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Yes, the $3 Online Tooth Whitening Trial Offer is a Scam

Tooth Whitening Scam Advertisements
Are These Ads Legitimate or Scams?

Lately, it seems as if half of the advertisements on major news websites are advertising a cheap or free tooth whitening trial.  A lot of these offers sound too good to be true.  In response to a question posed to me by a reader, I decided to look into these offers that claim to charge only $1 to $3 in shipping for a month’s worth of tooth whitening supplies.

If they only charge for shipping and handling, I wondered how on earth they were paying for all of the advertisements that they’ve plastered on half of the internet.

After clicking on one of these ads, I came to a page that told me a nice story about a mom who discovered an amazing tooth whitening “trick.”  Here’s the problem: the story is a lie.

The Fake Story About a Mom

Amy Is From Wherever You Are From
Where is Amy from? She’s from wherever you happen to be surfing the net from at the time…

Right after you click on one of these ads, there is a story about an average, all-American mother.  The salespeople try to make her sound like she’s just a poor woman who had yellow teeth. Amazingly, her teeth went from an ugly yellow color to sparkling white in just one week.

It’s interesting to note that the mom is always from the same city in which your internet service provider is located.  In the montage of images to the right, you can see four renditions of Amy’s “story.”  Amy is from the same city that your internet service provider is from!

While the website does have a disclaimer at the bottom telling you that it is an advertisement, I still think telling this fictional story is slightly unethical.

If you can’t believe a simple story they tell on their website, then it makes me wonder if you can believe anything they try to say.

There seems to be tons of websites out there.  I researched a lot of them and found one that had an ad that stated that this is a teeth whitening trick that dentists don’t want you to know about.

An Interesting White Lie

Contradiction - Is It Really Dentist Approved?
Is it really dentist approved?

For one of these teeth whitening sites, the advertisement that leads you there states that this is a tooth whitening secret that dentists don’t want you to know about.

However, once you get to the site, there is a prominent image of an intelligent-looking dentist telling you how clever these whitening solutions are.  Has this dentist never seen teeth whitening products?

If dentists don’t want you to know about it, why would they approve it?

Also, does it make any sense for a dentist to not want you to know about something that can make your teeth look better?  I don’t think so.

When the dentist states that “this is a clever way to get whiter teeth”, I have to wonder if he really think it is clever to shell out hundreds of dollars per month to get a teeth whitening gel subscription?  I hope not!

The Whole Site is “Fiction”

At the bottom of the page, it states:

This page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story… This page receives compensation for clicks on or purchase of products featured on this site.

It all makes sense now!  If nothing on the site is supposed to be a fact, then they can say anything they want.  Does this mean that all of their success stories are simply fiction stories?

This definitely explains the story about Amy who is from hundreds of thousands of cities at the same time.

So… What Happens If You Buy It?

Here’s an analysis of your costs if you decide to buy both teeth whitening systems and end up waiting for three months before canceling once you realize the damage they have done to your wallet when you see your credit card bill.

DentaSmile MD will cost you $92.86 per month for three months.  I am assuming that once you pass the 10-day trial period, they begin billing.  $92.86 per month for three months plus the original $3.49 in shipping and handling comes out to a total of $282.07.

Celebrity White Smile will cost you $169.95 per month for three months plus a $12.95 one-time membership fee, plus the original 99 cents (I put in the discount code!) shipping and handling.  That gives us a total of $523.79.

If you add up both of those numbers, you end up paying $805.86 for three months of teeth whitening gel.  That’s the same gel that you can find online for much cheaper from reputable sources.  Also, you don’t even get teeth whitening trays that are custom-fitted to your teeth like you would receive in a dental office.

Here’s an image showing the checkout screens for the aforementioned whitening products:

The Two Trial Teeth $3 Whitening Offers
The two trial offers end up being very expensive. Click the image to read the fine print.

If you ended up subscribing to these two trial offers for a whole year, it ends up costing $3,171.15.  It’s easy to see how they can afford to have such a large online advertising budget!

Note: some sites feature a third trial called Everbrite Smile.  This product is similar to the two mentioned above, except it costs $89.95 per month.

It is a Scam that Appeals to the Frugal

Who wouldn’t want to get a month’s supply of teeth whitening gel for only $3?   Theoretically, it could be a good deal if you are able to cancel in time.  However, since the whole site is supposedly “fiction”, who’s to say that your card won’t be charged hundreds of dollars when you initially sign up?

Have you fallen victim to this scam? Please let us know in the comments if you had any success in trying to get your money back.



  1. I had always wondered how that worked. I have seen those ads and I remember reading somewhere that they are scams.

    That’s really sad that people have to resort to tricking poeple like this in order to make a living.

    • Yeah, Melissa, it seems that too many people are making their livings by taking advantage of the “average consumer” by using these tactics that draw in the people that want something at a bargain price.

      It goes to show how important it is to read the fine print before you give out your credit card info on a website.

      • The bad thing is there is a free trial for the genuine white they charge 1.03 for trial and 389 s/h then there is smile vitalize they got the 1.03 but not the 3.89 so its making people think u only need to cancel 1 but they also send u yr next months product when u get yr free trial so u have to either send it back or pay 94.41 for both then u have to get one more box bc u have to cancel b4 30 days genuine white said they gave me 10 extra days to view use and/or cancel they didnt even do that so plz

        • im sending complete program back so i wont get charged bc i already cancelled they also promised it would be here in 2 days and it wasnt and u dont even know if it works yet let alone if u wanna reorder it so how can they srnd with trial

    • In order to cancel you have to call 866.251.4950. I just did. the guy on the line was very pleasant. But I still think this is a big fraud thing.

      • You have to send the kit back or they charge an additional 90 dollars. I just spoke with elite white today. I’m pretty sure you have to get it back to them within the 14 day trial period.

        • Hey Angela I just ordered a trial from trytruebrilliance.and email doesn’t say anything about returns of the products only that I had to cancel befor my 14 days.Will try to still charge me?I’m kicking my feel in the backside for this.wish I knew sooner.What should I do now?Someone Please Help?I just don’t want them to still Bill me.The product did not even work that why I cancel it.Gosh I hate this :(!!!!

      • i dont think they are going to give you the money back because they are in the buisiness of ripping us off.called today because i seen on my bank statment two chargs on for 119 and the other for 129 and to boot two 35 dollar overdraft fees for i wasnt exspecting any charges. so i called and i had a hard time understanding there english and they kept talking over me i didnt get a word in until i got loud but still all they said is that they billed me 119 and 129 and there was no way of returning the product for my money back they told me to give it away as a present if i didnt want it i dont want it and i want to send it back for a refund. but no truebrillance is a scam company any company that doesnt except money back guarantee is not a legitamit company. im going to call my bank and tell them that i have two unauthorized charges on my statement and see what they say.

  2. Do you know the phone numbers for Celebrity White Smile and Everbrite? I really need to cancel! Thank you

    • Hi Mitch – Here are the phone numbers for Celebrity White Smile and Everbrite:

      Everbrite Tooth Whitening Phone Number: 1-866-556-6914
      Celebrity White Teeth Phone Number: 1-877-262-4128

      I recommend calling early in the morning. If you call later at night, I have heard reports of people being on hold for a few hours before they get through. If you have a speakerphone, I would just use that and make use of the time while you are waiting. Good luck! Don’t worry, lots of people have gotten ripped off by this tooth whitening scam. The best way to put a stop to this scam is to choke their cash-flow by canceling.

