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An Alternative to Suing Your Dentist: Peer Review

Have you ever had a major inconvenience that was caused by your dentist?  Sometimes dentists do make serious mistakes.  When they do, they should be open and honest with their patients.  However, not all dentists do tell their patients when they mess up.

United States Supreme CourtWhile most dentists are pretty reasonable if you take the time to talk to them about it, some are not.  Certain dentists not only think that they are perfect and never make mistakes, but they also think that they are always right.

It is those kinds of dentists that many people may feel the urge to take legal action so that they can make the dentist pay for the wrong that was committed.

Legal Action Can Be Complicated

Many times, however, legal action is too time-consuming and money-consuming to warrant taking any legal action.  For example, on the Free Advice forums, a woman told the story of how a dentist may have drilled too close to the pulp tissue in her daughter’s tooth.  Her daughter subsequently needed a root canal treatment and a crown.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t share all of the details of her story, but you have to wonder whether or not she tried to get the dentist to give her a free root canal treatment with a crown.

Before attempting to bring legal action against a dentist, it is important to ask yourself if the dentist was truly careless and negligent or if the dentist simply didn’t fulfill your expectations.

If you believe that the dentist truly was negligent, then you have two options:

  1. You can bring legal action toward the dentist (arbitration, lawsuits, etc.)
  2. You can go through peer review.

It would be nearly pointless to sue the dentist over a procedure that would only cost $1500 as the legal fees could end up being more than that.  This is where peer review can come in handy.

What is Peer Review?

Jerry Taintor, in his book The Complete Guide to Better Dental Care, defines dental peer review as follows:

A review of a case by a special committee of volunteer dentists from the local dental society, usually at a patient’s request.  The purpose of the review is to resolve disputes between a dentist and a patient regarding the quality and/or appropriateness of the dental care provided.

Peer review is a simple process that allows patients a quick, simple, free way to discover whether or not negligence occurred by having experienced volunteer dentists review their case.  The dentists that serve on the peer review board will examine the patient’s file that the dentist has on record as well as any x-rays.  They may even wish to examine the patient to get a better idea of what exactly what happened during the course of dental treatment.

How to Get Started with Peer Review

If you are interested in peer review, you will need to get in contact with your local dental society.  Every U.S. state and territory has a dental society.  You can find a list of the dental societies as well as their websites and contact information at this page of dental societies on the American Dental Association’s website.

What Dentists Have to Say About the Peer Review Process

A North Carolina prosthodontist (a specialist in crowns, bridges, dentures, and other types of prosthetic teeth) had the following to say about the peer review process:

As a peer reviewer, I have seen colleagues who have truly committed malpractice however they are unwilling to admit their errors to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict with their patient. They would rather force the patient into litigation on the chance that the patient would not have the financial means to sue them. What ever happened to ‘do no harm’ and keeping the best interest of the patient in site?

Interestingly enough, it seems that most of the dental professionals that are unhappy with the peer review process are general dentists that may not be too experienced.  A general dentist that practices in Nevada even gave the following unprofessional and immature statement about the dental professionals that voluntarily serve on peer review boards:

The weenies that are anal enough to be on most peer review committees are so frightened to confront the combative patient that they typically ALWAYS side with the patient no matter how ridiculous the situation.

Of course peer review does have its disadvantages.  There may be potential conflicts of interest if the patient or dentist is a friend of one of the dentists serving on the peer review board.  However, as one endodontist stated, peer review is far better than getting involved in our complex judicial system.

Transparency is the Best Policy

I have read about many dental malpractice lawsuits and wrongdoings.  I think that this has been very beneficial to me as a dental student and a future dentist.

In two years, when I become a dentist, I will strive to fully explain each procedure to my patients as well as the risks and benefits associated with each treatment option.  If I make a mistake, I will make it right.  I believe that having satisfied patients contributes to the success of a dentist more than anything else.

I believe that if health professionals were to communicate better with their patients and develop a relationship of trust and understanding, that we would see a dramatic decline in the number of health-related lawsuits.

What Do You Think?

Do you wish your dentist was more up-front about a certain procedure?  Have you been involved in peer review or a lawsuit?

Please leave any comments you may have below!



  1. I have just gone through a dental review and it is a great big joke. The dentist that was assigned to my case pratices in the same town as the dentist that I had a complaint against. I was complete honest with him when he first contacted me to say he would be handling my review. I asked him if he feels he could not be biased based on the fact that they pratice in the same town then I would like another dentist. He assured my he would deliver an unbiased opionion. The dentist in question charges over $26,000 for dental work for implants and crowns that are now falling out my mouth. When the dental review dentist called back he said he had examined the medical record and x-ray and could prove no neglience on the dentist part. He said that I grind my teeth too much and that is why the teeth are coming out.

    • I am sorry about your experience with the peer review system, Potenza. I have never personally been involved in it. It seems like it would be better if they had more volunteer dentists to offer their opinions.

      It’s tough to spend so much money for dental work that doesn’t function. Did the dentist offer to give any of the money back?

      Did your dentist know that you grind your teeth before he placed the implants? It isn’t a good idea to insert implants when a patient grinds because the implant teeth are hooked solid into bone and don’t have any elastic rebound like a natural tooth with its associated periodontal ligament.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

      • How do you find out if your dentist was involved in court cases ,is there a website ? And where do I go for a peer review in virginia ?

    • An Inside Perspective….
      As the wife of a Dentist who was on Peer-Review and a former Dental Professional myself, the community is small and most of them socialize with one another continuously.

      I have to agree with Potenza except the statement its a small town, small town, large town, major metropolis it is the local dental society that makes every place a small dental community.

      From the inside: It is impossible for these guys to impartially review their peers !!!!!!

      • I recently had a root canal, but during the procedure my endodontist drilled through a very expensive bridge and broke the supporting tooth on the bridge in two. Do you recommend asking the endodontist to help with the cost of the new bridge or is it a ridiculous thought? He felt bad and I would never sue him. I would appreciate your perspective!

        • Hi Maria, I am a Dentist in Australia.
          I would suggest that if the dentist had pre warned you that breaking the tooth/bridge was a risk, then you should accept this consequence as an inherent complication of treatment.
          However, if you were not pre-warned, you can certainly ask for some assistance or discount for the root canal or fixing the broken tooth.
          Most health professionals tend to be in the healthcare profession because they are caring people and want the best for their patients. Its refreshing to see that you are not acting malicious at all, your fairness and level headedness will work in your favour and the dentist would be more likely to come to a mutual understanding as a result.

    • I have just completed three months of my life with unethical peer review process. The dentist knew all the people on the peer review committee. During an appeal I presented a letter from my current treating dentist which outlined and fully documented his findings and the condition of the work he is replacing. The peer review was abusive in that the chairman attacked my treating dentist as though he were some paid, ambulance-chasing expert witness. I had prepared for a hearing. The evening was not a hearing but rather a ‘telling.’ The had absolutely no interest in quality of care. This process is a disgrace and needs to be brought before the public so that patient’s don’t waste their time. I really resent the waste of my time on a false promise of impartial hearing more than the $12,000 I have lost in substandard, dishonestly represented patient care. This is a huge potential problem for future patients. With improvements in dental technology and increase in older population the consumer is a great risk. Everyone and his brother has a shingle out saying they are cosmetic dentists when, in fact, many have only taken a weekend course. The consumer has very few recourses available.

      • I am so glad I am not the only person noticing this.
        The dentists have no oversite.
        I once called the dental peer review and had a representative yell at me
        and defend the dentist for a really strange reason.
        It is a legal dilemma that the consumer has zero recourse.
        If you go to small claims, you need a dental expert at 6K and small claims award go up to 5K.
        Not sure what the consumer can do about this.
        I have lost so many teeth via root canals, crowns, and implants from dental error.
        Haven’t been able to chew on right side of mouth for some time.
        It is wild wild west when it comes to some dentists taking responsibility.

  2. Thanks for the helpful information, because peer reviews is something that’s new to me. It sounds pretty good as an alternate to legal actions against dental offices, because dentist do make mistakes. They are human.

    Keep the great article post coming – very different type of topic

    • Nonsense! The purpose of them is to defuse the situation and tell people they don’t have a case and watch over their colleague’s backs.

  3. There is no such thing as dental peer review. It is an internet hoax. When you go to a dentist you are putting your life, your health and your bank account at incredible risk. I lost thousands and thousands of dollars to dental scam artists, and I now know what I should have done. Here is my tip: study the online court records of your county and all surrounding counties that a negligence case would have been filed. You will find that the bad dentists have very long negligence cases which were ended by the Plaintiff before a trial because the Plaintiff ran out of money and patience. You will probably also find that they did the same thing to their spouse in a divorce proceeding. Do NOT go that office. Period.

  4. Hi Tom:
    I recently went through the dental peer review board and I must say,that they have restored my faith in humanity. It wasn’t quick,and you must follow through,but they were fair,honest and proved to me that even in these crazy times when you feel nobody remembers the meaning of integrity and accountability they made sure,that I was treated fairly and ordered the Dentist to reimburse me the entire amount for poor dental work. It sounds to me like Potenza didn’t go through the peer review board. If she had, she would have been given the opportunity to have their dentist examine her teeth. No decisions are made over the phone. As far as the dentist’s on the board living in the same county as her dentist.This is how the system is set up. I intend on writing the peer review board and thanking them for their fairness and professionalism in the way they handled my case.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Julia. I think that most dentists who volunteer to be on peer review boards are honest and have the objective of restoring the public’s faith in the profession of dentistry. I’m glad you got your money back, nobody should have to pay for poor dental work. I hope your next dental experience turns out a lot better!

  5. I went through a peer review due to bridge work not being properly seated, after continually complaining to the dentist and he refused to listen, I consulted other dentist to examine my mouth , each one said that the bridge work needed to be completely replaced. I was told about the peer board and I did meet with them, each Doctor was in agreement that the Dentist should refund all of my money , he still refused , he only offered $1000 out of $7000 , presently we are in a malpractice law suit and he is being investigated by the board.

