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Tooth Pain and Sinuses: Can A Sinus Infection Cause a Toothache?

This past weekend, my wife told me that she was having the worst toothache of her life. When she came in for her checkup a few months ago, her teeth were in great shape.

Dental Sinus InfectionShe told me that the pain was constant and that it got worse when she stood up. I told her that I thought it was a sinus infection. She went to the doctor and found out that she did have a sinus infection.

Stories like my wife’s are fairly common — many people think that they have a problem with their teeth when they simply have sinusitis.

What Are Sinuses?

Each time you take a breath through your nose, air travels through your sinuses on its way down to your lungs.  Your sinuses are simply hollow, air-filled cavities in your upper jaw bone.  They are lined with a pink membrane that is similar to the pink lining on the inside of your mouth.

When the lining of your sinuses gets infected or inflamed, it is known as sinusitis.

Many people end up coming to the emergency room at our dental school with painful teeth.  Upon examination, we sometimes find that their teeth are healthy and that the real cause of their pain is a sinus infection or sinusitis.

How Your Sinuses Can Cause Tooth Pain

Below you’ll find a dental x-ray.  I outlined the floor of the maxillary sinus (the sinus located above your upper teeth) so that you can see how close it comes to the roots of your upper molars.

Maxillary Sinuses on a Dental X-Ray

On the left side, it looks like the sinus floor goes below the roots of the upper molars.  Usually this isn’t the case, and that illusion can be attributed to overlap as we are seeing a two dimensional image of a three dimensional object.  However, it does give you a pretty good idea of why sinus infections can make it seem like you have a toothache in your upper molars and premolars.

Want more details on how a tooth can cause a sinus infection? Then read this article: Can a Sinus Infection Be Caused by a Tooth?

How to Know If The Pain Is Coming From a Tooth or Your Sinuses

When a patient comes in with severe tooth pain, we normally take an x-ray of the offending tooth.  Tooth pain is usually caused by reversible and irreversible pulpitis.

We also do some tests on the tooth by feeling around it for an infection, tapping on it, and/or putting ice on it.  This allows us to better understand if the pain is coming from one tooth or not.

If the teeth don’t have any cavities in them and appear to be healthy, then we usually try to find another source of the pain, such as a sinus infection (sinusitis).

Symptoms of a Maxillary Sinus Infection

Although there are other sinuses, the main pair of sinuses that affect your upper teeth are the maxillary sinuses.  One of the main symptoms of maxillary sinusitis is continuous pain in your back upper teeth that changes (gets worse or better) when you move your head (such as lying down or standing up.)

Treatment of Maxillary Sinusitis

Maxillary sinusitis can be treated in a variety of ways.  Here are some common treatments for maxillary sinusitis:

  • Using a humidifier to moisten the air that you breathe in.  This helps to loosen any dried secretions that have accumulated in the sinuses.
  • Using nasal spray that contains phenylephrine or ephedrine.
  • Taking decongestants orally such as Sudafed (psedoephedrine)
  • Taking antibiotics if it is believed that the sinusitis is caused by bacteria.  Common antibiotics that are prescribed for sinusitis include amoxicillin, trimethoprimsulfamethoxazole, clavulanate with amoxicillin, azithromycin, and cefuroxime.


Although toothaches are generally caused by a problem with your tooth, it is important to understand that your teeth have neighbors, such as your sinuses, that can mimic a toothache.

Do you have any questions about sinusitis or sinus infections?  I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.  I’ll do my best to respond to your questions, comments, and/or concerns.  Thanks for reading!



  1. Ihave recently had my front 8 crownsredone after 15 yrs.I went to a top doc and he did an amazing job,2 weeks after the permenents were in I started having pain on my upper jaw and front three right teeth.I have cronic sinusitis but havehad surgery twice this year to fix a deveaed septum and 2 balloon plasty.I was told I havea underdeveloped nasal cavity on the right side.The last surgery worked and can breathexcellent.The surgery was back in Dec and my nose inside the right nasal cavity never really healed.It would scab and fall off become inflammed again and so forth.My dentist has preformed several xrays and a series of tests and it is definetly not a root canal pain and all other tests came back normal.The pain and pressure is constant.I mentioned this to my ent doc on my last visit and he said i could get a CT but it was highly unlikely.Now I am starting to think something might be really wrong.Could I have cancerous tissue in my nose.Should I seek a second opinion.My dentist said he would glaly redo the veneers but I dont think thats it.My right side of my nose always aches and bleeds from time to time.What do you think?Mac

    • Hi Mac – I really can’t give you a good answer because your situation is beyond what I’ve learned. If your dentist doesn’t believe that the problem is with the crowns, then your ENT is probably your best bet to answer your questions. I wish I could be of more help. I hope everything goes well for you. Thanks for your comment!

      • Can a sinus infection be the cause of teeth being sensitive to cold? My left upper teeth have recently been extremely sensitive to cold drinks. Dentist did not take an x-ray but thinks its related to my sinuses. Is this plausible? I also have some pressure on the left jaw and face. ENT prescribed prednisone and augmentin.

    • Doesn’t hurt to get a 2nd opinion. You could also, start taking some EmergengC – I used to take one in the morning and one in evening – helps with infection and healing. I have had severe sinus infections every 6 weeks when living in Oregon and moved to CA and they were gone. But I also, recommend checking out The Body Ecology Diet. I went on that diet in Oregon when I was the sickest like you and was willing do do anything and in 6 months being on the diet, I never had one sinus infection – never got sick and no asthma. By-product was I lost 50 pounds. I feel for you, been there, done that. Taking excessive anitbiotics isn’t good for the immune system and you might have be having a domino effect from all of it.

    • Hello, i am 19 years old, just getting over an upper repsitory infection that basically mimicked the flu. i was unable to get out of bed for a few days and had constant body aches, swollen glands and a cold that lasted about a week. as soon as i started to see some improvement, i realized i was developing a sinus infection. now i have thick yellowish mucus consistently producing in my nose and throat so when i cough i have to hack up mucus. now i have a bad toothache that wont seem to go away. it gets better after taking ibuprophen but the pain is never really gone. AND I STILL HAVE SINUS PROBLEMS. what do i do?

    • Do you do the nedu pot sinus rinse? If you muspx your own sakt water make sure you boil the water. I heard that some people got bug with reclaimed water died because if bugs in the brain.

  2. Can sinusitis also affect the front side teeth? 3rd / 4th / 5th from the front center (top row only)?

    They can’t figure out what’s wrong, either it’s clenching or it’s sinusitis.. I had some muscle relaxants for two weeks so that the clenching (in theory) would stop, but it did not help.

    I have constant pain in these, that gets significantly worse if I bend my head downwards. Then I get a kind of pressure in the entire mouth.

    Also, if I lie down and gently raise my head (tensing the neck muscles), it also seems to hurt a little more.

    Now they want me to take a CAT scan. I really don’t want a big dose of radiation on my face.

    I’ve taken some xylitol sinusitis nose spray and another steroid based nose spray as well, none of these help. Have not yet taken antibiotics..

    What do you think should be done?


    • Hi Wesley – The pain when bending and moving your head do point to sinusitis. A cat scan will give the dentist a better view of what’s going on inside of your head. Depending on your anatomy, sinusitis can affect the premolar and canine teeth. Take a look at this case report for an example.

      I hope that helps, Wesley. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

    • Hello everyone.
      I am currently going through a severe sinus infection and the tooth pain is unreal. Its only on the right side but it has me in tears. I started taking a zpac today hopefully relief comes soon. But this really does happen….and trust me it is absolutely horrible.

      • Omg! I’m am experiencing my first fight with sinusitis.. As Ashley stated, the pain is UNBELIEVEABLE.. I went to the dentist this morning. I just knew for sure it was dental related..Nope, dx sinusitis.. The pain is so random.. Mostly, when I’m trying to sleep or relaxed.. When it strikes, it strike with a force so strong, it makes me cry. It’s horrible.

      • Yep
        Going through it now.
        I was sure I was having a toothache
        Saw dentist this morning n they found nothing.
        Found out I have a sinus infection.
        No pain in my face whatsoever I did have a headache last couple of days
        N that’s it!
        Started Zpack today!

  3. During the last year, I have noticed a peculiar sensation which appears
    localized on my hard palate, markedly more present on the left side.

    The sensation is difficult to describe, but I can perhaps compare it
    to that of a dam controlling water, in which one area of the dam is not working.

    Thus, the sensation consists of a patchy area of mucus-like saliva,
    that seems to actually “stick” to this area described above (left hard palate,
    localized, and close to my teeth.

    There is no pain, nor any feeling of a bump, just a constant patchy area
    of what I would describe as localized mucus-saliva in this area; the left hard
    palate, extending from my front teeth, to about tooth #13. The feeling consists
    of a constant “bubbly” sensation, that though not painful, is causing me extreme
    duress; even the desire to constantly (voluntarily) rub this area
    with my tongue.

    When I last discussed this with my dentist,she did tell me she noticed (what she described)
    as a “shiny area” (she did not use the word red)just shiny, in that location, suggesting
    I switch my tooth brush to eliminate a variable, but was mildly concerned enough to want
    to evaulate me again in two weeks, and perhaps refer me to an Ear, Nose, Throat physician.
    She did say it was most likely not an infection, but perpaps a disorder of a salivary gland in that

    I have had extentive dental work in the last 5 years, primarily in my upper left teeth,
    including 3 root canals and 3 crowns, with other teeth decay (mo and do)

    I have been thinking of any and all variables that could be causing this,
    and I have listed them below.

    Medication I take: Adderall

    I would r/o this because I have been on this for years, and in fact decreasing the amount,
    and this situation has recently occured.

    Other medications: (ie nasal spays…….–ANY– other medications: NONE

    I have even thought perhaps I might have burned this area while eating a hot piece
    of pizza (or something( but I really doubt this, and can’t even remember this happening.

    My theory….and I am not a doctor….is that I have has so much dental work completed
    in this area (discussed above) to the extent that it (not the actual work, but the extensive amount
    of anesthetic shots in this areahas damaged either the nerves or glands, and have read
    about such conditions, but don’t know much about them.
    and/or the processing of the salivary glands.

    I understand that you cannot diagnose this, but based on the presentation I have given,
    would you be kind enough to offer some possible theories, as this is a constant concern
    to me.

    Sincerely, Ryan

    • Hi Ryan – My first guess is that it would be a mucocele, where a minor salivary gland duct on the roof of your mouth gets clogged or severed and mucousy saliva bubbles up. It eventually pops and you get the shiny area. These are fairly common on the soft palate (near your back teeth).

      I actually had a mucocele right at the junction of my soft and hard palate. It would bubble up and then break. It probably recurred 10 times or so and eventually it just went away. I’m not positive, but it may be possible that an injection on your palate did cause some minor damage to a minor salivary gland and that’s what’s causing this.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment! Let me know if you have any other questions, Ryan.

    • I had sinus problems last week , but since have been fine . Now all of a sudden having tooth pain top back when I bend over , lay on my side or jump , or run (odd I know ) . I read it could be sinusitis but my sinus problem has gone away and now just the tooth pain . Is that normal to happen after sinus problems ? Could it still be sinusitis ? Thanks

      • I have the same 2010 had dental work left with pain symptoms nobody understood told I had tmjd and tn can eat properly talk and breath through nose pins needles chin face eye symptoms are further then 9 months ago had front molor extraction now my sinus in bad way anything touches the gum goes straight to resperitory and back of head what they don’t tell you is the consequences and blame the patients as I have problem on the left no teeth on left side now I’m hating when have too dental work on left however had work on left side no problem but left side has wore me out and yet they still say don’t know the cause or the real name nobody will say the truth soon please don’t rndup like me house bound lost all my life ways and isolated sleeping and eating even breathing in nose can be evil life is hell

  4. This article was very helpful as I had a visit to the dentist thinking I had a tootheache.She told me it could be sinus. The thing am now worried about is that it is acting up without the intense toothache.If one is to look up my nostil, on the right side one will see a big ball…the passage isnt clear. This has been like this ever since I can remember.Is this something to be concerned about. Thank you.Oh, will advil work…is it the same type of drug as sudafed?? Thank you.

    • Hi Catrina – If your dentist thinks it’s sinus-related and you can tell there’s an obstruction, then I would ask her if she thinks you should go to an ear nose & throat (ENT) doctor to get a better idea of what is going on. It could be chronic sinusitis or something else. From what I’ve learned, the Sudafed is usually better with sinus problems, but it only alleviates the symptoms. If you want to eliminate the cause, you need to visit a doctor to find out what’s going on.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment! Let me know if you have any other questions, Catrina.

  5. I have been battling a sinus infection for about two weeks in my right maxillary sinus. This did not follow a cold or anything like that. I’ve had pain in all of my teeth on the upper right side (kind of like gum tingling, occasionally achy), puffiness under the eye, and pain to the touch in my cheek and nose. It is now FINALLY starting to subside after 2 courses of antibiotics, but I am still occasionally feeling the irritation in the teeth. The teeth do feel MUCH better, but just once in a while I still feel it. My sinus is not at 100% yet though. My question is that if the teeth are feeling better as the sinus feels better, does that indicate that the infection was not caused by a tooth itself? Other than what I have described, I have not had very much other tooth pain before this incident, just occasional sensitivity to cold. I don’t have a dentist appointment for a month so I was hoping to hold off seeing the dentist until then because I am just so sick of appointments!

    • Hi Jessica – Only your dentist will be able to let you know for sure if the tooth had caused the sinus infection. If you’ve never had pain in your teeth before this, it’s more likely that it was an isolated sinus infection and not caused by the tooth, but it would be a good idea to ask your dentist about it at your next appointment to make sure your teeth are healthy.

      I hope that helps, Jessica. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

  6. If you have no sinus infection symptoms could it still cause a tooth ache on the 3rd tooth from the front of your teeth?

    • Hi Shawn – If you don’t have a sinus infection and the tooth is sensitive, it may be a problem with the tooth. A dentist can help you pinpoint what the cause of your tooth ache is.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment, Shawn. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • My tooth number 12 is killing me it comes and goes every hr pain that goes from my tooth to my temple. I can’t take anymore I had a filling in the tooth that was pretty deep near the nerve .could it be that causing the pain or sinus because when the dentist taps the tooth it don’t hurt

  7. I saw my dentist this past Tues b/c of a pain in my right teeth. It was very hard to pinpoint the pain , even though I had thought it was a possible chipped molar. My dentist didn’t see any chips, did 2 xrays, along with testing for sensitivity and pressure. What had started a day before as mild jaw pain,then lower tooth pain the day before was now severe pain in the upper region and we narrowed the pain down to being mote in my back molar. I was told xray looked ok, but old small filling in that tooth could be very close to nerve pulp head,w possible infection. ..OR, just a sinus infection in that region. Started 250 mg of azithromycin and lortab for pain. After 2 more days of bad pain, lots of bedrest and meds, it is doing somewhat better. But now it is hard to sleep due to swollen jaw and my inside jaw being bitten and hurting from just eating or resting on that side. Not much seems to help. I finish antibiotic tomorrow, so how lonh should I give it until I see my dr or dentist for this again? Should I have already seen dr? No sinus symptomz were present until now…some pressure and congestion NOW but not before all this. Thanks for any info you can provide.

    • Hi Donna – I would assume that your dentist will follow-up with you to see if the antibiotics have helped – I’m really not sure what’s going on. Do you know if you grind your teeth at all?

  8. Great column! I just returned from the doctor with flonase, vicodin, & antibiotics in hand. I am a long time tooth grinder and I contracted a severe sinus infection in Jan 2010. After numerous courses of antibiotics, it became a chronic infection in the left maxillary sinus. My upper left back molar had a root canal but I have been known to grind my teeth so hard the dead roots would hit a nerve and I would have such intense pain that vicodin would barely numb it. In the past month or so, the right side of my jaw began to pop, lock up or shift. Now I am on the trifecta after contracting a slight cold. My sinus infection is worse (still nothing compared to the first one, though) and I have severe pain in all of my upper left set of teeth and a cslight pain in the bottom left teeth. One vicodin is not doing the trick the tooth pain is that bad. I received my drug cache from urgent care and have to go to back to the GP next week. Do you think there is a link between the tooth grinding/sinus infection/jaw problems? Should I just demand to go to an ENT but what about my jaw? Do I need a more aggressive night guard to prevent contact? What do you think?

    • Hi Lisa – I’m glad it helped. The sinus problems can cause tooth pain. If I had to guess, I would say that your pain is also related to the grinding, as that can cause inflammation in the ligaments around your teeth (even if you’ve had a root canal.)

      A night guard may help with the grinding – but you should see a dentist to see what else can be done about the grinding.

      I hope that helps – Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Lisa!

    • I am having a host of issues with very bad dental problems in entire mouth, sinus pain, migraine, and now I am having pain in my left eye – I unfortunately am uninsured. So – I am not sure what to do – I have never lived in the way we are now – with no insurance, and income now barely covering our living expenses with no extra for anything entertaining or for medical problems. So, to be quite honest, I have become aware of just how devastating the health care crisis in this country is. I have been looking at the questions and answers hoping to be able to determine if I need to go to the ER, to obtain treatment or what to do – and I could not help but notice the phrase used in the last question – “should I DEMAND to see an ENT?” I read it several times over to make sure I had not misread – or misunderstood. I am very curious where this individual is, to use the word, demand – I even when insured, never thought about making demands of my Dentist. As seeing a specialist like an Ear nose and throat doctor is just a phone call and appointment – or a referral at worst. It has never been something anyone could DEMAND – the use of that word, in my opinion, brings to mind someone who may be younger, maybe be demanding of their parents. I have found, in my experience, to make demands of our health care providers, just is unacceptable behavior.

      sorry to change the subject, I am just trying to see if I have overlooked a way to obtain some better healthcare option. Perhaps there is a way I can see a doctor, or dentist that I a unaware of. I live where I am not eligible for state aid and have never lived like this prior to now. I am a 54 year old woman, who has worked most of my life and raised 2 children. I do need some help, or I am afraid I may lose my sight in my left eye. I had a cataract in my right eye a few years ago, which, I was told, was very early to have one in age. It was a dense white cloudy cataract. the surgery was a success – I had lost all sight before surgery though. so – now I am afraid of losing sight in the left eye, after knowing what it is like.

      thank you, I apologize for the length.


      • It occurs to me to comment that entries on this website may have come from UK as well as USA. In UK where healthcare is ‘free at the point of need’, someone may feel that they need to ‘demand’ to see a specialist because their doctor controls their access. Ie they HAVE to be referred to the specialist by their doctor. If you pay, which you can in the UK if your prefer or just want to speed up access, there is no need to demand.

      • Healthcare crisis my butt! You chose not to have insurance. If your income was too low then you would have qualified for free healthcare. Now, we ALL have to cover insurance for people like you that simply chose not to have it and for illegal aliens and for the non-workers that we have always covered. This was another powergrab by Washington. Keep giving all of the power to Washington people! Bunch of morons! You make our Founding Fathers roll over in their graves. I’m so ashamed of our generation.

