due to decay (he has a sensory processing disorder and brushing his teeth is like torture for him, it was easier to manage when he was smaller, but he’s STRONG and its next to impossible to get it done on my own) what can be done so he doesn’t have to walk around toothless? I’m so upset 🙁

  70. We got my son braces two years ago (age 13). The orthodontist told us he has a missing tooth, which never grew in. I have the same condition for one tooth, and in both cases it was not noticeable, because the other teeth all filled in the area. The orthodontist said rather than fully close the “missing tooth area” in my son (which was tiny at the time), he wanted to expand it bigger with the 2-4 years of braces, for the purpose of an implant. Not knowing anything about it, of course I agreed with the expert, but I did express concern that the gap was being made bigger rather than smaller (which I thought was the purpose of the braces).

    There has been little to zero communication from the orthodontist since then. No updates, no status reports, etc. The gap is now very big and extremely noticeable, and right in front of my son’s smile. My son is 15, so of course is insecure about it, and hates smiling for anyone now. I have repeatedly asked for an update on when my son will get the implant, because the hole is very big, certainly big enough for an implant by now. The orthodontist told my son recently (not in my presence) that he will not get an implant until he is at least 21 years old, which at this point is now 6 years away, and my son only needs a maximum of 2 more years of braces.

    Had we known at the time of getting braces, that he would not get the implant for 6 more years, I would have absolutely taken him to another orthodontist. Naturally, my son is devastated, and I am furious. Is there any other option we have? My son does not want this gaping hole in the front of his smile until he is 21 years old, and unfortunately now it seems too late to go to another orthodontist to fix what this other man has done. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  71. I understand your frustration..I don’t get why he couldn’t be upfront from the beginning, but I too still continue to deal with this issue.. He should have said its best to wait until he’s done maturing to place an implant. I would most definitely find a new orthodontist maybe even a prosthodontist..explain recent situation with orthodontist and ask about temporary options until he/she is able to place implant.

  72. Hello Tom!

    My daughter is 14 and her canine tooth is sideways above the gum line. The orthodontist recommends braces with a bracket and chain attached to that canine tooth so they can rotate the tooth into the proper position. All the rest of her teeth are straight and healthy. It is a lot of expense (which if that’s best I don’t mind spending) but my question is is it best to have that expense and two years worth of work, appointments, and soreness for the one tooth? Would it be better for that canine to be extracted and a implant put in?

  73. My 12 year old son will be getting braces soon. He is missing 2 top teeth, one on each side of his front teeth. The dentist is recommending a Maryland bridge but the cost on top of the braces shocked me. Are there any other options?

  74. Hi, I’m 16 and when I was 7ish I ran into a pole and chipped my front tooth, and caused me to have 2 root canals. About a year a go, an infection appeared at the root of my tooth, and the infection has been draining into my tooth, therefore I have had two pulp regenerations to try to save the tooth, but the bump from the infection is back and the tooth is browning. My endontist said that if I remove the tooth, then I will have to get one of those retainers with the tooth on it that will pop out, but I would like a replacement that would stay in my tooth until I’m 18, which is when he said I could get a permanent replacement. I was wondering if there is such a replacement and if leaving the tooth in my head would cause the infection to spread to other teeth.

  75. Hey I’m 13 my two front adult teeth are wobbly due to gum disease if I can’t get implants yet what will they do if my teeth need to come out also any parents that read this remind your kids that they should brush their teeth every day so they don’t make the same mistake I did

  76. Hello I am 12 and have a couple of teeth at the front at the bottom where they are not quite loose, but creak after brushing I am very concerned and don’t want to loose teeth however I live in the UK and was wondering what made them creak and would I have to pay for treatment if i were to loose them?

  77. Hello! I am a medical student. And I have completed write a research paper projects about dental treatment Dental inserts, shift hugely in expense contingent on what number of you will require. A portion of the answers here isn’t right – off-base. A dental insert is better for your jaw bone and your own dental wellbeing on the grounds that once the insert is legitimately situated in the bone it will empower your issue that remains to be worked out pretty much as your ordinary teeth fortify the issue that remains to be worked out.

    • Your research is nothing like actually having them and living with them for so long. If you can’t speak from a personal stand shouldn’t speak. Our answers are legitimate because we have personal,painful and traumatic experiences. NOTHING BEATS PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I’ve had mine 26 years and I can tell you that to place dental implants into a child’s bone structure that is far from done maturing is a huge mistake unless 100% medically necessary. Remember you are a student. Not a patient and Not an expirenced Prosthodontist/Maxillofacial Doctor. Just Opinions not even Facts! Save it.

  78. What if a 16 year old got bridges (male) instead of implants. Would that effect jaw growth? Missing his lateral Incisors

    • If it is a pop out bridge I would say no. But the physcy aspect of having it pop out unexpectedly could hurt him as it hurt me before I received my fixed bridge with implants. But he is almost done maturing so if he can learn to have one and manipulate it with his tongue to keep it in place I would say yes go for it. It will take some time getting use to of course but he should be ok until he is able to have implants. It should not effect his growth.

  79. hello dr…i am27 years old…i was having extra teeth attach to molar under my tongue…the permanent molar had done rootcanal which was attach to molar…if we have extra teeth is it right to remove ..

  80. Hi, i’m 13 and i was just wondering how much does a denture for a missing tooth cost because i can’t get an implant yet

  81. Hi, im 13 and im not very happy about m yeah and would lobe to replace them all. Can this be a possible thing to do, at this age?

  82. hi, im a 16 year old female and i lost my front left tooth in a skateboard incident. when i was 11 and i immediately had a flipper in place of the tooth i lost. it didnt look right and i had the same flipper until 2015 when i got braces. i got my braces taken off may of this year and because money wise i cant do a maryland bridge so i want to get a dental implant. but the implant place i was going to get a consultation at called me a few days before and said they wouldnt do it until im 18. but my dentist said that he could do it. so my question what is your advice or input. i dont really want something removable like i have now. currently i have a tooth on my retainer to fill the space.

  83. Hi my name is Dustin I’m 16 and when I was younger I refuse to brush my teeth so I’m paying for it now I’ve had 4 root canals done and in getting another on the 15 tomorrow and my previous dentist messed up bad on one of my root canals so bad the tooth had to be pulled or it would have rotted bad and I was told by my new dentist that I can’t get an implant till I’m 18 but I have to get braces and the tooth that was pulled was my third to last molar bit I spoke to the orthodontist and she said I could get my braces now and the back teeth will be pulled up and I could get the back filled or I can wait to get the implant and braces but when I’m 18 my Insurance won’t cover it what do you think is the best option?


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