    • HI Dianne – Thanks for sharing your experience with the peer review system. That is unfortunate that the dentist didn’t agree to refund the money. Hopefully everything will work out and you’ll get the quality bridge that you deserve. Thanks for your comment, Dianne!

      • Absolutely. Stating the obvious.
        So what good is peer review if dentists are not obligated to abide by the findings?

    • How do you do a lawsuit? I was trying one in small claims but case got dismissed cause I didn’t have a dental witness which costs more than the awards of a small case. The dentist refused to settle prior to the case, knowing it would be dismissed, so curious how you could do a malpractice law suit. The dentists have deep pocketed malpractice insurance that in this case provided him with an attorney.

      • Hi Lucille, search online for a few dental malpractice attorneys in your area and call them. With luck you can find one who will take your case. Some of them do not charge you at all upfront – they will just take 30% of whatever settlement they get for you. Good luck! I do think it is important to get a real lawyer who knows how to file all the paperwiork that will be needed. Also, don’t get any repair work done before the lawyer has you examined by his or her experts – you don’t want to destroy the “evidence” of the poor job.

  6. Hi Diane:
    If your dentist is legit and is a member of the American Dental Association,he or she has signed an agreement,that what ever the findings of the peer review board, in disputes with patients, that they will comply with their decision. If they don’t,they can be penalized and charges brought including their loss of membership within the Association. The peer reviews findings in the patients favor,carries weight if you do have to file a suit.The board will not suggest you take less than what you payed for.Best of luck to you.

  7. Recently I had a wisdom tooth pulled and several fillings. On my second visit to the dentist and during the shot to numb my jaw, I immediately felt that something wasn’t right. Initially I though the numbness needed time to wear off. A few days later I phoned the dentist to let them know I was in pain, my jaw wasn’t opening normally. I knew I would have to wait a while before things would be back to normal but I was feeling like my jaw was out of aignment, I had a bitter taste in my jaw and I couldn’t open my mouth the way I was able to prior to getting the shot. Almost two months later, I still have problems opening my mouth. For more than a month I called the dentist office trying to get an appointment. The staff kept telling me they didn’t have an opening. I felt like they really didn’t care about my discomfort. Finally, I went without an appointment, they still didn’t want to have the dentist examine me to see what the problem was. Only after I threatened to get an attorney did they see me. Is it normal to not be able to open your mouth after fillings or an extracted wisdom tooth? Do you think I have a case?

  8. Hi im 15 years old and im really pissed off at my dentist.
    About a month ago, I noticed I had a bump on my gum and whn i pushed it pus and blood came out.
    Last week I had a dental cleaning because I just had my braces taken off and the hygeinist said I was ready to leave. But she didnt see the bump on my gum. So when I told her she said I probably have an infection and to come back next week to see the doc.
    so today, i went to see the doc. I showed him my gum and he looked at my x-ray from DECEMBER.
    It turns out my xray had shown something was wrong in my gums, but the dentist wasnt ENTIRELY SURE whether it was an infection or sonething else with my nerves BACK IN DECEMBER.
    problem is, they didnt check up with my gum after that even though they spotted a potential infection.
    So now that the infection has continued it was more apparent that I had an infection because now I have pus coming out of my gums.


    SO, theoritically, if I had not told the hygeinist myself that I thought something was wrong ith my gum, the infection would be left there, and eventually, my tooth would be lost forever. Thank god I told them myself before it was too late, I can still save my tooth by having a root canal next week.
    But im still very angry, I feel the dentist was negligent. any advice on what to do? Do you think I could get a free root canal?

  9. 4 months ago I got a few fillings done. 1 filling was a little achy and I told the dentist the next time I went in so he did a little adjustment. Not too long after that I started getting Migraines every day all day and I developed Globus in my throat and very stressed jaw and throat muscles. I went to multiple doctors and specialists. I had a ct scan and an MRI and tons of different medication. Noone could truly figure it out. After researching online about my symptoms I saw that I should contact my dentist. So I did that and saw a different dentist rather than the one who did my fillings. He looked at my fillings and was quite upset with the work that was done. He told me that my fillings were set too high making my teeth clang together causing me to bruise the ligaments which made my nervouse system around my jaw and throat to go crazy. He fixed them and put me on some mess and I feel much better. Should I take action against the other dentist for all the medical bills and pain and discomfort I went through? Thoughts anyone?

  10. Dear Tom,
    I took my 2 year old daughter to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and checked out. I noticed her teeth looking like she grinded them in her sleep, I also caught her doing so. The dentist office I went to looked at her teeth and agreed she did grind her teeth, but were not degading yet. So they sent us home and about a month or so later I notice them decading and my poor daughter complaining about them hurting. I took her back to the dentist they decided to put caps on her teeth the next day. I wanted them to put white on her, well they said they couldnt do white because her teeth were too small, so they did silver. In this whole process they didnt put my 2 year old daughter under they just shot her one time in the gums, knowing that it dont just take one time. They started drilling my daughters teeth with her sruggling to get away, then the doctor would walk away, leaving the room constaintly and coming back. Now with in three weeks my daughter has a bacterial infection in her throat to where she cant eat or drink and has these bumps on her lip and tounge. Its so painful for her that her regular doctor put her on a loratap. Next week they are saying if its not better they are hospitalizing her, can you please help me to figure out what I need to do. For my daughters sake.
    Thanks Evelyn

    • Hello evelyn,

      I think your daughter has an infection, could be viral or bacteria. You should take her to see the doctor/dentist.

      • That was genius answer.
        I think she already knows her daughter has an infection, as they want hospitalize her! And they put her on a narcotic!
        Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure she was looking for recourse, not an obvious diagnosis.

    • AT two years old when a child is grinding her teeth , you should have gone to the pharmacy first because it could have been worms, in her system, if she is on to much sweets or candy that could make her grind her teeth at night. The pharmacy would recommend a worm medicine to give to her to expel the worms, and that would have stop the grinding of the teeth. Not saying that her teeth needed all this dental work ,but something surely is not right.

      • Worms!? I’ve never heard of such a thing as WORMS causing kids (or anyone) to grind their teeth?
        Is this common? Why is not talked about more? How is this mom suppose to know to talk to her PHARMACIST (of all people!?) about her daughters teeth grinding?

  11. I recently had some work done at a clinic that involved a root canal. Now I do not enjoy needles in my mouth and I was really anxious about a root canal so I brought my headphones. Throughout the procedure I could hear the dentist speaking and would at time pause my music to see if he was talking to me-and he wasn’t-but he knew I had my headphones on so I figured if he was talking to me he would tap on my arm or something. Anyways, the procedure sucked because the hygienist or assistant did not rinse my mouth very well and i ended up getting cuts in the back of me mouth from filling pieces that had been stuck back there during the hour long ordeal. On top of that they didn’t complete it and I was under the impression that I was returning for the crown etc. It ended up being over a month until my next appointment. I ended up not going back to that office due to lapse of coverage and opted to go to a dentist closer to home. He informed me that I had a file in my canal. The original dentist did not tell me this. I went to an endodontist who confirmed the file, completed the root canal and informed me that I need a PA surgery to get to the end of the canal that is blocked by the file. I went after the original dentist simply to get the second RC and the PA paid for-but in my chart it says he informed me of the complication. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but if my dentist says the word complication I am going to ask questions. He also wrote in my chart that the success depended on my timely return-again something he never said and I had even tried to get in sooner but there were no spots available (unless I was in extreme pain, then I had to come in before office hours and it is first come first serve) anyways, he did not note that I asked what things I needed to do or avoid and how I was told not to floss. I am so angry about this. This has been dragged out since April of this year and I don’t know what I can do. The chart says he told me but I never heard that because I would have asked a lot of questions. So either he is lying and didn’t tell me or he told me when I had my headphones on. What kind of dentist doesn’t explain the complication anyway? Am I screwed because the notes says he told me?

  12. Dear Tom, I went to a dentist had some work done. Well I new something was wrong when I had a filling done on my eye tooth. I keep feeling pain a week later, three weeks later. So I go back to the office to speak with him. His assistant takes an x-ray goes in the room he’s in and whispers Todd is here. Then he comes in the told looks at my tooth and says I didn’t do that! I told him this was the last thong you did on my mouth and he also worked on my daughter and son. I told him how dare you I out my life and my children’s hand and you can’t own up to what you’ve done. His assistant said Todd I called the cops. Can you believe this guy and his office. I haven’t been to any other dentist for work and my insurance shows this, so my question is who did the work and why is my tooth falling out. I currently do not have insurance I recently lost my job, so I do not have insurance anymore. I don’t have money to pay for it out if pocket and he doesn’t have any ethical or moral responsibility. I haven’t been able to eat properly cause if the pain and not to mention I have to interview with this tooth that is hanging longer than my two front teeth.I .mean these are my front teeth. Please help!

  13. ok so i had 8 tooth extractions as a child followed by braces. i suffered phyical and mental injuries. my parents signed the agreement. basically waived all my rights making my ortho have no liability for my injury. so i have to do arbitration or peer review? which is better? also i’ll need experts opinion so who should i choose orthodontist or prosthodontist. prosthos rely on scientific evidence, orthos dont.

  14. Hi,

    Due to dentist’s “below standard of care”, I lost a tooth. I filed a lawsuit; however, it is becoming extremely expensive. If I dismiss the case, can i file for a review or is it too late?