        • @ shane who are you replying to ? diana ? she posted that in jan 2012..2 and a half years ago!
          And only THIS YEAR 2014 in the USA did healthcare become universal and low income people qualified.
          Have some compassion.

        • I do have insurance, work full time, have for all of my adult life. And, I can’t afford the care of my own freaking teeth!! Whether you have insurance or not, it is a fortune. The health care industry is in crisis, never in older generations did people have to pay so much for health and dental insurance and STILL have to pay a fortune out of pocket and for prescriptions that are expensive. Its what happens when something as important as health care is left to the wolves of capitalism, as is the way of so many of our systems over the last few generations. I would give anything for SOCIALIZED HEALTH AND DENTAL CARE RIGHT NOW. We live in a world where we have to be insured for everything – this is progress?!?!
          Have a nice day – and by the way – we were all immigrants to this country unless you are a native american, which I’m guessing you’re not.


  9. My mouth started hurting on the upper right side about a week and a half ago and gradually got worse until my eye was watering and feeling sick because of pain level. I went to the doctor last Thursday and was diagnosed with a severe sinus infection and started antibiotics, omnaris and sudafed. Saturday during the day was the best I had felt, but then the pain came back Saturday night and continues on. It does feel better when I drink cool water (not cold), or eat yogurt, but that’s about the only relief I get. I need to sleep. Any suggestions? And how long can I expect to hurt after starting antibiotics?

    • Hi Carol – Everyone is different, it sounds like the antibiotics are working to fight the infection. The cold probably feels better since your upper teeth are right along the floor of your maxillary sinus. Your best bet for sleep is probably getting some pain medication from your doctor until the sinus infection is gone.

      I hope that helps – Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Carol!

  10. Hi Tom,

    Three or four years ago, I had what I thought was a bad sinus infection. My jaw, ear, and teeth hurt extremly bad on the right side. My glands were swollen and it made my jaw swell up really bad. I went to the doc, and she said it was a sinus infection and she sterted me on anitbiotics. Well a little while after that, (don’t know if it’s related or coincidence) but I got a small bump on my bottom right gum that fills with fluid and ruptures each day. It doesnt hurt any more or give me any problems. I went to the dentist yesterday and he said that it was an abscess and that I needed a root canal or extraction (can’t afford either). The tooth does not hurt and does not appear to have a cavity so I don’t understand how it could be abscessed. I forgot to ask what the x ray showed. I know years ago I had the tooth chipped and had it filled. Could it have gotten abscessed, or do you think it is sinus related? Also what should I have done about it? Your advice would be extremly helpful and greatly appreciated!
    Thank You,

    • Hi Stephanie – When the tooth chipped, it may have damaged the nerve of the tooth and it slowly died over time, causing an abscess. If you are unsure, it would be a good idea to get a second opinion from another dentist. If it is abscessed, a root canal or extraction should take care of the problem.

    • Take Ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory and pain killer. It works and, in the UK, is available from the supermarket for 30p for 16 in ASDA (Walmart).

  11. I had an upper molar pulled about 5 months ago. The dentist never mentioned any problems. A few weeks later, I started having extreme headaches on that side, radiating to my ear, eyeball and the teeth. I tried sudafed, nose spray, tylenol, etc to no avail. I am 26 weeks pregnant, and my doc had prescribed me a low dose of hydocodine for pain, so i took these for the excrutiating headaches. This is the only thing that has worked! I was told that I might need a “sinus lift” to repair a perforated sin us floor. What does this entail, and can i have it done while pregnant? I am at my witts end with this pain! Please help!!!!

    • Hi Audrey – Dentists classify something that is causing pain as an emergency. Emergencies should be taken care of during pregnancy. A sinus lift usually involves grafting bone in the area between your upper teeth and your sinus.

      You may want to talk to a periodontist or oral surgeon to see if there is something they can do to stop the pain for the remainder of your pregnancy and then do a more permanent procedure after you have delivered your baby.

      I know I’m late getting back to you, so hopefully you got something worked out. Thanks for your comment!

      • I’m pregnant with sinusitis. I didn’t know if it was teeth or sinus, so I went to both the doctor and dentist. I, too, had a tooth extracted about 7 years ago next to my top left back molar. My sinuses have fallen into the gap where the molar was pulled and has also fallen almost to my gumline behind my back molar. Basically my back molar is being “hugged” by my sinus. I am in excrutiating pain and wonder if the pain will subside when my antibiotics cure my sinus infection or if I need surgery to lift my sinuses.

  12. I made an appointment with my dentist yesterday because I was experiencing severe pain in my back upper teeth, then I searched sinus pain and tooth pain to see if there was correlation and found this site. May I suggest using a neti pot to flush out the sinuses with saline water, it is cheap, treats rather than masks the problem, and is not difficult to use. It has helped me.

  13. I’ve had terrible pain in my upper left back 3 or 4 teeth. I suspected a sinus infection as have had one before and dental xrays confirmed this. My gp prescribed Amoxil but the pain has gotten far worse, similar to the pain experienced before i had a root canal some years back. Today I went to the dentist as cannot sleep and no amount of pain killers would dull the pain and he xrayed and thinks it is sinus so am trying a different anti-biotic. My query is that my bottom back teeth on the same side are hurting too which i forgot to mention to him, could this be referred pain from the top ones or do you think something more sinister could be at work?

    • Hi Melinda – I would imagine that it is possible for the lower teeth to feel referred pain as the nerves for the upper teeth and lower teeth all connect back to the same cranial nerve. It also could be another problem with your lower teeth that your dentist will be able to diagnose.

    • I am currently having very similar symptoms. The pain originally started above a bridge immediately behind my right canine but I couldn’t seem to pin it on one particular tooth. This was particularly baffling because I had an excellent dental exam only a week ago. Eventually the pain increased dramatically and spread to my ear and lower jaw. Fortunately ibuprofen and diclofenac are keeping the pain at bay for now and the lower jaw and ear pain are eliminated when conditions are more mild. I have an appointment with my ENT next week and am eager to see what he says.

  14. I’m having sharp pain in my lower jaw radiating from tempormandibular joint. I already have sensitivity issues with my lower last 2 molars that my dentist wanted me to go see an endodontist (which I haven’t yet). The problem with this pain is it’s pretty intense, and I’m having a hard time localizing it. Those two teeth hurt some, but not when I tap at it or anything (just with cold). There are no signs of swelling anywhere. But I have had some allergies, and I’m blowing my nose a ton, so I’m wondering can this be caused by sinuses? Even in the lower teeth?

    Further, who should I go to or call after hours first? Doctor or Dentist? ENT?

    • Hi Julie – If it’s been only in the lower jaw, it sounds like it is most likely a problem with your lower teeth. If your dentist advised you to visit an endodontist, he or she probably thought it was serious enough for further evaluation. I don’t think it’s impossible to get referred pain from the sinuses to the lower teeth, but I would think that you would first have some pain in the upper teeth.

      Hopefully you can get it figured out so you’re out of pain. I would go to whoever you have the most confidence in and is most familiar with your situation. Thanks for your comment, Julie. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. Hi Tom,

    I’ve had tooth pain (mainly sensitivity to cold) in my upper teeth for about a week. I went to see my dentist last Friday who performed a number of tests including tapping on the teeth and blowing cold air. I showed no response to the tapping but had a very painful response to the cold. My dentist then performed an X-ray which was clear and showed no signs of infection. My dentist therefore diagnosed a leaking filling based on my symptoms. I am booked in next week to have the filling replaced, however have since developed sinusitis symptoms including pain around my eyes and headaches. The dentist never mentioned the possibility of sinusitis. Would I get sensitivity to cold with referred pain from the sinuses or do you think the dentist’s diagnosis is correct and that the sinusitis is a coincidence?

    • Hi Michelle – It’s possible that an infection from that tooth spread into your sinuses, and that is causing the sinusitis. They also could simply be a coincidence. You should ask your dentist about this before having him work on the tooth to make sure everything is alright.

      • Thanks for all this info. If a retreat does go to long and ends up in your sinus is there procedures to fix this. I have a feeling this may be happening to me. I have work scheduled at the dentist and got a sinus infection from a cold or allergies. In pain but it is Saturday so I went to patient first and got a z pack. Just nervous of the procedures to follow.

  16. Hello,

    I have had really bad toothache for a week now in my top right back teeth, I am 32 weeks pregnant and just moved house and Ivehad a cough/ cold for about 3 weeks. after visiting my dentist he said my teeth looked healthy and no sign of decay, he tapped them which was sore but no cold sensitivity that caused excessive pain ( just the normal sensitivity ive had all my life) as you can imagine he cant take x-rays with me being pregnant. I cant note any significant increase in the pain when i bend down but it is just there all the time, throbbing. The dentist said it would be either grinding my teeth through stress as i have alot going on or a sinus infection. So he has prescribed me with antibiotics which i am on day 2 but no improvement, am i being impatient or could it be something else??? or is their any home remedies i could try as i am in so much pain i cant sleep. please please help, i feel like crying!!!!

    • Hi Keily – A single x-ray to help diagnose a problem in a tooth can be taken during pregnancy if standard precautions are followed. You can learn more at this page from the ADA.

      I am not aware of any home remedies that would help, the best way is to figure out the root cause of your pain and then fix that. Are you able to tell which tooth it is coming from, or does it seem more like it’s coming from a certain area?

      • hi tom, thanks for the quick reply, well its a throbbing pain across the right top side rather than a particular tooth and i feel like it is spreading further towards my canine. i will ask about the x ray, thanks for the info.

    • Hi Keily,
      I am in a similiar situation with being pregnant and having a toothache. After having a severe toothache I visited my dentist today who took one single digital x-ray and covered me with 2 lead blankets. (Digital x-rays are the equivalent of spending 10 minutes in the sun), so I am not too concerned with the effects on the baby. Anyway, my dentist looked at the x-ray and determined there was no cavity, cracked tooth or anything else. He did see where the root of my tooth was being effected by my sinuses. He advised that I do the netipot twice a day and to check back in a week. I can tell you the netipot really works and it’s completely safe while pregnant. I wanted to pass this along when I read this so it can hopefully provide some relief to you as well.

  17. All my upper left teeth hurt all the time. I went to the dentist, had xrays, he blew air on them, and tapped all of them. Nothing hurt. I have pain arounf my nose, under and in my eye, jaw joint pain temple pain, and earachs. I went to the doctors three months ago and was put on augmentin for a week. She said she saw pus in my throat. What do I do now?

  18. Can a sinus infection cause pain / tenderness / sensitivity / pressue in the left front tooth and the 2 teeth just to the left of that? I’ve had a bad cold and other symptoms of sinus infection, some left ear pain when swallowing several days ago (ear pain gone now). When I bend over the pressure is very intense. My nose is stuffed up as I write this, especially on the left side. I also feel some pain on occasion in the tooth area when blowing my nose.

    What is strange is I had a root canal done about 15 – 20 years ago in the left front tooth, so I’m not sure how I can feel pain there. But I can say dull pain started several days ago (about 3 – 5 days after the cold symptoms started) and seems to be getting worse. It is mainly on the front left tooth and the 2 teeth to the left of that only.

    Also, awhile back, my young child accidentally hit the front of my mouth with his head, in the area where I had the root canal (left front tooth). I’m pretty sure this happened several weeks before my sinus problems started, but to be honest I can’t remember for sure. I know it did NOT happen on the same day my tooth pain started – it definitely happened BEFORE that.

    Another note – I also grind my teeth.

    Considering all of the above, any thoughts or comments on if the tooth pain could be sinus related, and why I am having pain / pressure, particularly in the front tooth that had a root canal so long ago? I really hope I do not have to have another root canal or have this one redone. I was about 15 at the time I had the root canal done, so there was no crown or cap (or whatever the term would be) put on it.

    thanks for your comments

  19. I have had severe tooth pain on the upper left side for the past 5 days. I was sure it was an abcess as the pain was so severe it made me cry. If I bent down etc…it would throb. I went to my dentist yesterday and she took some x-rays and said there is no abcess. She said it was likely caused by my sinuses so she recommended a decongestant. I started Sudafed and the Neti-pot last night. Today I still do have some pain but it is much less severe. Would a sinus infection also cause excess pain if you eat on the infected side???


  21. I started having what I thought was a toothache in one of my bottom teeth on the right side 4 days ago. It has gotten much more painful and now includes all the teeth on my lower right side and my jaw bone hurts. I also just discovered a very painful lump on the outside below my incisor, even below my gums where the cheek and gums meet. This is a throbbing pain and it brings me to my knees at times! Do I need to see a dentist or a doctor?

  22. About a week and a half ago, I had a surface cavity taken care of on a lower molar (2nd from the back) on the left side. While I went in to get this taken care of, I mentioned to my dentist that I was having lower jaw/tooth pain/ache that seemed to point towards the very back molar on the left lower side. He fixed that back molar as there was a very old filling in there. He didn’t do too much, just touched it up in areas and refilled. My problem is that for the last few days, I have had this lower jaw pain, slight sinus pressure, ear pain all on the left side and I am now running a low-grade fever of about 99.1 to 99.4. My dilemna is do I go to the dentist or the doctor? Is it possible that a sinus infection/ear infection could cause lower jaw/tooth pain? I know that a sinus infection can cause upper tooth pain, but what about lower teeth/jaw? Advil and Tylenol are doing the job to keep the pain away, but the minute I stop taking them, it comes back. Any advice or info would be appreciated. Thank you.

  23. Brilliant article. Just wish I read this before going to the dentist nd removing a tooth! Describes everything I’m still feeling to a T!

  24. I have been experiencing constant pain in the roof of my mouth and “in” my last two molars at the top back of my right side. I also feel tender in the jaw bone from my teeth to my ear. I have had this pain before and my doctor and I agreed is was my “once per year” sinus infection. She prescribed Amoxcillin for 10 days, which I took faithfully, but to no avail. I also tried ALL otc treatments (sudefed, nettipot, tylenol, mist by my bed at night). The pain is still present. I have had four natural childbirths and I can tell you the pain rivals that of labor. I cannot stand this pain any more! I have read that a nasal steroid may help, and I’ve read about many unsuccessful surgeries for sinuses. Do you have any suggestions of which way to go?

  25. can a sinus infection have one of your eye lid,your nose,and the bottom of your face,at your chin red as a cherry?

  26. It was a helpful article for me. Because from last two days I’m experiencing pain in facial bone as well as cold & I thought it is just a cold.Also I have dental pain too; though my teeth are in sound condition.
    Thank you!

  27. Thanks so much for the information about sinus infection and tooth pain, as well as the x-ray showing the overlap of the sinuses and upper teeth roots. This info may save a lot of unwarranted dental care.

    My dentist thought I would need a root canal and crown on an upper molar after I complained that an upper molar was sensitive to hot liquids. The x-rays didn’t show a tooth abcess, I asked whether it could be a sinus infection. He said it was possible that it could be a sinus infection like mentioned in this article. Years ago my chronic sinusitis was cured by a round of diflucan. When I told him, my dentist gave me a prescription to try it again this time.

    Lo and behold, after I completed the diflucan, the tooth pain is gone. It made so much sense: fungus grows well in warm, damp, dark places (think shower stalls). This simple prescription saved a lot of expensive dental care.

    After the infection was gone, my dentist readjusted my bite. Thereafter, he made me an NTI appliance that prevented clenching. My mouth now feels totally different.

  28. All my front teeth started to hurt at the same time last Saturday, I thought it wouldn’t last so I didn’t care much but instead of going away, it kept getting worse. Since all of them hurt at the same time, I kind of doubt it is a cavity. But then I started getting a unbearable headache, and then a cold and sore throat that is painful when I swallow. I tried baking soda, salt water and brushing my teeth repeatedly but none of those work . I am scared that I am going to have to pull my front teeth out and even that costs money. I can only ease the pain when sleeping and when I wake up, it doesn’t hurt that much until about 30 minutes to 1 hour
    Please help! I am freaking out.
    Thank you

  29. Hi, I have this pain on my right side of face,pressure on bridge of nose, that goes right into my eye.I am not sure if it is dental or sinus, The pain comes and goes,prior to having this sinus pain I experienced pain coming from back of molars when drinking something to cold. What do you think? Thanks Ray

  30. I’ve got a infected tooth but as I’m out of work, I have no money for a dentist and there are absolutely no low-cost or “charity clinics” around here that I can afford. Can’t find a pro-bono dentist, either.

    The infection is spreading to my sinuses and throat. Because I also have no money for a physician, I’m just taking anti-inflammatories, antihistamines and decongestants. I don’t qualify for Medicaid or any other help. Tried and was denied. Yes, I know this can continue to spread. Yes, I know it can and probably will get worse– but I just have to treat it myself as I have literally NO other options. I certainly can’t afford the ER, and they won’t treat a dental infection anyway (already tried). In addition to the decongestants and antihistamines, I’m using Periomed that I have from when I still had a job and insurance. I’m flossing and brushing several times a day. I rinse with salt water. I use a curetteto remove the “slime” (pus?) that is building up around the tooth. What else can I do to slow the infection until I can find some help? And do people really die from infected teeth, or is that just scary-talk?

    • One hundred thank yous for the article on sinuses and toothache. I am in the worst tooth pain of my life which radiates into my jaw, crushing pain, seems like my jaw is in a vice. I took 3 Motrin, 4 Tylenol arthritis, with no relief in site! No chance in hell for me to sleep tonight. Now I will be trying some sinus pain pills, in hope of enough relief to sleep. Oh, I applied ice and brushed and flossed, also rinsed with salt water…WOW!!! I have had three children, all natural, my last without any pain meds at all! And this tops that pain by over a million!

  31. Hi Tom,

    I have been reading this thread and found it quite interesting and possibly relevant to my story and current gum issue.

    About a year ago I started to get a twitch on my top lip, mainly during the evening but then it got so bad that I went to see my doctor who said it would go away on it’s own I was possibly tired or had been drinking too much coffee (I only have 2 cups a day) 2 days before Christmas a hard boney lump appeared on my gum above one of my front teeth. (both teeth have veneers and one has root canal as the filing for the veneer went too close to the nerve – 4 years ago) I went to a local doctors outpatients and was given some antibiotics in case of infection but the lump remained and was sensitive to the touch and the twitch carried on. As soon as the dental surgery opened in January I went and had an x-ray but nothing showed up and I was told that the nerve had not died as I could feel cold on the tooth. In February I started to get lots of pressure inside/behind my nose and headaches regularly, which I have never had before. My GP sent me to an ENT specialist who had x-rays done and a CT scan. Nothing showed except something called a Tori or Torus (small bone about 5mm) but nothing sinister – ruled out abscess, cancer and infection.
    The twitch seems to have stopped but I still have a lump which comes up about once a week and looks like a blood blister, clear fluid drains from it and also blood and it throbs especially when driving or in hot or cold conditions. I am at my wits end and have no idea what it is, my dentist is baffled and my doctor is fed up with my petty complaint. Please advise 🙁

  32. Woke up 10 days ago with pain in upper back molars which are crowned and also pain in my lower back molar which also has a crown on it. Pain around eye and congestion during night. Went to my dentist, he xrayed upper molars and said they were fine. Went to my Dr. and he feels it is a bad sinus problem. He has prescribed Biaxin and Tylenol 3 for pain. This is day 3 and I am getting some relief, except today felt pain in both upper and lower molars when I chewed. Can this come from the sinus infection? Or am I dealing with a tooth problem that is going undetected? I want to believe that I am dealing with sinus infection, yet the pain from biting is confusing. Your comments would be apprecited.

