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Extra Tooth: Mesiodens and Other Supernumerary Teeth

Has your child ever come up to you and told you that they have an extra tooth growing out of their upper jaw behind their permanent teeth?  It’s probably more likely that you’ve been told that your child has an extra tooth, or supernumerary tooth (we try to make up complicated words!) as dentists like to call it.

If so, you’re not alone!  It is estimated that supernumerary, or extra teeth occur in 2% of Caucasian children, with an even higher frequency in those of Asian descent.

Below you can see an x-ray of a child with a supernumerary tooth.  The original x-ray is on the left, and I outlined the supernumerary tooth in green in the x-ray on the right.

Extra Teeth: Supernumerary Mesiodens Tooth

This particular extra tooth is called a mesiodens.  That means that it is right between the two upper middle front teeth.  Only about 25% of these teeth actually erupt into the mouth.  Most mesiodens teeth stay in the jawbone and never make it into the mouth.

What Causes Supernumerary Teeth?

Currently, it is believed that supernumerary teeth occur due to the continued growth of the tissue that forms teeth, known as the dental lamina.

Supernumerary teeth can be hereditary or they may be associated with one of two conditions: Gardner’s Syndrome and Cleidocranial Dysplasia.  Supernumerary teeth can also occur in people that don’t have those two conditions and in those withouta family history of supernumerary teeth.

How Common Are Extra (Supernumerary) Teeth?

It is estimated that supernumerary teeth occur in 0.1-3.8% of Caucasians.  They are even more common than that in people of Asian descent, although I couldn’t find any hard numbers.

Supernumerary Teeth are twice as common in boys as they are in girls.  Most supernumerary teeth form before the age of 20, although they are more commonly found with the permanent teeth rather than the baby teeth.

What are Supernumerary Teeth Called?

Extra teeth have a lot of names!  They are classified based upon where they are located and what they look like.

If an extra tooth is located in the middle of the two front teeth, it is called a mesiodens. If the extra tooth is located around the molar area, it is called a paramolar. If the extra tooth is located behind the wisdom teeth, it is known as a distodens.

If an extra tooth is shaped like another “normal” tooth, it is called a supplemental tooth.  If it is not shaped like a normal tooth, then it is known as a rudimentary tooth.  Rudimental teeth are then classified based on what they look like:

  • Conical Rudimentary Teeth look small or peg-shaped.
  • Tuberculate Rudimentary Teeth appear to be barrel-shaped and have more than one cusp.
  • Molariform Rudimentary Teeth look similar to premolar or molar teeth, but not enough to be called a supplemental tooth.

What Does a Supernumerary Tooth Look Like?

Supernumerary Teeth: MesiodensWhen I was out visiting my sister last summer, she told me that my nephew had to get an extra tooth removed.  She told me I could even take a picture and put it up on Oral Answers.

You can see my nephew’s supernumerary tooth to the right.  It was a mesiodens, since it was growing right between his front two teeth.  As you can see, the tooth doesn’t really resemble any particular tooth, it just looks like a cylindrical piece of enamel.

Where Do Supernumerary Teeth Occur?

Almost all (around 95%) supernumerary teeth occur in the upper jaw.  They mostly occur between the upper two front teeth.  After that, you are most likely to find a supernumerary teeth behind the wisdom teeth.

Interstingly, supernumerary teeth don’t always occur in the jaws.  Neville’s Oral Pathology textbook states, “Although most supernumerary teeth occur in the jaws, examples have been reported in the gingiva, maxillary tuberosity, soft palate, maxillary sinus, sphenomaxillary fissure, nasal cavity, and between the orbit and the brain.  The eruption of accessory teeth is variable and dependent on the degree of space available.”

As you can see, supernumerary teeth can pretty much occur anywhere in your head, although they are most likely to occur in your jaws like the rest of your teeth.

Do You Need to Have Supernumerary Teeth Removed?

Most dentists recommend removing supernumerary teeth because they can cause problems.  Regezi’s Oral Pathology textbook states:

The significance of supernumerary teeth is that they occupy space. When they are impacted, they may block the eruption of other teeth, or they may cause delayed eruption or maleruption of adjacent teeth. If supernumerary teeth erupt, they may cause malalignment of the dentition and may be cosmetically objectionable.

Because they can cause problems, it is generally a good idea to have supernumerary teeth removed.


If you have extra teeth, don’t be alarmed!  It is pretty common to have supernumerary teeth.  You can work with your dentist to figure out what your options are for removing the tooth and aligning your smile correctly.

Have you had a supernumerary tooth?  Do you have any questions about supernumerary teeth?  I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!



  1. my son has supernumerary teeth in his upper front, and it was removed by surgery, doctor said that there is one more teeth is alive as supernumerary ( very beggning stage), now ( after four months of surgery) this teeth came out in a different shape ( cross way instead of normal),
    now i am living far from my city and here dentists are helpless to say any advice,
    expecting your kind advice please

    best regards


    • Hi Nizal – Is there a reason that the surgeon didn’t take out both supernumerary teeth when the first one was removed? It sounds like this other supernumerary tooth will need to be extracted – most do need to come out.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment, Nizal. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Hi, I’m 17 years old and I have a tooth growing behind my right bottom teeth and I have no clue why or what it is any help?

      • Hi…I have some extra teeth under my tongue….about 5 . they don’t bother me but a piece of candy got stuck there once. I had my wisdom teeth taken out although they were not bothering me because the orthodontist said my mouth was too small for all the teeth in there…..I was asked if I wanted the extra teeth taken out but I declined….I am curious that no one else in my family appears to have these extra teeth….I am female and African american

        • That’s so crazy when I saw it say is common in Caucasians and Asian people, I was confused because I’m African/Caribbean British. I’m 21 now and I’ve had it for 5 Years.

      • Hi. I think i have a supernumerary tooth behind my two front teeth. Do i have to get it extracted if i were to have braces?

      • Hey I’m 12 but here’s the thing for as long as I remember I have had an extra toothache it’s never hurt and my dentist said I don’t need it removed could it cause damage later on in life I already have my front teeth cuz that’s where it is

        • I’ve known of mine – upper jaw 4th tooth left of center – for about 45 years, at least. I’m 75 now, and over the years no dentist has ever commented on it though it’s plainly visible, as a bulge in the gum. I get toothaches in the area frequently IF I don’t follow my protocol of 3000 units of vitamin C in AM and 2500 in PM.. Other than that it’s never been a problem for me ….

    • I am 30 and had four wisdom teeth removed surgically about 12 years ago. Now, suddenly, I have two partially erupted and partially impacted tooth like structures of some sort coming in on my mandible where my wisdom teeth were supposed to have been removed.

      I have never been told that I have supernumerary teeth, and have, until the last year or so, always been faithful with biannual dentist visits. I’ve never even had a cavity!