    Thank you so much

  15. On December 20, 2011, I made a down payment of $1500.00 to get Clear Corrects and it was September 2012 I never received my first set of Clear Corrects. After several months of me calling to see when my first set of Clear Corrects would be in I finally said to the dentist please cancel the process and refund me my money. At first he tried to apologize, saying it was his fault that he had not been following through online like he should have and he had three other patients in my same position no Clear Corrects yet. Oh my I was upset that he told me three others were waiting and to give him time to get my first set in, I am saying to myself it has been since December 2011 when the process started with payment, then March 2012 when you took the first set of pictures, impressions and I had to come back in April 2012 because the pictures were not correct so now the dentist wants more time. I said give me sometime to think and I will get back with you, needless to say I called back the next day and said cancel the clear corrects and refund my money, mind you I left a message and sent an email and received a response in about two days that I would receive a refund, the message was left on my voicemail on a Thursday and of course he is closed on Friday so I call that Monday to ask how much was my refund going to be and when to expect it. Well his secretary called the next day or so to inform me it would about two weeks when I would receive my refund and I said it well be better to mail me a check and she assured me it would be in check form. Two weeks went by I am checking the mailbox everyday no refund so I called Monday morning of the following week left a message and email that I have not received my refund that I want it put on my visa check card by October 2, 2012 or overnight it because the dentist had broken a breach of trust. This got his attention so he called me that Tuesday morning to say do not put me on blast like that and his secretary sent me a receipt showing a refund of $700. I email back for the dentist to call me, I was not happy with the refund I want explanation and my other $800. No response yet, am I right in asking for a full refund?say how much

  16. i have an untrust feeling with my current dentis, where i have been doing by braces for 8 month.
    and i think the way he has been doing is againts the laws such as he let another guy, who isnt a doctor does my theeth and he only take cash(i think for hiding taxes). im not quite sure cause i dont know about the laws.
    so id like to have anyone to tell me where can i call to tell about this clinic and ask them to go to check.
    i tried to go to peer review but i couldnt. if anyone can give me the link or give me some advices about what to do with this, that would be appreciated.

    thank you

  17. Beware of Dr. Jefferson Sims,8801 JM Keynes,Charlotte,NC. This dentist surgical error caused an infection which resulted in 4 days in the hospital with strongest antibiotic cintinually flowing until discharge. Sims was instructed by hospital physicians to remove remaining diseased particles he neglected to remove at time of initial surgery;physicians/nurses also questioned why dentist did not prescribe any antibiotics prior to initial surgery as well. Though Sims admitted to surgical error after being presented with hospital records and actual cat scan; he in fact lied to insurance adjuster and they proceeded to point the finger of blame on me…how in the hell can a patient leave teeth in their own mouth after extraction surgery?????????? he also neglected/refused to complete services he received $7000 to do so. According to an out of state dentist the dental peer review board basically sides with dentist regardless so I have to resort to other actions to receive justice…BEWARE OF THIS DECEIVING SMILING FACE AND HIS STAFF

  18. I e had two peer reviews and won both cases. One was for $58,000 and the other $2700. It works if you go to honest, high quallity dentists who dont want to look bad to their peers by stating unethical findings. Make sure you only go to expensive dental offices.

    • Johnny..

      even though you experienced this dental event a few years ago. Can you read my email (Votaire) that I wrote yesterday. How shall I proceed. The dentist who did the damage was expensive.
      However, just terrible experience after spending amost 44,000.00 dollars.
      I would be so appreciative of any advice on how to begin for reimbursement.

  19. Hi, I had two root canals done in 2007 and my dentist did the buildup and crowns after the root canal treatment was complete. As far as I knew, all things were well and in place like they should’ve been. Fast forward to 2012, and after moving around a couple of times and having a few different dentists (county dental, FQHC dental for low income) I finally was able to get a good dental insurance plan and see a private dentist. This new dentist did the full series of xrays and developed a treatment plan. She noticed that the margins on the two teeth were basically open to letting stuff in and she wanted to redo the crowns. I had two other more immediate issues that were causing pain that had to be managed, and with only $1000 of coverage per year, you sort of have to make the tough decisions. So finally, this year I was closer to being financially ready to handle this crown replacement. After asking some more questions about how this happens (because I had literally just finished paying the 2007 bills in 2012!) and why it was necessary, I was made aware that the dentist who placed the crown on the buildup really just didn’t do a good job. She’s on a peer review team and said that if she were doing the peer review, she’d have that dentist pay for it to be redone. Unfortunately, the dentist who did the initial crowns is not a member of the dental association, so they won’t do a peer review. I’m told my only recourse is to basically file a complaint against the dentist’s license. I don’t believe the dentist had ill intent. I just think the dentist didn’t do a thorough job in the process and now I’m left having to get one molar extracted because it was so decayed and get an implant, and the other molar with a crown lengthening and recrown. The procedures are thousands of dollars more than expected, mostly because now I have to go to a periodontist for services. I practice good hygeine and love getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months.

    I’ve reached out to the offending dentist requesting assistance with paying for retreatment and she said she’s not responsible. I’m a 28-year-old single mom who is self-employed and I don’t have the cash reserve to handle this dental work cost alone. If I filed a lawsuit requesting she pay the expenses (at least 50%) is it enough to have another dentists opinion from looking at the xrays and my dental records?

    • I had same issues with a dentist that made multiple errors to multiple teeth. I couldn’t afford the dental expert required for the malpractice case and no lawyer will take a “small fries case” due to the costs. Of what I know you can still file it for peer review but as you can see from some of the above postings, oftentimes these peer reviews are biased in favor of one of their own (the dentist). Seems that unless it is some horrendous injury that will net a lawyer lots of money, no lawyer will take the case, and dental experts cost too much. I am really scratching my head as there seems to be no good oversight for dentists, and there is not much consumers can do with negligent dentists who fail the standard of care. Been there.

  20. I’m so thankful that I found this Malpractice discussion. My issue concerns $15.000 dental experience that still haunts me. I think I can safely say that I have taken care of my dental needs above what some would say average dental care. I am 55yrs old and have had good dental insurance through my employment. I have used only the “white” amalgams for any cavity work. For the past ten years I starting having little cavities show up on teeth that already had a cavity. My dentist explained that severe dry mouth and other arthritis concerns was probably causing this to happen. So I asked if this might be a good time to look into possible dentures or the 4 on 4 type of dental work. He thought it would be just as useful to do bridge work. The bridge would take care of 4 teeth on my right side and 4 teeth with a root call with crowns of the left side. I told him my goal is to have nice teeth that would not be different shades of white as they abut each other. The 4 with R/C and metal backing would be separate crowns. So I ended up having only one of my real teeth left on top. One of the crowns snapped off when I took the bridge out. I filed a letter of concern with the Lead Dentist for Gentle Dental. (Pls do not use or identify that name). She was upset that the local Dental office took 3 weeks to send her the information ( I think to make me feel like she was on my side). So to babble on, I asked to be refunded for the expense of adding a new tooth to the bridge even though it was a crown that snapped off and to add a tooth to the bridge would Look like it was a fake tooth. I read several ADA articles that discussed the “standard of care” and “best practice”. I sent that along with my letter to the Lead dentist over customer complaints. She agreed to not charging me for the ugly addition to the bridge. The bridge looked like it was a bridge and I complained to her. So it is a year later after the added tooth affair and I’m still thinking about it. I went to a dentist who did 2 extraction for this bridge fiasco and I told him that he was someone I trusted and so it explained what happened. He said “that bridge cost $15.000 all totaled . He asked me if i talked about other options like a 4 on 4. He told me that the fusion screw and denture would have been around $7K. He suggested to start conversation and then go step by step. I’ve read several responses on the malpractice article. I am going to ask for a peer review for this issue. My point in all of this is with a less expensive procedure I.e.”..4 on 4 or some combination like that I would have nice teeth all one shade of white as opposed to extraction of almost all of my upper teeth to be replaced with two separate replacement options of crowns/root canal and a bridge with teeth of 3 different shades of white/gray. I warn to thank you for your website and information. It really comes down to communication and being on the same page. I foolishly listened to a licensed/certified professional who had by training and experience provided a level of care that I think is below standards of Dental care.

  21. X-rays indicated I needed 2 fillings ……. During the procedure the dentist stated he found 2 other cavities that didn’t show up in the x-rays and
    he would fix those also. He began grinding and working…. After the appt the bill jumped from 400.00 to 1000.00 because he claimed he found 2 new cavities during my procedure. When I got home and looked in the mirror I saw that he ground down one of my front teeth so my front teeth no longer matched and quite embarrassing. ” I had a small chip in one of my front teeth that I had lived with for 43 yrs”… and many dentists over the years have left it alone because it wasn’t that bad. This dentist in the moment, apparently decided he would grind it down and he didn’t even tell me what he was doing…. Then he charged me for 4 cavities even though x-rays showed only 2 ….. A week after the procedure one of the fillings fell out. Two weeks later the other filling fill out. I went to a new Dentist and he informed me that my mouth was a mess from whoever had worked on it last, and he would have to repair the mistakes of the previous Dentist…… I am worried that other unsuspecting people will be victim to the incompetence of a man with little skill and a hunger for the almighty dollar.

  22. I would like to find out more about peer review. My problem is this: I want to sue a dental school for medical malpractice/negligence. The dental malpractice lawyers I have contacted are not taking me seriously, they feel I don’t have a case. I had 3 teeth, 1 needed a filling change, the filling was black, the other 2 teeth had nothing wrong with them, well, all 3 teeth were taken out to have crowns put in. Then on the left side I had a crown put in by a private dentist a long time ago and I paid a lot of money for this, the dental student lied to me she told me I had to have a cavity removed and then she shortened my tooth. I want to be recompensed for this, this is not what I signed up for, they were deceitful.

  23. Dear Tom,
    1.The Second District Dental Society is Peer Review? If so, Will I get financial compensate?
    2.Insurance filed a complaint for me, what do I get from this?
    3.What do I get if I File a complaint to Insurance Frauds Bureau of NY state Department of Financial Service?
    4.Dental Board of NY will revoke Orthodontics’ license, if I file the complain to them?