  33. After reading all of this information above, I believe my problems is sinus. I several times a year have upper right pain and it seems to go along with sinus headaches and the pain is usually better when I take an over the counter allergy/sinus pill. I have discussed this in the pain in the past with my dentist and they said that it seems it is my sinuses. But in the past week, I have this pain back but 3 times worse. Then I noticed on my right side between my nose and cheek it is swollen and hurts when you touch it. My question is should I go to my regular doctor or my dentist?


  34. The short story: I have tooth pain in #13 when I bite down and minor sensitivity in the two teeth toward the front. Two dentists from the same office looked at this and saw no sign of infection or problems. This began about a week after having a crown replaced on #19. They suggested I was grinding my teeth and it would go away. They altered my bite, which is now unfortunately uneven, to exert less pressure. It has been three months and it hasn’t gone away. I have tried ever over the counter product — enamel hardeners, tooth guards, Sensodyne, but nothing helps. I am also medicating the discomfort with Tylenol etcetera which worsens mostly in the afternoon. I have scheduled an appointment with another Dentist who can’t see me until Jan.5. What’s going on? Please help!

  35. Hi Tom,

    Both of my girls were just sick with coupe and bronchitis and I got maybe a little cold from them also. It went away with Advil sinus and cold over the counter. A few days later after all symptoms were gone I experienced a headache then my top right side of my mouth all those teeth were hurting like I had a really bad toothache in all my teeth. Then a day later my eye socket my forehead and cheek and teeth basically my whole left side of face is killing me so I went to the doctors and he gave me a z-pack psuedofed and Flonase and here I am two days later and it feels like its worse and I can’t stand it what do you recommend I do I am at a stand still with this mess and in a lot of pain.

  36. Hi, I am 42 years old. In the last year or so I have been having a lot of dental issues. In the last 6 months or so I have been to the dentist with one abcessed tooth, one root canal, one root canal with a crown break off and I had them pull a back one that broke off. Now I think I have another tooth that has abcessed. I’m worried that something else is wrong causing my teeth to mess up. I brush and floss my teeth daily. Should I see a family doctor or is it normal as you get older to have more trouble with your teeth. The teeth that are messing up are the ones that I fillings in as a child. I guess I’m asking could there be an underlying problem causing my teeth to mess up?

  37. So.. I had a root canal in my left front tooth and the one next to it on left about 6 months ago. The front tooth has been retreated and I’ve had other teeth worked on. I keep having random outburst of pain in these 2 teeth. Any suggestions? The dentist is stumped and my ENT saw no infection insinus but treated anyway. Would love any suggestions

  38. Hello Tom,
    So I have been fighting a sever sinus infecting for just over two weeks and just tonight I all of sudden feel a very unfamiliar pain in my right upper molar. So my first question is why has is just started to hurt after dealing with this sinus infection for over two weeks? The pain is constant not really getting better or worse, I can eat and drink fine but it seems to amplify when I blow my nose. I don’t have dental insurance due to my recent job lose so is there anything I can do to help the pain and manage the sinus infection? Thank you!!!

  39. About 1 1/2 weeks ago I had a temporary bridge and crowns put in. I was getting over a cold when this procedure was done. I now feel sensitivity to cold and sweets. It’s hard to tell if the pain is on the bottom back right where the temporary work was done or if it starts on the top. I’m scheduled to go back to the dentist this week. Do you think the pain is related to the temporary work?

  40. For the past ten years I have been suffering with the most horrendous pain in one side of my face.( it feels like all of the upper teeth on the side where the pain is ,are rotting away !!!!!. The pain normally occurs at night when I am asleep. The pain is so severe I feel like getting a pair of pliers from my kitchen draw and pulling my teeth out . The pain can last for 20 minutes to 1 hour. I take any pain killer I can Ibuprofen , paracetamol , Tramadol and they bairly take the edge off the pain. My nose will run my ear aches and the pain rises up to my fore head
    I went to the doctor and had numerous courses of anti bs the pain still remained. I have visited the dentist and had a suspect filled tooth removed , which really helped until a couple of weeks ago. About 3 weeks ago I noticed I had a dull ache on the corner of my eye closest to my ear , and every time I touch it there is a dull ache there. Shortly after that I had a heavy head cold which lasted about four or five days. And ever since then I ve been going to bed and waking up with the same pain as previously mentioned. I am sick and tired of having to take pain killers ( which quite frankly are useless ) having unbroken sleep. Please help

  41. I have a tooth that my current dentist took the crown off of, (this crown was not bothering me) the dentist said it was “leaking” and needed to be replaced. So he took it off made a new one put the new one on and my problems started. The tooth had previously been root canaled, but from the minute he put the new crown on it started hurting, the feeling was like the crown was too tight….I went back to the dentist 10 times in 2 months time frame because everytime I chewed on that side of my mouth it caused me terrible pain in the tooth with the new crown. The dentist finally removed the crown and is preparing a new one, in the meantime, while I still have a temporary crown over the weekend my tooth suddenly became so painful I made a trip to the ER…they didn’t do X-rays they just gave me antibiotics, pain medicine and told me to followup with my dentist. I did that and the dentist said he didn’t think it was an abscess and he also didn’t do any X-rays so what do you think it is? Also I am really stuffed up on this side of my face.

  42. I have been dealing with this sinus issue since October, one round of antibiotics did not help. I am now sitting here on Feb 1st with a huge amount of pain in my face that I can not sleep. So i looked up sinus infections and found out why my face and teeth hurt sooooo bad. Interesting as I find myself trying to figure out some way to make the pain go away when it’s passed midnight! It hurts so bad. I am not one to complain about pain or take medication to make it go away, but I maybe be looking for help sooner then later. Why me?

  43. I am experiencing sporadic (comes and goes) severe tooth pain as a result of my sinus infection. Will the pain subside once the infection and subsequent inflamation subside? Had the dentist check me out and the teeth are in good shape.

  44. Hi,

    I know this post is somewhat outdated but I was hoping you could help me out a little. I’m an international student in the US from India, and do not have dental insurance. I do not really have the option of going to the dentist here.

    I have severe toothache in my upper rightmost incisor. Sometimes the toothache also includes the low right incisor. It is painful for me to drink hot things or chew. It is imperative for me to eat at least a little because I am sick right now. The pain is not ignorable. I spend a lot of my time flossing between the teeth in an attempt to relieve what I perceive as pressure.

    Just on January 8th, I had all four wisdom teeth removed. On January 15th, I went for a dental checkup and had a filling done in both of my front upper incisors (a bad filling had caused a cavity to spread). Do you think the pain could be caused because of the recent dental work? Or is there a stealthy cavity in the rightmost incisor as well? There is some discoloration in the tiny gap between my front and right incisor. I believe this discoloration is because of a composite filling I had done a year ago. However, the same dentist who filled my front teeth badly also did the right incisor.

    In addition to these symptoms and background, I currently have both bronchitis and a sinus infection (which lead me to look up this article). However, your article talks about the molars hurting because of sinus infection. Can the front teeth hurt as well? Or is the cause likely to be heightened sensitivity?

    Thank you!

  45. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if i have a sinus infection, or inflammation in my mouth. My left side of my jaw, where the top and bottom connect is extremely swollen, and it makes it hard for me to sleep. Opening my mouth, i get about 2 inches of give (on a good day) which is making it hard to eat as well. I’m wondering if you’d have any insight of what this could be, or if it was sinus related. I still have my wisdom teeth, they’re slowly coming through month after month, but when i press on them they don’t hurt.

  46. hi ive been having antibiotics for over 17 yrs for an on going sinjus problem having said that the doctors wont admitt its my sinuses as of yet , but no1 i do get better with antibiotics, i get also tringinal nuralgia with every infection including any ear infections ive had in the past.. i always gett better with antibiotics,, i get nose bleeds on and off right sided only i get a bunged up nose right side only, i get throbbyness over my eyebrows on bending standing etc, my right cheek and eye underneath gets tender to touch , on a bad day terrible right eye ball pain and quite a few of my top right teeth hurt like hell, most of my infections dont always follow a cold ? ive had on occasion a greenish nasal dishcharge again with out cold symptoms, thing is ive had so many yrs of antibiotics im more or less gettin use to penacillin and so now they dont work on me what will work is amoxyclav once on this drug i get better in say 3-4 days and all my symptoms dissapear? including this terrible T.N . NERVE HEAD PAIN my doc at E/N/T/ is not that convinced its sinus and thinks i suffer TN only ive been under nurology and he thinks im not a candidate for T.N. surgery, as it seems to set off the nerve the opposite way round for his liking and so he as recently passed me back on to ENT i get this 1/3 times a yr for this past 17 yrs it rules my life .. so am i a sinus sufferer ? my teeth are okish ive no bad ones just a few fillings etc,

  47. I have been having what I think is tooth pain but I’m not sure. It hurts most when I stand up quick or lay down like you said in your article. The thing is your article says the upper back teeth but mine hurts on the upper left exactly where you have the pink marks on the x-ray picture. Not sure if I should make a dentist appointment because I was recently diagnosed with a sinus infection. Your article makes me think I should not. Seems like the answer is pretty clear barring the fact that you say in you article the pain would be in the upper back teeth which doesn’t make much sense to me because you marked the upper front teeth in your photo. I probably mis-understood something.

  48. Hello: I have pain/ache in the tooth that seems associated with your drawing on my left side. It feels like infection under the tooth and if I could extract the tooth or take the filling off it would ooze and release the ache. I have had it checked twice by a dentist and he says xrays show nothing. Would xrays show infection under a filling? Most of the time the pain is dull and oftentimes I forget about it but once I touch the tooth and manipulate it I can illicit the dull pain again. I recentally was on amoxicillan for another problem and there is no change in the tooth so … could I rule out sinusitis? 500 mg every 8 hours X 3 days. I am tempted to get the filling removed just to look … can you get cavitations if a tooth is not properly cleansed prior to filling?

  49. I had a sinus infection for almost a week and a half now and the de put me on azithromycin and i noticce when i chew i can hear my self chewing and my jaw makes like a clacking or clicking sound.Is that related to sinis infection? How long does it take for a sinus infection to clear up? My left ear is also congested too and my hearing is kind of muffled.

  50. Thank you this was very well written and easy to understand. I am pretty sure this is what is wrong with me. I have been fighting a cold for a few weeks now and its clear its not just a cold, My jaw feels like someone has hit me. I can feel the pulsing above above my back teeth so I know its not my teeth. Thank you for taking the time to write this for others!

  51. This past week I was told I have a sinus infection and now right above one of my molars (on my gum) I have a bump that is sore/tender to the touch. I am taking antibiotics, is there anything else I can take to relieve the pain and make the bump go away?

  52. I really don’t know what I have. It’s been almost a month since my dentist put a permanent crown on my back molar on the left side. two weeks later I star feeling pressure on my teeth on the left side. it began with the front teeth, then the upper teeth, then moving to the back (the pain) on my left side. the pain gets really bad that my left side of my tongue the upper palette and under my tongue hurts bad. also the pain goes under jaw all the way back to my ear, all this only on my left side. My dentist thought that might have a sinus problem. Usually the pain starts really bad at night, during the day i barely have pain. I went to my doctor and he said that I might have a neuralgia on the nerve of my face. He prescribed steroids and painkiller. I took the steroids for 6 days as prescribed but two days before finishing the treatment the pain came back and it kind of change. the way it change was that my upper teeth got very sensitive and the pain got all the way to the side of my eye, not my eye, but probably an inch away of my eye, on my left side, it was very constant. the doctor then prescribed methocarbamol, ibuprofen and amoxicillin, just in case. no more steroids. So I’ve been taking these 3 every 8 hrs. Yesterday the pain started around 10:20pm it was mild but it got stronger around 11. I took my pills before going to sleep. the pain woke me up around 2:00 am I took 2 advil pms. then woke up again before 4am. by this time i knew i had taken enough ibuprofen. i did not want to take more so i just stood there sitting down on my bed. the pain was the teeth again, not sensitivity but pressure both on my upper and lower teeth ( left side) i felt as if i had nerve cramps on the left side of my neck, under my jaw and tongue. i tried stretching my neck and i tried so hard to relax my muscles until i felt the pain slowly going away. then i lay down and fell as sleep. when i get the pain i can’t lay down unless the pain is gone. this morning when i got up. about 5 min after getting up the pain came back and i took my 3 pills. I don’t know what to do anymore. my doctor send me to do some x rays but he said that they came back fine, nothing wrong. What do you think? could it be my crown, my sinuses or the neuralgia on the nerve? please help.

    • another thing happen to me. I dropped something on the floor and when i bent over to pick it up I felt pressure on my entire face. I’ve never felt this kind of pressure before only when i’m doing exercise and bend over i feel the blood getting to my head (like pressure) but slowly. Could it be sinus but the doctor says i don’t have infection. what could it be?

  53. hi there wondering if you can help me back in january i went to the dentist with a tooth ache with my wisdom tooth. It was highly sensitive to hot, cold and sweet things. The dentist took a x ray and said there seem to be no poblems with the tooth but my gums were receding and this was the cause of the problem. She suggested that i used a different tooth paste and floss more. The pain still continued and my cheek became painful to touch therefore i went to the doctors. He prescribed antiboitics for an infected sinus. Duringl this time i was also suffering with an ear infection on the other side of my face. The pain eventually seemed to die down apart from a sensitive tooth. However i realised that every time i laid down the pain came back in my cheek and jaw line. I went back to the docs a few weeks later with ear infection and jaw pain and got more antibotics. Still i carried on and the pain got so bad that i could not sleep at night and went back to the docs who eventually prescribed me painkillers. I’ve now also been referred to ENT but the pain in my jaw line seems to be easing but my wisdom tooth is painful. Im so confused is it a toothache or infected sinus?

  54. Hello Tom. I am currently visiting back in Colombia until the 25 of next month. About 4 days ago I started having pain off and on in my left top teeth and bottom also. It moves from one to the other area and then to both along with jaw and cheek pain/soreness and then will stop for a short time and then start again as it is beginning right now.. To me it appears to be a sinus infection. My pain changes to better sometimes 1. when I change the position of my head. No sleep last night. 2. Sometimes Tylenol helps but last night it did not. 3. I brought a NeilMed Sinus Rinse with me that my doctor gave me the year before and only have two packets of rinse mix. Not sure if I can find them here in South America – I used the second early this morning and it helped me get a little sleep. It says not to use your own sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate mixture but was wondering if I could put this in the water when I boil it. 4. A hot cup of steaming water also helps. But most of the time laying down or eating(chewing motion) or talking brings on the pain. Any advice. Anything can help. I visited a dental school here about 6 years ago and they did a great job, but the student next to us was completely lost with her patient. The other dentist i visited about took out my teeth cleaning them. Thanks

  55. Another thing I just found out. I tried to sleep (laying down is the worst) and in a short time the pain returned. I got up, brushed my teeth and slowly brushed on the painful side. This felt good and relieved the pain for the moment. Guess I could walk around with my toothbrush in my mouth.

  56. Woke up with terrible pain but yet it is tolerable. Rubbing my teeth with a little toothpaste on my finger seems to help along with returning to prayer and God. Anyway, praying for all of us right now and for all of those in this world who are in pain, some of whom I cannot imagine what their pain level is but God does and can help them.

  57. Tom
    One more thing. I will go with my wife to a dentist here this week to confirm a dental problem or not. But the NeilMed Sinus Rinse works the best for me. They do not have that here in Colombia, but my daughter in looking for it bought me a bag of .9% saline solution that they use in the hospitals. It is called Cloruro de Sodio al 0.9% USP or with GOOGLE TRANSLATE Sodium Chloride 0.9% USP. Can I use that? Is it too strong and if so can I mix it with my boiled water? Any information will help. Thanks again-ready to try anything

  58. I had a severely bad cold that I didn’t treat. It turned into sinusitis. Just when I thought I was getting better, I felt tooth pain. I knew this was related to being sick and that I, therefore, was not better. When the doctor diagnosed me as having sinusitis, he said that the toothache was part of the symptoms.

  59. Hi Tom….Got one for you…..I have always dealt with sinus infections since about 48 yrs old. I was visiting British Colombia, the altitude was not too much higher than where I live. I wasn’t feeling great, very tired, and when I woke up about an hour later,my face ,only on the left side had ballooned up to a horrific size and my bottom teeth were killing me. I was taken to a dentist nearby , where the dentist pulled two back teeth out. The pain never subsided and so a week later I had all remaining teeth removed and implants put in. I stell deal with pain alot , especially swelling and a burning sensation throughout my mouth. My gums get a scarlet red ,.It seems to subside if I swish water and a pkg. of 90,billion probiotics. It is relentless….any suggestions. Also the skin on the left side of my face never returned to its normal state,I then had twitiching beside my left eye and tried some botox which helped for about 2 mo.

    Thank you for reading If botox is the answer is there any way alberta health will cover the botox to releive the eye twitching?

  60. Hello,

    A few weeks back i was getting slight pains in the front side of my head, these pains were near to my ear and jaw. On top of this i was getting the occasional pain in my back right hand side teeth..

    Last week i noticed the pain in my back tooth worseing so i visited my dentsit. He seached for any tooth decay and took an xray. My dentist said he could not see any problems with my problemtaic tooth, he gave me a 5 day cause of 250mg amoxicilin.

    On my foruth day of taking my pescription i noticed the pain in my back tooth had worsened to a constant excruciating pain ,so i again went to see my dentist. I advised my dentist that the only thing that eased the pain was cold water, all other pain lkillers are useless. He said this was due to the way mercury reacts to hot and cold.??. He decided he thought my back tooth to to which has a filling may have a slight infection. He numbed my mouth with anesethetic and advised i wouldnt need my water to defer the pain, WRONG. while waiting for the anesthetic to take effect the pain kept rising until i applied theh cold water. When i advised me dentist of this he looked puzzled at this, and began proding my teeth for a reaction. I advised i did not have any pain when doing this..

    The end outcome was that he could not find any issues with my teeth and and advised me to return if the pain did not subside.

    After leaving the dentist the pain has been constant and excuciating. Having read your article i was hightened to the comments on sinus problems causing severe dental pain. Do you think this could be the cause? The ony pain relief is cold water???..