      Could these be somehow overlooked supernumerary M3s? Or are they something else?

      • Hey Avery. I don’t know if you noticed, but you posted as a response to someone else’s comment. He only seems to respond to original treads. Maybe you should paste this into a original comment. I think after he responds to someone, he doesn’t check the chatter later posted.

  2. I just returned from the Dentist with my 8 year old son. The Doc showed me my Son’s x-rays. He has three extra teeth (all on the upper jaw, in the front) And, one of them is upside down….in addition, he has a fused front tooth (which we have been aware of). The Doc is unsure what to tell me, he wants to consult with other Dentists.
    What are the odds of my Son having both conditions…and that he has not one extra but three extra teeth?
    Is there more to this then coincidence? Am I fretting over nothing, or is there a direction I should be heading?
    Thank You

    • Hi SueAnn – Supernumerary teeth and fusion occurring in the same person is very rare, but it does occur. I was able to locate a few case reports on it. You can use Google Scholar to search for “fusion supernumerary teeth” to find some.

      Are the fused front teeth permanent or baby teeth? Do you know if the supernumerary teeth are rudimentary (stubs that don’t look like other teeth) or supplemental (extra tooth that look like real teeth.) If they are supplemental, it may be possible to surgically bring them down and work with them rather than the fused teeth – just a thought.

      I wouldn’t fret over it. It is most likely a coincidence. There are some syndromes that are associated with extra teeth, but many times they occur on their own.

      I hope that helps, SueAnn. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • My 7 yr old son just saw a orthodontist bc his front teeth haven’t cone out yet. I being concerned…got him a panorex xray which showed his front Twp upper teeth 8-9.. baby teeth the extra set then permanent ones above the extra set. Looking at the xray u can see the pulp of the extra set and the permanent ones way up high close to nostril area. The Dr wants to extract the two baby teeth, surgically remove the extra set then attach a chain…so he called it.. Hooked to wires like braces to pull down the front two permanent ones… He said he would need to wear front two flippers aka partial for up to four years along with this chain wire thing… I’m freaking out… Nervous wreck. And I’m not sure about putting my son through all this when the Dr says it be a 50% chance his permanent teeth would even come down and be (look) fine. Which would result in two front implates at a later age. Idk what to Do. Going to get s second opinion of course… Any help could be appreciated!! Thank u!

        • My 7 yr old son just had dental surgery today. Found out he had two extra front baby teeth, which was blocking the adult teeth to come down. The dentist just removed them, and stitched him up. That’s it. No extras.

        • How did your son make out? Did the tooth come down?

          Just wondering since I’m facing similar situation with my 9 year old.

      • I have extra teeth my dentist told me that I would never have to worry about them that I would be just fine but they grew out and it doesn’t bug me but it looks gross. I get embrassed to open my mouth. But my husband is in the airforce and I’ll need to get a dentist clearance and it’s scaring me that I will get denied because of this and I don’t want this to happen.

    • Hi Sue Ann! We just discovered that my 8 year old son has the exact same thing. 2-3 extra teeth and a fused front tooth. How have things worked out for your son?

      Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi I have a small nub extra tooth above my gum over my wisdom tooth. I realized it a couple weeks ago. I went to the dentist a couple years back and they said my wisdom teeth grew in fine and that I don’t need them removed, now I’m a little older and I noticed the tooth, it doesn’t hurt and its sharp. I’m practically touching it all the time now because I’m so fascinated with it. Should I get it removed? P.s I hate the dentist and I don’t like needles or pain

    • Hi Sena – It may not be complicated to remove – it might have a very short root. If it is sharp, it probably is a good idea to get it removed. It may also get in the way when you’re brushing your wisdom teeth.

      I hope that helps – Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Sena.

      • I have teeth growing in front of my premolars (the ones closest to my canines) and they are sharp like my canines. The teeth that were originally there are tilted back. They are on the top of my mouth. Do you know what I should do?

        Thank you for your time.

    • I have the same thing, but behind my upper canine. It’s kind of pointy, but it’s really really really small. What’s your advice?

  4. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for all your information here.

    Can you please let me know the typical age for a child to have the mesiodens ( 2 mesiodens which are between two up front teeth, one has been erupted, the other once is upside down) removed? Is it too early to remove the mesiodens at 6 years old? What’s the risk and impact for this kind of oral surgery? Do we need to take a 3D x-ray before the surgery?



    • Hi Jaz – I found the following in Pinkham’s Pediatric Dentistry textbook (note that a diastema is simply a fancy dental word for a space between the teeth) – “A diastema caused by a midline supernumerary tooth or abnormality is managed by removal of the supernumerary tooth or the abnormality. The supernumerary tooth should be removed as early as possible without causing injury to the adjacent permanent teeth.”

      Reading that, I would say that the earlier is the better. A cone beam CT scan would help the oral surgeon/dentist be able to better locate exactly where the two mesiodens are. A conventional x-ray would only show a two-dimensional picture. There are risks with any surgery. We have a consent form that the patient signs before each surgery that goes into all of the bad stuff that could happen, but will most likely not happen (such as damage to adjacent teeth, nerve damage, sinus damage, etc.) Although it is generally safe, there are always risks with sedation as well.

      I hope that helps – Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Jaz!

      • Hi there,
        I have an 8 year old son who has an extra set of front teeth, one of which has erupted. The dental surgeon has suggested a CT scan then removal of the teeth, however I would like to know does this procedure normally take place in the chair under a local anesthetic or should it be done under a general anesthetic?

      • My 6 year old daughter had a cone beam scan yesterday and we were told she has a mesiodens that is pointing completely backwards and blocking her front permanent from moving down and her teeth are already shifting trying to go around her extra tooth. She has been scheduled for removal. Has anyone ever heard of them going in for removal on inside of mouth through palate?

  5. My daughter is 9 years old. She hadn’t lost her 2 front baby teeth. The last xray shows that she has three extra teeth (all above her front 2 teeth). And then it looks like she has her two permanent teeth above the three extra ones. Two of the extra teeth look pointed and one looks like it might be an extra incisor. We are having a CT scan to see if the permanent teeth have actual roots. In the meantime, she had the 2 baby teeth pulled today. The plan is to see if any of the three extra teeth erupt. If not, an oral surgeon will remove them. Both our pediatrician and dentist indicate they haven’t seen this before. Apparently, having 1 extra tooth is more the norm vs. 3 extra. Obviously we are worried about what her teeth will look like long term. Any advice? We just want to make sure we make the right decisions.

  6. I have a simular problem to Sena, A couple of months ago, behind my wisdom tooth I noticed something white. I touched it and it was hard. After a couple of days the gum closed up over it. Now it has reappeared again. It has’nt caused me any problems at all. Is it normal to grow another tooth at 50yrs?