    My Cigna insurance stated that my daughter’s orthodontist Dr. Thea Shive, license no. 50038527 Manhasset, New York committed fraudulent insurance claims because she exhausted my daughter’s maximum benefit for orthodontic treatment at the first consultation visit. I took my daughter to see her when she is 8 1/2 years old, knowing that she is not ready for wearing braces; I just want to get consultation for her teeth and I had paid the consultation fee for this visit. The insurance asked me to file the complaint to Second District Dental Society of New York so is this called peer review? What do I get from the peer review? Do they help me to get back the rest of money that she refused to pay to my insurance?
    Cigna also asked me to agree for the insurance to file the complaint as well. So what do I get from this complain.

    Dr. Shive also committed negligence treatment or incompetence on more than one occasion for my son’s treatment. She didn’t provide or told us that my son needs to wear retainer after removing his braces. The result is his teeth becomes crooked and space apart. When we requested, she refused to either provide any remedial treatment for our son or compensate us for receiving a treatment by another orthodontist.

    For the case of my son, Cigna said that they can file the complaint against her, but can’t enforce her to return money because Dr. Shive billed them separately and insurance denied this bill. Again, what do I get from this complain?
    My husband is planing to report her fraudulent insurance claims to the Insurance Frauds Bureau of the New York State Department of Financial Service. Again, what will we get from this?

    I just want to let you know that the battle with Dr. Shive about my son’s case has been 6 years and my daughter is 3 years. We did whatever we could to resolve our disputes amicably like talked politely to her at her office, wrote professional explaining letters to her, called her and phone conference insurance with her too. Despite all of these, she refused doing anything except respond letters to us with unprofessional languages which I am sure could be used as evidences against her if we decide to sue her.


    Board Revokes License of Air Abrasion Dentist

    Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    The Wisconsin Dentistry Examining Board has revoked the license of Lee R. Krahenbuhl, D.D.S., owner/operator of the Advanced Care Smile Centers in Appleton and Oshkosh. The board ordered the revocation in July 2004 after concluding that Krahenbuhl had falsely diagnosed 13 cavities in a patient and proposed to charge $1,500 for unnecessary repairs. Case records indicate that the patient became suspicious and consulted three other dentists, each of whom said he had no cavities and needed no dental work. The revocation order states:

    The Board’s Order revokes Dr. Krahenbuhl’s dental license, in part, because there is nothing in the record to suggest that imposing any discipline short of revocation would have a rehabilitative effect on him. To be sure, Dr. Krahenbuhl does not believe that he has engaged in any wrongdoing in this matter. As such, it is extremely unlikely that he would respond to any efforts at remediation. By imposing such a stringent measure upon his license, other patients will be protected from treatment of this kind. Furthermore, the revocation of his license is essential in order to prevent other licensees from engaging in conduct of this nature and to ensure that the public continues to be adequately safeguarded [1].

    The board’s conclusion reflected its concern about Krahenbuhl’s history of misrepresentation:

    In 1991, Krahenbuhl pleaded no contest to three misdemeanor counts of Medicaid fraud and his professional service corporation was convicted of a felony charge of the same offense. He was ordered to pay fines and costs totaling $48,260, donate 200 hours of services to the poor, and complete coursework on business ethics [2].
    In 1993, in response to the criminal conviction, the dental board suspended Krahenbuhl’s license for 30 days.
    In 2002, Krahenbuhl was disciplined in connection with faulty root canal treatment and misrepresenting that an x-ray film was the patient’s post-treatment examination. The dental board suspended his license for six months, fined him $5,000, banned him from doing more root-canal work, and required his practice to be monitored by another dentist for at least two years [3]. He appealed to county and state courts but lost.
    Krahenbuhl appealed the revocation order, which included an assessment for costs of $22,771. In April 2005, the county circuit court upheld the Board but permitted Krahenbuhl keep practicing while he appealed to the state court of appeals [4]. In March 2006, the appeals court denied his appeal [5].

    Various reports indicate that Krahenbuhl was combining air abrasion with the use of a disclosing dye to detect tooth decay. Air abrasion uses a fine-tipped instrument to blast air and aluminum oxide particles that rapidly abrade the tissues to which it is directed. Disclosing dyes can help dentists judge how deep to drill or scoop out decayed areas when preparing teeth for fillings, but they are not reliable for determining whether or not a repair is needed. That requires the use of a probe to detect areas of softness. Dr. Robert Baratz has warned:

    Dental scams occur when . . . caries-detecting dyes are misused. Here a dentist claims that many teeth have caries in the pits and fissures through use of these dyes. The dyes are not intended for this use. The dentist then places inordinately high numbers of unnecessary fillings, having justified the work by the use of the dye. Once the tooth has been cut it is impossible to tell what was previously present [6].

    Fortunately, the patient who complained to the Board about Krahenbuhl investigated while the alleged evidence of wrongdoing was still available. Krahenbuhl said in his defense that he could legitimately find cavities where other dentists could not, but the dental board did not regard this claim as credible.


    Final decision and order after remand. In the matter of the disciplinary proceedings against Lee R. Krahenbuhl, D.D.S., July 24, 2004.
    Lowe E. Dentist’s use of ‘microdentistry’ debated among industry experts. The Post Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin, April 28, 2005.
    Final decision and order after remand. In the matter of the disciplinary proceedings against Lee R. Krahenbuhl, D.D.S. Dec 6, 2002.
    Lowe E. State says dentist’s diagnosis full of holes: Revocation of license upheld after 13-cavity discrepancy. The Post Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin, April 28, 2005.
    Decision. Krahenbuhl, v. Wisconsin Dentistry Examining Board, Appeal No. 2005AP1376, Cir Ct. No. 2004CV771, March 22, 2006.
    Baratz RS. Dental air abrasions systems: Potential for injury and abuse. Dental Watch, April 29, 2005.

  25. June 2014 went to dentist and told 4 top front teeth need crowns..couldn’t afford so option was a partial for those teeth. It is now 11 months later third frame made along with third time teeth of partial fall out on soft foods. I haven’t had a single partial for more than three weeks without something breaking… once less than 12 hours. I haven’t been able to eat properly…mostly soft mechanical for fear of breakage…looking at lawsuit or peer review??? Should I contact my insurance company as well?

  26. Dentists Has their Great profession. They provide more capability & opportunities which is really remarkable for patience.Health is real wealth..Thanks for sharing this site w as more inspiring for me.

  27. I have extensive trigeminal nerve damage, the and loss of some back teeth to my mouth. I need reconstruction. Due to poor dental work, from a dentist, my life has been unbearable for several years. I take pain medication for the damage and see a several doctors. Extra care just has to be taken when I get restorative work done.

    I went to a prominent dentist, searching for a new provider to assist me in some restoration.This dentist has photos all over the place, apparent high ratings and such, that is why I chose to go.

    They said they were going to look into my mouth and the dentist started filing down my good front teeth, without approval from me. I was pretty upset and was told they weren’t sure if they were going to help me. That evening the pain started in one tooth and my bite was made bad in the front now. I certainly did not need any good front teeth worked on, my problem was finding a dentist for a partial for some back teeth and too look at other areas way from my front teeth, just to assess my mouth.

    I called the office the next day, because my bite was bad now and my front teeth had no support. My upper and lower front teeth were grinding and I can’t relax my jaw. They denied any wrong doing, said they were fixing my bite! Well you don’t go in someone with extensive nerve damage and just start filing front teeth down that are in great shape. I always had nice front teeth.

    I had to call a new dentist and made appointment with an endodontist as well, to access what happened. It is serious.

    What can I do? This provider was paid a large amount and damaged my front teeth.

    It’s bad enough I have extensive nerve damage, and this dentist took it upon thereselves to do this to me when looking in my mouth.

  28. Hi I have a question… I had a front crown done and the tooth next to it was damaged. The dentist just took off the corner of the tooth by accident I am guessing. It is my upper front tooth and it looks chipped now. When I asked the dentist what happened he denied doing anything to it, but it looks like the whole lower corner is missing. The dentist is a cosmetic dentist so he should make your teeth look better not worse. Also it hurts when I have something cold or hot. What should I do? Is it serious enough to sue if it affected the look of my smile or not? I have photographs to proof how it looked before and after. Help please any advise is appreciated!!!!

  29. My regular dentist overlooked a cavity under the gumline in my rear left upper molar (#15) for a couple of years, although I kept telling him it hurt more and more when I chewed, and bled when I brushed. On a couple of annual visits, he told me I was fine and sent me away. Finally I made him look more closely, and when he probed under the gum he found a lot of decay. Then he filled it, saying it was almost so bad it would need a root canal. Eight months later, it was hurting again, and he looked again and said the decay had not been stopped.

    So I made him give me my patient records and x-rays, and went to get a second opinion. The second dentist says the tooth has to come out entirely. He also said the decay was visible on the x-rays from two years back.

    If my regular dentist had caught it during my exams when I first told him it hurt, he could have stopped the decay before it ruined the whole tooth. So I wrote to him for a refund of about $800 = his exam fees, filling fee, and the estimated fee (of the second dentist) for extracting the tooth. He counter-offered to refund just the filling charge plus the estimated cost of extraction for a total of $450. So he seems to feel responsible… but in his letter he makes completely false statements to try to cover his mistake: he asserts he told me of the decay years earlier, but *I* refused to act. (I guess he forgot that he gave me copies of his own treatment notes, which clearly contradict his new assertions.)

    I think he should pay me more, since I’m losing the whole tooth due to his mistakes. Also I’m concerned just leaving a hole could cause more problems and make it hard to chew, so I would like to consult a third dentist to see if more work will be necessary.

    I’m considering using the free Peer Review of the Calif Dental Assn. (my regular dentist is a member). But I’m worried his fellow CDA Peer Review dentists will just believe him, and say it’s all my fault, and I won’t even get his $450.

    What do you advise in this situation?