    Thanks in advance

  61. I have an irritation with my upper left side tooth. It is not pain, but it is bothersome. My dentist took a full x-ray with the machine that rotates all around the head. They can’t find anything wrong with the tooth, but they did notice something in my sinus and was told to see an ENT doctor. The ENT doctor told me it was the largest sinus cyst he had ever seen and was very anxious to do surgery. However, he said the surgery might not get rid of my tooth problem, and there might be complications with surgery. He is a new ENT doctor, and I know nothing about his past history with sinus surgery. That makes me a little nervous about this type of surgery with a new doctor. Any suggestions? Thanks Lane

  62. I got all my teeth pulled out on the top this was about 2 months ago and my nose keeps plugging up I have gone threw 3 to 4 bottles of nose spray so I can breath through my nose.
    At night I wake up and have to use it because my nose is plugged up and I am getting a headache because if it, when I eat I have to use it because sometimes I can not really taste the food, what is this? what can I do? will this go away? please reply and let me know. karen

  63. This is really interesting. I’ve always had sinus problems. I get sinus infections every 2-3 times a year and so i feel like i’m always taking antibiotics. ): I think i have another infection, but this time it’s causing severe pain with my teeth. The pain comes and goes but when it comes it’s horrible! My face feels swollen and throbs… bleh ): Got to wait another 5 days before i can see a doctor. Went to the dentist today and he didn’t see anything wrong with my teeth and did he mention it could be my sinus issues? NO! some dentist. |: My friend suggested it could be that.

    In conclusion: My friend is more qualified than my dentist and i am in pain.

    (i’m not usually this grumpy.)

  64. I am not sick when this happens. It can be summer or winter or any season. When I come in from outside, especially if cool, windy then all my teeth hurt excruciatingly. What can I do to prevent this and if it happens, how can I alleviate the pain? It can last for 2 or more hours and is really awful.

  65. Hi there….came across this site looking for answers to my new & continuing pain. My pain is: Left sided only.
    started with pn in upper last molar. Came outta no where.Called my dentist!!!. then by the time I got to my dentist my bottom eye tooth was hurting instead? So he examined and did apical xrays only. Found nothing. tapped around etc. put me on abx. I eventually felt better or and pn meds.
    Well now its back w/great severity. Every tooth on my L side is aching everyday. it stops at my front teeth.
    So off to my Doc. She said hmmm ODD. it could be TN..trimengal neuritis. I had HA, eye pn, earache, my upper lip and L eye were twitching. She said your sinuses look fine. Put me on Neurontin.

    Well then I said, let me try my bleach trays to bed. woke w/no pain. first day but now its back..
    this in ALL L SIDED PN….any thoughts would be appreciated..I am getting real tired of constant pn, and sensitivity.

  66. Tom,
    This article is very informative and I think this is exactly what I am experiencing now.
    Thank you and more power. Will definitely check your site again for dental health care.
    May God use your knowldege to help others. God bless.

  67. Hi,
    I have got a constant throbbing in my lower left jaw that would appear to be my wisdom tooth trying to come through. However, I’m not sure if it is a coinsidence or not but I have lost my sense of smell and taste.
    I am unsure whether I need to see the Doctor or the dentist as I dont know if the two problems are connected?

  68. I have had pain in my left lower and upper jaw for about 4 years now. This includes soreness and a burning sensation in my tongue also around the lingual nerve. My teeth on the upper left are affected. I have very few teeth left in the lower jaw as a stream of dentists have filled and removed them over the years, including an impacted and infected molar which was removed by a surgeon. I also have post nasal congestion problems with thick brown mucuous. This is worse between October and March (I live near the forest and have been told that it could be a fungas allergy.)I also have a painful lump at the top of my neck on the left side which a doctor and osteopath put down to muscle problem. I have had numerous xrays including an MRI scan. I was referred to pain specialist and put onto large doses of pain medication. I had no idea and no one has suggested to me that it could be related to sinus infection, but I do know that when I have taken anti-biotics it does calm down my symptoms. Do you think it is worth pursuing this line of enquiry further and if so with the doctor or dentist?


  69. Well, after reading your article, I think maybe my tooth pain is sinus related, even though I just got off a round of antibiotics for infection. Anyway, I went just today to have 4 teeth filled and I’m still having pain in those same teeth that were filled. Like, a stinging/zinging/pinching pain. Not throbbing or going to the rhythm of my heartbeat. So, do you think this could be my sinuses?

  70. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out last May. After my surgery I was told that my teeth were really big with long roots and sinuses were an issue during the surgery. A few days later I got a massive sinus infection that had me out of work for weeks. My dr. told me that I could be at a higher risk for menegitis due to the proximity of the sinus area effected to my brain.

    Now, a year later, whenever I get any kind of sinus pressure, headache, cold etc my jaw/teeth hurt like heck My question is, should I see an ENT doctor, or someone else? Could this be a chronic issue I will have from now on? I still have some partial holes from the extraction surgery and haven’t seen had a sinus infection since this happened. Thanks.

  71. Hi can u help.

    I have problems with my front 6 teeth, they hurt on and off and I went to the dentist and they said there was nuffing wrong with then and made me a mouth gard wich hasn’t helped.
    Iv had headakes, and jaw pain cheak pain and ear akes since runny noses and when I stand up I feel dizzy and sick and my front teeth are along worse now.

    There not painfull all the time, just when I’m active or doing things eating..

    My eyes also hurt. There not painfull when
    I wake up and as soon as I get up and move they start akeing again

    Iv had this on and off for 4 weeks and this week iv had all the symptoms and headakes and things are now th worst they have been

    Any ideas

  72. Hi I saw that you hav stopped replying still I am hoping for this. I m 27 I do have some back side tooth cavity but from last 4-5 days I’m facing irritating pain Inu tooth back side mostly and front too sometime and morning I feel my nose stuff and it’s very painfully throughout the day everyone I touch. I tried too see inside the nose through mobile flash light my nose inside bridge skin look very red pinkish too and I don’t hav running nose or fever. Plz help me I can’t go to see a doctor as I am dependent pass so not insured I m Indian and currently lives in Singapore. It feel like burning too n sneezing too a lot.

    Thank you so much for giving ur important time writtibg something which is very useful

    God bless !!!

  73. Hi,
    It is Friday and I have been in pain since Monday.In front of right ear,right upper and lower jaw. I went to a walk in and ear looks fine(possible swimmers ear -/?from showering). Very little right sinus air fluid line. Gave me antibiotics and pain med.Minimal relief at times.I do clench my teeth and have been wearing a custom made night guard. following a permanent upper frontal bridge placed a little over a month ago. My most posterior back molar is sensitive to cold. Ironically I cancelled a dentist appt on Wed due to severe ear pain and didn’t think I could hold my mouth open long enough to have a cavity in upper tooth (no pain) filled. Anyway I see the dentist on Monday ( today is friday), i Iam nervous that I may have an abcess but the dentist would most likely have to put me an an antibiotic (which I am alreay on) prior to doing work on it. I just can’t figure this all out for before I started with the jaw pain- tooth pain and ear pain I has a sore throat on the Right side only. Does this sound like it could be a combination of sinusitis and abcess or maybe strt of TMJ sincae a just had a permanent bridge placed? Any input greatly appreciated.

  74. Dear Tom, I do not have insurance. I am in Maryland. I think I may have a sinus infection. I have pain in my upper left teeth. I do not chew on the left side so I don’t get pain. My nosal passages switch being stuffed. Please help. Thank You.

  75. I just returned from my dentist – had extreme pain in my upper back teeth (left side) along with swelling of face, eye pain and a little congestion. Sure enough my teeth were fine. It’s amazing how the sinuses can mimic a toothache and other problems.

  76. I live in phoenix and everyone has been coughing alot . And so have I. I recently have eather had a dry cough or coughing up yellow mucus and and for some reason now my bottom front 4 teeth are in pain. And I don’t no what to do. And I got no insurence.

  77. I had a LaForte Osteotomy I back in 1982 with no sinus problems then. After the oral surgery I have had nothing but sinus infections. Is it possible that the LaForte I Osteotomy is causing the chronic sinus infections todate? I can’t seem to get ENT’s here to directly state that.

  78. i have seen a max fax consultant last week as i was convinced i needed a tooth extraction (2nd premolar, top left jaw); i was disappointed when he said my teeth were healthy (he had my teeth x rayed on the spot)because i am desperate for medical help; i have been experiencing daily discomfort for far too long! However, the consultant thought i had a sinus problem and said he was going to have ENT see me again (I had been referred to ENT previously and had an MRI which showed a polyp in my left maxillary sinus).
    I had a cyst surgically removed from this sinus 2 years ago.
    Although i am still convinced this premolar is the culprit, i am now seriously wondering about this polyp.
    My symptoms are daily discomfort in my teeth, pressure, heaviness between my eye and jaw and yellow discharge (custard looking clumps) from my mouth daily in the morning that’s been sitting at the back of my throat (pus?), feeling tired, red-eyed, finding hard to focus…
    What do you think??

    Thank you.


  79. Hi,

    I have four capped permanent partial, which replaced two missing teeth..
    When I bend over or talk I feel pain.
    Is the partial too tight?

  80. hi,
    I am suffering from the toothache at top right jaw since from last three months, externally there was no any problem in the tooth, it looks healthy, so i have given the treatment of antibiotics and painkillers. But the pain relives up to the treatment goes on. So doctor recommended to remove the tooth to resolve , but again the same pain was observed.
    Doctor confirmed that it is the sinus tooth pain the pain will continue for more than three weeks.
    I want to ask that is there any other treatment to get relief from sinus pain .

    Thanks and regards
    Savita Fulari

  81. I have pain on my left side back both upper and lower jaw. Very sensitive to cold. Could this be a sinus problem if it is affecting the upper and lower back part of the jaw on mainly the left side?

  82. I have pain on my left side back both upper and lower jaw. Very sensitive to cold. Could this be a sinus problem if it is affecting the upper and lower back part of the jaw on mainly the left side?

  83. I just stumbled upon this article. I’ve been sick for a week and now I am developing painful toothache. This makes perfect sense! Thanks for the info! I’m scheduling an appointment for the doctor asap.

  84. I recently went to an oral surgeon for an exam because I’ve had a loose molar for many years and on occasion it dully aches. On August 2nd the tooth and surrounding area including my right sinus starting bothering me so I called my dentist and got an antibiotic thinking it was the tooth but I have always had sinus problems on that right side. The antibiotic worked but four days after finishing it the discomfort returned so I called my dentist back and got a different antibiotic (Augmentin) which upset my stomach terribly. I then went to my local ER where I was given Keflex which is not aggreeing with me either because I still have continual nausea and upset stomach and now diarrhea. I have no pain in the tooth area only in the sinus pocket. I did have when the tooth started aching some facial and mouth swelling but no pain around the tooth. The oral surgeon did take an exray and it shows a gray cloud from the sinus down into the tooth area. How do I know wheather it’s the sinus or an abscess in the tooth? Of course the oral surgeon says the tooth is abscessed and I don’t know what to believe.

  85. Hi I was just wondering if if could be the other way round I had recently had veneers on my front teeth fitted and since then I keep having sinus trouble an d headaches my teeth fill fine just slightly sensitive could this be why I’m having problems with my sinuses.

  86. I have had tooth pain for several months. I went to my dentist and she told me that I had no tooth problems. I continued to have pain and was referred to an endodontist. They assured me that I had no tooth problems. Since then I have returned to my dentist and again to the endodontist. Again I was told that I had no problems with my teeth. I just had a ct scan of my sinuses. Waiting to hear from ENT. This is crazy

    What can be done about this?

  87. hey tom,i have a question that you may be able to help…i had a wisdom tooth extractedfrom the top left of my mouth last month n been great sence..few days after i developed a bad that im over that im suffering from pain in my bottom left part of my mouth n sum in the top left…i have a impacted wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted but the tooth it self isnt bothering me.. i also have pressure of my left ear n hurts..but i cant exstinguis if its from my jaw or ear but clearly feel the pain in my left bottom and top jaw near the joint where they connect n in the teeth on the left toward the center teeth…i can eat and drink cold or hot food or beverages n it doesnt irritate it…could it be sinus infection or a ear infection..

  88. I have had a viral infection over 10 months ago started to have dizzy spells weird sort of feelings aching jaw and teeth not pain as such, then i was told i had bppv vertigo, i then started getting blocked ears and pressure across nose area bridge. and tingling around upper teeth and cheek areas, i was told i had TMD and an ENT has done a CT scan this showed maxillary sinus infection, anti-biotic where given it felt ok for a while now its back to how it was, my ENT want to do surgery as my dentist said he does not think its my teeth although the ENT said they think it is the cause from my teeth dont want to do surgery if its not needed whom else can help.

  89. I had rather strange tooth pain resembling a spastic muscle on the upper left side of my mouth. I had had some dental work done on a tooth there. After a second visit on this subject, my dentist referred me to an endodontist for a second opinion. He poked and did several things and said there were not enough symptoms. Also, the affected area was close to the sinus and asked me if I had any problems. I said no. However, after leaving his office, I remembered plenty of them over the years. This problem started in a poorly ventilated hotel room in Como, Italy. The air conditioner did not work. There was no air circulation or ventilation. If I opened the window for fresh air, I got the street noise. The spastic muscle seemed to be screaming in rebellion. The pain went away almost as soon as it came and has rapidly decreased since. I am especially sensitive to this kind of thing. Foreign cities where pollution emissions are not regulated really give me fits. However, this is the first time that pain came out in my tooth instead of the sinuses themselves.

  90. The link between sinuses and really painful teeth affected me very expensively three years ago. I had numerous trips to the dentist and had a root canal, then had to pay big dollars to get it done again by an endondotist. I’d also had numerous antibiotics, including a powerful combination of two that caused me very unpleasant stomach problems. All this went on for 18 months until I finally said to my doctor that I needed to see an ENT specialist. He found a cesspool in my sinuses, and following an operation to clean them up and put in drainage, the problem was cured. I now rinse my sinuses almost daily with a commercial mixture of baking soda and non-iodised salt. It was a very expensive exercise and I was so miserable all those 18 months. I did not have my usual symptoms of sinus trouble – a blocked nose that caused difficulty speaking and a taste of old cheese in my mouth. Yet that’s what the problem was.

  91. I just finished taking the z pack for sinunitis. My left cheek near my nose is swollen. My sinuses seem to be better but if I don’t take my ibprophen my upper teeth on the left start hurting and my face and head mostly. What could be causing this? It started out with my nose being dried out and scabby inside with a post nasal drip that I felt was clogging in the back of my throat. I was treating myself with saline gel in the nose and a saline spray. I woke up one morning and my left upper teeth hurt really bad. That’s when I went to the doctor. Now here I am with my nose better and no post nasal drip but now with the above symtoms.

  92. About 9 years ago my brother and I were playing and he hit me in the mouth with a wooden pole and it split my front tooth in half and I had a root canal done, and I now have a crown on it. I never really noticed it till now but when my allergies act up really bad my “fake” tooth starts to hurt to the point that I want to just curl up and cry, what can I do to prevent this from happening anymore because the pain is excruciating?

  93. Hello Tom,

    In may 2011 I had some dental problems so I had a rootcanal done. Then by the end of the year it reappeared, so they amputated one of the roots of that tooth. It kept coming back so by april/may in 2012 I decided to have the tooth pulled. After it was pulled I could blow air through the hole where the tooth had been, so clearly the sinus had opened up and I had this wonderful feeling of relieve and my energy levels were restoring itself. I guess all kinds of stuff that wasn’t supposed to be there got released and I was feeling better and relieved. The problem was the hole healed itself and closed up in the middle of my summer alergies. It was horrible. I couldn’t even get through the day properly. The spot started hurting again. I went to various NTE doctors and had scans taken. Nothing out of the ordinary they said and my nose isn’t shaped in a constructive way. So I decided to wait out my summer alergies and see what happens. Now it’s almost december and the molar next to it, the last one in the row is hurting so badly. It matches the description of your article above. I went to the dentist again and he said my teeth are fine and it’s a sinus infection after all… I can agree but it’s unbareable and I’m just wondering whether pulling that tooth could help me open up the sinus and have it ventilated and sprayed out with salty watter etc. I cannot just let it be, it is not an option. Last time it felt wonderfully, but the problem was that it was in the middle of my strong summer alergies, so it knocked me down very hard afterwards. I have to do something soon, I can’t let it stay like this until summer season. By the way, if you were wondering: I tried AB, and all kinds of sprays, vapor, etc etc. I did everything by the book. It also isn’t unimportant to know this is holding me back in a hard process of physical revalidation which is advancing very nicely dispite everything, but this tiring infection is dragging me down physically and morally so I would appreciate your input on this question. I researched this quite a bit and my conclusion, also based on my experience, would be either make a hole were the old tooth was so things get released again and heal nicely without alergy obstruction or have the one next to it pulled. After all that’s the tooth that is hurting right now.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Michael – I was taught that we don’t want to have an opening between the sinus and the mouth. When we take out an upper tooth and there’s a small opening, we usually fill it up with a biological material and put stitches over the gums to allow the hole connecting the sinus floor and mouth to heal. If there is pressure up there, it’s probably an ENT doctor that would be able to help. Other than that, I’m not sure what’s going on – it’s never a good idea to take a tooth out unless it is what’s causing the problem.

      I hope that helps, Michael – Thanks for your comment.

  94. Yes sure I understand. But the dentists and the ENT doctors are just pointing at each other. All I know is that when the tooth was pulled the sinus cleaned out… Even if it wasn’t the tooth, there is no good way to treat a sinus infection. It’s been so long now…

    Thanks for your quick reply either way, it’s what I expected 🙂

  95. Hey! Last week, I started feeling really bad. My throat, nose, and ears ached. Yesterday, I started to feel the pain in my upper right tooth. The pain is unbearable! Any suggestions???

  96. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for this article you’re a lifesaver! I’ve had cold symptoms for a week now and my top molars have beem aching in the exact same spot on the xray example. I’m glad it’s just a sinus infection and nothing more serious.

    Thanks again!

  97. Hi,

    Thanks for this article. Is it possible to have sinusitis only on one side, and for it also to cause pain in the side of your head? I am having pain on the left side of my head (temple area) and top left molars (near to where you marked on the x-ray). No pain on the right side. This is only the third day, so I am hoping it will go away. But I was wondering whether I should go to the dentist again… I went for a cleaning two weeks ago and everything was fine.


  98. THANK YOU! You have described exactly what I am experiencing right now! Even though my xrays are being viewed by specialists, I am sure your description fits. Halliahlouia! I don’t have bone cancer. the shadow is a sinus infection. Never had one before, but I have never been so happy to be sick. Off to get the antibiotics!

  99. Hi There,

    I currently have a sinus infection that is taking some time to go away. I have already taken a Z-Pack, and the pain isn’t as bad in the sinus, but my teeth are in some serious pain. I know that I have a tooth in the same area that needs to get pulled as there was no way for my endodontist to save it. I was going to wait until the new year (so my insurance renews) to get it pulled. Can this tooth get infected via the sinus infection? The gums don’t really show anything too noticeable, there isn’t any serious inflammation. I’m just worried that one infection is feeding off the other.