  7. Hi Tom,

    I love all of the information here! I was at the dentist yesterday. He took xrays and showed me that right behind my upper right K9? (sharp pointy ones) and before my premolars, I have 2 extra teeth. I am 28 years old and have had many xrays before. Could these have started growing recently? Or would they have to have been there since childhood? Also he said what was happening was rare. But I didnt understand if it was because of where they were or because I had 2.

    He said that he was pretty sure they aren’t issues and wouldn’t worry about them. We took xrays of the other side, but I won’t get those results back until the 7th.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Karyn – I am fairly certain that they would have started growing along with all of your other permanent teeth. Supernumerary teeth in the premolar area are more rare than along the midline and behind the wisdom teeth, but not unheard of.

      I’m really not sure what I would recommend in your case since the teeth don’t appear to be causing any problems. Sometimes there can be problems with impacted teeth such as certain cysts and tumors, but those are fairly rare. Keep us updated on what happens. Thanks for sharing your experience, Karyn.

  8. Hi Tom
    Firstly, thanks! This has been the most helpful article on supernumerary teeth, that I have found.

    I have a 17 month old toddler who has just been given a referral to a paediatric dentist, for what appears to be a supernumerary tooth coming through between his two top front teeth. We were told that it is unusual for a baby to have a supernumerary tooth.
    So far my son has 7 baby teeth. Three along the bottom, four front teeth up the top. He has always had a decent size gap between his top front teeth (as with two of my other children when they were little) but we had noticed that one of his front teeth seemed to be being pushed to the side (His frenum is no longer directly in the centre of his front teeth) and then more recently we had noticed a very hard white bulge appearing between his front teeth, and so we took him to our dental nurse.
    We have been told that there could be a wait of several months to be seen by the paediatric dentist (on a public waiting list, as we have public health care where I am from) and I am concerned that this tooth erupting through could permanently misalign his teeth and the adult teeth following through later. Any advice?

    • Hi Tom
      An update from us. We now have one very large supplementary mesiodens, almost entirely through, between my son’s two front teeth. My son’s two front teeth have been pushed significantly apart, and his upper left and right laterals have been pushed aside and back behind his front teeth. We are still waiting to be seen by the hospital oral surgeon, and this could take up to 6 months. I have concerns with how quickly this tooth has erupted and shifted his other top teeth, so have made a private appointment with a dentist, to seek a second opinion on our situation.

      • Our last update.
        We have seen a dental surgeon at our hospital, who took a very basic X-ray of his top teeth (no anaesthetic, so done quickly and I don’t feel the detail was very good) to confirm our very large supplementary supernumerary. They have recommended leaving it where it is, and keeping an eye out for any others. We have been told that it shouldn’t affect the eruption and placement of his adult teeth. But to see our dental nurse again if there were any more or any issues.

        We were also told that while supernumerary teeth were relatively common in adult teeth, they were uncommon in baby teeth, and sometimes a sign of genetic and development issues (for example, Down Syndrome children often have supernumerary teeth). We were told to keep an eye on our son for any issues such as his skeletal development, but as he seems to have very good physical and mental development, that his tooth is likely to be a one off random event.

        The update is mainly for your other readers, since you haven’t been in to answer queries in a while Tom. You’ve certainly started a popular topic!

        • What happened with your son? My son is 18 months old and i have just noticed that he has an extra tooth coming through beside his first molar and most of the material deals with children not toddlers.

  9. Hi Tom, Thanks for being here. I am 53 and have two supernumeraries located above molars close to bicuspids in maxilla region each side. They occasionally cause migraines, as they are doing now, and they are above fully developed teeth some in crowns over root canals. (Malnutrition of trace minerals molybdenum and vanadium, I suspect). I have adrenal fatigue and the extra pain is draining my energy for days on end. I am allergic to the sulfites in Novacaine and sulphonamide class of antibiotics. What are the steps and ball park costs to remove these pain causing hyperdontia? And where does a dentist get the alternative numbing chemicals and how much is the cost per shot (expecting 5-8 may be needed)?

  10. Hi Tom,

    I have a 10 years old son and recently we have notice that one extra tooth is growing in front of the other tooth. I would like to know, whether I need to remove it immediately and how long the surgical procedure will take and other further actions I need to take care? Is his growth will be impact on the extra tooth?


    • Hi Rekha,
      Hope you are doing good.
      My son (9 years old), we just checked that he has an extra tooth under the upper front tooth.
      After an X ray Dentist suggested to pull out. So just wanted to check with you about the steps you have taken in your son’s case and how the pulling procedure went and bear by your son. ( I am lil concerned about my kid’s behavior post pulling, that how he will cover up pain and all later).
      Please advise. Thanks

  11. Hello,
    I am 15, and my wisdom teeth are growing, but in my upper jaw on the right side, I have ‘extra tooth tissue’ as the dentist called it, it is pretty much a monster wisdom tooth at the back, it has caused me pain in the past and all of a sudden it has started to hurt again, and when I try to brush my teeth, the gum in between the abnormal tooth and the one in front bleed, because there is a gap from where the extra tooth tissue is coming through. Do you know what my extra tooth tissue is called, or some more information about this?

    • Hi,

      I’m 14 years old and I have an extra tooth in between my front teeth. If I remove it I’m afraid that it will leave a huge gap but I don’t want the extra tooth there. I was wondering if there was anyway that I could take out the extra tooth and move one of my front tooth where my extra tooth is located, is that possible?? Or will I have to take out my front tooth and my extra tooth and put a fake tooth??? Please help I had this extra tooth for a long time and it is bothering me to see it.

      • Hi Melanie – Many times you can have the extra tooth removed and then the gap closed with braces. You’d want to go get an appointment to be sure about your specific case. I hope that helps!

  12. Hi Tom

    My son has just turned 18. He has a sub mucous cleft. He had a mesiodens(?) surgically removed when he was 5.

    We had an OPG done today and it revealed that he has extra wisdom teeth on his lower jaw. He has had these X-rays done in the past and they didn’t reveal these extra wisdom teeth. Why would that be?

    These two extra wisdom teeth look like balls on the X-ray.

    Any ideas??