      • Does anyone have the phone numbers for Smile Pro Brand and Pro White Teeth. Smile Pro Brand has already charged me $94.31 and I have not received my sample yet. I wonder if I could cancel payment through my bank??

  3. UPDATE:

    I have found another online service aside from the three mentioned. This one is called “Idol White.” They give you tooth whitening pens, and have a “Free Monthly Refill” program that appears to cost $119.93 per month.

    I think they keep on popping up because people keep buying them. That gives more people an incentive to link to them and get a commission on each sale…

    If you got tangled up with Idol White, here is the phone number to cancel: 1-818-303-9253. As always, it’s probably best to call early in the morning.

  4. Why do you call these sites a scam? People have eyes, they can read the screen. They know what they are buying. If they are dumb enough to think that the companies will just give away their product without making any money then they deserve what’s coming to them. Just a thought.

  5. hey i ordered some tooth whitening stuff from this ad as well last week and i still havent recieved ANYTHING!! i need to cancel mine as well then! it was everbrite and some other one…. white n go?? it was a pen! i need those numbers to cancel as well!!!!!


    • Hi Courtney,
      As mentioned above, the number for Everbrite is 1-866-556-6914.

      Sorry, but I’m not sure which “company” is offering White ‘n go, that just seems to be a brand name. There is also a pen called White Glo, maybe that is it… I wish I could be of more help!

      Good luck getting it canceled.

  6. There seem to be a ton of scam teeth whitening companies out there. I hadn’t heard of Stay White Forever before Carolyn’s comment, I guess new ones keep popping up.

    If anyone is trying to get in touch with them to cancel, here is the phone number for Stay White Forever:

    Stay White Forever Customer Service:
    Call our customer service line toll free at the number above.
    Live customer service agents are available 6 Days a Week, Monday – Saturday 9:00AM – 7:00 PM EST.

  7. Everbrite let me cancel with no problem(that I am aware of yet- no charges but shipping and like $.04???) on the six day after I ordered. The second one I ordered from is Stay White Forever. The duped me, It is now the 7th day since my order was placed and I haven’t even received it yet. Also I called to cancel earlier and was told I can’t cancel until I receive it and so she extended my trial by 2 days. She also told me that I have to pay for the product @ $129.99 unless I return it before they charge for it. Yea right – I haven’t even received it yet and I would have to have it returned by Sunday 5-16-10 in order not to be charged the $129.99. After I return it I will be credited the $129.99 however, they charge a $38.00 RESTOCKING FEE – (BULL!!) I thought it was a trial! Make Sure you read the fine print on anything you order over the internet.

    • Wow Carolyn, that doesn’t sound like a fun experience. I guess Everbrite can technically take your money for the shipping and handling since it was in the fine print.

      That’s horrible that Stay White Forever won’t let you cancel until you receive the whitening pen. At least you got the trial extended.

      If it comes in the regular mail from the US Post Office, you can simply cross out your address and write “REFUSED, RETURN TO SENDER.” The post office will return it to Stay White Forever without you needing to pay for return shipping.

      If they do charge you an insane amount for restocking ($38 is too much) then tell them you will dispute it with your credit card company. If they still don’t budge, you can call your credit card company and have them take the charge off of your account.

      I’ve done this in the past (I have a Citibank credit card) and they have always reversed the charge when I’ve been over-charged.

      Good luck — I hope you get your money back!

  8. Carolyn is correct. Stay White Forever did the same thing to me. They dropped their price from $129.00 to $80.00 if I would stay with them. Then to $60.00, and then to $48.00 if I would just keep the pen. Their sales pitch was that I was getting the pen for $10.00 since I was already having to return the pen for $38.00 restocking fee. I was told that it was in the fine print. SO, you do get a free trial offer for 10 days (that of course isn’t really free – $3.00?), but it’s the return of the product (which they say is for the FDA not them – “they don’t get any of that money” – that is such crap! Anyway, stay away – both are unethical and in my book, that’s called a scam!

    • Oh, yeah…forgot to mention, that they dates of all their so called “happy customer reviews” keep having the website manager change the dates of when they posted. In fact, the website I was taken to is completely different than the one now linked to the “Alpine White.” Mine was called, “Stay White.”

    • Sounds like their “free trial” costs $41 ($38 restocking fee + $3 shipping).

      I’m sure they make some good money doing that, but to me it is almost the same as stealing since they are deceiving people to get their money. If it was written in bold on their site that there was a $38 restocking fee, I’ll bet their sales would drop dramatically.

      I don’t think the money could go to the FDA as the FDA doesn’t really regulate teeth whitening products, since they are classified as a “cosmetic.”

      As for the companies, it seems like there’s new sites set up each day to promote a new whitening company so they can get a share of the profits. It’s sad that they run these deceitful businesses. I’m sure they’re smart people and that their intelligence could be better used to help people in legitimate business dealings…

      Anyways, thanks so much for sharing your experience, Nathan!

  9. To anyone speaking about Stay White Forever.

    I have dealt with Stay White Forever before. This is a legitimate family owned business based out of Long Island, NY. ALL of the terms and conditions for the trial offer are clearly stated on the website when you order the product. They ask you to read the terms and conditions for the return and cancellation policy, and to please order carefully. You cannot order the product unless the terms and conditions are agreed to. If you don’t read the terms and conditions and you order the product then that is your own fault. When entering into any contract you need to read it to know what your getting into. Why on earth would any person agree to something without being fully aware of what your agreeing to. This company isn’t a scam, UNLIKE everbrite or vivid white who I have heard take money out of your account unauthorized. EVERYTHING on Stay White Forever is legitimate. It sounds to me people are just upset that they didn’t read something fully before ordering. That isn’t the companies fault that is the consumers fault. Don’t point fingers at a company who is being upfront and honest from the get go because you feel unintelligent for not reading what is clearly stated in front of you. Take it as a lesson learned, don’t order something unless you read the full terms and conditions, because you are entering into a legally binding contract. Stay White Forever never gave me any problem whatsoever, the product worked wonderfully and they even discounted the membership fee which is only a one time charge for a lifetime and sent me a free product. I’m pretty sure that in anyone’s book that isn’t a scam, that’s an honest to goodness deal from an honest company.

    • You are correct, Sally.

      I think what upsets a lot of their customers is that on the order page there is no mention of the $129.95 fee if you don’t return it. In order to find that, you have to scroll down their very tiny terms and conditions box which has tiny text as well.

      Also, they highlight that the costs are only $2.95 for your trial and then ask you for your credit card information. MOST people would assume that they are charging you ONLY $2.95.

      If the product is really that impressive, then people would come back and order it like crazy. The company shouldn’t have to sign you up in a monthly whitening plan without making it very clear.

      While Stay White Forever may not be a scam, I believe that their order page is rather deceptive. They should lay out the terms clearly so everyone knows what they are getting into. That’s just my two cents.

      I haven’t tried the product — it may be very good. Also, I’m sure that it is a great family-owned business. I think if they tweaked some things on their site to make their terms more prominent, they could be better.

      Thanks for the comment, Sally!

  10. Just to clarify a few points you made: It is not a monthly charge it is a one time LIFETIME membership fee, which gets you a discount on the pens for the rest of your life and you can order as many as you want. Also you said that you have to scroll down in the very tiny terms and conditions…i double checked that myself, it is not tiny its in plain text yes you have to scroll down but the text is normal size and it is all clearly stated there:

    Offer Details: Within our 10 day trial you should be able to decide if Stay White Forever teeth whitening pens are right for you. Take the next step for a more confident you, do not cancel your trial in the first 10 days, and you will be eligible to take our lifetime membership which qualifies you to purchase replacement products at anytime for $29.99( including FREE shipping). This is a discounted price that can save you hundreds of dollars over similar teeth whitening products, or the cost of professional dental whitening! If you decide to continue with the membership your initial order will be charged to the credit card for the sum of $129.95. Please read our full terms and conditions for cancellations and returns policies. Please note results may vary, but use of StayWhiteForever is recommended every 6 months. For further information call us 1-888-846-3488.