    Thanks for your help!

  100. Hello, thanks in advance for reading this. Well, my dentist (also my brother-in-law) told me about ten years ago that my sinuses are very low and this could be the cause of some of the problems with my teeth (and I’ve had many). Usually they are the upper teeth. On my left side, for example, I had three teeth missing for about six years. during that time I did experience pain in that region and assumed that it had to be sinus related since I did not have any implants as yet. I’ve since had the three teeth replaced with implants.

    Last may, I fractured the root of my tooth on the right side (the second to the right from right middle tooth). I was about to leave on a three week vacation to Hawaii, so my brother in law suggested I take some pain killers and anti-biotics with me rather than have the tooth extracted and leave for vacation the next day. During this three week period, I experienced pain at the tooth which was fractured, and directly to the right of the three implants that were done on the left. The pain seemed to alternate; I usually didn’t experience the pain on the right and the left simultaneously. WHen I returned from vacation, I fractured tooth was extracted and after it healed I did not experience any pain from the right or the left.

    THen in October, I had an implant put in to replace the tooth that was fractured. I expected the pain to get better within 3-4 days. It did not. The oral surgeon told me that the new implant did not show any signs of infection and he believed everything was OK with the fracture. However, the tooth immediatley to the right of the new implant had a receded gumline. Eventually, by using a gum stimulator, I noticed that the pain was coming from the tooth with the receded gumline and the oral surgeon did an apeoectomy. But during this period, I also started experiencing pain from that tooth on the left again, and again is usually was alternating.

    Well, it took about 2 1/2 weeks but the pain eventually started to die down. But, occasionally, I do still have it on the left and the right (more on the left though). I am noticingt that when I take 24 hour sudafed, that seems to help alot. Painkillers never really helped in this situation, but I find it odd that (a) both teeth are hurting, and the pain usually alternates and (b) sudafed seems to help (last night the pain went on all night; it was minor pain but it stayed with me until the early morning when I tooth a sudafed).

    Do you think a sinus problem is a possibility?

  101. So I’ve had this burning for 6 months in my front teeth it started after a second small filling was done. I had no problems with the first filling 2 years ago. Ive been back to dentist three times. They put a seal and go on and that helped but its back and feels worse. He mentioned about sinus cause sometimes I feel stuffy but not every day or all day. Usually after my teeth been burning all day then my sinuses start burning. Not sure what to do anymore, I have no insurance and not sure what to do.

  102. Pain in my upper moler but I do have a sinus infection as well. I have a cap ober this tooth and it has only been three years sinve placed on. Awaiting union approval. I doubt they will approve. I guess my question is do I take the cost of them removing the cap to see that my tooth is ok, but the pain was only due to my sinus infection. Just worries this dentist just wants to make money by placing a cap on again when there was no need to take it ofd in the first place help!

  103. The picture showed exactly where my pain is radiating from and I will be starting on a second antibiotic this evening.

  104. Hi i’ve had a persistent toothache for two weeks. the denist can’t find a thing wrong with my front tooth, could it be sinus ?

  105. Hi Tom.
    My wife has many of the symptoms quoted in various questions above but my question is: can it work the other way. That is, can a tooth problem affect the sinus cavities? Hue has been suffering now for the past 8 months and has been examined and x-rayed & scanned with all results showing no problems. She has no pain in her teeth – but that is the only cranial area that has not been examined. I know that there are three sinus areas and her problems seem to be most focussed in the middle area i.e. between the eyes.
    Your comment will be most welcome and appreciated. Thanks,

  106. I have been having pain in upper teeth on right side also a burning feeling in right side of tongue where it touches those teeth. This has been going on for over three years, I have been to ENt and dentist, they don’t have any answers. Can this possibly be a sinus problem? I am at the end of my rope I just cope with the pain and cry as needed. I do have a root canal in the right canine tooth on that side and it has been there or quite a few years? Any answer would be appreciated.

  107. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a year ago because of pain in my back molar( right hand side) now the same pain has come back. A new dentist told me that my back molar is broken and nerves are exposed causing me a years worth if great pain and discomfort. She also said that I have a cavity that goes right through the molar to the nerves and I go next week to get it pulled. My question is a few months ago I started getting sinus pain, ear aches and head aches behind my right eye. I also was prescribed antibiotics because of the infection in my tooth is so bad it smells rotten, really gross. Anyway should I wait to treat all the other pains and discomforts related to my sinus until after I get my tooth pulled or could it not be related at all? Also my husband has noted that in the last couple months I snore really loud and then ill stop breathing and then start again all while I’m sleeping, could sleep apnea of developed because of the tooth and sinuses?

  108. I visited my dentist today. I was awoken with a terrible toothache! The tooth is located on the upper right, not the back, but not the front. Its the 4th or 5th one in. about 5 years ago, I broke a small part of that tooth off. I had it fixed by a dentist. This past may, there was a cavity I had filled. At that time, the tooth was in great shape. Well, now the tooth has become extremely sensitive. They did tests on it today. Tapping, hot/cold swabs, and took x-rays. she couldn’t find a thing wrong with it. She thinks it might be a sinus infection. She put me on a z-pack, and told me to get a night guard. My concern here is I dont have any symptoms of a sinus infection. I haven’t been sick, nor am I sick currently. Is it possible to have a sinus infection with no symptoms? She explained that if this doesn’t work then she would do a root canal. That is another concern for me. How come she would do a root canal on a tooth that she states is perfectly fine? Is this just an easy out of some sorts for her? I would really like to not have to have a root canal. I am just confused on how and why i have a terrible toothache, and she found nothing on the testing and x-rays. PLEASE help me!

  109. Hi! I found this article VERY helpful and loved the xrays – it was exactly what I was looking for. I have chronic sinus infections and I don’t like it. I know I have a sinus infection b/c I feel like I have a toothache. I’ve been to the dentist, no problems with my teeth. This has happened several times. My issue is this: every time I get as much as a runny nose, it turns into this infection. I do not want to continue taking antibiotics every time this happens. I just finished a Z pack a couple weeks ago, but now I have the infection again. Is there a more permanent solution? Is it possible there is something wrong in the sinus cavity that needs to be repaired? Could this also cause aching in the ear and even dizziness? Thanks so much, Jen

    • Hi Jen – I believe that a sinus infection can cause those other symptoms, but I am by no means an expert. Have you tried an ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor? There are various techniques to get an image of your sinuses to see if there are any problems in the way they formed that could be contributing to your frequent sinus infections. I hope that helps!

  110. Hi I have been having trouble for 6 weeks. I am having sinus problems and tooth pain with teeth #13 and #14 one was broke under the gum and the other was an old root canal. They were not repairable. I have been having like a sinus drainage into my mouth not by the throat but roof of mouth and teeth, I was put on zithromycin and it did not do the trick. My next approach was to have to two teeth extracted. After the extraction I had that cold air sensation in my eye it went away after things settled down in the sites. I went back to the dentist because I was still having the sinus drainage in my mouth and some jaw discomfort on the tooth that was broke, he declared there was a dry socket and cleaned it out and put a clay type stuff in which fell out twice so far. Have to go back again. Well since messing in that area I have the cold air feeling again in the eye. It seems to me that that decayed broken tooth had and the area still has some type of communication with my sinus. Also still have the pressure feeling on face. I also started nothing little white pimples on my cheek developing. Any ideas of what could be happening? Thanks for any advice.

  111. 2 years ago I had an abscess and a root canal to fix the problem tooth. Ever since the tooth has never been 100% pain free. If I press on the tooth at various angles I can get a level of pain that I would describe as a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 if I hit just the right angle. Minor but just enough to worry me. Now any time I get even the slightest runny nose it feels like a full blown tooth ache all the way up into the cheek bone. Right now I am experiencing a dull throbbing in my right cheek bone since developing a slight cold yesterday. Should I go to the dentist or dr for this? Just don’t want to end up with some sort of bone infection or other bad infection.

  112. Hi Tom……I have recently been told by the Dentist that I have a cavity under 2 crowns….need expensive and extensive work to redo….I always thought that once you have a crown GLUED on, it would be with you for the rest of your life….how do you get cavities UNDER a crown…..??….Also, one dentist told me that the crown can be drilled and the cavity filled under the crown, instead of removing the crown… this a fact….thanks in advance for your answer……

  113. hello tom i suffer alot with sinus infections so far this year iv’e had 3 in a row after the last lot of antibiotics i found that all my teeth hurt, i mean every single one worse when i lay down i thought it was from my sinus problems is this so ??

  114. The past couple of days I’ve had the sensation that one of my upper right molars is going to fall out when I run or jump. It’s quite painful. I don’t know whether I should go to a dentist, or whether this pain could be explained by a sinus infection as well (I’m just getting over the flu)

  115. I have suspected I have a sinus infection for a while and now I am developing a toothache in a back molar on the same side that the sinus infection is at its worse. It feels like abscesses I have had before but there is no swelling and the gums are not sensitive around the tooth. The pain comes only when I bite down and put pressure on the tooth. However the neighboring tooth is not sensitive at all. Hot and cold don’t seem to cause any pain. I have no insurance and I would rather not go to a dentist if I need a doctor nor vice versa. What is your advice on who to go to first?

  116. Tom; I love your article, I think it may be what I am looking for…Had a root canal 2 yrs ago on a lower molar When Hurricane Sandy was approaching I had a severe ache in that area, it passed after the storm left. This has happened a couple of times since. Now that it is spring not only am I blowing my nose alot, but the throbbing has returned. ive been to the dentist and the root canal specialist a bunch of times but neither can find anything wrong, could it be the weather?

  117. Thank you for your article!

    I’ve had what I can only describe as the second worst pain I’ve ever experienced – the first of which was gallstones.

    I’m having constant pain on the upper right side of mouth – back tooth is extremely sensitive to the touch and the space behind (where a wisdom tooth should be) is the same. The constant pain is accentuated by an ebb and flow of throbbing. Also feels like I have water up my nose or like I have to sneeze. Pain radiates to my eye, across my teeth, and into my ear. I went to the dentist and he x-rayed the painful tooth and couldn’t find anything wrong. Is this a sinus infection? If so, how can I alleviate the symptoms? For the past four days only 2400mg of ibuprofen is putting a dent in it, along with Orajel.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  118. Over the last weeks, I have suffered with what I believe has been sinusitis to have affected my upper teeth on the left side of my face. Because I did not start out thinking this, my dentist worked me in for an appointment. He x-rayed my teeth, looked at them… and he had go see his wife (an endodontist in the next office), and she knocked on my teeth, used ice on them, etc. Both of them said there was nothing wrong and that I have perfect teeth.

    She suggested that it could be a sinus problem, and so I saw a ear, nose, and throat doctor yesterday morning. He prescribed a face x-ray… but also started me on amoxicillin for ten days and a low dose of a steroid for five days (that he said would help the pain). Also, he prescribed a nose spray.

    I have taken my medicine and used the nose spray, and this afternoon, I realized that my mouth was hurting more. The bottom teeth on my left side are killing me now. I mean… really killing me. They are so sensitive that I think they could fall right out of my head.

    I don’t expect much of a reply from you, but this is what is going on with me. I will have my face x-ray done in the morning. I am really in pain, and I am worried. I don’t remember anything ever giving me so much pain. I am a 60-year old man.

    • Hi David – Hopefully the x-ray will shed some light on the issue. I will usually do exactly what the endodontist did by testing the nerve to make sure it’s alive, and testing for any signs of infection around the root by tapping the tooth and feeling around the side of the tooth to check for swelling.

      If all of your teeth are alive, then it is likely something else that could be causing the pain. I hope you can get everything figured out and get the pain controlled. Have a great weekend!

      • Thank you so much for your reply, Tom. I want you to know how much your Sinus Blog here has truly comforted and helped me.

        Here is my good news… overnight, my mouth (top and bottom) has started feeling better. I have so much less pain, that I feel it is only going to completely go away very soon. I attribute this to the “Clavulin BD, amoxicilina/clavulanato de potássio – 875mg+125mg” that my doctor prescribed. I think it is killing the bacterial infection.

        Because it seemed like making a long story longer, I left out the part that I am an American living in Brazil. Life is not as easy here as in the United States. Portuguese vs. English is enough of a problem on its own, but simply the way things are done here is so much different. I am lucky my close friend has many friends who are so good to me (like the ear, nose, and throat doctor… and the dentist and endodontist married couple), so I have it pretty easy.

        Because I felt so much better when I woke up this morning, I did not go and sit and wait to have my face x-ray done. I decided if I am well by Monday, I won’t need it. If I am not, I can go have it done. Certainly, I will take my prescribed medication for the duration of the prescribed length of time.

        Thank you so much for your website and for your opinion of what is going on… and your concern for those of us who choose to open up about our medical issues here. You have a good weekend also! It seems like I will here in Salvador de Bahia, Brasil after all.

  119. I am in my third trimester of pregnancy. I know that I have a couple of teeth on my right side that have cavities and one that I know of needs a root canal. They are very expensive even with my dental insurance. I’ve had some minor pain, mostly when food gets stuck in between the teeth, so then I just floss and it seems to take care of it. Well just two weeks ago I was really sick, coughing, runny nose, you name it. Now I have extreme tooth pain and nothing seems to help it. Could this be from the infection going on in my head rather than my teeth or do you think it’s a combination? I know the dentist can’t do anything for me right now until after I’m done beng pregnant, except maybe an antibiotic. Opinions please? Thank you!

  120. I have allergies and I am sure sinus infections at some times however last 4 weeks or so my top teeth from the front and to the back are bothering me. I know that I have sinus infection however really not sure if its just tooth related. the skin or gum behind two main teeth hurts and when I brush there is some bleeding however I brush every day and night. what could be going on?

  121. This was so helpful to read I am in agony and have been for 2 days with an absolutely horrible pain in my 2/3 top molars ! My dentist x rayed them today and could not find any problem ; however I have been given antibiotics to take – have taken 3 so far no change – I am desperate but your article has helped – my husband has just gone to get sudafed !! Hopefully it will improve soon !

  122. I went to several dentists and orthodontists. I lost 3 of my teeth(molars) at the back long time ago. I didn’t care much about partials. I later found out that by not having any teeth to oppose the ones above. The latter (teeth above) will start going down and soon it will come off the socket/gums. I’ve been having sinus problems, which I think is the result when the upper teeth are halfway out of the gums.

    I went to a dentist and they recommend, cutting the 2 teeth that are halfway out of the socket and putting crowns on them. Then use partials to support the newly crowned teeth.

    Since part of the teeth are out of the socket, will putting a new crown protect the teeth from falling down further as long as I put in partials on the bottom to support the upper teeth from falling further more?

  123. Hi Tom! Only recently I’ve begun having searing pain in a select few of my teeth…some upper, some lower. The episodes were like what I can only describe as feeling like battery acid on those particular teeth. It would only last about 20 to 30 seconds, but it was quite painful. Or so I thought until I started having this OTHER pain in the past few days – which has left me in tears. The pain moved to my left side, upper and lower, and felt as if the teeth were trying to explode, or as if they were being crushed in a vise. some of the pain was in the gum line, some in the palate, and some down in the lower part of the mouth. but ALL the pain was in about 4 or 5 teeth. I’d just been to the dentist who could find nothing out of the ordinary that would indicate why I should be having this pain. I finally bought some sinus medication and that has helped a little bit. Anbesol didn’t really have much effect in alleviating the pain.

    I’m just really curious what the heck it could be and should I consult and ENT or an oral maxillofacial doctor or…what? Voodoo? chiropractor?

    • OH…I just read the two submissions from David in Brazil. I think my situation is very similar to his. Off to the clinic in the a.m. to get it sussed!! – Ellen

  124. I believe i am just getting through a sinus infection. I have not been diagnosed by a doc but i think i have chronic sinusitis. Almost everytime i get sick i get fever blocked ears post nasal dip. The drip seems to transition to blocked sinuses with thick mucous. I also have a recurring problem with my left upper canine area. I believe i get a piece of food stuck in between the teeth although i get nothing out when flossing. In the followimg days a small portion of the roof of my mouth gets inflammed and very sore. After reading previous posts i feel this may actually be what you called muceole problem.
    Now to the current point. I just was sick with the conditions i mentioned and dealt with this “muceole” issue at the same time. I still have sinus pressure but no more swellining the roof of my mouth. I now have this extreme pain shooting into my canine tooth area everytime i take a step walking or bemd over. Is the sinus causing this in your opinion?

  125. Hi there – I have pain in on the upper and lower molar on the right side – occasionally for the past 2 years.

    I have been to 2 dentists as well as an endodontist, all who tell me my teeth are fine. I did however, have a root canal on the upper portion 3 years ago (where the pain currently is still – it was gone for about a year and returned 2 yrs ago). When I do yoga and am upside down I can feel a sensation in the upper portion of my jaw.

    I am starting to agree that it must be a sinus issue as I have recently now develped a post nasal drip the past 4 months and have chronic dry mouth – which is making it extremley difficult to carry on a conversation or even be social!

    I have had several tests done by my GP to rule out diseases causing dry mouth and have just gotten a CT scan by an ENT. I have not gotten the results yet, but no one seems to be concerned about these issues that are greatly effecting my every day life! I had one GP tell me it may be “just in my head” – unbelievable.

    Have you heard of chronic dry mouth assocaited with Sinuitis??

    Any feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

  126. Hi, I’ve had a recurring swelling on the inside of my upper left gum for about 2 weeks now. Oddly the swelling reoccurs almost daily usually late in the evening and lasts for 2-3 hours. It’s centered over my next to last molar on the upper left side. The gums between the teeth are not involved. At it’s worst it extends over 4-5 teeth and into the roof of my mouth. The pain is quite severe.

    I’ve also noticed that most times, my left nasal passage is stuffed up (but not always) when this swelling flares up.

    I went to the dentist and he took 2 xrays and found nothing wrong. He thinks it’s a gum infection and he did a thorough cleaning with freezing. He gave me an antibacterial mouthwash to use. I thought I was in the clear and then 2 days later the recurring swelling is back.

    The dentist then put me on a 7 day course of amoxicillan. I’m now 4 days into the antibiotic treatment and things are getting a bit better. I’ve had 2 flare ups of the swelling but they haven’t been as severe as before and haven’t lasted as long.

    Reading this article makes me think I’ve got sinusitis and not a gum infection. Does this make sense?

    Thanks for any thoughts.


  127. Thanks for the information.My son rang me from school to tell me that he was not feeling his gums while eating. He has sinutisis problems. I was worried that an infection could have entered his teeth nerves but after reading this, I was relieved for I know it could be the result of sinus problems because a few months ago, he saw the dentist who checked his teeth and found one sick, which he treated.

    Thanks a lot for your educative information.