  13. Hey, Tom!
    I have a few questions regarding my extra tooth.
    I’ve had this supplemental tooth that sits caddy cornered to my bottom front three teeth.
    It came in when I was six, (21 now)but my dentists never told my mother that it was something to worry about. Problem is now, its been pushing into the back of my bottom teeth, fighting for a front row seat . Because of this my orthodontist noticed that the fun has receded fairly low and may one day expose the root if I don’t do something now. My questions are:
    1. When pulling one or two of my teeth, do I have a choice? one of the normal bottom tooths gum line is lower than the other affected tooth (two teeth’s gum lines are affected), but the extra tooth still has a good gum line. I’d like to remove the tooth most affected and let the extra move ib.c. Do you think I may have a possibility at requesting that be done? Would the tooth not be receptive to repositioning even with the aid of braces?
    2.I’ve heard from others once the gums recede they stay as such, but could it possibly be different when you’re young and extracting extra teeth that would otherwise free up the gums? If the gums do stay low, should I just pull both affected teeth to eliminate the problem? As I get older my gum lining is only going to get worse,right? I’d like to start with a clean slate in that case, so to speak.
    3.could I get this tooth extracted at the same time I get all my molars pulled, so as to be efficient and get all the pain over with in one go? Also would pulling my molars help create space in my mount th so that I may not have to pull the supplemental tooth, thereby letting them all spread out appropriately in my mouth?

  14. Wow, so apparently my extra tooth was like a one in a million chance, as a Caucasian female who’s extra tooth wasn’t like any of the ones described lol. mine was on the bottom and wasn’t between my two front teeth but wasn’t by my molars either, it was by my canines. Mine never grew in because it was caught forming on an x-ray when I got my braces off when I was like 14. By the time I had it removed by an oral surgeon about 3-6 months later it had formed roots and was on track to be shaped like a normal tooth that would have been there. I’m not sure if there still called canines on the bottom but it was one of those teeth. So glad I got mine removed when I did though because they said that if it would have come in (as it would have come straight up) I would have to be put back in braces.

  15. Hi,
    My dentist wants me to get braces and get the surgery…. I’m kind of scared about this whole surgery stuff. I have two teeth near the first 3 teeth in the front. its inside my gum and is completely taking over on the 3rd tooth in the front. I have really bad head aches that make me go blind for a couple of minutes. My jaw clicks and pops and totally hurts. What should i do before i get the surgery?


  16. I have an extra Supernumerary tooth in my bottom right of my mouth right in the middle… the surgeon said it can be dangerous bc of my nerves its been in there for a couple years its causing my teeth to be crooked and is in my gums? should i go for a second opinion i am very nervous… he also wants to pull wisdon teeth.. he said it is a possibility i could get nerve damage what should i do?

    • I am. 55years old and i had 5 extra teeth in my lower jaw,in addition to 2wisdom teeth. They caused damage to my normal teeth with time .i have recently removed oral surgeon did the procedure.i was informed before the surgery that the mandibular nerve passes between 2of the extra teeth and that the nerve could be irritated during the surgery causing me lip and chin numbness or tingling.i am 2 weeks after surgery now and i do have some numbness in the edge of my lower lip. And in part of my is localized and it is improving with time.

  17. Pls help!mydoughter is 11moth ald(thoday) and I noticed extra tooth between front two. It is growing totally opositenthen normal ones. Will it aventualy fall down, and will there grow up anotherone just like that or everything then will be ok. Sorry for grammar mistakes, my english is bed I hope you understood me.

  18. Hello Tom : My 8.5 year old son has a mesioden near the roots of E & F. His pediatric dentist referred us to an oral surgeon and both of them agree that it should be removed based on the review of the regular and panoramic Xrays. The surgeon is recommending a CT scan to help him determine the best direction to approach the removal. I undertand that CT scans are useful when planning a dental implant, but is a scan REALLY necessary for a simple procedure like removing a mesioden ? I am concerned with unnecessary exposure to radiation. Thanks very much for your feedback !

    • Hi Anthony. I shared similar concerns and discovered that Mexico has cheaper dentists who do not do CT scans. I had mine removed in two minutes. CT scans are too much radiation, in my opinion, which is not a dentist opinion, but is shared by notable pediatricians. Adults are at a lesser risk than children are re: radiation, but you are smart to question such things.

  19. A month or two ago, my younger sister, 14, showed me that she has an extra tooth growing behind her upper two front teeth. I thought it was the weirdest thing. Three or four days ago, I have begun feeling an extra tooth and it is now slightly visible, but mine is growing behind my lower canine on the left side. We both have to wait until our dentist appointments, which could be in a few months. Maybe we’ll have them taken out together!

  20. I’ve got one that’s like half a molar growing above and kind of off the side of another molar. Known about it for over 20 years. Although strange looking, it’s never given me any trouble and no one can see it. One dentist just remarked “there’s an interesting situation”. I guess it just makes you that much more unique.

  21. Me AND my husband are dentists …!!!! and i actually removed my daughter’s (7yrs.- 9months) mesiodens about a year ago… then when we had another periapical radiograph yesterday …we found another suppernumerary one which overlaps the right upper central incisor ….the roots of both centrals are pretty well developing ….(about half the normal length of the roots ) …should i go for surgical extraction …or wait …and make another radiographs on regular intervals for follow up.. i’m really confused … thanks for consultation

  22. Hi Tom,

    I have a mesiodens tooth and I always assumed this wasn’t hereditary until my niece was born. She has the exact same mesiodens as I.
    With my families low income I wasn’t able to get this fixed when I was young. Now I’m out of college and have a career that can pay for the procedure to finally get the mesiodens extracted and my smile aligned. Hopefully.

    In 2 weeks I will have my mesiodens extracted and get braces the same day.
    My only fear now is that I will be left with a HUGE gap.
    I’ve seen a blog with the exact case as mine and there was no gap after the braces were removed.
    The only difference is that the young boy was 10 and well I’m in my mid 20’s and I’m sure that has something to do with why he didn’t have a gap.

    My mesiodens is shaped just as the photo of your nephews and has Caused one of my front teeth to slant a bit clockwise but not too bad.

    Do you think braces for 15 months could still leave me with a gap?
    Im terrified of having a gap. I don’t see why since I’ve been having this mesiodens all my life.
    I’m just glad my from 2 teeth aren’t exposed when I speak. I can at least be greatful for that 🙂

  23. my name is micki I got one extra tooth at first my parents thought it was just a lip that would go down after 3 weeks it started to grow and I knew it was an extra tooth I havent been to the dentists yet about but they think I should get it pulled im suppose to be getting braces would that extra tooth mess it up

  24. I was astonished when my dentist told me at age 40, I had an extra tooth growing above
    Two molars in the top right of my mouth. I am now 50 and it is now causing issues. Teeth sensitivity etc.
    I’m not sure what kind of dentist takes care of this, but at the time, my dentist didn’t extract teeth.
    So now, with finances being an issue, I do carry a discount coverage but no dental insurance. What would I expect to pay to extract this?

  25. I am 4o years old and I have a small tooth in front of my upper jaw.

    I would like to know whether there is any thing available which I can wear on my front teeth to hide
    the small tooth . For example , a properly fit cover for three front teeth including the small one which will look like three same size teeth.

  26. @Delwar hossain Really depends what the situation is. Without x-rays I cannot be specific but my advice is to extract it. After that you can do the restoration of the front teeth with composite or veneers.