    That is as clear as glass. Of course the 2.95 charge is highlighted because its what you are paying at that exact moment. You can call within the 10 day trial to cancel. It states all of that. I don’t see how you can find anything deceptive in that whatsoever. It’s all there!

    I’m just tired of people complaining because of their own stupidity. READ EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU SIGN AND ORDER!!!!!!!!


    • Thanks for your reply, Sally. I do agree with you that they may be the best company in a niche crowded with others that do charge you without your permission.

      All I was saying was that perhaps if they put “Pay only $2.95 today, and if you decide to continue, pay only $129.95.” in big type-face so people would be aware of what they’re getting into.

      When I install software on my computer, I don’t take the time to read through the pages of license agreements. I don’t think most other people do read through the fine print either. I wouldn’t call it stupid, but I think people have so many demands on their time these days, that they expect the important information to be clearly highlighted.

      Thanks for your reply.

  11. Tom, I think you are being far too kind to Sally – there are a number of issues with the Stay White Forever site:

    Uses CNN, AOL, USA Today, MSNBC, FOX and MSN logos – I asssume because people will ‘trust them’ more if they have these logos on their site – but they are used without permission and none of these sites have endorsed or recommended the product in any way.

    The charge is in a scroll box in small print – this is against FTC guidelines

    The website uses almost exactly the same design as was used by a scam website called Dazzlewhite – I assume Clickbooth did the landing page design?
    Several other scam websites use a VERY similar design eg:

    The Verisign Trust Seal logo should be clickable in order to verify it on the Verisign site. Yours isn’t.

    • Thanks for your comment, John!

      Looking back on what I wrote, it looks like I might be agreeing with what Stay White Forever is doing. To clarify, I don’t agree with how they do business.

      Thank you for pointing out the problems with their site. I was able to learn some things that I had not thought about.

      I do think that these types of websites are stealing from the customer by being deceptive. My wife illustrated an interesting analogy to me. She said that when she goes into Motherhood Maternity to shop, she is careful because she knows that unlike other stores that allow you a 30 day period for returns, Motherhood Maternity only lets you return items within 14 days of the purchase date. Since this is not the norm, Motherhood Maternity has made a point to have numerous signs plastered throughout the store and by the checkout to be sure their customers understand this important difference between them and other stores.

      Likening this to the teeth whitening websites, we can see that they appear to be offering a very low cost sample, but they HIDE the fact that they will be charging an exorbitant fee if you don’t cancel. This is deceptive.

      I once ordered a free sample of a new type of Kashi chips from the internet. According to their television ad, the sample appeared to be free. I signed up, got my chips and was impressed. Nothing else happened. If Kashi conducted business the same way that these online teeth whitening companies do, then they would’ve sent me a couple bags of chips a few weeks later, charged me $40 for them, and then charged me a $140 activation fee. I think that’s ridiculous, and I think that’s what these companies are doing to their customers.

      If they were more open about their policies, then they could have a chance at being a reputable company. Motherhood Maternity is one of the top maternity stores in the United States, even if they do have a more limited returns policy.

  12. Regarding Everbrite – The company behind the Everbrite scam is called XM Brands – they are in Florida.

    They are being investigated by the Florida Attorney General.

    As can be seen here: they run over 80 sites selling teeth whiteners under various names as well as other scams – work at home, colon cleansers, acai etc – all the usual suspects.

    If people have been scammed by any of the above file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General at:
    Office of the Attorney General
    Economic Crimes Division
    1515 N. Flagler Dr. Suite 900
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
    Telephone: #561-837-5000

  13. I ordered both products and, yes, I read the terms and conditions, I always do. But I have called for 3 days now to both companies for hours and have not gotten a live person to receive confirmation to cancel my LIFETIME membership! I am furious! Now, I have gone to my bank and cancelled the card I used, I am not going to be billed when I was guarenteed I would be happy with these products or I could cancel at anytime during my “trial period”of 10 days and it arrives 7 days into the “trial period”. Well, I’m not happy and they have not kept their guarentee by not being available. I will send the products back with every certification and tracking known to man, I’ll even have them vaccinated, but I won’t be continually charged for deceit.

    • Thank you for your comment, Marion. I have heard of this from Everbrite, but I had inferred from the earlier comments by Sally that Stay White Forever was above those illegal tactics.

      I’m glad you did read the terms and conditions. Most people complain about the fact that they didn’t read them and now have the huge fees to pay. You did read them, understood them, and planned on getting your whitening gel and canceling. Unfortunately, they aren’t even letting you cancel.

      That’s sad that you have to go through the expense of sending them back.

      Not surprisingly, it seems like nobody is happy with these companies that continually rip off their customers. Hopefully you’re safe now that you have your card canceled. Good luck!

  14. I do know for a fact that no one at stay white forever is trying to rip anyone off. They do have a high call volume because they do take orders over the phone as well as on their site. If Marion will just be patient and keep trying I know she will get an answer. You have to understand, I myself work in customer service for the cable company, and we have hundreds of calls coming in every minute of the day and people complain about the wait, well we get to everyone as fast as possible but there’s only so many people at one time taking calls and we don’t have 5 heads to take 5 calls at a time. With Stay White Forever there is no recurring billing so she wouldn’t be charged every month or year or whatever unlike everbrite. Keep trying Marion, they are not trying to scam you and they are available between 9am and 5pm EST, just understand they can only take 1 call at a time and to be patient.

    • Sally,

      Can I ask you how long you’ve worked for this company? Your dedication to defending a company seems to go above and beyond what a consumer would do. You should just be upfront about who you are and what you’re actual relationship is with this company, but I guess if I thought about that– you’re probably being as upfront about who you are as the company is with their fine print. Or to head off your reply to this– maybe you don’t work for them, but I’m guessing you’re either paid by them in some way or you’re writing these comments on behalf of someone who is.

      You can sugar coat a scam, but it’s still scam. I don’t know how people you like or these companies can sleep at night……wait- oh that’s right, you can sleep because you sold your conscience with the first time you ripped someone off.

      • Zeke- you hit the nail on the head, buddy! Sally, maybe if the company you work for was as transparent as you are, there wouldn’t be so many pissed off people!

  15. Hi, yea i just ordered from my vibrant smile the Vibrant Smile Tray Kit for i dont know, 5.95$? i just ordered it about 20 minutes ago(4:10am) and after reading everything thats been said, im scared about the charges and i want to cancel but i dont know what will happen. HELP?!?
    do you have a number or something?
    im quite scared after all this of what will happen.

    • Hi Tattiana –

      You can contact Vibrant Smile at 1-888-948-5508 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Mountain Time.)

      After a quick run-through of their website, it looks like they have the same sort of business model as the others.

      If that fails, they do have a Live chat option, you can click here for it: Live Chat for Vibrant Smile.

      If you end up never getting a hold of them, you can call your credit card company if they give you any outrageous charges and tell them that you never approved those charges. Your credit card company will then hold those charges in “dispute” and won’t make you pay them or pay interest on them until you can get it worked out.

      Good luck!

  16. i just called and they said they canceled my account i got a cancellation email and what not, i feel scared still but i feel more relieved. this stuff is scary i cant believe they all do this to people.