  128. I had a root canal done about a month ago with no problems till now. The tooth started hutting like it did before the root canal, and I thought I’d have to go back in. The today, the pain in my tooth/gum was gone and now my sinuses feel like they’re infected. My housemate recently had a cold that lead to a sinus infection, and I had the same cold up until a few days ago, but I thought I was over it.

    Is it more likely that the pain in my tooth was the beginning of my sinus infection because it had just had a procedure done to it less than a month ago and was sensitive, or is it more likely the root canal failed and caused the sinus infection? Like I said, the tooth is fine now, but I don’t know if it’s an issue for my dentist or doctor…

  129. Like so many people I think I have raging toothache in my molars but it is infact sinus pressure, started the usual pain relief tablets but found massive pain relief by holding an ice pack on the offending area for as long as it took, the type you find in picnic cool boxes work the best as they dont drip, a combination of ice and sinutab every 3-4 hrs give me the best of both worlds, without the ice I would have screamed as it was the worse pain I have ever encountered, age 62 male.

  130. For several days I’ve had a swollen nasal lump in my left nostril. It doesn’t seem to drain, and it has the LEFT SIDE of the roof of my mouth on fire with a “raw” pain. It gets worse with manual brushing, but tolerates a spinbrush. But the raw pain persists while the lump is in my nose. What can I heal it with. I’ve tried Orajel, brushing with mouthwash, with Sensodyne. The mouthwash brushing brings temporary relief, but the pain comes back from the NOSE pimple. WHAT NEXT???–JAN

  131. I have been having sore throat for more than 3months
    I have visited the Doctor, who did a surb text putting a swab in my mouth to get a saliver, which come out clear.I have again did some chest extray which am waiting the result and I have been given cause of antibiotic which doesn’t look working,
    With all this am still have this sore throat.I did recently visit a dental clinic for a pain which was treated with antibiotic and I did visited eye people when I noticed I was having eye flashing just for few second and it will go.i have been giving appointment to get this checked,
    I have been for some months now diognos as having type 2 diabetic and am currently using blood pressure table and metformin tablet.
    What do think will be the cause of my persistent sore throat ?
    Thank you.

    • Not sure I can help but read this after I posted a solution for my problem. M doctor has helped me a lot with my wife’s and my problem. Sinus problem. Said to use Simply Saline three times a day. After a couple of days we have only used 1 time a day. I also use 1/2 zyrtec (genetic) every morning and between the two it has helped us both a lot. may not help but sure has helped me. Drainage will cause throat pain.

  132. My experience is as follows. Maybe it will help someone. For many years now I have had a problem with jaw pain. Starts with the feeling of water in my ear, but none is there. Right Jaw would hurt often. When the left jaw hurt, it was bad. I learned, after much prayer, that smiling would stop the pain when I felt it coming on. This problem went way down and then two years ago I had a new issue. Thought it was sinus problem. Had teeth checked out by two dentists, one with x rays. The pain lower left and upper left was more than I thought I could handle. Over a 3 month time period I lived with this and thought dying would be better. The problem just slowly went away sort of. It just changed to a different type of pain, mainly on my left side. I woke up one night to find the reason for the pain. My teeth were clamping together like two hammers striking each other. I learned to sleep on my left side to keep the jaws from doing this, otherwise I would wake in the morning or when the clamping was bad, and the pain coming from the outside instead of the sinus side was terrible. About May 2013 a filling fell out. I went to the dentist and found my tooth was split down the middle. Had this lower left tooth pulled and all of these three problems went away. Even the stink I had in my mouth, my wife said, for years. Much like something died in my mouth and now that stink is also gone. Only thing I can think of is there was a hairline crack or problem under the old filling, for years. NOW ALL PAIN IS GONE AFTER YEARS OF SUFFERING ——- HALLELUJAH

  133. Hi, I have been suffering from sinus from the past 10years I have taken so many treatments like Homeopathy, Alopathy but I have not recovered till now..i use get cold regularly if it get affected it will take for a month to recover…days going on situation gone bad I use to get cold , headache regularly,breathing problems…3 years back I got Endoscopic Laserus Surgery during the examination doctors told that I don’t have sinus they done surgery and removed one gland from my nose.. and cutted my nose bone which got bend . after that I was completely recovered…few days back while I was playing I got nose injury..i went to ENTdoctor he treated nose got bend in the injury from then onwards again im getting cold and headache..not regularly but it occurs it took same like previous days and also im getingmy upper toothache …….could you please suggest me with a right treatment

  134. Hi, I have just returned to a dentist because I have been having a tooth pain, # 3. It only hurts when I bite down. The x-ray showed radiolucent on the tip of the distal root, and also showed sinus infection. The dentist prescribed me 10 days 875mg Amox, and schedule me for root canal. There is no fracture or any other problem on the tooth. It has existing composite filling, but it looks whole. The dentist thought that the abcess on the root tip is causing the sinusitis, or the other way around. So, my question is, if the antibiotic takes care the sinus infection, will I still need a root canal? If the tooth is whole, and there is no problem, shouldn’t it be sealed at the root tip, so the infection won’t go into the tooth? Thanks for your response.

  135. Dear Dr.

    I have tooth pain that is not constant, but quick, sharp and occasional (usually a few times a day) for the past several months. About two months ago I saw a dentist, who tested the tooth after some x-rays. He said the tooth appears in good shape and the pain I describe doesn’t sound like a dental issue. He suggested a possible sinus infection. However, the pain seems inconsistent with what I’ve heard of sinus infection…that is, it occurs on my lower right jaw, on the 2nd molar from the back (not including extracted wisdom teeth). And again, the pain is sharp, quick and intermittent.

    The pain isn’t unbearable, but I’m a bit concerned. Have you heard of similar examples of tooth pain?

    Steph in Berkeley, CA US

  136. I have been having tooth pain for nearly 2 weeks now, I first went to the dentist when i started to get the pain, we done some X rays and found no signs of infection, the dentist also had a look at the teeth (Left Back Upper) and were fine, My dentist game me a course of antibiotics and told me that it should clear up anything that is possibly there , 6 days later I returned to the Dentist with a lot more pain in the left upper teeth, he decided to get a OPG X ray done that takes an x ray of all of my teeth, again he found nothing and another examination showed no problems, the dentist thought it could be a sinus infection and sent me to see my GP, i told my doctor the above and he prescribed me a 2 week course of antibiotics & gave me a nasal spray. A week later (Today) i am sitting here in lot of pain and I don’t really know who to speak to or what to do, I have pain over the left hand side of my mouth, in the upper teeth and now for some reason in the lower Jaw area. Years ago i had my 2nd tooth from the back removed, If I touch the gap between the Wisdom tooth and the 3rd from back tooth I feel slight pain. What do I need to do to get this resolved?. I am supposed to be going to Greece on Thursday and would love to get this resolved before i go, the last thing i want is to be on holiday in so much pain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  137. On 9/4/13 I had some ice cream then I had so much pain in my upper teeth, I had a root canal and temp crown on a tooth. I can eat things that don’t have much “juice” I had a sandwich, it hurt, milk and ice cream makes it hurt. I stopped ice cream. Though things like burger, chicken don’t bug it. Seems If I have food that has more liquid I have extreme pain, TEAR producing. And it seems to spread pain to my bottom crown?? And strange, I do have sinus issues on the same side. I am still putting orajel on this area till my insurance comes in.

  138. Hi!
    Last week (and at other times in my life), my lower right jaw line developed a twitch for a few days. Really bad at times. I press on it a lot to try and stop it. After the twitch subsided I woke up feeling like there was something stuck between my bottom, right side, molars. So I flossed on and off all day with no food dislodging or relief. Then it seemed as if the tooth went numb…much like I had novacaine (sp?). Then it spread towards the front of my mouth to the next couple of teeth. It remains “numb” like with pressure. I do feel like my teeth may have shifted. There is absolutely no pain. Just the most bothersome sensation which worries and irritates me. I’m studying for a major exam and have been fairly stressed. I think I clench my teeth at night. All this said, I’m wondering if this is anything urgent or if I can wait it out. My studies have monopolized my life for the moment and leaves little time for drs., etc, if not imminent. Thanks so much.

  139. Hello, Tom.

    I read your article here: on Sinus infections, which I have at the moment, at least that is what my doctor as told me.

    The pain, or not so much pain but odd feeling started around 5/6 weeks ago on my left side…couldn’t work out what it was however I then started to get a pain in my upper gums so I went to my dentist who said he thinks its my wisdom teeth.

    I wasn’t convinced it was my wisdom, while one has popped through god knows when on the right side, I experienced no pain and never even noticed it had come through, so really this never explained the pain on my left side….unless you can tell me otherwise that it might be my wisdoms.

    Anyway I went to my doctor who thinks I have a sinus infection and put me on 500mg of Amoxicillin and the pain went away although i then developed pressure in my left nasal passage and pain which switched places all over my head….a week went by and I went back to my doctor who then put me on 100mg of Doxycycline.

    About half way through after some strange pressures in my head the pain went away however the GUM pain is back (left side again) this time the lower gum!! would you believe it. It’s like a burning sensation hard to pin point the pain.

    So I’ve had two courses of antibiotics nearly and the gum pain has returned!!

    I’m back to square one with no real understanding of what I have. Sinus infection or wisdom!?

    I wondered if you have heard of these symptoms before?

  140. I have had this problem for almost a month u have took a zpack and still hurting so bad! I’m 33weeks pregnant is there anything else I can do most obs say it will pass! need help

  141. Hi Tom. Is it possible to only have teeth pain during a sinus infection? My dentist said I prob have one but have no other symptoms? Ty

  142. Hi

    I have a upper molar which is basically filling and it is so painful. I started taking antibiotics yesterday for sinusitis. The tooth has no molar behind it, therefore, it seems to be getting the brunt of the pain, and it’s only on the one side. Even when I touch the tooth is is agonising. Can you suggest a pain reliever that works best for tooth pain and is this common?
    Thank you!

  143. Hi Tom,

    Thanks so much for this post. It has been a real help to me. For the last two days I have had a headache, pain in my jaw and a horrible throbbing pain, in my upper teeth. All this accompanied by a lovely nasal drip 🙁 I was unsure if a sinus infection would include my teeth, so thanks for the helpful information. I will tough it out for a day of two with a salt water nasal spray and see how that goes, while fighting the urge to extract my teeth with a hammer.
    Kind regards,
    Michelle, Ireland.

    • Not dead, Bob! It came to a point with hundreds of posts receiving so many comments that I simply couldn’t keep up and respond to every comment. I do read them all though. Have a great day!

  144. They have been draining my sinus for 10 times or something. I am waiting for one more in 2 days.Meanwhile I visited a dentist ,she treated a tooth canal filling it with
    “calcium”and told me to come after 2 weeks.I learned that the medicine in the tooth canals is not antiseptic.I am afraid my third course of antibiotics is over before the tooth and sinus are treated.Shall I ask the dentist to do something before sinus drain in 2days and another due visit which is in 4 days? (I still have a slight pain,but use no relievers.)



  145. I wonder if sinus rinses can cause sinusitus? I’ve never had sinus pain to the degree I am having now. About a before week ago, I switched from the Neti-Pot irrigation sinus flow method to the Neil Med Sinus Rinse method that requires you to squeeze/force the saline solution up one nostril in order for it to flow out the other. I used the new prior to discovering I was coming down with the flu and acute bronchitus. I was treated with meds for those conditions and meantime, I used the sinus rinse (pressure) method every other day to help clear my congeseted nose and throat. A week later, I am pretty much over the flu; but I have the worst pain in my upper/lower jaw and teeth you can imagine! The pain comes and goes & it radiates from the front to rear of my upper and lower teeth. It is UNBEARABLE!! I went to see my PCP; and he suggested a naso-streriod medication to treat sinusitus like Nasonex or Flonase for a few days first. Then if the pain is not relieved start a treatment of penicilin. How long can this pain last? I’m on day two of treatment with no relief. This reallly sucks!

  146. hey like if you have a hole in one of your molars and then pain comes with it, when my mom went to the dentist they said its sinus related do you think she needs to take out the tooth ??

  147. Hi
    I have a good idea that i have a sinus infection but would like some input. I do get alot of stuffy noses and also sinus pressure above my eyes like on my eyebrow. I also had a rootcanal about two years ago and noticed somtimes ill get pain in that tooth when my nose is stuffy. So i recently have had a stuffy nose and had pretty bad pain bitting down on that same tooth. I woke up the next day and my upper cheek was swollen and my tooth hurt as well. When i take asprin the pain subsides in the tooth but not in my cheek now. I guess im jus looking for a lil advice i jus started a new job and i dont wana take the time off yet to go to a doctor will this go away on its own or should i jus go to the doc and have her look. Thanks Gary

  148. Have sinus problems for years, had been having severe pain in one side of face from my upper teeth to my temple and even my ear on that side. Had surgery month ago, had terrible fungus in that side of my face. the ear specialist said he got it all out. But im still having bad pain in that side of my face,from my teeth , temple and ear..I have been back several times to the doctor cannot find anything that could be causing this. Please advise.

  149. I have had two root canals, and two crowns put on tooth #13 over the past 1.5 years. Sometimes it is still slightly painful. Also, I had flap gum surgery 6 months ago between tooth #14 and tooth #15. I have a pretty big gap between 14 and 15 now, but it’s not really painful anymore.
    A couple of days ago the pain around #13 came back hardcore. Also, #14 hurt slightly. I went back to my dentist and endodontist, who have both treated me on #13. They did the usual hot/cold tests, tapping, etc.
    He even mentioned that tooth #14 may need a root canal, but he’s not sure. He takes xrays every time I go, and always says the root canal and crown look perfect. I have also had a bad sinus issue for the last two weeks, with lots of pressure and drainage. The endodontist prescribed antibiotics that I am currently on. He also wanted to give me vicodin, but I will not take narcotic drugs. I don’t like them.
    Anyway, this is the 4th time since my initial root canal that a similar issue has happened. The previous times I was also prescribed antibiotics. Eventually, the pain would subside and I’d be fine. Just when I start to feel normal again, here comes the pain again. I’ve (obviously) had quite a bit of work (and thousands of $’s) in that area of my mouth, and I’m growing increasingly frustrated because it’s never rectified.
    Based on my short description, can you shed any light on what may be going on? I seem to be getting thrown around the same circles every time by my endo and dentist.
    Thank you!

  150. Last September was my first ordeal with sinusitis and my teeth. I was in Las Vegas and at the dinner table, the pain was so intense it brought me to tears. The dry air of Las Vegas had sent my sinuses haywire. Hubs finally heeded my pleading and got some sinus meds which helped almost immediately. I’ve had sudden bursts of pain from time to time, primarily in the front, but at the moment, am experiencing a very tender and swollen area over my upper right molar. It feels like another tooth is about to pop thru, but I have taken my meds and hope that will alleviate it soon. I have to say, having a baby wasn’t as painful as sinusitis pain in the teeth!!!

  151. Hey!

    Last week I went to the dentist for filling some cavities. I had 6, so he did, they are still painful when cold touches it. Now my problem is this. My front teeth hurts a little bit. When I push it, it hurts a bit. I also have this weird feeling in my upper gums. Every time my teeth touch each other, my upper gums get this kind of a pulling feeling, more like a stretch. I don’t know how to describe it.

    When the dentist was done last week, he told me I am good, that I have no other issues. So I assume my gums are good.

    I do have a cold and cough at the moment so is it my sinus or should I make an appointment? Perhaps it is my wisdom tooth? I only have 1 on the upper right side, growing vertically.

    Thanks in advance!

  152. I am battling a sickness right now for about a week that the doctor has not yet stated is an actual sinus infection but my sinuses are plugged. I’ve been on sudafed and I’m doing flonase. Today my upper and lower jaw and teeth are throbbing. Not just one tooth all of my teeth are throbbing. Could this mean that I actually have a sinus infection now? I took some ibuprofen and I got no relief. Is there anything else I could do to help relieve the pain so I could actually sleep and be comfortable without being in constant pain?

    • I experienced something of the sort last year & it was HORRIBLE.. It was the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my life.. It felt like every tooth in my mouth was throbbing, stabbing.. It was just an excruciating pain. I went to an Allergy specialist here in Texas.. Rewind, first I went to the Dentist.. He took ex rays, which showed a lot of sinus pressure. He gave me a prescription for sinus medication & pain meds.. None of which worked, or should I say they wasn’t working fast enough . I gave it three days.. The pain was so unbearable.. I called my Allergy Specialist.. Went in to see him..By the time I left his office, I was given a steroid shot, an allergy shot, prescriptions for naproxen, antibiotics & sudafed.. It’s took a few days but eventually the pain subsided.. Thankfully, it wasn’t a constant pain.. It would strike once every 10 to 20 mins or when I would switch positions. I also had a Nasal Steroid pump. I found that a heating pad sometimes gave me relief.. I would wet a towel, place it in a zip lock bag & in the microwave for a minute or so.. Then hold it to my face..I would cry every time the pain struck. Then I realized that crying for whatever reason made it worst.. Hope you feel better. If it’s anything like I experienced, my prayers are with you.

  153. Hi,

    I’m in a bad way.
    Hoping you can shed light.
    A couple of yrs ago tooth # 13 filling fell out, then broke off near gumline.
    Dentist recommended extraction. Well, I didn’t. Mostly because I had about 6 other crisis looming in my mouth requiring major work. It got neglected. Now I have infection in there. Called my old dentist who prescribed Amoxicillin. Was out of town. Consulted a holistic dentist who switched me to Clindamycin 150mg every 8 hrs.
    Told me problem in Tooth # 11 ( pain ) is being caused by # 13 draining into left nasal cavity and that I needed to have # 13 extracted after 7-10 days of his homeopathic and protocol and the Clindamycin.
    Well, I didn’t. The oral surgeon he referred to was horrible and me being terrified of the whole thing anyway decided to try and find an oral surgeon I feel good about. But I waited too long and now I’m in trouble.
    Now I am very sick all over. Went back on second round of Amoxicillin (which I had here ) but it’s not helping. I have a sore lump above gumline up high above #11 could it be a cyst? ( as far as the gum goes )and I am sick as. dog. It’s the weekend of course. I’m embarrassed to call either dentist, ( my old dentist is in NYC – I trust him but he doesn’t do extractions and anyone he would refer me to is out of pocket and I cant afford that.)

    I do have insurance where I live in MA but so far haven’t found an oral surgeon who takes it.

    Can’t find an oral surgeon open on Saturday, am now sufficiently scared and don’t know what to do.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  154. Hi, I have been having sinus issues he past two years (21 years old). I recently was getting jaw and head pain with the sinus pain and went to the dentist to get it checked. My wisdom teeth are still impacted but are coming up straight and should come through if there is enough room. with prednisone and other treatments (nose sprays and allergy meds) the pain was much better. Now i suddenly have pain to the touch of my upper right gum in conjunction with bad sinus pressure. I do not want to get the wisdom teeth removed unless necessary (my dentist believes it is best everyone does it at a young age whether there are problems or not). Do you think the pain is a problem with the wisdom tooth? I have no pain when i bite or am not touching it but if i touch with my finger or tongue i have a lot of pain in the gums (no swelling or sight of the tooth breaking through) thanks!