  27. @Sylvia This is something that happens all the time. Most of the extra teeth do not show any symptoms for a long time and occasionally dentists see them when they do x-rays for some other reason.
    Oral surgeons are the ones that take care of this issues because it is a small operation after all. It is painless, don’t worry, but the prices vary by the cases and different dentists.

  28. @micki
    Before you put braces make sure you get rid of the extra teeth because when they decide to erupt they will mess everything up. Well, if you have a missing tooth nearby they can move the supernumerary one on the same spot and restore the dentition.

  29. My four year old daughter has a supernumerary tooth behind her front baby tooth. The dentist said he has never seen one in a child so young. He suggests having it removed. What is the best way to have the tooth removed so that my daughter is not terrified of the dentist?

    • Go to an oral surgeon that will work with a local children’s hospital! My son still has no idea what happened to him (or that he had surgery)!!! We told him the oral surgeon needed to count his teeth, we never referred to him as a dentist. He had “silly” medicine before surgery that causes retrograde amnesia and he went easily with the hospital staff into surgery. And this is a kid who cries when you even talk about shots!!! It was a great experience, so glad it was done at such a young age (4).

  30. My son just had his supernumerary tooth removed last week, it was found on an x-ray at his 3 year check-up. He just turned 4. The size of it is crazy and it is amazing how the surgeon was able to remove it. I have never met another parent yet, who has gone through what we did with him…I did not realize how common, yet uncommon it was! I have the tooth if you need a photo of another one 🙂

    • My son has 2 supernumerary teeth. One on the top and one on the bottom of the front two teeth respectively. He is 4. We need to go to the children’s hospital and I am a wreck. The teeth are growing the wrong way in his jaws between the front teeth. Brutal to look at or think about.

    • Hi Tamara,
      Your situation sounds similar to ours. A few question, if you don’t mind.
      When did they decide to remove the supernumerary tooth? Did they wait for it to move, did other teeth become loose, etc?

      Did they remove other teeth during the procedure?
      How long was the procedure? How was the pain afterwards?
      At this point, your son’s adult teeth should be coming in? Are they coming in straight? Any complications?

      We have been hoping this would not be an issue… wait and see, as recommended by the dentist. Then the front tooth became loose, kind of heartbreaking. At this point it is a matter of when (not if) we will have to get the tooth removed. It has us worried, scared and sad.

      Hoping to hear some good news. I know it has been a while since you posted this, but I would love to here your response.

  31. My child has a supernumerary tooth pushing against the 2 front teeth but has not erupted. The 2 front teeth have erupted but the left one has grown to full size but the right one looks like it is 1/2 the size of the left one. Both front teeth erupted within days of each other.

    I have switched my child to a 3rd dentist. All the dentists say to wait for the supernumerary tooth to erupt before they will extract it. But, could the supernumerary tooth be causing the right front tooth to not grow to its full length? Shall I go for another opinion?

    I haven’t been able to find a dentist I like for my child.

    Please give me your opinion as to the removal of the supernumerary tooth.

  32. Hi. My 10 year old son has a HUGE tooth growing out of the roof of his mouth and another one is up near his nose causing a distortion near his nostril and cheek that can only be seen on x-ray. His dentist has never seen one in his 25 years of practice, & could nont offer any help in referring a different dentist, So, I am trying to see what “Type” of dentist I need my son to see. Some people are saying he needs to see a plastic surgeon, or a pediatric oral surgeon..Any advice is welcomed. thanks!

  33. Hi Tom,

    My Wife has a supernumerary tooth above the canine tooth on both the sides of the upper jaw (front).
    They are shaped like another “normal canine” tooth (Supplemental). She is not having any pain.

    Need your advise if it is removed, whether the space(teeth gum) where the supernumerary teeth was there previously will be closed or it will remain as a void.


    • Hi April,

      My 17 year old son has this exact situation. 2 upper and 4 lower teeth in the front part of his mouth. He needs his wisdom teeth removed & the dentist said to have them all taken out at the same time! I am nervous & worried as to how these are removed, in addition to having so many taken out. I would like to know what you had done for your son. Any information is greatly appreciated!

  34. Hi. I seem to have four extra teeth growing below and behind my front bottom teeth. However, if they are teeth, they have not broken the skin. In addition, I am almost 35 years old and so to have this sort of growth is rather alarming. I had my wisdom teeth pulled ten years ago. Because I do not make a habit of inspecting other people’s mouths, I thought that this was somewhat normal. Now I realize that the space between the bottom teeth and the beginning of the underpart of the tongue should be relatively smooth and not crowded with four very large bumps jutting out of my gum. The skin on top of the bumps occasionally becomes irritated and sensitive to food. I haven’t received any medical attention about this problem and am not altogether sure what to make of it.

    • Hey Jennifer. I just put up a post before I read yours. I have a very similar situation. I’m 36 and I have one “bump” behind my bottom left canine and another sharper one which started forming under my right canine just a couple of weeks ago. The one on the left seems to be getting bigger and they both have that tingley growing feeling. And I swear my left bottom canine has that feeling like its going to start getting loose! Although it hasn’t yet. And I also have not yet gone to the dentist to get it checked out. Soon though…

  35. I took my son to an oral surgeon today for a mesioden above his perminant teeth. The sergeon and attending disagreed right in front of me weather to remove it or not. It is fairly high and not near the roots of his perminant teeth. I don’t want to put my 12 year old through the pain if this really isn’t an issue and I don’t want to chance damage to his perminant teeth as they are all in place and perfectly straight with no issues to date.With the conflicting opinions I’m not sure what to do.

    • Hi Stephanie – If it is an extra tooth, there’s a good chance it should come out. That decision would be yours to make after consulting with your dentist to see what will happen if it does/doesn’t come out. I hope that helps!

      • Hi my name is charolett how many teeth are their sa post to have? Because my daughter as 12 teeth on her upper jaw and 12 on the lower jaw. And they said she has to get braise and spacers. Does that mean she will need them later in life?

  36. Hey tom! I’m about to turn 18. When I was 4, I got into this really bad accident and since then, one of my front tooth has never grown. In the place of it, I have two baby teeth still. Recently the front tooth showed up and now is edging towards the other front tooth. I don’t know what to do. What do you think I should do? I’m very scared. Please lend some advice!

    • Hi Pachee – It would be a good idea to get an x-ray taken at your dentist to see if both front teeth are coming in. An exam will also ensure that there is adequate room for the adult teeth to come into your mouth. Good luck!