    • I’m glad you were able to cancel it so easily! If you look around, there are many legitimate places to buy teeth whitening kits.

      You will probably see the best results if you go to your dentist to have custom whitening trays made to fit your teeth. Good luck in your teeth whitening quest!

  17. lol yea, me too. and well my teeth arent too bad, i just thought itd be interesting or whatever to see how well itd work.
    i know itd be best to go to the dentist but i was just curious. lol curiosity isn’t always the best thing apparently though.
    but thank you for helping me, i appreciate it alot.

    ~have a good day. (:

  18. Do you know any info on vivid white smile?

    I was on the site with that chick and the two products that were on there at that time were, pure white smile and vivid white smiles. I was able to find the site for pure white smile and so I luckily got the contact info that I needed. However I wasn’t so lucky at the vivid white smiles site. Apparently nothing exists. If you have any info PLEASE get in touch or post it. It was my mother’s card I used!

    • Hi – Vivid White Smiles seems to be run by the same people that run some of the other scam sites.

      Their phone # is 1-888-869-2674. They say that they have “customer service representatives” available from 9 AM to 7 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

      Their mailing address is:

      Syndex Industries
      398 E. Dania Beach Blvd Suite #395
      Dania Beach, FL 33004

      Here’s their support page:

      Good luck getting it canceled!

  19. Uh, ya, I ordered the vibrant smile and the pure white smile products, I received them within a week, paid 3.95 for one, and 2.95 for the other. Received the product, and no fine print was involved, no billing is going to occur, and my teeth are so white, it worked great! You guys are high!

    Not a thought, reality!

    • That’s great that you got it at such a good price, Jewels! Just out of curiousity, could you tell us what website you got it from?

      If there is a genuine website giving out free trials to entice their future customers to make a purchase (how most legitimate businesses do things), then I would love to get the word out so people don’t get deceived by these sites that hide the true cost in the fine print.

    • Yeah, I don’t think that there is such a site. Either Jewels is in for a rude awakening when she gets her $300 credit card bill or she works for one of these companies. Nice try!

  20. I wish I had read your page earlier! I am the victim of this Teeth whitening scam! I bought the products only three days ago(08-23-20100. I found out today that they charged $99.96 plus the $1.99 ship/handling fee on my credit card. When I called immediately, their answer is they will not refund my money even if I send their product back to them. But they cancel the future charges. What future charges? I only signed for a trial! I I feel like something wrong here. So, I started to search internet about this TeethID and Altra White. To my surprise, there are a lot of victims like me, thinking we ordered the trial, actualy, there is no trial at all. They will charge you for the so called trial no matter what! People, do not make the same mistake as I did. I have already filed a complaint on the internet @, and I will definately dispute the charges on my credit card!

    • Sounds like two new names for the same old teeth whitening scam companies…

      I just don’t get it – people want white teeth. These companies have gel that can whiten teeth and they could sell lots of it legitimately, but they insist on sneaking in hidden charges and ripping off their customers.

      I hope you get your money back, Penny. If enough people dispute these charges, hopefully Visa and Mastercard will stop allowing them to be merchants for them.

      • I too got sc by these people
        Just got a 120.00 charge on my card for a free trail. Going to my bank tomorrow. I usually don’t do this stuff, this time I fell for it. SMH

    • Tom
      Do you have any contact for PureWhitening (advanced teeth whitening system)
      I looked through all the bogs but that one is not mentioned.
      Although I cancelled my credit card due to no contact info have been unable
      to cancel the test kit or anything else. This all happened yesterday 03/02/1010
      so other than already receiving (mailed overnight) my new credit card have not
      heard from any one else.

      • Hi Emily – I did a bit of digging during lunch today but couldn’t find any contact info for PureWhitening. It seems like new “businesses” keep popping up with new names to perpetuate this old scam.

        As long as you told your credit card company what was going on, I’m sure they’ll be able to take care of it. They’re probably used to performing chargebacks for many online teeth whitening scams.

        I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment!

  21. Thanks, Tom! I am working on it! My bank has already started the process. I will let you know the result! Thanks again!

  22. My credit card company notified me yesterday that they got every cent back that those thieves took out of my account! I am so….relieved and grateful to my credit card company! I also file the complaint via their local BBB at: and, which is an internet crime complaint center, to try to get those crooks out of business to prevent them from scamming other people. I will be very careful in the future when I buy something on internet.

    • Thanks for sharing the update, Penny. I’m glad this you got your money back and that this turned out to be a good learning experience, if nothing else 🙂

      I didn’t know that there were local BBB complaint email addresses. Thanks for sharing that!

  23. How can I get these people from sending this Product. They keep sending every 2month another one. I don’t have address to company because they don’t send a return address. I am soooooooooo embrassed to find my self in this. Please send me any information to put this mess under the jail house….I will report them to BBB…..this is horrible

    Don’t mess with me

    • Hi Sharon – Do you remember which teeth whitening scam company you signed up with? One thing you can do is call your credit card company and tell them to not approve any future charges, then when the products come, just write “Refused, Return to Sender” on them and take them back to the post office. Good luck with this and let us know what happens.

    • Hi Sharon
      I had a problem with somthing simular..
      I.. ordered trendi tops+ got a supposed free gift of a tacky fake ring from Holsted Jewlers..
      They went into my account without me ordering anything from them+took out 57.74..
      The first +47.40 in the same day! I lost it..forget the better biz beuro..cant get through
      But when you mention consumor fraud +I filed a police report here in Cam mass..
      They eventualey sent it back to my account..I got another a week or pick it up at your bank in 2 days..for now put all your money in your savings account+they can’t touch it!
      Will I ever learn ‘ ‘I just ordered Pro gel..a teeth whitning kit 3.95 for ship only..
      Tomorrow morn My money is going into savings except for 5 dollars for the ship cost..
      There scam is they give you 30 days to withdraw from ordering anymoe+they won’t send ..
      But it takes 3 weeks to recieve it along with there no: to cancel, inside the dosan’t matter my money’s will be in my savings ..Good luck with them trying to get more’ Pam

  24. They send you a tray and the gel. It claimed you could return even if you used it all up with a fifteen day trial. Well what they did not tell you is that you must return it before you 15 day trail is up. It must be in there possession by the last day.You also have to take out a 100.00 insurance on it or they will not receive it. That alone cost 10.00 just think how much more it would cost if you had to over night it. Plus you receive pop ups for free coupons which in turns takes your personal information and charges you money even if you said no. I love using Chase Bank because they alerted me with in 30 of what was happening and warned me of scams plus they put a hold on my account so no other company could intrude.The only way to cancel the product is by calling the company. Please hope they answer. Not all of them have a central call center, some have people working from home with no clue as to what to do.

    • Hi Cheryl – I’m glad your Chase was able to let you know what was going on and save you from some trouble down the line.

      The interesting thing about their “15 day trial” is that it begins when you order the product, not when you get it. So, if it takes you 10 days to get it, you have 1-2 days to try it and then you can ship it back fast and hope it gets there before it’s been 15 days since you ordered. That’s how they get you! Thanks for your comment!

  25. I do have a cheap teeth whitening solution — it’s only $1 and you can find it at any local drug store. It’s called peroxide! I’ve been using it for years and not only does it make your teeth white, but it kills all the bacteria and makes your mouth as clean as a whistle. If you have any mild tooth pain, it will generally take care of that, too. I call it my dentist in a bottle. It’s cheap, it’s awesome, and it WORKS.