    • I do not have an answer for your query, but I would like to mention that I had my wisdom teeth removed just a few years ago (I was 22) and it was fine. You have to treat it the same as if you got them removed at any other age, but they healed fine. My teeth were severely impacted (growing sideways!)

  155. I had been having an awful toothache on my left side for about a month.It seems the ache got worse when I would lay my head down.It started to ache so badly, sometimes it would hurt my left nostril when I would breathe.Today, I went to the dentist and they discovered three cavities needed to be filled on the top left side.They filled them and after the numbness began to ware off, my filled teeth began to ache much like they did before.It is so unbearable.Please help me.

  156. My regular dentist had said a few months ago that it had a small crack and will need a crown on 2nd molar from back on left upper side. I had tooth pain start up about 3 weeks ago and they wanted me to go to a specialist, thought I might need a root canal. I could not afford the specialist and went to a dentist here that was recommended and he took xrays. He said that I do not have root canal symptoms (tapping tooth does not hurt) etc., cracks are small and do not go all the way down tooth, just hairline) and looks like a sinus infection (pain started when sinus infection started) is causing problems. I have developed a small lump (hurts when push on it and aches) above the tooth. He changed me from Amox. to Clindamycin, 300 mg every 6 hrs. He said that is will eventually drain, or should and if it does not, will have to have it done. My daughter is an RN and says that I should go to emergency clinic as it could go septic and have them drain right away, but dentist said to wait and see if new antibiotic works and to come back in 6 days to re-check tooth. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hi KC – There are different philosophies on this, and you’ll get different opinions with different dentists and doctors. I will usually try a strong antibiotic and if that doesn’t help, then refer to an ENT.

      A lump right above the tooth does seem suspicious. Did both dentists test the teeth to see if the nerve was alive? This usually involves putting ice on the tooth or sending electrical pulses through it to see how long it takes for you to feel it.

      I hope that helps!

  157. Its really hard when sinus infection cause a toothache particularly in the upper rear teeth that are close to sinuses. Mostly pain in the upper teeth is a common symptom regards with sinus conditions.

  158. Hi there,

    So I am only having sensitivity in particular with one molar, second from the back (I dont have wisdom teeth). I am 25yrs old and have had upper jaw pain before after having a sinus infection. When I tap on the tooth itself it doesnt bother me or when I brush and floss. Its a numbing pain that only goes away when I clenched my teeth together or eat something, I have taken advil but that barely relieves the pain. I dont want to go to the dentist for an xray if I dont have to. When I tap on my cheek its sore and sensitive, I know that will go away after the sinus infection has cleared, I just want to make sure there isnt any cause for concern. The molar that is bugging me is also the most crowded from when my final molar came in at the back and its the only one not properly leveled with my other molars…

    Hope you can help,


  159. I went to a dentist for severe tooth pain and he didn’t find anything wrong with the teeth that were hurting, however he did find some other dental work that needed done and that has since been taken care of. However the tooth pain has come and gone over this time. When the dentist x-rayed my teeth before performing the above mentioned work he noticed a half-moon shape in my sinus above the teeth and he attributed the pain to my sinuses, as this article says is possible. I’m wondering what the half-moon shape could be? I haven’t yet had a chance to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, but I have been googling my fingers off and I can’t find anything related to give me a hint? The shape is perfectly formed like a bubble, or a circle cut in half. Looking at the x-ray from the side, my teeth forming a horizontal line, the shape is flat also, along the bottom edge of the sinus, following my teeth, with the curve of the half-moon going upward towards the top-side. My dentist said he had seen it before in other patients, but didn’t know what it was, since he’s a dentist, not a sinus specialist. Any clues to help?

  160. Hi – I have had sinusitis before and regularly get it which usually generates into a cold, however sometimes I have pain in what feels like my upper teeth when I am eating but I feel around my mouth and put pressure on my teeth but it doesn’t hurt – so could this just be problems with my sinuses when I am eating? Or will you only get sinus pain during a cold or flu?

    • My experience only. For years I had different pains. Had X-rays but nothing showed up. Tapped on my teeth and no pain with this. Then after much prayer I felt something in my mouth and my filling had fallen out. The new dentist that examined this pulled it for me because it was split up the middle. All pains stopped. Note my wife says all this time my breath smelled bad. Xrays one year earlier showed nothing but one year more and the pulled tooth relieved the problems completely. And the smell went away. Just my experience.

      • This was meant for Martin but one of the pains I had was when eating also. I never got an answer from this blog but I found the answer through prayer during much pain. How could a tooth which was causing me three different type pains, be split down the middle when it never showed up on X-rays a year earlier. But now all pain is gone. By the way I found that smiling helped with one of the pains in my jaws. The other pain was like sinuses but terrible and worse when talking or eating.

  161. Am a 21 year old boy.About 2 weeks ago, I felt a severe pain in my ear(right).I went to see the doctor and had it examined but nothing was found.I now feel the pain in my tooth (upper-right corner),accompanied with headache and “runny-nose”-(i think it has bad odour)

    • My experience only. For years I had different pains. Had X-rays but nothing showed up. Tapped on my teeth and no pain with this. Then after much prayer I felt something in my mouth and my filling had fallen out. The new dentist that examined this pulled it for me because it was split up the middle. All pains stopped. Note my wife says all this time my breath smelled bad. Xrays one year earlier showed nothing but one year more and the pulled tooth relieved the problems completely. And the smell went away. Just my experience.

  162. 5 Month ago i feel a pain in my right cheek and after sometime in my right side jaw .i go to my dentist . He say my lower 6 no teeth of right side is crack so he done rct of that teeth then after some time i feel my jaw is irritating me and congestion in my throat i go to a ent doctor he gave me some steroids pain killers and antibiotics which normalise my throat but pain is still remaining in jaw then i go to dentist and remove the filling which give me some relax but now the pain start in left side jaw cheek and teeth i again go to my dentist now this time he say infection in left upper 6 no teeth he done start its rct but its taking more time in healing and a burning sensation in left side start and inner mucas redness etching on inner and outside on lips burning start than i change my dentist and go to another dentist he say that a rct file is broken in the root he tried to remove it but its not coming out finally he say its not harmful and gave me some antioxident and power capsules after some medicine treatment he completed the rct of both teeths but problem is still remaining . OPD of my teeth according to doctor is good. than i go to a neuro physician but the ptoblem is not remove after that i go to a new dentist he gave me some vitamin tablets which give me some relief but problem of pain still remaining. I am also a patient of rhinitis please help me if u can.

  163. Hello,
    Not sure if anyone checks this page anymore but worth a try. I had major sinus/ear infection which since ENT has cleared it up. I do have a front filling on a molar on that side that does not hurt but yes looks like possible staining or needing to be filled more around it (expanding). He has brought up TMJ numerous times but I have not jaw pain at all. Yes it does pop occasionally but my dentist has never questioned possible TMJ. Is it a possiblity the cavity filling may need to be retouched not hurting but causing ear pain? No jaw or joint pain. The dentist or oral surgeon doesn’t accept medicare and are very expensive and trying to decide which one I need to go to first. ENT for 6 months has been costly enough and all tests come back normal on them now

  164. Hello,
    I don’t know if anyone checks this anymore, but a couple of weeks ago I began having symptoms of a sinus infection. It’s more in the left side of my head. I’ve had pain in my top molars on the left side, before the sinus problems my teeth felt fine, all of a sudden though the pain hit and it wasn’t horrible, but it was there. Now my jaw on the left side feels weird. I don’t know, would this be a tooth problem or just sinuses?

    • Tamara,
      I mentioned my story in a comment. I can relate to your pain. I have learned to live with it and use the nasal spray I mentioned. I learned that our sinus runs on the upper level of our gums and makes the molar teeth feel like they are going to pop out of my mouth. With extreme pain in teeth and jaw. I cannot sit or lie down. I cannot eat or even drink. I get some relief from the spray that my husband uses. I have never had this issue before I got new crowns. I am sorry for your pain and I hope you can find some relief like I have.

  165. I started having severe teeth pain after the dentist put in 4 crowns in upper and lower molars. He suggested to take out the old silver fillings and replace with cerec. I took his advice. I only went in for one filling since it had fallen out.
    Then I started having teeth pain. I was told I was a grinder and fitted for a mouth piece that cost $500. I never had this issue in my life.
    I faithfully wore the mouth guard with no results. I hurt severely. My dentist brushed me off and would not do another exam. He told me I had nerve damage due to my age.
    I got 2nd and 3rd opinions. I do not have nerve damage but was told the crowns did not fit my mouth properly. My mouth was having a fit to adjust the teeth.
    It has been several years now and the teeth adjusted best they could but I now get sinusitis. I never had this issue before the new crowns. I use FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE nasal spray and get relief. I never know when the pain will come on since I get no warning signs. I have no cold or congestion. I have no other symptoms whatsoever.
    I have healthy teeth and always have. The dentist made a lot of money off me and I regret going to him.

  166. Hello!
    I am trying to figure out if my wisdom tooth, that is protruding up into my sinuses – much like the picture- could be causing issues, or if this is normal? I spent a few years rather lightheaded before having a deviated septum surgery that took care of sinus infections and has made me feel a million times better. However, I recently have been feeling a bit worse- lightheaded- again and was wondering if my teeth could be to blame? My wisdom teeth are not causing any other problems as far as pain or crowding, so I had put them on the back burner. Thanks for your advice!


  167. I’ve been battling upper teeth/cheek area pain for over a month. I had a similar, although less extreme, pain before and thought it was a tooth problem, as the pain was close to where I had a recent root canal. Dentist said it looked fine, was probably sinus, and gave me antibiotics. I improved after a week. Two years later, the same pain is back, so I assumed it was sinus. Saw a doctor and was prescribed amoxicillan and prednisone for 10 days. I felt it helped a little, eventually, but the pain quickly became worse, usually concentrated on my left cheek, left base of nose, left upper teeth area. I have no fever, no yellow discharge, pain doesn’t worsen when I bend my head forward. Cat scan showed a periaptic abcess on ADA #14 (upper left tooth that had the root canal). Dentist took x-rays which to him showed no abcess, the bone was growing well into the cavity, all looked good. I didn’t have any sensitivity to cold/hot fluids, no problem chewing, no added pain when he tapped on the tooth and surrounding teeth. What do I do when the ENT says it is an abcessed tooth, based on cat scan and initial exam (partial deviated septum, but pretty minor, clear (black, not grey) sinus cavity, scope showed nothing) and the dentist says the tooth exhibits no clinical signs of abcess? I’m using flonase spray, Zyrtec-D, heavy doses of Advil, back on another round of amoxicillan. Yesterday I started to have drainage down the back of my throat and the pressure does seem less intense today, although upper left teeth area still feels puffy and achey. I’ve had bad allergies all my life, but the past year or so I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in a runny nose/sneezing, my usual SOP, and instead a constant stuffiness. My lungs are clear and I feel no congestion in my immediate nose area, just in all the space surrounding the nose, as if all the previous runny nose drainage isn’t coming out but is staying somewhere inside my sinuses. I’m going for a second ENT opinion next week but I’m getting really concerned. Any thoughts to explain cat scan / dental x-ray difference?

  168. i have had years of chronic sinus infections and had functional endoscopic sinus surgery in 2008. for the last year or so it has been at bay and have been off antibiotics and i use nasonex daily with salt water irrigation. A few weeks ago i developed a stranged cold irritated felling in my head/sinus cavity only when i inhale? I went to the ENT and he said without doing a CT it’s hard to tell? Ihave many CT’s in the past and i’m worried about the effects of radiation.. please help

  169. Interesting blog, it captivates me to read this because I also had an experienced with my daughter. She feels pain and discomfort with her tooth which is having filled a year ago. Her tooth need to have an x ray so that the dentist would see what is the cause of the pain. The dentist told me that the filling is still in good condition. So when I read this blog I had a thought to bring my daughter to the ENT and have a check up if the tooth pain was cause by sinusitis. Thank you for posting this.

  170. Dr. Tom, I think this is absolutely wonderful that you have this website. Most Doctors and Dentists are just too busy to give free outside help. My teeth have gotten so bad over the last 5 years, they receded, breaking off, I have decay, I have broken pieces of teeth under my gumline (several where the gum has just grown over the broken off teeth). My front teeth, the ones you rely on for your smile, are in horrific condition but I have no money or means to do anything about my problem. My teeth were always the most confident part of me, I’ve always had a beautiful smile, perfectly straight teeth and no major tooth issues to complain of. I still have three crowns that are intact. More or less, my whole mouth is going to need replacement dentistry. My Mom had the same problem so I’ve been told that maybe it was hereditary???? Don’t know if I believe that or not? However, she was forced to get dentures at 50 and she never had another enjoyable meal for the rest of her days. Finally, her dentures became so uncomfortable, always causing sores in her mouth and after about 30 visits back and forth to the dentist, she just stopped wearing them altogether, developed the witches chin and you know the rest. Her wrinkles became increasingly prominent and it just kept her from even wanting to go to even her beauty shop anymore. This is basically what is happening to me. I cannot wear dentures, I have 2 issues of “probable” bone problems were my eye teeth were in the front and the bone is somewhat eroded there but it’s not completely at a loss. What I have wanted to do and I have been saving every penny I find, (truly, I pick pennies up on sidewalks, shopping, etc., and put them in my “Heavenly Fix” jar that I have to fix my teeth by having the ALL ON FOUR Tx performed in my mouth but hopefully with a permanently FIXED set of dentures instead of all implants, which I could NEVER afford. I’ve read several things about this, spoken with a few dental offices in my area and have been told that this could be done, however, I believe that only a few dental offices in Middle to South Florida actually do this. I simply haven’t done enough research on the costs or where to get it done. I don’t want to go to just “any dentist in the phone book”. I’d like to go to one who can do this procedure, has the knowledge of doing it over and over for other patients and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for the whole process. If you know of anyone in Florida that does this procedure, please forward that info to me. I also wanted to know that with my teeth as bad as they are, could my sinuses be absolutely infected. I can’t blow my nose anymore, it’s like everything is just stuck up in my sinuses. I use saline spray and nasal spray every day because if I don’t, I can hardly breathe anymore. I am getting horrific headaches that I can find no other cause for except for my teeth problems and wanted to know if there are any teeth infection that could cause problems with your eyes as well. I’m having a very hard time, my health is declining and I’m only 53 yrs. old. Thanks you for listening to me Dr. Tom and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Bless you for having this website, it is a true blessing for people like me who need information but can’t afford to go to a dentist to get it. One last thing: Since ALL of my teeth will have to be pulled/cut out, etc., should this be done in the hospital at one time or as an outpatient surgery or what. Once I do get the money, I want this done and over with ASAP but I have read that there is a healing period for your teeth before procedures can be put into place? Can you tell me about this? Also, do you know of the ALL ON FOUR procedure and since all my teeth will have to go, do you think a permanently fixed denture on FOUR IMPLANTS would be a good choice for me or could you think of something else that may accommodate me better for the long term? Thanks so much for your time. Have a VERY Merry Christmas and May ALL Of God’s Blessings Shine upon You and Your Family. Sincerely, Joy Dixon, Palm Bay, Florida 32909 (East Coast of Florida South of Melbourne, Florida and North from Port St. Lucie, Florida. (I live on what they call “The Space Coast”, South of Cape Canaveral)

    • Joy- sorry that you are having these issues. It sounds very painful & frustrating. Just a suggestion to look into regarding a dentist. Dr. Lein in Jupiter, Fl is an amazing dentist! He has specialists on staff at his practice, so you don’t usually have to mess around with referrals to specialists.

      • Thanks for the info regarding this dentist in Jupiter Florida however, Jupiter is still a pretty good ways for me to travel having the magnitude of work done on my mouth that will need to be done. I was told “for certain” by several specialists that I have talked with in this area that I will most definitely need to be as close to home as possible because there probably won’t be any chance of me having any procedure done in one day, or even 2 days. There will be much healing in my gums and bone that will need to take place before anyone can even start to make me look and feel better. I did find a Specialist in Melbourne, FL. and she is a Super Lady. My 2 oldest Brothers both use her and one of my Brothers has been having to see her recently quite a few times and asked if he could set up a payment plan with her office to pay for my mouth to be fixed. She did agree and said she would be happy to help me. (she is another specialist who informed me that I would have to go through a long healing process first before anything more can be done because of bone loss in two places and because of the magnitude of my large teeth, top and bottom that will have to be surgically cut out because the gum has simply grown back over the teeth that had broken off. To anyone who may be reading this, PLEASE DON’T DO WHAT I DID AND WAIT TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOUTH. BECAUSE I DID THAT, I AM GOING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH SO MUCH MORE PAIN AND IT IS GOING TO COST WAY MORE THAN IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE AND I DO MEAN IN THE THOUSANDS MORE, (not to mention that it is almost next to impossible to have this magnitude of work done on your mouth a long period of time and have a dental office let you set up a payment plan, most won’t do it and I do mean MOST ALL, unless you get lucky like I did and know a specialist who trusts you and you have a family member that can help as I do). If it weren’t for my middle Brother, I would just have to continue on the path I am currently on and it is very painful on this path, let me tell you. The deterioration of my gums and bone has moved up into my sinus cavities and I have horrendous headaches that at time, NOTHING will make go away, not even pain medicine. I’ve had to learn to live with pain and by God, this is AMERICA, NO ONE HUMAN BEING IN THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY, YOUNG OR OLD, SHOULD HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH REALLY BAD PAIN – NOT IF MOST OF THE DOCTORS, DENTISTS, ETC., WOULD ALL DO PRO- BONO WORK AND HELP THE ONES WHO CAN’T AFFORD A DENTIST PERIOD. Again, Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it very much. Best wishes to you all & I will keep you all here in my prayers that you find the help you need and don’t have to live in pain for many years as I have had to do. God Bless… .J. L. Dixon, Palm Bay, FL.

  171. I highly doubt anyone will read this but worth a shot.

    I started suffering from toothache in my first upper molar on the right side. Long story short, saw the dentist, he says the tooth looks fine and it’s certainly not any more sensitive than usual and doesn’t hurt to bite on etc. He thinks it may well be a sinus infection. Unfortunately, lucky as we are in the UK to have free healthcare, I can’t get an appointment with a doctor for another two weeks. I’m concerned if it is an infection if it can wait that long?

    I’m also baffled because I have no other symptoms – no sneezing, coughing, blocked nose, fever, doesn’t hurt much more when I lean forward (although the pressure increased greatly). I just have the pain. 🙁


  173. I starting puffing my cheeks and like puffing them hard like I was trying a trick and my gums upper left and right hurt but left hurt more do you know what I am facing?