      • Hey I’m 16 and I have a tooth already grown on the roof of my mouth it bothers me a little bit mostly when I eat..bc food get stuck in between that tooth and my regular teeth I have to get it removed along with braces I’m nervous and scared how do u think they will do it??…. Should I be worried??…

  37. Thanks for this really useful article. I was just checking my sons front adult tooth growth (he is aged six and a half) and I can see a second tooth growing just behind his growing adult front tooth. I was shocked to see it but having read this article I can understand what it is.

    Looks like I will be phoning the dentist in the morning to organise an appointment.

  38. My four year old had a supernumary tooth erupt behind one of her top teeth. After having a oral surgeon take a x-ray we saw that it’s root is thick and it looks like it goes all the way up to the base of her nose. He is concerned about I.v sedation because she is four but this sounds like it could be pretty painful. He said that if the root happens to break off they could possibly just leave it and it would either work it’s way out or it could just stay there. One of her permanent teeth we noticed is turned at a 90 degree angle. I don’t know what to think about any of this….Any advice would be welcome!!

    • As posted previously, our 4 year old son had his tooth removed this summer. We worked with a local oral surgeon who books O.R. time at a local hospital for special cases. Our son was sedated and then put under, and intubated for the procedure. The hospital was the best setting for us…the surgeon worried about the tooth, and the hospital staff and anesthesiologist worried about my son. There was no way we were going to do this in an office. We did this as an out-patient and spent a total of 6 hours at the hospital. It did take us about 4 months to get the surgery approved with our health insurance though, prior to the surgery. Good luck!

      • Tamara, Thankyou for your input! Could you please post a picture of your sons tooth? I am having a hard time picturing what these look like. Supposedly my daughters is quite large as well…I am very concerned. Thanks again..

        • Christine,

          I sent a photo to the site administrator, Tom, to see if he would post it for you…I cannot from my computer.

        • I have a tiny tooth above a fat tooth and it doesn’t hurt or cause anything but it looks like it’s making my teeth look like they have been pushed a little to the other side I’m scared I don’t want braces and I don’t want it ruining my mouth or have to be pulled out I want to cry I’m only 12 turning 13 this summer by the way is this one single little tooth bad??

  39. Hello.
    My 7 year old has a Mesioden. Just one right in between her two front teeth. It looks exactly like a canine tooth, and is the same length as her front teeth on either side of it.
    It has started to make one of the front teeth look a little crooked, but isn’t really messing with the other front tooth.
    When I was in middle school I had a extra tooth removed surgically, it never came down and was in the roof of my mouth.

    She also has one “shark tooth” on the bottom, behind a bottom front tooth, my mom says I had that too.
    So it is clearly genetic.
    We do not have dental insurance and can’t afford a lot of dental work ups.
    Do we need to have this taken care of, like having the Mesioden removed quickly?
    She also does not have ANY loose teeth yet, all her baby teeth are still very solid.
    I don’t want to mess up her adult teeth, I just need to know how urgent getting any extractions right now is?
    Thank you for your help!

  40. i have a extra teeth in my upper jaw which situated in the middle of upper age is 26.what its it dengures for me or not.

  41. hi
    i’m 21 yrs old man
    and i have 2 xtra canine looking teeth behind the front teeth
    and because there is space, food particles tends to stuck there
    now should i remove those teeth

  42. I’m 36 years old and I seem to have two new bottom canines growing in behind my current ones. I have not gone to the dentist to confirm it yet though. In fact, I haven’t been to a dentist since I got out of the military 13 years ago. My teeth are in almost perfect condition so I haven’t had a reason to go. Until now.

  43. i have a tooth growing behind the tooth that is right next to my front tooth on the right and it is really irritating me and im only 14,what do i do?!?!

    • Tell your parents, if nothing else tell your school nurse. Get it taken care of and hang in there. Don’t stress though, you’re not alone!!!!

  44. Hello, I am a 25 year old male with a supernumerary! I have had it for years, as it was just a dormant peice of enamel located inbetween teeth #28 and #29 on my lower right jaw, hidden under the gums. My Dentist was concerned because instead of bone between my teeth, I have an extra tooth, making it a potential place for bacteria to take hold. My job was simple: Keep it clean and hope for the best. Now I have reached an interesting catagory of patients, as my supernumerary has awoken and began to erupt!!!!! It is erupting out the front luckily and is so far not misaligning my smile, but it will be some time before they have the time to remove it. Due to it’s location it appears to be a mission-impossible for most oral surgeons, and I am at risk of losing all three teeth! Hopefully I get a ninja surgeon who can steal this extra tooth before it jepordizes #28 and #29.

    There will be a good ending to this story, I am sure. I just can’t wait to be able tell it 🙂

    Anyways, thats my supernumerary. Watch out and be aware if you have one, they are very unpredictable!!!!

  45. hello im 21 years old…I have an extra tooth right in between my two front teeth causing all the right side teeth to be crooked..I have had this since i was about 4 years parents attempted to take me to the dentist to remove it and i literally got up and ran im months from getting married and i need to know what is the best thing to do

  46. Hi Tom,
    My son is 18 months old and i just discovered he has a tooth coming in beside his first molar on the upper left side. there hasn’t been to many people talking about their toddlers with this problem. What usually happens with toddlers? I am calling the dentist tomorrow but where I live you have to be referred to a pediaric dentist and that usually takes about a month to get it. any info would be greatly appreciated

  47. Hello, I have tootthe grew in on top of my moler before my wisdom tooth on the upper right sude of my mouth. It has been there since I was 10 when it grew in. I dont go to the dentismuch but when the last time I went the dentist seemed very confused by it. Is it not normal for them to grow in like this or is there possible problems for it?

  48. Hello, I am an African American woman. I went to the dentist today and finally had my supernumerary tooth out. I am 26 years old. This tooth started growing when I was 17 years old. I was scared to take it out all these years because I thought I needed them to hold the other teeth together. I was tired of smiling a certain way to hide the extra teeth between my teeth during pictures. Any ways, the extra teeth was between my front lower teeth. The Supernumerary teeth was in the front and another one in the back of my lower teeth. It was crazy because both extra teeth were lined up behind each other. The dentist didn’t know if they were connected or if they were separated. I was scared at this point, but it turns out that they were separate and easy to come out. I hated the long needle through! I was surprised that no other ones came anywhere in my mouth. I asked the dentist if it was possible for any more to come out the blue in my older adult years and he stated no. I guess we will wait and see because I hear other blogs about how people take it out and another comes in the same spot. If my second one come back I will keep because it was meant!

    • Hi Melissa- Thanks for sharing your experience! Did they mention if there were any other supernumerary teeth in there? I haven’t heard of a new one growing in, it was most likely an extra tooth left in that ended up coming out, but I guess it’s possible.

  49. I also have this kind of teeth and I’m afraid of surgery because the 1st time that it happen it became a trauma for me. What will happen if I do not to remove it? Can you help me to decide? I am really afraid of surgery. Until now I have my braces, but I have this problem in my mouth.