    • Hi Vicki – I’m glad that the peroxide works great for you. Most of the teeth whitening gels are composed of some form of peroxide. One thing to be careful of is that the peroxide can burn the soft tissues in your mouth (like your gums, tongue, and the inside of your cheek.)

      Thanks for your comment!

  26. I just ordered My Vibrant smile and Pur whitening like Pearl. Received both products. Will call and cancel both tomorrow to be on the safe side. I got mine from

    After getting the link for you now before the coupon expired the day I ordered it and the comments were from the day before. Now it expires today and the last comment left was today.

    I am such an idiot. I hope I don’t have any problems. Maybe I should just change my credit card #…HELP

    • Hi Jamie – I took a look at that site, and I saw good old Amy with her beautiful white teeth holding her daughter on her back. They say she’s “just an ordinary mom”, but with all of the places she is from, I’d have to say that she’s extraordinary! Good job on canceling – I have heard from numerous readers that it’s hard to get a hold of someone to cancel.

      Don’t feel like an idiot! We all love good deals, and a lot of the good deals online are legitimate. Usually a Google search can help you find out if something is true, or too good to be true.

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If they do charge your credit card, just call your credit card company and dispute the charges as unauthorized. All major cards in the U.S. (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex) shouldn’t make you pay anything for the unauthorized charges, if there are any.

      I hope that helps. At least you got both products and can try them out. Have a great day!

        • Hi Jamie, In the past debit cards used to not offer protection for charges like this. I think right now, some do and some don’t. It’s probably best to call your bank and find out what would happen if that teeth whitening company were to charge your card in the future. Maybe it is best to change card numbers; I’m not sure. Let me know what you find out. Thanks, Jamie.

  27. Thank you, thank you thank you.
    For some one who rarely uses credit cards on the internet I can not believe how stupid I have been.
    I signed up for PurWhitneing $1.99 for a trial kit.
    Or so I thought (advertised by dear Amy with her child)
    On printing out my order, I realized I had incorrectly typed one digit of my zip code. I quickly hit the “contact us “button only to find the phone number they gave was a non working number. Tried getting a contact through Google still no go. Just site after site giving glowing reports of the product, Then searched Google for problems with the product and thankfully found your site.
    All of this took about 30 minutes.
    Quickly phoned my credit card company. They were wonderful cancelled the card and have a new one on the way, I never got around to ordering the second whitening gel the add said should be used in combination (do not
    remember what it was). They wanted $19 something for that.
    REALLY appreciate your help

    • Hi Emily – I’m glad it helped. Good decision with the credit card. Although I’m sure it was a hassle, now they don’t have any way to start billing you outrageous monthly fees. There are many reputable sites online, the trick is trying to figure out which ones you can trust with your credit card information. Thanks for your comment!

  28. I too got suckered into this! I order from pure whitening. I have 14 days to cancel which Im doind ASAP but it also so i can email and cancel my order that way…is that a good idea or should I call. Also the whitening kit hasnt even worked! Thanks


    • Hi Amanda – I’m not sure which is the best way to cancel. They could always claim that they never got your email, whereas if you call you can get the name of the person you spoke with and hopefully get a cancellation confirmation number.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment, Amanda!

  29. As a dental assistant for over 10 years and a dental assisting educator for 3 years, I find it wild that people will order whitening products from websites, tv ads, etc without being checked by a dentist first. Not every person is a candidate for the whitening process, and if your teeth aren’t clean (free of calculus, aka tartar, and plaque as well as stains removable in the professional cleaning process) then whitening isn’t going to help your natural teeth. Whitening seems “harmless” but there are a lot of things that can go wrong – from soft tissue burns to sensitive teeth problems. Also, realize that teeth aren’t supposed to be paper white…celebrities have either had professional whitening or veneers placed for that bright white smile you see in magazines – and those magazines use Photoshop too. Consult a dentist – they are the professionals, they know the right products to use for this purpose. And, remember – if it sounds too good to be true….it probably is!

  30. After a screaming session on a three way call with the credit card’s fraud rep. me and Mark the customer service agent. Mark reluctantly agreed to accepting unopened the 2separate items had to be returned registered and on receipt a credit would be issued. Minus a processing fee of $19.95 for each return! So the bottom line is it cost for Vitality Smile $1.95 initially and $3.95 for the Lucky Brite professional teeth whitening pens (which my dentist said to never use as it will make your teeth extremely sensitive and won’t do what you wanted anyway Whitening)! Plus the processing fees $19.95 X 2 = a grand total of $45.80 for NOTHING!!!!! Vitality Smiles (after the well concealed cancellation time) transaction amount was$78.0and the Lucky Brites $119.00 so I hopefully will get a credit to my card of $151.20. How clever are they to separate the products into two different items!

    • Wow Robert – It sounds like that was an interesting conversation. I’ve had a Citibank card since 2005 and I’ve only had to dispute something once. They simply changed my bill and didn’t give me any problems about it.

      That is disappointing that they want $40 in “processing fees” when they knew that they were sending you something that you most likely didn’t want.

      Thanks for sharing your experience – hopefully it will give some others the encouragement to take a stand against these deceptive marketing tactics.

  31. help been scammed by alpine white offered free trial paid postage £1.95 just noticed £50 taken from account cant find contact details for this company can you help

    • Hi Fiona – If you paid with your credit card, you can probably dispute the charge with them. If not, I would call your bank and see if you can get the money back.

      From what I’ve read online, Alpine White’s numbers have been disconnected. However, you might be able to find a number if you remember the website you bought from.

      I wish I could be of more help! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Fiona.

  32. I too got scamed falling for the teeh whitening trial offer for $1.99 USD. It happened on line for a product distibuted by a company called PUR WHITENING out of MIAMI FLORIDA. Thier phone number is 1-800-765-2060. I signed up for the trial offer and then about a month later I had an $80.00 charge on my credit card and then recieved a package from them of more whitening solution. When I called them they they said to send the package back and they would remove te charge to my credit card. So I sent it back and waited for the charge to come off my credit card. When it did NOT get reversed, I again called them and they said that the product had NOT been recieved. SCAM!!!

    I filed a comlaint with the Better Business Beura in West Plam Beach FL. They sent it to the company and rcieved NO response, suprised?, and since closed the complaint for no action by the company.

    Tis is a lesson learned!

    • Hi Douglas – Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully it will help others to not get scammed by a similar company in the future.

  33. i have just signed up to a ‘free’ trial by idol white which would only cost me $6 for handling but got told my order could not be confirmed right then so later today i was sent a confirmation email without being shown a receipt. i got an email after with the receipt on saying that i had been charged $101!! i don’t know what to do and how to get my money back! what should i do!!!!!

    • GET TOUGH; document ALL info you possible from the company. If they’ve ripped you off for a lot of money, FIRST, beside contacting your credit card company, send a “Certified, Return Return Receipt Requested” letter to the company’s Returns Dept.. Also, send standard letter copies, cc: ATTN: to the CEO, LEGAL DEPARTMENT, Order Entry Dept. and try to get the proper company’s street address. Get names of as many people who will give them, document date & time of all your calls. Always ask for their SUPERVISOR, then say, if your credit card is not credited IMMEDIATELY, this issue is awaiting your authorization, to your attorney, to begin LITIGATION. Even if you don’t really have a family attorney, do not let it stop you from saying you have one. REALLY- It’s not a lie. You can hire an attorney later. (Remember, this company did not let the truth, get in the way of their “good story” i.e., they lied & tricked you!) Quid pro quo., turn the tables.
      FIRST OF COURSE, CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY. TELL THEM YOU WISH TO “DISPUTE ALL CHARGES” MADE BY THIS COMPANY. You will need the letter you’ve written or document your calls to them, DATE-TIME-NAME(s) of persons with whom you spoke, asking for a refund. When first calling a rotten company, I always ask pleasantly at first, the persons’ names, right off the bat. They’re more compliant if at first, you are nice. Afterward, when I know they may give me trouble or even HANG UP on me, at least I got a company’s employee’s name. Remember though, the charge must already be posted to your credit card. You can’t put any charge in “DISPUTE”, until your account has been charged. Knowledge is power. be sweet/nice with the representative immediately, I usually say, “I’m sorry, I know you told me your name, but I’m not good with names, you sound SO NICE, “WHAT’S YOUR NAME AGAIN?” So much depends on how much money you’ve lost and how prepared you are, to not only help yourself to make things right, it’s like voting. One vote may seem insignificant, but that one vote just may change the campaign outcome. GOOD LUCK, I hope you can be that one thorn to stop fraudulent companies, from taking advantage of all of us.