  174. I have had this condition for 4 years now following getting duped into having a root canel done.
    have been very sick.
    Been to various ENT specialist, what a waste of time that has been, they know best and will not
    Listen to what i am saying.
    The problems started less than a week after root canel.
    I having no joy with medical professionals what so ever
    Now i know will go back to GP and start afresh

  175. Hi I’ve had a very painful canine tooth on my right side. When I press on side of my nose right beside nostril I feel alot of pressure on my tooth. It’s so painful sometimes I can’t eat anything . The pain takes the breath from me
    I got a x ray in dental surgery and it didn’t show anything. I was sent to hosp. For another x ray of my mouth and nothing at all showed up. Then it goes away for months and now it’s threatening to come back!! It’s not like a normal toothache it’s excruciating!!! Was wondering if it was sinuses as when I get the cold
    MY nose is constantly needing blown !!! Or is it my saliva glands and how do use find out which one it dentist said I might even have a crack in my tooth which is not coming up on x ray but I don’t think it is because when I press side of nostril I feel pressure in that tooth but don’t press it too hard just wondering what us thought as I haven’t got a clue..thanks .

  176. […] Tooth Pain and Sinuses: Can A Sinus Infection Cause a … – Ihave recently had my front 8 crownsredone after 15 yrs.I went to a top doc and he did an amazing job,2 weeks after the permenents were in I started having pain on my …… […]

  177. Hello I have been recently having tooth pain ( throbbing) on the left side upper tooth. That took I had a root canal on has no crown. And my left nose is stuffy. I also tear up on the left side of my face. It is very painful it comes randomly. Even 4 advil I still feel throbbing. My nose running. I can breathe on my right nostril. But my left Iis mainly clogged the past 2 weeks. It can be the weather change. I usually never have allegeries. Can please help. I have a dentist appominent soon.

  178. Hi, I have extreme pain on my right two upper back teeth when drinking or eating hot or cold. I do not have the two bottom back teeth. I went to the dentist that the top teeth are pulling my sinuses down as there is no support on the bottom. I was told that we would have to extract the two teeth. I don’t want to just do that, they both have fillings but I don’t get normal tooth ache. It makes sense to me about the sinuses I was shown the x-ray. She replaced the filling on the second last tooth from the back and then it was fine for about a day or two but now it is back and it is getting worse every day, but as I said it is only when I eat or drink hot and cold and also when I breath in cold air. The comments and article that I have read indicates that you get toothache when the sinuses are affected, could it also be causing the other sensation?

  179. While on vacation in South Carolina, I had a horrible pain from my upper left back teeth to my eye and temple. I went to a dentist there (I am from Ohio) and he said that my filling is chipped, but, otherwise, everything looks ok. I have not had that kind of pain since I have been back home, but my upper teeth and jaw still ache. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me amoxicillin and medrol dose pack. I have a dentist appt in 2 days just to make sure there is nothing else going on in there! I am PETRIFIED of dentists! My dentist was very old fashioned and did not give a lot of nicotine….so, needless to say, I am afraid that there may issues. I do not have sensitivity to hot or cold. Could this be a major sinus infection?!?!

  180. Hi Tom!

    I have been experiencing swollen gums in my upper left quadrant with no known cause for over 6 months. Two crowns in that area were reexamined and xrayed, and when the dentist couldn’t find anything he sent me back to the endo specialist who didn’t find anything either. Sensitive to cold with pain chewing so I avoided chewing or drinking on that side for months.

    Now, the pain has gotten worse. I do get sinus infections and inflammation often due to chronic allergies. I also clench my teeth.

    Now I have a hot cheek, jaw pain, pain in the tissue above the teeth which runs out to my ear and up across the top of my cheek behind my eye. It’s only on one side, the same side.

    Online I have seen TMJ as a possible diagnosis, sinus infection, abcess, an orofacial nerve disorder, all kinds of things.

    My dentist prescribed amoxicillin which I started yesterday, but now my bite is off and the bottom side feels weird pressure. Any ideas?

  181. I have head tremors 24/7 and my upper back teeth are sore. I have a lot of pressure as well in my sinus. ENT says there is nothing wrong with my sinus. Had a CT scan. Neurologist says my tremors are not bad and he can’t diagnose the problem. Now I am wondering if it is my upper molars which are not removed that could be causing the problem since I have so much pressure back there. I had an implant a few years ago (front tooth) maybe there is a side effect now. Wondering if any teeth can have an effect on the sinus and if any of this can cause the head tremors? 2.5 months now. Pressure was in my forehead and how in my sinus. was on antibiotics and nasal spray. No relief. Take Tylenol and Benadrlyn to help ease the pressure.

  182. new ENT said issues were from over aggessive surgery.Immunoligist said it was structual not immune.such a large area I cannot blow anything out.I use nasalrinse in squeeze bottle.get very little out.use saline still no hope,use nasal gel,nothing.when i can’t get it out,i get sinus infections.I have R.A I can’t stay on biologics because in infection and antibiotics.I am so upset I feel totally defeated.all because I was told it was the surgeons fault.Have you any suggestions.I am 64yrs. old had both knees replaced and 19 day ankle surgery all since may 14th 2015.Just tired of trying to keep infection out of my nose.

  183. Hi Tom,

    I have had bad toothache for the past 4 days now in the upper left side of my mouth. The pain does indeed, as you stated, get worse when I bend over and put my head down. I am in the process of booking a dental appointment but is this correct or should I be making an appointment with my doctor?

    Thank you for your help,

  184. I have had a sinus infection for a month!! I’ve been on 3 antibiotics and still not better. My teeth are hitting together wrong–throwing off my bite and my teeth are hitting wrong. Will it ever get better??? It’s driving me crazy. been to a doctor, dentist and chiropractor.

    Can a sinus infection throw your bite off that bad?? Please help me, it’s driving me crazy

  185. Not quite sure where the dentist went on answering this thread, but I have had on & off severe, debilitating tooth pain for years. I also have a chronic sinus infection which started in 2010 . Dentist said it wasn’t my teeth and doctor would refer it back to the dentist. Pain would usually start after an aggressive round of tooth grinding with a night guard in place. Finally am getting relief now from an acupuncturist (who is also an MD) who is giving treatment to my sinus & my jaw. Pain gone, less stress in jaw & I am not wearing the night guard anymore. No drugs either & the treatments are a great source of relaxation. Consider some alternative medicine when the standards aren’t working.

  186. I just got this tooth ace today it is when I tilt my head back I feel pain in the middle of my moller tooth on the left side of my mouth on the top it only hurts when my head goes from laying back to up straight should I go to a dentist or is it caused from a sinus issue because I have a small cold

  187. Hi Tom!
    I’ve had tooth ache at the top left part of my teeth, for some months.
    My dentist took x-rays & had it examined and concluded that my teeth is healthy but I have gingivitis (gum issues). Prescribed some antibiotic treatment and sub-gingivitis treatment, corsodyle mouthwash as well as warm water & salt rinse. I had the procedure done and felt revealed of the excruciating pain gradually.
    Some months later, I started feeling the pain again but in a mild way. The throbbing pain occurs around that region whenever I either bend my head down, brush my teeth or make use my plastic denture. I usually sleep with my head faced upward and I feel relieved of toothache when I wake up.

    Please what do you suggest I do and what do you think is wrong?

  188. Hi
    I was diagnosed with a sinus infection on the right side of my face. I’ve been on antibiotics for 5 days and still need Motrin all day to help with the pain. You’re article makes complete sense. I’d had some fillings redone on my right upper molars and was hoping it wasn’t tooth related. My question is, how long till the pain is gone? My Dr suggested I use Flonase too. Which I’m using faithfully. Thank you for your insight


  189. Hi! I’m only 17 years old but I constantly have the Pressure issue on my upper teeth on the right side. 3 months ago I had this (as I still do now) I went to the doctor and yes it was a sinus infection. I’ve had issues with allgeries and sinus infections all my life. But never the pressure of my gums. I was prescribed medication to help and yes the paid did go away for about a week. Then the pain was back. Since then I’ve been living with this pain and at times it hurts so bad I start crying it’s horrible. As this pain is daily and I have better days than others now it’s if I eat the pain will be so bad I’ll cry. I have no idea what’s wrong with me or what to do? Should I go back to the doctors and just get prescribed more medication? I know it’ll help for a bit then the pain will come back…

  190. Ok I have had many dental problems in my lifetime some caused by myself and others from when I was hit in my hotel room with a bottle in the teeth while sleeping.I have a partial denture and the teeth on each side of it it is a 4 tooth partial The teeth on each side of it have rotted away to nothing because i rarely take it out like I said I hate the feeling of having it out and if I sleep without it i have nightmares I lost my teeth weird.I also smoke and drink way to much soda eat candy and have bad teeth run in my family. Well one tooth was only half a tooth from the bottle I was supposed to have it capped or removed but never did due to my lack of money I never go to the dentist I would love to have it all fixed but it is over 1000 a tooth and I need 6. I have had several abscessed teeth so I know what they feel like I have had several root canals. I have had my jaw swell up so bad at least 4 times every time I get antibiotics it goes away.Today I woke up with severe pain on the cracked tooth although the gum around it does not hurt the tooth does it hurts next to my nose really bad. I think I have had a very bad sinus infection for about a year now. I have read all the symptoms I had the eye pain and bent over and it hurt even blood coming out and a foul odor in mucus I have no money for the hospital either. I learned that sinus infections can make your teeth hurt I am wondering if this is a sinus problem because I have no swelling and the pain is up higher . All I can do is wait it out it usually will go away after a day sometimes to or 3 if not will have to go to emergency room but I try to avoid that unless the pain is a solid 35 on a 1- 10 scale. This is terrible I wish I had the money to get a nice bridge and get rid of this partial I cant smile ever wont talk to people I am afraid to show my teeth I hate living like this. I refuse the free local poor dental clinic the just pull teeth.I keep hoping a miracle will happen but it prob wont I have extractions from 2002 I need removed in the back of my mouth also.I hope once I can get a job that I can pay the how every many 1000s of dollars to get them all fixed it is a shame in this country most people cant afford the dentist. People all the time travel to mexico and other countries some get a real deal others have nightmare stories.I really wish there was a dentist that i could paint his house inside and out just do any work he needed to fix my teeth but that wont happen I wish I had better teeth and wish I never was hit in my sleep.

  191. Hi, I have been suffering from a tooth ache. Bottom left side of my mouth, one tooth forward of my wisdom tooth. When I blow my nose, that tooth slowly begins to hurt. The pain slowly ramps up to maximum pain, stays for a few minutes, then slowly subsides until the pain goes away. This happens each and every time I blow my nose. Went to my dentist and after x-rays were taken was told that the tooth looks normal. No signs of infection or decay. I was prescribed an antibiotic and told that due to a “deep pocket” on that tooth, I may have an infection due to bacteria which sometimes hides in the “pocket” I have been on the antibiotic for 4 days now with no changes in my symptoms. A family member who is a nurse suspects a sinus infection. Can this really be the cause? I thought only your upper teeth can be affected by sinus infections. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Ray Dee

  192. Hi I am 6 months pregnant and have a sinus infection, I have had it for about 5 days now. I went to see a doctor and got nose Spray. It has worked except on my fith day I have been in a lot of pain in my right side at my gums. I’m pretty sure I have a gum or tooth infection. I can’t seem to sleep due to it or even just be comfortable. Is there anything that you can suggest me to do for it ?
    I have contacted my dentist, just waiting for a call back.

  193. This article is exceptionally enlightening and I think this is precisely what I am encountering now.
    Much thanks to you and more power. Will check your site again for dental medicinal services.
    May God utilize your insight to help other people. God favor.

  194. Hello my name is Chad and I am 24 years old, I have been dealing with pain in my mouth it feels like it’s on the right side of my mouth, it feels like my top teeth are throbbing so bad then it feels like my bottom teeth start throbbing, and some days it feels like my jaw well lately the pain has been in the top teeth my teeth are fine but I feel constant pain and now it feels like the pain is above my teeth below my right eye in my cheekbone. I am going to go to my family dr to see if I don’t have tmj cause I don’t think tmj can cause pain this bad

  195. I have had this repeated flare-up on my upper right for the past couple of years, each time it happens I go to my dentist, to-date, after x-rays and examinations, she still can’t find anything wrong with my teeth or roots. As I have suffered cold-sores around the time these flare-ups have occurred she has put it down to my immune system, and being run down.
    This is now the 3rd year in a row I have suffered this pain, and decided to get my Dr’s advice. At first, getting an appointment was near impossible, as the under-qualified receptionist kept telling me an abcess was a dental problem. Eventually, I got to see my Dr, and we found I had acute sinusitis and an allergy to fresh apples, which was also aggrevating the infection.
    In other words, if your dentist has cleared you for any dental problem, insist on seeing your Dr.
    Being able to lie on whichever side you feel like, as opposed to the side you feel your toothache will be less painful… (If your dentist can’t see anything… and they will charge the earth to create a reason to keep you in that chair..) Go the the Doc!

  196. I have a tooth that is pushed back by my front tooth and my canine tooth. It was hurting really badly, so bad I couldn’t sleep. Within 16 hours, the pain in my tooth has dulled and now my face next to my nose is swollen. My nose isn’t runny or stuffed up. Its completely clear. However, my face, ear, and eye hurts from the swelling almost 24 hours after the start of the pain. I also developed a fever. I was wondering if you had any idea what could be wrong, if you could give me an idea on whether a dentist or doctor would be right to treat this, and what I could do at home to help the pain and swelling.

  197. Hi I extracted my #13 tooth two months ago(February), and just last week i started experiencing severe pain in the extracted tooth area and sinuses. i went to the dentist complaining of the pain and she took an x=ray which revealed the tooth area was healed almost nicely but also showed that the sinus area was cloudy. she immediately referred me to a doctor who gave me Amoxille, mucinex, voltarin and allegra. the pain soon got worse two days in taking the medication . i then went back to the doctor who gave me more meds, augmentin , singulair and Avamys nasal spray, still no change. the pain is on the left side of the face ear and i feel that all the teeth on my left hurts also. what should be my next move to relieve the pain i am experiencing.

  198. I have had pain in my teeth and jaw on left side of face for a week now. The pain at times is unbearable. My whole mouth throbs and I feel intense pressure on the whole left side of my face. I am getting headaches with it and earache. Went to the dentist and they couldn’t find a reason for it. Went to Dr today and he told me I have an abscess in my nasal passage. Can that really cause all this pain I am having? He gave me antibiotics and steroids. Does an abscess not need to be drained? I have suffered from chronic sinusitis all my life but the ent refuses to see me. How can I stop this from recurring?

  199. I am going to speak directly to how a sinus infection can cause tooth pain, and a lot more in my case.

    I had a sinus cold for a few days, with typical issues, congestion, nasal mucus, coughing, phlegm, etc. I stayed home, and managed it as usual. I was sort of getting some tooth pain but given that I was taking ibuprofen to manage the cold symptoms the tooth pain was minor.

    The cold was coming to the end of its course after a few days, but the tooth pain increased sharply. It was located to the back and left side, but I couldn’t isolate it to one tooth, upper or lower. By this am, it was more severe, and after some prodding I could tell which tooth it was (3-from-the-back, upper left).

    My dentists worked me in immediately and did a test and declared the nerve on that tooth dead. According to my doctor it was due to a sinus condition. Gave me antibiotics, an Rx for Tylenol 3, and scheduled me with an endodontist for a root canal.

    I have been in otherwise great oral health (2 wisdom tooth extractions in my 20’s and a few cavity fillings). I had never before had any inner tooth pain like this, and never had any endodontic procedure.

  200. I have a few issues I would like for you to read through and explain your thoughts. To start I will say that I am the process of getting double jaw surgery due to an anterior open bite over 1.5 cm. To get the jaw surgery done I have to have braces first but I also had to have all my teeth In good condition so after the jaw surgery there won’t be complications.

    I went to Endodontist due to two teeth that my dentist was concerned about. These two teeth are my back left molars and are also the only two teeth I touch on when I bite down. They had root canals done 15-20 years ago and my Endodontist wanted to go in and try to do a re treatment with the idea that we might end up having to pull them. There is also a mother molar on the back left that needed a root canal. Yesterday I went in and he performed a root canal and a re treatment on the bottom two molars. After about 2.5 hours of him working on it he stopped to tell me that my crowns are full surrounding my teeth and they both are gold. He proceeded to tell me how 10-15 years ago crowns and root canals were handled differently and it will be a lot hard for him to be able to drill through the tooth to even get to the infection. At this point he stopped for the day and put a temporary filling in both molars. He wanted to talk to my oral surgeon and orthodontist to see how he should proceed and what would happen to my jaw if he were to pull these two teeth including another – my wisdom tooth also in the back left.

    So today I took Advil throughout the day and then around 3pm this afternoon my mouth starting hurting extremely bad and over the next few hours became worse and worse. When I got home I realized that blood and pus were coming out of my gums of my teeth. I called the Endodontist after hours and he was very concerned and prescribed me more antibiotics and pain killer. I took Tylenol #3 and hour ago and still have no relief. The tooth is throbbing and now the pain is moving into my jaw. I noticed theres a large knot forming at my jaw line that was not there this morning.

    How worried should I be about this and what do you think is going on?

  201. Oh also I still am having pain at the top row of teeth ext to the one they pulled out i honestly feel it was my sinus

  202. Hi so I just want to see your opinion on my recent dental visit.. so about 3 days ago I went to the dentist over a tooth ache I had the day before also this tooth was sensitive to warm and cold water, plus i had a filling that half fell out I wanted he looked at my tooth, I thought I had a hole right at the back of my top back moler as I did have the sensitivity there..but when I would clench down in wouldn’t have pain..he took an xray which shows a tiny bit of darkness at the very top of one side of the root. But the dentist told me it was so bad of decay I needed to have it removed I had no other option couldn’t even offer me a root canal.. I didn’t feel it was that bad of pain to remove my tooth. I’m someone who generally has good healthy nice teeth so I thought that was odd so I said no I will just wait and see how I go, he got close to my face on the chair and continued to sturnly tell me no it needed to come out right now, I cannot let you go with that tooth, it will get worse not better and you need it done now I still stated no no no and how scared I was of it all and just wanted to wait or try something got to the point he told me it would ruin all my other top teeth and really pressured me to get it out, I was crying and shaking hysterically not wanting to and he proceeded through, to then pull my tooth out and hid it, I ask to see it and to explain what was was and he told me he didn’t know I had no decay no holes just an indent no cracks nothing and he told me sorry I don’t know why you had pain your tooth is fine but it just had to come confirmed it for me once I put anestetic into your tooth when it took the pain away..i am so distraught over this I now have a gaping hole for nothing and has slightly changed that side of my face I see and feel, i cannot handle all that has happened and this hole. My confidence to model or just in myself is gone I cannot eat with this side any more or the other. My mouth is uneven and dropped my cheek is sinking and I am so depressed over it all he has ruined me emotionally do you think this needed to happen? I am proceeding to take this further.


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