  30. I had periodontal disease and was seen and treated at Shands Dental College in Florida, as a poor graduate student at Baylor Dental College in Dallas, TX (Head of the Department there said he had written a paper re my teeth), and, finally, with a private periodontist in Grand Prairie, TX. The latter put in six successful implants. All went well until I came back to the US from working as a civilian for the Navy overseas (where I routinely was seen by Navy dentist). Prior to going to Italy I was seen twice by a recently retired Navy dentist from the base where I had worked, but when I came back, I couldn’t find him. The extremely competent dentist in Grand Prairie had my teeth cleaned regularly for several years, but after I retired, the trek from where I live now to his office became difficult – I really wanted to find the retired Navy dentist again. One day I discovered he had moved (without any of my records – he and the former dentist he’d been in with were at odds) to within eight blocks of my house. So about four years ago, I made an appointment and began to see him for cleaning and any other of my dental needs. He took no full-mouth x-rays then. He does employ at least eight (I think maybe nine) minions in his one-dentist office. About 18 months ago, I made an appointment for an upper bridge or crowns on my upper front teeth. I had porcelain veneers on two of them and have had those for far longer than I’ve been ever seeing him. Those two teeth felt to my tongue as though I was losing enamel on the back and I wanted it fixed. -I’d told him about that several times. He’d never looked at them in back. When I went in he had a male dental student (intern?) also in the office. He said he wouldn’t do that and that the intern agreed with him (intern never looked at my teeth and was no closer than four feet away from me ever). Still no full mouth X-rays were taken and he did not look at the back of my teeth. I’ve been in at least once since then, but just after Mother’s Day, 2016, while eating a saltine cracker, one of those teeth broke 3/4 of the way off, veneer and all. I went in the next day (fortunately the tooth did not hurt) and was told by him, “Teeth get old and wear out” several times, and, “I didn’t know you had those porcelain veneers” . The first full-mouth X-rays were then taken (at least in that office) and I was referred to a young oral surgeon. He had his entire staff (at least 15 people and his wife who does his billing were standing around) listen as he told me the best thing to do would be to pull all my upper teeth (none of them loose), and anchoring an upper denture on two upper implants, prefacing and ending his remarks with, “I have not talked with your dentist, but I will”. His demeanor, to me, didn’t ring true at all, since the dentist had told me essentially the same thing when I briefly saw him the day after the tooth broke off. Last week I saw an endodontist, referred to him by my Grand Prairie dentist, who said the enamel on my back teeth was decay, not just aging tooth enamel loss. He agreed that anchoring an upper denture to the implants was a good idea, but also said my dental care had not been attended to properly. He DID take X-rays of the tooth stub and the one next to it on that one visit, but charged me only $85.00 for all of it. He then referred me to another dentist near my house to see if my upper teeth could be saved since root canals, which he does, would be extremely expensive and probably wouldn’t help either (I’d told him I do NOT want an upper denture, but also am afraid if and when the other front tooth breaks off, it will hurt, so I’m going to the dentist next week the endodontist has already sent the x-rays to). I’m a retired psychotherapist and read people pretty well – I think the oral surgeon and my erstwhile dentist are in cahoots and lied to me, in addition to the dentist being inattentive and not as competent as he should be. Peer Review, yes???

  31. so my daughter needed braces and 3 fillings, the dentist proceeded to work onmy 10 yr old child without using painkillers first and informed my child if she feels pain to raise her left hand and she would stop, she did and she didnt stop isnt this cause for a lawsuit??

  32. I just got my first real adult job that offered dental insurance. So I went in and they told me I needed a deep dental cleaning and that insurance would cover most of it. I haven’t had a dental cleaning in 7 years while going through school in college. I trusted my dentists’ opinion and went ahead and got it done. My insurance denied that claim because I did not have any root exposure. This would be fraud in my mind, doing unnecessary procedures. How should I approach this issue?

  33. You can’t fix it.. and there is more to the quality of life of a victim of people using patients as guinea pigs for a daggom buck.. Dentists with all their what ever the seem to think they have cannot talk.. They can’t or want explain anything.. and expect you to know every thing.. or They don’t know the field of Dentures they are so fast to push onto people.. destroying lives.. People on these blogs have gone thru hard times with them but there are thousands who have never .. never.. gotten their problems resolved.. The only thing and that won’t happen either is to get them the hell out of pulling teeth and slapping in dentures.. You can have gum disease and they will hype it .. it’ll just come back.. You can have a split tooth all the way to the root and there are far and few that will even tell do.. because its not their field and they will use symptoms to screw you over for bucks.. And you know its true because you know how base man can be .. And people not only have to suffer day and night for years with dentures.. even to slowly changing their features for Head To Feet.. and you are lucky if you find one professional that can fix it.. They will ALL try.. saying they can for Bucks.. Good practice not good enough .. more moula.. or is God like ego.. both!! or pulling one over cause no ones looking or can or will ever be able to hold them accountable and they walk around in their office everyday seeing patients.. like they’ve done nothing wrong.. Don’t Doctors have more accountability seeing Patients?!! Not the dentists.. Dentures Are Not Childs Play! People die… and all because of an Appliance.. If they have the roof too high it changes your whole throat.. and if you take them out after being hammered to … you will die in your sleep from asphixiation and no body will know it was because these idiots who walk around like they know what they are doing .. are pulling your teeth or putting in knew ones… Your throat contstrits because its changed your throat and your dentures maintain it after it happens at least.. you take them out and you are asleep and cannot breathe in and cannot breathe out.. It happened to me.. I slept with them IN MY HANDS!.. Thank GOD.. whether it helped or not come to think of it .. But I woke up.. I woke up!? and could not breathe..I stood up and could not breathe in or out just got stuck both ways.. I am standing there.. knowing if I keep trying eventually I will kill over on the bed and literally dies slowly till I pass out and die or just eventually die a horrid death not passed out.. Then it loosed and I could breath… and put those Life Savers back in..
    Who ARE they .. the Hacks to determine who lives or dies.. whether they know enough about the throat to get an inkling of the possibility or not.. Or pretend they don;t know nothing about no different sizes and the difference it makes or that the way dentures .. effect the throat.. much less how muscles spasms causing facial features to the very feet..They just walk away . . I swear .. I think that;s why that chelshire shit eating grin they do.. and you sit there Helpless and you in the dark because you don’t know their Job! or where to go to get what !? fixed ! They are sworn to do no harm.. even if you don’t die they have harmed Millions.. Prothodontists .. perhaps should Only Have That least you know they are not just out of dental school or what ever else they have under their belt that they think they can do any thing in the denture field .. People are dieing in their sleep and no body knows.. it was these cowboy dentists causing it… Too many on purpose.. Like mine right now .. I told her.. they are too big.. and she just ignores me.. and then deflects to some kind of low key criticizm…and laughs.. Amazing.. Twice I’ve gone thru this.. It is hard to stay hopefull life will ever get easy again.. period.. I wonder if their are people who.. understand what I am saying..because they have been there ..but hopefully gotten a solution..

  34. Peer review is staffed with dentist, never use it.
    1st get all your records by saying to the dentist, you are moving out of state and would like a hard copy of your file to give to a new dentist.
    2nd never tell your dentist what you are going to file a claim
    3rd contact a lawyer, have them explain the maximum value of your claim to recovery fees.
    4th the law is not on your side, only bonus you get is that some states have an “assumed proof” statement in relating to the work done and not a burden of proof
    5th make sure you understand cost vs gain. Even if you think you will get 100 dollars out of it. you should go to court to destroy this dentist and his rep and maybe cause him hardship in his licensing. Odds are they will settle out of court.
    6th if the risk vs reward is not worth it. Take him to small claims court at the very lease. This is a great way to get a payout and to cause the dentist time, money, and effort. Recall this is a person that destroyed you for their gain, do not worry about getting spiteful revenge. I have been damaged by many health providers though they years and every one of them been a slime bag doing this same thing to 100s of people.

    7th do not be taken advantage of by your lawyer, contact the bar and make sure this guy is up to snuff.

    • Herbit…
      Reading dental info you gave last year. Thanks so much for info.
      One thing though….I would like him to send records directly to new I feel he would be more
      “honest” with sending them to another dentist..because he might be in trouble with dental association if he didn’t send correct and all records.

      Do I tell old dentist that I am asking for reimbursement (I spent 44,000.) and teeth and mouth hurts ) before he sends records to new dentist or after? I’m afraid if I warn about reimbursement, he will somehow not send all the records/xrays that might make him responsible for reimbursement. Then that leaves me with the question: Do I just ask him to send records to new dentist..without telling old dentist that based on what new dentist sees as screw ups, etc….I will then ask for reimbursemets….
      Thanks so so much.

  35. After having a successful 6th month dental check up ( dentist told me I had no cavities and everything looked good), the dentist recommended that I get all my silver fillings removed and changed with white fillings because silver fillings contain mercury. I took my dentist advice and got 3 of my fillings redone. About a month after he replaced the fillings, my gums were extremely red, and I had abscess on my gums near the root of one of the teeth that got filled. The dental office told me I needed to get a root canal because the tooth was now dead. The dentist put some cold spray on my tooth and I couldn’t feel it, but when he did it to a different tooth I could feel the extreme cold. The dentist killed my dang tooth! It was fine before he messed with it. Now I have to pay all this money to correct his mistake. I feel as if the dentist should have to pay for my tooth to get repaired, but that’s not going to happen. A root canal and a year and a half later I am still unable to eat on that side of my mouth. Now my NEW dentist is saying that I might have to get the entire tooth extracted, and an implant put in. This mean even more money I have to pay to fix my original idiotic dentist’s mistake. I would like to know if this could be considered malpractice?
    I now believe that the only reason my dentist recommended me to replace my silver fillings was because I had a good 6th month check-up, and the greedy dentist don’t get much money from good check-ups, so they make up work such as getting siliver fillings replaced in order to keep the money flowing from patients who have good check-ups. I talked with other dentists and they stated that this is really nothing wrong with the silver fillings, they last a long time and that they prefer silver filling compared to the white ones. Yes, they contain mercury, but it is in such small amounts. A dentist explained it to me like this: ” Fish that people eat contains mercury, and you are exposed to the mercury in your fillings on the same scale as eating fish” Another Dentist stated, having people replace their fillings with white fillings because of mercury is almost downright unethical. Has anyone heard of this being considered malpractice?