  34. If you find that you may be a victim of a scam do what I do call and report your credit card lost they will send you a card with a different number and that will stop the scammers, I hope this helps good luck and always read the fine print !!

  35. Hi Tom,

    Have you heard anything about ProGel whitening? Is this a legitimate business or does it have scam written all over it? Any help would be great!


    • Hi Alysa – I haven’t dealt with them directly, and hadn’t heard of them. However, here is what they say on their “checkout” page:

      So if you love ProGel like most people after you try the Sample Kit, and you decide that you would like to receive more at the 50% discount to complete your whitening, it will happen automatically. You don’t even need to call us or send it back- do nothing. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll mail you a fresh 2-Month StayWhite Maintenance Kit, with more ProGel whitening applications, every 60 days, for 50% off,. Making the total for the 2-month Maintenance Kit just $79.98, plus $6.95 shipping. So with your 50% discount, your cost would work out to just $39.99 per month, charged to the same account you’re using today.

      So, it looks like if you “do nothing” then you will be billed $47 per month ($40 + $7 shipping) until you cancel. The only concern would be as to how easy it is to reach them. You could try calling their 800 number that they have listed in their agreement to see if anyone is available to take cancellation requests before you order.

      Good luck!

  36. I called their number ordered a ‘free sample’ ……..they claim you will get a full refund with in 14 days of your BILL date Invoice date……if you return it. The Invioce date must have been the same day I called them….and they waited a week or so to ship the item out. Today is the 12th (a saturday) I have until the 17th to cancel (thursday) ……….I hate myself for falling for this scam.
    Their number also railroads you into OTHER scam mail order offers for vacations and other nonsense.
    These companies need to be burned to the ground!

  37. “Dental Stain Removal” offers, ARE SCAMS; no doubt about it. Any “too good to be true” initial offer, requiring consumers to read 4+ pages of “Legalese” with a tic box requiring a “YES or NO, I accept” almost ALWAYS, is a scam. Avoid such offers like a plague. Online consumers almost NEVER, take time to read or understand the fine print online, RIGHT? Sneaky scam artist companies use our failure to read complex legal disclaimers, to their financial advantage. Companies use deceptive practices to make outlandish profits. By making what is essentially unauthorized charges on our credit cards, prove they are Scam Artists. This is shameful not to mention, the teeth whitening products can cause irreparable damage to the Enamel & Dentin of teeth! Ask yourself, “Do I want to save a few $s on shipping & handling, to discover too late, my credit card is charged hundreds of which, I was unaware. Plus, I am out a lot of money only to find, my teeth are damaged, to boot! In summary, “Caveat Emptor” Buyer Beware,

  38. Ok, so I came across an ad that said they would send a 14 day sample whightening pen for the cost of the shipping, $1.80 ish. I knew I had to cancel within a certain period of time or be charged monthly for more. My understanding was that the sample was 14 days and the cancellation had to be within 30 days. I called and the guy stated that the 14 days were up and they had already charged $88 to my card. When I asked what They were sending and if I could send it back for a refund, he told me the $88 was for the 30 “supply” I already had, the one pen with very little gel in it. I thought this was supposed to be the sample? He continuously interrupted me and first said he would refund half, then he said he would refund the $88, but would still charge me $24.95 for the product I already have. BEWARE of these companys that are sneaky. Not worth it. I paid $2.00 for the same whitening pen with same ingredients and worked great at BigLots.

  39. I ordered the “free” 14-day trial from Pearl E Whites, although I should have known better. My experience was very similar to Diane’s (comment above). I ordered the product on August 18th and received half of the order on August 28th. The final half of the order (whitening pen) arrived on August 30th. On August 30th, Pearl E Whites attempted to charge my credit card $89.45. On September 1st, another attempt to charge my account was made. Both were declined because I use a “cash” card that I can reload for exactly these types of purchases, and I am happy that I do.

    When I purchased the free trial, I was informed that I would be receiving an email confirmation for my order. That email never arrived. The pen never did dispense any gel and was not functioning. The gel tube, trays and brightening light came in a shipping box with a shipping statement and inadequate instructions for use. None of the shipments included any information about the trial period or any details of our agreement or consumer obligations. When I contacted Pearl E Whites, the representative was not interested in hearing my complaint and repeatedly interrupted me with another offer to discount the product. When I declined, she attempted to charge me another month’s fee for the shipment I received. That’s when it got ugly.

    I have trashed that cash card and that account is no longer in existence. As for the product, I’m not going to use it because I do not trust the source.

    Buyer beware!

  40. David–Thank you for sharing your experience. Pearl-e-Whites tricked my wife in July. Her card has been charged over $200. For what? A 10ml syringe of gel, mouth plate, mini blue LED light, and a little whitening pen? Ridiculous! When my wife tried to cancel her order, she got attitude from the customer service rep, of course.The rep promised to cancel the recurring charge, but we’ll be watching to see if they actually follow through. And the return instructions are vague. The company is based in Florida, but the returns address was listed in Virginia Beach, VA. This battle may go on for awhile.

  41. This company is as disgusting as any thief can possibly be.

    They sent me the product for $3, and the minute I received it, I called to “cancel” ANY future, related, subsequent, club, membership, monthly, additional (YES, I spelled it out for them by using ALL of these words) and felt that at THAT time, I had effectively blocked the thief.

    I could not have been more wrong.

    They actually took advantage of the fact that I had cancelled. And by take advantage, I mean they figured that since I had called SO quickly, and they had AGREED to cancel my account SO WILLINGLY AND RAPIDLY, that I would be HIGHLY UNLIKELY TO EVEN SUSPECT that they would STEAL $87.68 FOR A WHITENING PEN WORTH $3! Unfortunately, they were correct.

    The thing they did that drew my attention to is was their METHOD of injecting 1/1,000,000th of TRUTH into their transactions by actually SENDING ME ANOTHER stupid tooth whitening pen.

    So I called them seeking a refund. See if you can guess how much of a refund I was THINKING I needed?

    Try $3. Yep, I was thinking “These creeps/crooks/scum have sent me ANOTHER $3 tooth-whitening pen!!

    So, when I angrily asked for a refund, the customer service rep stated “Ok, Mr. _______, I am authorizing a refund in the amount of 87 dollars and 68 cents.”

    Imagine for a moment my surprise. I was actually pleased for just an instant before it sunk in.

    Long story shortER, a quick review of my card account revealed the SAME FRAUDULENT CHARGE 1 month prior.

    So I called back again – this time LIVID, and they then PROMISED not ONE, but TWO refunds to me — 8 days ago. One i have received, and guess what. . .YEP, THE OTHER ONE IS “. . .being processed.”