    • Hi Beij – It’s hard to say what could happen if you don’t remove it. Sometimes they stay in your jaw, other times they will erupt into the mouth. I would discuss this with your dentist/orthodontist/oral surgeon to figure out what your best option is. I hope that helps!

  50. Hi When I was younger a dumb doctor removed one of my permanent teeth and since then I’ve always had an ugly smile I went to another dentist and they found my extra tooth and they found out I didn’t have one of regular tooth and they have me braces and put my extra tooth where my lost tooth should’ve been but it looks funny still because its just a tiny little ugly tooth that doesn’t match my other teeth …. Is there anyway of fixing that?

  51. I am 20 yrs old and I too have an extra tooth just in front of my upper molar in the left side….its some time very difficult to chew and most often food particles get stuck between the extra tooth and my molar and causes pain for some hours and subsides….what should i do for this

    • Hi Sharoj,

      Just read your post and saw that you have the exact same issue my best friend had. She had the extra tooth on to of her top left molar extracted and then had braces for 1 year to align the top teeth. Her smile looks totally different, in a great way! It’s an easy fix. Unlike me, I had a mesiodens tooth in the smack middle between my front teeth. Went to the dentis to have it extracted and went ahead and opted for some braces. I feared my 1 inch gap wouldn’t close but it did 18 months later. It was a $4,800 procedure and very much worth it. Hope this helped.


  52. Hello, at age 12 had braces, but before they were put on, I had 8 teeth pulled out, being that I had teeth pushing up on those. When they were pulled out all teeth came through except one cuspid. The x-ray showed it was still inside but was not in a vertical position it had gone horizontal. Now at age 43 I am feeling an odd, sensation on my lateral incisor next to where the absent cuspid should be. Should I be concerned that my tooth might be being pushed out/ since that is the sensation I’m feeling? Oh, by the way since the braces and the missing tooth I was so upset about the dentist leaving me with a gap I cursed them and have never been back since my braces were removed (orthodontists either). Later in life my wisdom teeth came in crowding my lower teeth a bit, but never pulled them out for fear of another dental mishap. But no issues with my teeth until this weird sensation I’m having now.

  53. Hi Tom,

    My 8 y/o son had his 1st x-ray recently. We found out that he has supernumary teeth(between 2 upper front teeth) on the same location. One already erupted and started to move, the other one is still under jaw/not yet erupted. Now , the pediatric dentist told me that one tooth has to be extracted and the other one has to be surgically removed. I’m a bit scared for surgery. Is there a way I can send you the copy of the xray.
    Confused mom

  54. Just thought I’d add my story for interest… I had four wisdom teeth removed at the age of 15 – all were impacted. When I was 18, I was being treated for TMJ problems and my chiropractor pointed out my “wisdom teeth” on my head and neck x-ray. Of course this sent us immediately to the dentist! The new tooth was located on the left lower jaw, with a space between it and my molars, and basically appeared to just be circular (the oral surgeon who did my initial extraction said it could be an odontoma). We were advised to come back the next year to see if it was developing; when we did, it had a hint of a crown, and was growing perpendicular to my other teeth. At that point I was told it was a tooth, and was advised to just let it be unless it started to hurt.

    When I was 25, I went to a new dentist and had my first x-ray in several years, and we found that the extra tooth had grown significantly: it was nearly as large as my other teeth and was close to touching my rear molar. It was still completely perpendicular to my other teeth, however, and thus had not erupted through the gum at all. It was removed a few weeks later. I saw it after the extraction – it had a developed crown and a single root. I asked to keep it, actually, but they threw it away.

    Obviously there’s nothing more to be done – I’m just sharing an interesting story. The thing my oral surgeon was really amazed at was how late it developed! My mother is a doctor and of course had a million questions, and I remember going over all my x-rays with them both: there was no indication at all that he could see of a fifth tooth at the time the first four were extracted.

    • Hi Lauren – Thanks for sharing your story; I’m sure it will help others who are going through a similar situation with more than four wisdom teeth!

  55. My son is 3 and had had an extra tooth since shortly after his front two teeth came in as a baby. It came down right of his right central incisor. At first it came in turned but has straightened out and all if his teeth line up perfectly, except that he has the extra incisor. I’m afraid of letting it go if it’ll cause problems with his adult teeth, but there have been no concerns or problems associated with it. But I don’t want to subject my toddler to an extraction either. Is it normal for extra teeth to line up like that? I can send pics if it helps.

    • Hi Shannan – Usually when these extra teeth come in and everything lines up, there’s usually nothing to worry about until the permanent teeth start coming in. By that time, he will likely be able to tolerate x-rays pretty well and you’ll be able to see if the extra tooth would need to be extracted to help the permanent teeth erupt in proper alignment.

      If you’d like to send the photo, I can attach it to your comment. That way it can help other parents who may have a similar situation with their child. You can simply use this contact form and the “Attach a file” box. Thanks for your comment!

  56. we found out today my 2.5 yr old son has a mesioden through x-rays, not erupted or anything. But they say it looks like it’s growing upward into his adult teeth, and his left front adult tooth is completely turned. They said they would wait til he is about 6 to pull the 2 front teeth to get it out, and hope the front adult tooth will turn on it’s own as it comes in. Do you think it would benefit him to have them pulled sooner? I’d rather wait so he isn’t missing teeth for a long time (speech reasons) but I don’t want waiting too long to hurt the tooth from having a better chance at straightening out. What is your experience with a turned adult tooth with a mesioden growing upward? Of course we are growing to watch it with frequent x-rays. thx!

  57. My son, who is nineteen, had full head xrays which show a tooth below the front lower roots of his bottom front teeth and it is horizontal. He also has an upside down tooth below another lower tooth in the corner. Is it important to have these removed? Our new dentist recommends this jaw surgery, under general anesthesia, even though they are causing no problems. He says they aren’t normal and could cause problems in the future. I am skeptical and want another opinion.

  58. Our daughter is almost 14 years old and has an inverted mesiodens. All her top teeth have erupted and they look great. Her bottom teeth are a bit crowded and we are told she needs braces to straighten them but the mesiodens needs to come out first. We are not sure if we should move ahead with the surgery since there is always a risk that damage come be done to the front teeth (or nerves) that are perfect now. We feel we might be risking damage to the teeth you do see when she smiles to fix the teeth you don’t see at all. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  59. My daughter had five baby teeth in the bottom centre, all perfectly straight, in line etc. When those five baby teeth fell out only four came back. BUT then a fifth one appeared growing out of the gum in front of her other teeth, again on the bottom. She is due to have it removed shortly. She is a caucasian female and the extra tooth is in front of the others on the bottom front. What is this sort of tooth called? The dentist has said it was very rare. There is no family history of this that we are aware of.