  36. So last week, my wife went to the dentist and had 2 teeth pulled at 10 am. 4 hrs later one tooth was still pouring out blood, so she went back to the dentist and they put some mesh in there to stop the bleeding and sent her home. 3 hrs later again, the tooth is still bleeding. I called the dentist and he said try a tea bag on the opening. If that don’t stop it he doesn’t know what to do and I should take her to the emergency room because the office closed at 5 and it’s 5:05. So I ended up taking her there at 8pm and the ER stopped the bleeding, but I got a $2500 bill. Should the dentist be paying this bill. I feel they should. They are response for pulling the tooth and should have stopped the bleeding.

  37. Hi, I’ve never posted on one of these boards v4 and I want to thank everyone for sharing. It gives so many opinions and insights. My situation is fresh. Like I literally just had my tooth yanked out. I went to a dentist I went to b4 and was in pain. I had a cracked tooth that needed to be extracted but had swollen up and I was coming in to be put on antibiotics and then schedule the extraction. The dentist tells me let me look and your tooth, lays me back and starts poking me with needles. Never said it’s safe to extract. Or made any mention to the fact that he was going to take the tooth. He numbs me and walks away to allow my mouth to get numb. He comes back and it was still not numb. Does a little more leaves for a few. He comes back and I promise it was the most mentally and physically painful experience of my life. (Just some background I’m 30 with two kids and that was horrific) the dentist pried my mouth open with his other hand pushing on my teeth and proceeds to wiggle and go back and fourth to get the tooth. (Seems standard right) well the problem is I could feel everything and was screaming and crying pushing his hand away begging for him to stop. I kept thinking why won’t he just put me under or numb me some more I have money please stop. He had to drill and break the tooth in several parts and I had the biggest headache from screaming and tensing up. He walks out the room when he’s done never returns and the assistant looks just as frozen as i am. The procedure happen at 1 and my wound is still bleeding and it 6pm! I’m now terrified and was given Tylenol 3 rx and I feel like crap. What should I do

  38. I am from Canada, I visited the dentist last year because I had a cavity and my tooth had to be extracted, but the lady dentist kept knocking on my other good tooth, and eventually I had to go back and take that tooth out because she knock it half way out of the socket. Well recently I got another cavity and decided to go and extract the tooth out, and this was another lady dentist, she was also deciding to knock some other tooth that was not paining me and I stopped her immediately, and then she said something like she was just checking the other teeth. So please be careful if you do not need to go to the dentist, please do not, they tell you that your bone is breaking and all sorts of things, well how come the bone in only receding in your jaw and not in other parts of your body. The dentist can be a rip off to make money on people’s teeth. The name of the dentist is called TERRY PAPNEJA AXIS DENTAL IN Brampton ONTARIO CANADA.

  39. Hi Tom,
    I have a very bad dental experience and I have anxiety and panic attacks about it every day and it is affecting my health and career and I don’t know who to talk to or what to do.

  40. My wife had a dental file ( small one use to clean out root canal) go into her stomach, after 2 weeks and 3 cat scans, it is still in her lower intestine.

    any sense in asking the dentist for compensation?

  41. Hey Tom i need help im going thru the same issue of needing a peer review . Problem is the dentist is not a member of the society . Any suggestion??? Thanks

  42. Few things need to keep in mind before choosing dentist:-

    – Qualification: What is his qualification background? Ask him !!
    – Experience: Number of years experience dentist have in this profession.
    – specialized field in dentistry: Field specialization he have in dentistry
    – Insurance policy: Type of insurance policy he support and percentage of claim offered by him
    – Treatment cost: Treatment cost according to the nature of treatment.

    Right dentist are always aware of their rights and responsibility, So it is always important to choose right dentist on the bases of upper suggestion.

  43. Few things need to keep in mind before choosing dentist:-

    Qualification- What is his qualification background? Ask him !!
    Experience- Number of years experience dentist have in this profession.
    Specialized field in dentistry- Field specialization he have in dentistry
    Insurance policy- Type of insurance policy he support and percentage of claim offered by him
    Treatment cost- Treatment cost according to the nature of treatment.

    Right dentist are always aware of their rights and responsibility, So it is always important to choose right dentist on the bases of upper suggestion.

  44. My dentist cut my lip and had to stitch it up. He gave me a target gift card, $10 value, and a cup with their advertisement on it! My cost was $3000,00, insurance paid $1000.00. What do you think compensation should be?

  45. My colleagues were searching for Dhs form 1109 several days ago and used a document management site that has an online forms library . If people want Dhs form 1109 too , here’s a link ““.

  46. I had all my upper teeth removed, and alveoloplasty done to smooth the upper quadrants to prepare for dentures. This was done at an oral Maxillofacial Surgery Center. After the procedure, I found that I didn’t have the finances to continue with the dentist I started with. I found a college of dentistry and opted to use them as the cost was nearly a third less than the professional. I was told I would need more alveoloplasty done to smooth more bony ridges on my gumline, as well as an impacted, side way facing wisdom tooth. When I arrived for my appointment, none of the student dentist’s were able to tackle the wisdom tooth, so the surgeon instructor did both procedures. I explained I had already had alveoloplasty done there months prior and wondered why it really needed to be done again. Did they do a bad job? She explained the bony pieces on the gumline would irritate dew dentures. I asked the students how and what she would be using as far as instruments. They explained she would be using something similar to a nail file. After my entire mouth was numbed up, the wisdom tooth was cut out, the she started on the alveoloplasty. I felt what seemed to be a scalpel cut the entire top of my mouth from left to the right of my gumline. Then it felt as though she were chiseling bone all around my mouth. We’ll, after a week and a half of a very swollen mouth full of stitches. The swelling was going down and stitches were coming out, only to leave behind what felt like a horrible mess of jagged, very uneven and almost nothing left of what used to be the upper bone & gumline. I was horrified. Upon returning to my regular student dentist for other work and initial impressions to be made, I voiced my concern that there may not be enough bone left for a denture. Her instructor came over and agreed there was very shallow bone ridge, but couldn’t verify how much I had before, and dentures will be difficult to fit, but they would do their best. This is where I’m at. I made myself a post operative appointment with the oral surgery department, as none had been made after surgery. I am going to address the surgeon to ask what happened. I know there is nothing that can be done now that the bone is gone, but I think something should be done. This has got to be addressed and if nothing else it should be made to be aware to all the students to learn from in this teaching facility. I am just scared that I will never look, or feel right again.

  47. I need advice about whether my case could possibly be pursued through peer review or any other way. I saw a new dentist today who made a discovery about a crown that another dentist did for me about 5 years ago. It is misshapen and ill-fitting to my bite. And it has been discovered to very likely be the cause of some other medical issues I have been struggling with. I have severe and chronic tension headaches , myofascial neck pain , and TMJ. All of these symptoms occurred after I got this bad crown put in. I had no idea that this crown and the resulting misaligned bite was the cause of my severe discomfort and pain all these years. I have spent a lot of money on pain medications, chiropractors, physical therapy and medical equipment in effort to find the cause and to treat these resulting problems. My quality of life has been affected. And I still have a long road to recovery once my teeth are finally fixed fixed. I would like to be reimbursed the full cost of the crown at the very least. And if possible I would like compensation for the years of unnecessary pain, discomfort, medical costs. Is this possible to sue or have a peer review of this dentist for a crown done 5 years ago or more? Or is there a statute of limitations? And can this dentist be held responsible for problems caused by this poor dental work? Thank you in advance for any advice on this matter.

  48. I have for three years been going to a dentist who I trusted.
    He did three implants. I think they are fine.
    However he also did extensive fixed permenant bridges to go over implants and a top permanent bridge which have proven to be hell since. The bite is so painful from bottom bridge and now upper that all my teeth hurt. He keeps filing the bridges down instead of having sent them back to lab. Then he puts in an upper fixed bridge that looked awful, was too short, spaces between the teeth that caught so much food…I had to tell him to send back to lab. He once made a comment that he has no control of what the lab does. I spent for all of this $44,000.00…yes…and I feel like a fool….because now all my teeth hurt top and bottom because of it has made my tmj worse. I can hardly eat anything normal… I now without his knowledge am going to a different dentist on Wed to look at it all…I can cry…because it has so affected my quality of life. Not only do my teeth tongue hurts…I keep biting my cheek…my teeth feel like jumbled pieces of porcelain puzzle pieces that don’t set/right in my mouth. Hee constantly says to come in and he will adjust the bite..this is going on since July 2016. I don’t want to sue..but to be reimbursed…as now I’m going to have to have this all done over/adjusted, etc. Do I wait until I get to new doctor to ask him what has to be done and then tell my old doctor to send the records over to new doc…and then after new doctor looks at them tell old doctor how much he has to reimburse me …as I not sure how much I should be reimbursed for….sorry I’m a mess here… ALso, do not want to give old doc heads up with regard to reimbursement or possibly suing. Where do I begin? Thanks everyone.

  49. Prepaid $26K upfront plus another $1,600 along the way for a set of Implant Dentures, went to Geneeva 2000 dental center, received the worst possible work and felt like I was a test patient the entire time. Seemed like it was a never ending guessing game that went on for 2 yaers with neither the dentures maker nor the orthodontist would listen to what i was saying. Poor placement and poor fitting temp dentures kept making my upper implants fail. I Finally stayed awake during my 3rd and 4th attempt at placing implants so I could determine if the problem was also in the actual procedure as well as the neglect to make a proper fitting upper temp denture. I could tell the instant the implants were screwed in place that they would fail. I felt they were not torqued correctly and told my doctor that all but 1 would fail for the 3rd time. 2 weeks later 3 of the 4 failed again. went back had bone graff and he tried a large implant and 2 others which I again said they would fail and all 3 failed. 2 fell out and the large sized had soft tissue grown over it and had to be surgically removed. i had 1 implant out of 14 failed attempts that was still solid and was not going to fail.