    This, of course, is a lie. Everyone there knows it. Everyone reading this knows it. And everyone 8 days ago at that company KNEW IT –with one small exception.

    Tomorrow morning, the FBI interstate fraud unit is going to know it, as well as any local, state and federal agency responsible for the states of Georgia (where they SHIP THE FRAUDULENT PACKAGE FROM), Virginia (where their CALL center — the site of their fraudulent VERBAL claims is located) and Florida (where I RECEIVED the fraudulent shipment by ordering it on the fraudulent internet site).

    I would have done all this for 6 bucks also, but their boldness gives me extra energy.

    My bank will have no problem dealing with these clowns, and the last time someone did this to me, I was notified by federal authorities of an ACTUAL ARREST — literally hours later.

    Also, I remember seeing something said here about “being nice” and a good warning sign for people to look for in these cases is this: IF you are rude to a LEGITIMATE business person, they will typically NOT tolerate rudeness, but if they DO tolerate rudeness without missing a beat, then you can be CERTAIN that this is standard, boiler-plate robbery/fraud/theft what have you, and you should waste NO TIME contacting the authorities I mentioned above. It’s a slam dunk identification method.

    All that being said, I feel like a fool, but I have no shame in attacking anyone who so boldly steals FOOD from MY child’s mouth. But I harbor NO illusions about the fact that they will CONTINUE their relentless search for huge piles of money with which to fund their Republican candidates, thanks to Antonin Scalia et. al. and the Bushites who brought us Citizens United.

    Do not run from this conflict. Fight it head on and do not give in.

    THEY NEVER will.

    Good luck, but more importantly good phone calls to the FBI Interstate Fraud Units in Florida (or your state), Georgia, and Virginia, and remember, it’s not enough to just get YOUR money back — you need to make the calls for all of the poor trusting souls — kids, the elderly, the disabled — (basically all of the people who do not have the resources, ability or guts to do it — THE SAME people who made Governor Rick Scott rich by stealing from Medicare and Medicaid).

    Regardless of what these dentists are telling you, THIS IS HEALTH CARE FRAUD, plain and simple.

    Put them out of business. Just like ONE person can START a business, so can ONE person bring a business DOWN, AND NEVER, EVER FORGET THAT.

  42. is pearl-e-whites a scam too ?? if so what costs am i looking at if i cancel?? i just ordered last night before reading into these websites . stupid i know !!): please help!

  43. I fell for the scam. Just got off the phone with them and supposedly they are canceling and refund the 2 $90+ changes that hit my credit card yesterday. These people are crooks.

  44. I know for a fact the dollar tree stores and even Walmart sells pens and whitening products for less than even the 3 dollar “trial” fees these sites are charging and that these discounted products that retail stores sell have the same exact ingredients in them as the products that these scam websites have so save yourselves the hassle and trouble and go to the dollar store I personally use dazzling white pens from dollar tree and my teeth are white now. Its like going to the dentist all things take time and continued use there is no cheap easy fix unless you pay thousands for veneers so there now everyone can link this post or whatever and stop this fast cheap easy tooth whitening scam and hit them where it hurts most their pocket!!!!!!

  45. I also fell for this scam…I ordered and then cancelled on July 29th, 2014, from Pearl-e-Whites. However, I started receiving magazines, that I knew I had not ordered. Well today, someone from that magazine company called me about a promotion they were having for discounts on the magazine. I asked them how they got my information, and didn’t know how I was paying for magazines that I had not subscribed to. I have no time for magazines, being a teacher and a full time college student. So then they said it was from my order of Pearl-e-Whites. I was like I ordered that a long time ago, and they are saying it’s from August 11, 2014. They then say, that if i want the promotion, it’s a discount on magazine for 60 MONTHS! It’s already been 9+ months, and if I agree to the discount, the 60 Months starts over again. I asked them how I could cancel, and they said they could not cancel it. They said they did not have my credit card information, but they knew exactly how my name appeared on my credit card. 60 months to me a car time period, and I can’t not afford to be paying for some dumb magazines for a whole 5 YEARS! I’ve tried just about everything to get the to cancel this account, but they say there is no way I can, because they called me and said I agreed to it. I DID NOT RECEIVE A PHONE CALL, NOR DID I AGREE TO ANYTHING! I’m really upset that they are not listening to what I am saying. The magazine company’s name is DISCOUNT MAGAZINES NOW and they gave me a customer service number, but of course, they are closed on the weekends. So now I’m stuck trying to figure out if they will help me when I call them back on Monday. The number I was given 877-398-7824. I have not opened the Pearl-e-white kit, and when I finally opened it today, after receiving the phone call, I called the number for customer service on the paper, and it’s the exact same voices I heard from the DISCOUNT MAGAZINES NOW.

    Has anyone else experienced this, and what happened? They won’t even tell me what debit card they have on file for me. I know that I have a different debit card number now, than when I “ordered” from them, so how are they still receiving payments?

  46. Who is Bradley Lynch? Supposed to be a dental consultant they didnt even know who he is, ordered one trial from pearl-e whites and got billed from then aswell as a bill from brilliant whites who I never spoke to, and charged US dollars. Stay away from them its a scam for sure and if anyone knows of this Bradley Lynch please post where I can get hold of him would love to have a word..

  47. I was also apart of this scam. I didn’t see anywhere that they would bill my account after 10 days of not canceling for an extra $129.24. But fortunately for me I was able to claim fraudgilance on my account & have the funds reimbursed by my bank. If you see this ad anywhere stay AWAY! I’m done with online ad shopping period.

  48. I was also apart of this scam. I didn’t see anywhere that they would bill my account after 10 days of not canceling for an extra $129.24. But fortunately for me I was able to claim fraudgilance on my account & have the funds reimbursed by my bank.

  49. I should have googled it first. My scam is called Pearl White and some how they even have a “magazine” subscription service. I’m going to put a stop on my account from them. Do you have their phone number? I didn’t know if Everbrite was the same company. Thank you!

  50. I am struggling to get my funds back from both of these companies. The pearl-e-whites I was unable to contact in time (doesn’t answer the phone). They double billed and they caused $385 in overdraft fees and my bank will not cover. I have asked for reimbursement, but most likely will not get it. The second company I returned the item for a refund, but have not seen the credit hit my account for the $92.87. So basically I’m out $500 and nothing to show for it. Be careful! I don’t know what to do next

  51. I used this product and after 15 seconds I felt intense burning and pain. I took the trays out and I had severe burns over my gingiva that turned into white blisters! All this within seconds! I cannot believe that this company not only scams people but sells a dangerous product as well. Please do not use!

  52. So glad I checked google for a review and found this!!! I almost ordered it thinking it was legitimate bc it was endorsed by Suddenlink!!! THANK YOU so much for taking the time to save us from this scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I registered for a trial with Belle at home and ssivory, you needed to purchase the 2 for the effect. I did not realise, nor was it made clear the monthly subscriptions would be coming out of my account.
    The delivery address for the products was my work address, as was my email. shortly after applying I move jobs so unbeknown to me the parcels kept being delivered and if there was any emails I did not receive them.
    I have now retrieved what I believe are all the parcels but am £909.71 out of pocket! (£563.71 with Bella at home and £346 with SSivory) I believe I have now cancelled them but can anyone help me to retrieve this money as I have all the products to return? I can’t believe I was stupid enough to fall for it but it does not make you aware of what they intend to do from the start. – Please help!

  54. Guys please take my candid advice , They are scammers they won’t ship any product to you after payment . Pearl-e white is a scam , I had a bitter experience with them . I ordered the trial product and made payments but never got the item I paid for .

  55. Earlier today I had an encounter with these people via telephone. I cancelled my subscription within the 14 day trial period. Two charges from them went on my credit card and today I called to find out why. I was told I had agreed to these charges. In other words, she was telling me that I had agreed to pay almost $200 for a product I had called to say I didn’t want. She said she couldn’t credit back the charges because the accounts were closed. When I said I would notify my credit card company, she was suddenly miraculously able to credit the charges back, but that there would be a $49 processing charge. I said Thank you very much, and immediately called my credit card company to challenge the charges. They will credit the amounts back to my account, charge no interest on them, and put stop payments on both charges.


  56. I am suffering from a scam website which name is ClubWhiteSmile. The same way to scam me. I really should have googled it as well as I enter my credit card payment!!! Im so sorry for my stupid!!

  57. Many saloons offer teeth whitening with a gel and a light. I don’t know the name of the process. Locally I paid 69$ and lightened my teeth 3 shades. Much more peace of mind then all the Internet scams, and cheaper than the dentist.

  58. I would like a venue to warn people about Action Pro White and BellaAtHome teeth whitening. I ordered the trial of Action Pro White and automatically got charged by each company separately, a small shipping fee for their trials. Two charges on my credit card. Then I came across information that these companies are scams. Additionally, I came to realize that I have 14 days to return the product but I was informed at the end of my order that I would receive the product within three weeks. I phoned within two hours of my initial order to cancel it. I got an automated voice that told me, in addition to the 14 day option there was another a quick refund possibility where I do not have to send the product back but have to pay about $28. No other options were provided by the automated message. I got through to a human being. He offered a third refund option where I have to pay $10. This was only for Action Pro White. I did not investigate what the other company wanted.
    Unfortunately I told the Pro White human voice that I do not want to pay anything to cancel my order and I will be cancelling my credit card. I signed up for a credit card same company with a different number but if the companies change my card within 5-7 days before my new card arrives, there is no way to stop the charge.
    The credit card co. said they could investigate the charge but I imagine I agreed to something in the fine print of my order so that the charge would be considered legitimate by the credit card co. So I am waiting and hoping for the next 5-7 days. Pro White has my address so they will probably send me paper bills. This has destroyed my serenity for today.

  59. BE Aware of illumiwhite it’s also a scam free trial to then charge your card with a 60-90 dollars fee and when you call customer service a man call Alex it’s pleasend in till you mention the charge and he gets defensive and racist he reply to me that he hopes trump deported my ass

  60. I had signed up for the free trial pearl-e-whites. at a cost of $3.95 for shipping and handling. And after clicking the submit payment they then sent me an email staying that if I didn’t cancel within 14 days I would be charged an additional $129.95 for the next months supply. So as soon as I got the whitening pen I called and canceled my subscription. But of coarse I also had to pay another $14.95 just to cancel my account. This is for sure a scams. No where in the add did it say that if I didn’t cancel my order before 14 days I would be charged way more until after I paid for the shipping and handling. This shit is such a joke.

  61. What infuriates me even more than being scammed by this company is that Costco either sold my email address or gave access to my email address for Smile Pro Solutions/Phoenix who did scam me. I actually read everything presented to me prior to ordering the $1 trial offer, specifically to see whether they automatically collected full price after a certain amount of time, which is normally a month if they do, and found nothing, which is why I went ahead and ordered the trial. A week later, I checked my account, as I do weekly, and found that they had deducted $92.86 from my account. I immediately called the bank to stop payment, but because it was “pending,” I couldn’t. I called Smile Pro Solutions only to be connected to someone whom I couldn’t understand about 90% of what he was saying. The representative first offered to knock off 35%, then 65%, then 75% and finally, after threat of a law suit, offered 100% to be refunded once they received the return of what was left of the product, even gave me a confirmation number, with instructions to immediately follow on how to return and where to return to. Three days later and I still haven’t received the email with a return address. (Silly me, I didn’t save the packaging with a return address.) This morning I searched for the website that I used on Friday to find the phone number and couldn’t find it…thank goodness for call logs.
    This is a scam folks; see a dentist and don’t trust snake charmers online.

  62. Of course it is a scam from corporations unregulated by a govt that has been told to stop protecting Americans – now we protect the oil, and people around the globe – just not U.S. citizens.

    U.S. citizens are at war with a govt handing out guns to sociopaths with 100 round clips so they can kill you – all under the republucan conservative guise of freedom – now they have help from the political center’s high priestess – The Whore Of Wall Street Hillaryous J Trumpclinton.

    At any rate – go to your bank ~ report fraud activity and they should alliw you to fike a report AND get refunded fir what was stolen from their bank.

  63. Oh boy me too.I just cancel my order befor my 14 days with Truebrilliance.This must be a scam to bc how do you a free trial if you still have to pay.They did give me a confirmation # but I’m still thinking they will still Bill me. Gosh I feel soo sad.Does anyone know if Truebrilliance is one of them bc they are doing the same thing here.Or is it the newer scam?I would be so mad if they just give us products that work or even tell us up front about things who would be mad at that.This makes me sick.I wish I have found you earlier :(!!!!Do you think I can still get my money back still?I am still within my 14 days still. HELP please?

  64. Savvy post , Just to add my thoughts , if your company has been searching for a IRS Instruction 1040-A , my colleagues found a fillable document here

  65. Add Pro-White and/or First Class Whitening to your list of misleading product offers. I responded to a “gift” offer for a trial package only to read further that it included a contract for continuous supplies of their product. I cancelled the order that very day & received a confirmation message assuring me that I would only be responsible for the trial package supplies – $9.41. The credit card company alerted me to a new charge of $94.31 , which I refused. Called the company and got the run-around, claiming that I had to return the trial package for a refund !! Either they employ a weird kind of math or somebody is cheating. I had already agreed to pay for the trial package at the price they quoted – $9.41. I have saved all of the on-line correspondence and plan to notify the FTC, the FDA and the Better Business Bureau as well as the State Attorney of Nevada about their deceptive and possibly fraudulent business practices.

  66. I saw in their email that they were planning to charge my card in a month for the $169 and the $119 for the other product. I cancelled immediately. They were stubborn about it and finally agreed to only charge me $59 for what they already sent me. I informed them that, if they did, I would sue. They agreed to not charge anything beyond the S&H that they had already charged. We shall see.

  67. Just got off the phone w these parasites. Argued until they agreed to refund the $119. I think you could get a tube of gold that big for less money! Such unethical business practices. Here’s to hoping they’ll go bankrupt quickly!

  68. True Brillance is a SCAM. Free trial for $3.95 except they billed my credit card $119.00 When I called they said I could keep the product & they would only charge me $89.00 I said NO that’s not right. They said I should have read the fine print. Finally said they would refund the $119.00 if I agreed to pay $29.00 So I agreed to do so to save$90.00 They are scammers. Don’t order anything from them.

  69. The scam is when you call to cancel they try to charge you $29.95 to keep the product you already had received. If you don’t accept that they will back down to $19.95 for return shipping on the remaining product.

    Don’t accept that. Raise your voice and tell them you already threw the product away. Here’s my experience.

    I received the product, it didn’t work, so I called to cancel. Initially I was told I could cancel and a $29.95 charge would appear on my card for the product I had already received. I told them there was nothing in the original offer that mentioned any charge for cancelling. So they moved to a $19.95 charge for shipping the remaining product back. I got very loud and told them I would not pay anything and that I had thrown the product away. It was only at that point that they closed the account without any charges.


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