    I finally had enough pain after 3 years of having new implants every 6 months and wanted to just get my final dentures made and not have any more pain and suffering for no reason. Since they obviously had no idea of what they were doing and the denture guy refused to correct the fit on my temp protective denture. When i went back to Geneeva 2000 I found out that the denture guy died, I was sad to hear the news but figured maybe now i’ll get something done right. Well that was not the case I was refused the rest of my prepaid services! the 2 new guys that worked there refused to honor my payment to the Geneeva 2000 dental center, stating that they were not part of that agreement? said they will not do CHARITY WORK! But offered me a reduced price to finish what I had already paid for. At that time I had prepaid $27.600, I paid an extra $1,600 for that full sized failure on top of the original $25,000 I already paid within the first year I was getting started.

    I wrote a few emails to The company that is based in another state and heard nothing back, all payments were made to Geneeva 2000 dental center and not paid to any 1 individual person, so the death of that denture guy should have no affect on my care as far as my agreement to fulfill their work. I have sent 2 more emails without any response and I feel I should be getting a refund in the amount of over half of what I paid for this horrible experience.

    I forgot to mention that the final implant that did not fail ended up breaking off! I still have the bottom half in my jaw. I have 14 holes in my upper jaw from their mistakes and poor work. I had to get a cheap set of dentures for my upper and no one will even attempt to remake the bottom final set for me claiming the implants are placed in such a poor fashion that ithey would not be able to make them fit properly. I have alarge gap between the denture and my gums where food catches and no one will offer anything to fill it or make a better fitting denture for less than $5000.

    Bottom line is I never got my final set of top of the line dentures as I paid for and I was never given any professional services as I expected, it seemed like it was an ongoing guessing game each time I went in until I finally stopped and just wanted my final set of dentures and to be done with the pain after 3 years of constant failures.

    How would this service handle my situation? I feel I would be better off taking them to court , I don’t even think I will need to hire a lawyer to win my case. I have all receipts for payment made and all failed implants were documented as well as my complaints to the oral surgeon who actually had to do 1 reline for me because the denture guy refused to acknowledge my concerns and kept telling me that I should just wait 4 more months and I will be getting my final set of dentures after my implants healed up. But they never could with the poor fitting temp dentures.

    Please let me know if I’m better off suing them or using this service to get what I have paid for and have been flat out denied. I was shocked when this happened and I’m in disbelief that they could even do this to me!

    • I have been in pain for 2 years because of bad implants — never have been able to clean under them because over denture is not made properly and just found out that implants are in enough bone to last. Can you tell me if you ever got any solution to your problem? Dentist will not return calls, lawyers will not take the case unless I have a dentist give me a notarized affidavit stating where the dentist failed and what procedure he failed at. They will only admit it to my face, but refuse to put anything in writing. Dentistry is a profession that takes care of it’s own, whether they are reputable or not. The Dental Board is the good ole boy network — taking care of their own and I have never seen a patient come out a winner with a peer review. I don’t have the money to get my mouth fixed and the rich dentist just sits in his big house and counts the money and laughs at us stupid people who trusted him.

      • So agree with you. My last dentist that caused so many teeth errors, didn’t even perform a basic comprehensive exam and failed the standard of care so many ways. He was not fraudulent (I have had that type of dentist) but he was incompetent. Many dentists want to live the good life, but not perform with the utmost standard of care. Legal dilemma that there is very little recourse for the consumers and as above mentions the peer reviews are good ole boy networks a lot of the time, protecting their own.

  50. I have been going to my dentist for 5 months. I want in to have my tooth filled because the filling had come off.
    And it was painful. He told me the best thing was to have a crown so I could chew better and he could do it that day. I was here most of the day. He put a temperary crown on $3000 The next week I went in and had the permanent crown put on. After that everything went down hill. I was in awful pain. He said he thought it was the bite. So he did some grinding on my teeth and sent me home. This went on for a couple of months. Then he decided to give me antibiotics to see if there was an infection. He said if it stopped hurting I had an infection and if not I might have a hairline fracture that isn’t showing up in the exrays. But he still thought it was the bite and ground some more. Which did not help at all. All this time I was telling him that I was waking in the middle of the night having to take 2 Advil for the pain and 2 more during the day. I told him I was frustrated and he said these things take time. The nurse offered to get me a Rx for pain but I told her no. He finily had to take the crown off. He ground on my teeth some more and put a temperary crown but it it sill hurts.
    Now he wants to do some expensive crown work on my front teeth and let it go around to the hurting tooth. I guess he wants to pull it now. I’m going back next week.
    What should I do. I already have a crown on my front teeth I don’t need another one. What should I do. I am 77 yr old. And this has taken a toll on me.

  51. I had braces put on by my dentist. He moved my front four teeth with wire that he twisted around the teeth which he pulled my teeth straight with this wire, and over a years time my teeth became loose after the wire was taken off, and I needed them removed. I had two infections from his care, and also the braces broke at least four times during our duration. He never used rubber bands to gently move my teeth. I feel like a fool for letting him do this to me. I never new better. What kind of action can I take to get my money back. I feel like he robbed me. PLease advise me.

  52. I went to a dentist that did pinhole surgery . I should have never done it . They weren’t that bad . My results were gums ended up lower then before . He said my gums were thin . I actually left his office with collegen hanging out of my bleeding gums . I have s thyroid problem. That was never questioned he never told me because my gums were thin I would be a poor candidate . He just wanted my money . Even trying to upsell me telling me I needed this and that. I put my trust in this dentist . Now I have low gums and a bill every month I have to pay. I contacted 3 attorneys not one got back. I want to go through peer review but this dentist owns 5 practices . My feeling is they all know each other even the attorneys.

  53. I am having trouble with my dentist. A week ago I had 20 teeth pulled at once and the dentist knew I had anxiety issues as it was, after the 10th tooth extraction, I was on the verge of a panic attack and the dentist stopped, rolled his eyes, told his assistant he was going to take a break while I had a tantrum, they left me in the room alone, I was unable to swallow due to the 17 shot of numbing medications. He returned with his assistant and continues about 10 minutes later, the numbing was wearing off and I told him it hurt, he told me that I couldnt feel it, and continued anyways. I had dentures placed in right after and they told me to exit out of the back door and that they told my husband everything I needed to know. Come to find out they only handed my husband 2 papers and told him to pick me up at the back door. I couldn’t wear my bottoms because my jaw hurt too bad, they seen me the next day and SHOVED the bottom dentures back in my mouth which sent me into tears and they told me not to take them out until that night. I took them out and seen that my jaw bone was protruding from the outside of my gums! I went back 2 days later in horrible pain and they told me to take a tylenol and I would be fine! They were very wrong! I went back again and told them I couldn’t handle the pain they scheduled me to have my bones shaved today. I started looking up my dentist and found that he had already had his licence suspended twice for substance abuse and once for letting his dental assistant do root canals and other procedures while he was out of the office, and he would later sign that he did them himself. What should I do and is there anything I can do? I have already payed him $3000.00 upfront!

  54. They charged me for the crown a year ago and still haven’t done the crown for me. After they take my payment, they first let me do a root canal and then see a periodontist. During the time, I see two other dentists, a general one and a specialty one, they both say the periodontist treatment is unnecessary, he even said the treatment cannot be done since my wisdom teeth are on the way. I am suffering financially and having my incomplete teeth with me for almost a year. Every time I eat, food will stick in between that tooth.

    How do I ask for my money back

  55. My son had a root canal and criwn done atbthe dentist. Seemed like swingung door practice at the time. Job and insurance change and we went to a new dentist. Had x-rays and all done.. The dentist asked if he had any problem areas. My son said the tooth he had fixed 2years ago is bothering him. After x-rays and exam if was discoveted the crown that was pkaced on his tooth was way way too large. Air and bacteria had gotten in and started an infection. The infection is so extreme that he has to go to a specialist to re-do the toot canal and make sure they get it out of the jaw bone. This is going to cost approx $1500 oot of pocket juat to start. What can i do?? The dentist that made the error cannot fix it. Its too advanced i dont want to have to pay for this. After the specialist itbwill be another $450 for new crown. Thats almost $2000 besides the health risk. Please advise. The dentist said he would write uo whatever is needed regarfing the mis-fitting crown

  56. I am reading other people stories and I feel sorry for all. More likely than not, out there is absolutely no one who cares about the abuse that patients are suffering from the hands of incompetent, greedy, fraudulent dentists and orthodontists. My orthodontic ordeal started in 2010: for 2.3 years I was kept in braces while the orthodontist faked a treatment which at the end he stopped because he couldn’t explain what it was his objective and his work progress. Obviously, he kept for himself the $6,600 that he received for full treatment plus the retainers for 2 years. Nevertheless, this is theft (conversion) and unjustified enrichment. After starting a corrective orthodontic treatment with other orthodontist, I sued the first orthodontist (his name is Jeffrey Sturdivant and his business is Smile Orthodontic, Des Moines, Iowa). He bribed left-and-right, conceal documents, destroyed important records, and his “efforts” paid off: I lost the lawsuit being “helped” by his network of crooks who were in the court of law. The pure notion of justice, equity, honesty were trumped a d muddled by these individuals. In 2013, I started the corrective orthodontic treatment. In 2014 I got the orthognathic surgery to find out, post-factum that my surgery was to what I needed and I was told because the second orthodontist did not do what he said he will do for me having the type of surgery that was recommended for me. In sum, I need another surgery. Once I did used these issues with the orthodontist and asked what is his treatment plan to apply for my next surgery, he wrote me and terminated the patient – doctor relationship without any explanation. He sent me to his malpractice insurer which was put under notice by the orthodontist with months before my abandonment, while he was still working on me. He never told me that he contacted his insurer. Again, this one retained my money too ($5,800) and refused to reimbursed me. Second theft of my money…Recently, I found out from court documents that the first orthodontist was in contact with the second and this is the reason of me not getting the corrective treatment; if I was getting the corrective treatment that was a threat for the first orthodontist in that he was losing the lawsuit with me. The name of the second orthodontist is Steven Siegel, Orthodontists of Maryland, near Baltimore, MD . Overall, I am in braces for 7 years and now I start the third corrective orthodontic treatment for my corrective surgery. I hope that this one will be for real and the last! My advice: do your homework very well before deciding to chose an orthodontist, ask question with regard to you diagnosis, alternative treatment plans, inform yourself of what is pro and cons of each alternative treatment plan and check which one suits you. After that, discus your choices and the related questions with the orthodontist. If note that the orthodontist doesn’t respond clearly, or deviates, or makes you feel like you don’t know and is only him who knows it all etc., in my opinion is time for you to leave for another orthodontist who might be more professional, knowledgeable and more respectful towards patients right to choose, autonomy. And keep yourself informed. If all the patients will oppose the paternalistic, doctor oriented attitudes and practices, these bad doctors will not be able to perform their cheap medical skills on innocent,unsuspecting patients. In the end, make sure that after every office visit to ask to be given in writing the procedure that has been applied during that visit, and what is the objective of that procedure. By doing so, you are informed on what it was done on you and, also, in case of a potential debate, you will have your documents while the orthodontist will not have the chance to conceal, destroy, alter your medicalal records. Another sour point is the informed consent which the orthodontist needs from you. Thus, before you sign, you better take home and read it properly and make notes on the parts that are unclear; discuss these parts with the orthodontist and request clarifications, in writing, if possible.
    Nevertheless, only patience can stop these crooks in white coats to endanger,injured, defraud, lie to your children, to your parents, to your spouse, to your family and friends. Best Wishes to all of you!

  57. I have had a horrible experience been seeing a tmj guy for 5 years first wore splint then said the only way to fix it was to do ortho and it would hold my jaw would take a year, it took 3 1/2 and never held my jaw and teeth are still crooked, wore retainer for a bit and had buildups on rear molars. During this time I started biting my lip, never addressed it. Then reconstruction started I paid for a wax up and the entire left side was put in provisionals I said they are lower than buildup on right solution was to put permaments in left, did not even resemble provisionals and put provisionals on right side these needed built up when they arrived the upper did not it was sent back I was very comfortable for 2 weeks when final bridge placed in Oct I was in severe pain biting lips cheeks tongue and jaw pain. I complained to dentist who did restorative and was referred back to tmj guy I had to wear bleaching trays, soft plastic for 2 months, then a splint which still caused pain was put in I still had the same issues. I complained and complained and complained. Now after 6 months and tmj guy stated upper bridges need replaced I was informed they would not replace them unless I do a sleep study for 4 days with no applicances which would kill me with pain. I still have to wear lower splint with wax can only eat once a day and discolored upper bleaching tray every day for a long time. I refused sleep study as that is my right and I have no sleep issues even my regular Dr. is not worried about that, this was never mentioned in the previous 5 years until the reconstruction was done wrong. What do I do I refuse to see the tmj guy I have asked for all my money back, but I cant find anyone to help me. I am in horrible pain daily and don’t know what to do or if I will get my 35,000 back

    • Did you ask for your complete medical records, tests results etc.? Was the TMJ problem properly diagnosed and the diagnose is supported by documentation? Did they give you alternative treatments versus the treatment that they applied, so that you can make a choice and an informed choice? Do you have a comprehensive informed consent obtained by the treating doctor? Do you have any treatment prognosis given by the treating doctor or your treatment is just an experiment? Did you consult with other doctors for your current condition and for the additional problems that appeared following the treatment? Did you check properly for what did you pay $35,000?

      Rules of thumb: Document, document, document (in writing! with dates); formal requests for records, information, requests for reimbursement-money back and reasons-, ask for ALL your records (electronic form and paper form)-electronic form is very important, complain-complain-complain to Bords, attorney general, BBB etc. and document your complaints!

  58. I went to the dentist to get 2 fillings replaced. The dentist drilled both out and left the assistant to finish. She was complaining to the assistant in the other room that she could not focus. I said you can’t focus so I prayed. She said my mind is on 1000 things right now. When she was drilling on the filling on the left, she negligently came across and ground the corner off my 2nd tooth over from the front. I felt the vibration in my front tooth and said to myself I hope that didn’t damage my tooth. When I got out and looked in a mirror I was so disappointed, sad and mad. When I got home I immediately called the dentist and it was the assistant who did it. I told her that she ground the corner off one of my front teeth, she said I don’t recall getting close to it, I wasn’t in that area. I said yes u were and yes u hit my tooth because I felt the vibration and said to myself I hope it didn’t hurt my tooth. I have an appt in a few days to go back and I’m gonna show the dr what his assistant did to my tooth. If it cannot be fixed, is there anything that can be done about this? My teeth were perfect and beautiful now I don’t even like what I see. I do not like to smile now.

  59. Hi, I’m hoping I can get some direction here. Our daughter who is 20 years old recently moved to another state. She went for a regular check up w/ a new dentist & got her annual x-rays. She was told she has 15 cavities, the majority being under fillings that were done within the last 4 years or so by her old family dentist of many years. Thinking this couldn’t possibly be right, & at my urging, she went for a 2nd opinion a week later at a completely unrelated dental facility. While there, she deliberately held back the prior findings to see if this dentist would come up w/the same diagnosis. Sure enough, they did. Both dentists stated that they felt the original dental work wasn’t done correctly & at least 12 fillings needed to be re-done. I spoke to the 2nd dentist office & was told that the problems we face is, #1. that insurance companies normally won’t pay to re-do fillings that are more recent, #2. If they agree to cover it, they usually want you to go back to the dentist who did the original work (definitely not an option for us!), #3. That our coverage will only cover up to about $2,000 for the year, which would probably be only 2 or 3 fillings, & they would have to push the other ones into the next year for insurance to cover it, & #4, in the event that they did cover it all, we would have to pay for all of the co-pays all over again (Approx $200 + per filling). It seems like a lose/lose situation. Then, of course, there is the issue of our daughter having to endure all of the dental work again, not to mention the concern about the past fillings for rest of my family of 4 other people. I’m in shock. Is it possible that a dentist can be so bad as to have missed decay in so many fillings, or to have filled them incorrectly Is this common? And what is the best course of action on our part? This seems like an insurmountable nightmare. Some may suggest the easiest thing would be to let the original dentist know, but the last thing I want is for him fix the work that he couldn’t get right the first time.

    • Hi Vikki – That’s an awful situation to be in, I’m sorry!

      Most insurances will cover fillings every three to seven years. They also usually cover 80% of the cost of a filling. Depending on where you’re located, most fillings would be $100-$250, making the co-pay anywhere from $20-$50 per filling.

      Like any profession, there are some bad apples in dentistry who simply don’t care about the quality of the work that they provide. One option would be to talk with the dentist that did the original work and let them know that you’re uncomfortable having them do the work and seeing if they would provide compensation for the cost of the replacement fillings.

      I hope this helps, good luck getting everything worked out!

  60. HI
    I’m not sure what to do about my situation. My teeth have been bad for a while due to Sjogrens disease, lupus, medications, etc. Regular dentures aren’t a viable option as mouth sores could be deadly.
    Finally last year went to see an oral surgeon about implants for all on 4, we’ll I don’t have 58,000.00 laying around. I spoke to my dentist and he said I could have the same thing but it would snap on and be a lot cheaper and would be just as tight fitting so they don’t move around and I may get food stuck between once in a while just take them out and rince them off. (Should have been a red flag.)
    I went to my dentist for my temporary denture for right after surgery and said the teeth are too small, there is no definition to the teeth, their crooked, and one side the teeth are smaller than the other which he said “it’s only temporary we’ll fix it all when we do your perminent teeth.”. (Again red flag)
    I had the implant surgery it went fantastic. I needed to heal.
    Finally was ready to have my perminent snap in denture done and he said he was just going to modify the temporary denture. I said ‘no your not!”
    So here we are 6 months later, and i just picked them up again after having the front ground down as it was causing a pressure sore to my top lip. After multiple fittings, multiple expressed concerns, him actually hiding the teeth from me before he snapped them in so I couldn’t see how badly they were made. The teeth look like baby teeth, they are too small, they are crooked, one sideis longer than the other, they look like just a piece of plastic on the one side, they rock and move around and there is 1/4 of an inch gap between my hard pallet and the snap in plate that food goes up into and lodges in there every time I eat so I’m taking them out 5-6 times a day…
    I spent 20,000.00 for this work and I have to wear my temporary denture as the perminent one is horrible. He told me this would be just as good if not better than the 58,000.00 all on 4.
    Can I sue him? I’m so angry I’m beside myself…

  61. I have recently been basically begging my previous dentist to finish permanent work that never got finished. I was misdiagnosed by him and two emergency rooms and I was told that if I wouldn’t of been proactive I would’ve been hospitalized or dead due to two abscess teeth. Prior to the abscess teeth I had a temporary bridge on my front four teeth. Well after losing five teeth and having to have sinus surgery I want my permanent bridge that I paid for. Apparently the dentist is having health issues and his hours are now only Sundays and Mondays. I have been unsuccessful at reaching them and even went to the office during their new hours and no one was there. I am out $3400 for work that was never completed. I am sympathetic that he is sick but at the same time I want my permanent bridge because I hate the temporary one. What should I do? Should I keep trying to reach them or seek legal action. In all honesty I don’t want to sue him. I want my money refunded or the work I paid for completed. Any suggestions!

  62. I went to a lying butcher who charged me for a mouth of implants, and set me up for a full mouth of implants, when I wanted only one. He tried to scare me into getting all of my lower teeth pulled, except, conveniently, the one that holds my false teeth. Het strong armed me on the first visit to have my teeth pulled, and when I returned for the second visit, a mistake that cost me my teeth, and has made me suicidal, he had already made up false teeth when I did not want my teeth pulled.

    • My heart breaks for you. I too have had such issues. To go from having a good smile to having to hide- it absolutely does make you want to die. There has to be more accountability! 🙏🏻


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