    • I forgot to add she is nine years old. The extra tooth is completely erupted. Xrays have shown no other extras.

    • Hi Rosealea – I’m not sure if there is a name for that one since it’s so uncommon. It’s simply a supernumerary tooth in front of the mandibular incisors. I hope that helps – Thanks for sharing your story!

  60. I have an extra tooth in the middle if my two front teeth. I am 23 years old and was wondering about thw process of removal. If removed i would a gap in my mouth. What would the healing process be like and how long would i need braces for the gap to close?? thank you

  61. Hi, I’m 16 with an extra tooth behind my right incisor. It’s been with me for a few years now and it has pushed my right incisor forward a bit. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should do? Thanks.

  62. hey i have two extra canines each behind each canine… they dont create any problem…. and i dont think i should remove it…. but should i remove it??? need an advise…. reply….. thank u… 🙂

  63. I recently felt something in the top of my mouth about 1/5 of an inch to the left of my right canine tooth. I brushed my teeth, assuming it was just food. It was still there so I felt it with my finger and I was shocked to discover it felt just like a tooth! It feels very small, about the size of a grain of rice, but I’m worried it will grow and cause problems; is this possible (if it’s even an extra tooth)?

    I would really appreciate some insight, as you seem pretty qualified 😉 I’d love to simply go to the dentist and get it checked out, but I already have 7 cavities and no dental insurance, so any additional costs are out of the question.

    • Hi Rebeka – It would be a good idea to get it checked out by a dentist. If you check the yellow pages or online, many dentists offer free or deeply discounted new patient exams and they would be able to let you know what’s going on for sure. Have any other dentists commented on this before? Usually extra teeth are noticeable on x-rays.

      I hope that helps!

  64. We have just found out that my five year old daughter has two extra teeth in the top front of her mouth. She has one that is pointy that has come through (we have been told its an adult tooth). She also has a tooth in the gums which appear to be upside down. She has her normal adult teeth still in the gums. We have been referred to the hospital to see a consultant , but I am very worried incase this is the start of any other underlying problems. I have a copy of the xray.

    • Hi Tezay – Normally these teeth can be extracted without any further problems. It is a fairly common condition and the extraction (sometimes followed by braces), usually end up fully correcting the problem. I would share your concerns with the consultant and they should be able to help you resolve them. I’m sure it will go well – Good luck! Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing your experience here it would probably help other parents who are concerned about their children’s extra teeth.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. We have been to see the consultant at hospital who has had a thorough look and took a number xrays. It has confirmed that she has 2 extra teeth with one of them upside down still in her gums (on the inside of her gums). They have advised me that they are not going to touch the upside down tooth. They are going to monitor it to see if if it changes and if it effects any of her other teeth. They said by removing it at this age may result in it damaging the other adult teeth as they are that strong yet. They are going to see her in 9 months too see how she is getting on, but if it does create problems then the suitable age for removal would be around 8 years old. As for the pointy adult tooth that has come through they have said that they are going to remove it with local anaesthetic and gas. But if she is not able to cope with it then they will do it under a general anaesthetic. Fingers crossed everything will be ok.

  65. Hi Tom!!! Thank you so much for starting this site! My 8 year old son has another tooth growing overtop of his adult tooth. They both seem to be growing at the same rate. I can’t believe I just now noticed it!!! My husband actually had the same thing when he was younger. In 5th grade he had to have the extra teeth pulled leaving him toothless. Even though I knew it was a possibility it could happen to one of my children, it still freaked me out! I have sent you a picture of my son’s teeth with the link you provided in a previous post. He has an appointment with the dentist on the 12th where I am sure they will see how many extra teeth he may have and what we should do about it. You have my permission to use the picture (you can not see my son’s face… its just teeth 🙂 ). Not really sure what will happen from here except waiting.

  66. Hi I have an extra tooth but it looks like a normal tooth. It’s not a retained milk tooth either as one dentist I saw first thought. It is sitting in position 2/3 between my top front incisor on the right an right canine. I also have a gap between my top front incisors due to a deep frenulum attachment.
    Could these be linked?

    • Hi Jennifer – I’m really not sure, there’s a possibility that they are linked, but the field of dental genetics research isn’t a high priority when it comes to government academic funding of new studies – it seems like most of it focuses on major issues such as cleft palate, etc.

      I hope that helps somewhat. Thanks for your comment!

  67. I have a v shaped structure in between my lower 1st molar and bicuspid. It is in the alvelor bone. It was detected when i had an xray with my dentist in 2010. It doesnt cause any pain or anything. I showed it to an dentist online with the picture of the xray and he said its better to extract the teeth as it is causing bone loss and may hamper adjacent teeth. The structure has got no root at the end. Please let me know is there anything to worry about

  68. Hi Tom,
    I am glad I came across your site today. My son (18) left the dentist today with an “extra tooth.” We are not sure if it is on the inside or outside of the jaw line, but is between the molar and incisor. He has never had any cavities, but did need to have his wisdom teeth out in 2010.
    The dentist, while saying the extra tooth was rare but not surprising, added that what was surprising to him was that in my son’s last ex-ray in 2008, there was no evidence of it. My sons teeth came in early so he already had all his adult teeth in at that time. We waited to take his 3rd molars to make sure it was needed.
    So, I guess my concern is over the sudden appearance of the tooth. Is that something to be concerned with and do you think there may be more on the way?
    Thank you for your help and for giving out such great information on your page!

  69. Hello Tom,
    Thank you for starting this site/thread. My 4 year old daughter and I were at her dentist office yesterday. While there, they took x rays. It was brought to my attention that my daughter has an extra tooth in between her two front (baby) teeth; but instead of growing like a normal tooth would, it’s growing upside down. In the X ray, you can clearly see her two front (permanent) teeth, with the (one) upside down mesiodens.
    Of course, my heart sank into my stomach when I heard we needed to consult with the oral surgeon. According to the dentist, we will most likely have to remove this extra tooth with the possibility of having to extract one of her front baby tooth in order to get the extra tooth out. I understand that it’s “not her permanent” teeth, but it still makes my heart hurt. Do you think there’s a chance they’ll at least try to save her two front baby teeth? Our consultation is scheduled towards the end of June 2014. I’m a nervous wreck. Please ease my mind until then. Also, I will continue to keep you and everyone else updated as we inch worm into June and to the appointment/consult date.

  70. Hi, my 4 almost 5 year old son hit his mouth and his upper front tooth became loose and the direction changed so it pointed more forward. Anyway, at his dental check up they chose to do an X-ray and discovered the extra tooth between his front teeth. His permanent teeth appear to be rather far apart with the extra tooth between them. We were advised to have it removed this summer. Is this reasonable? What problems would occur if we waited for 6-7 months. Thanks for your advice!

    • Hi Amy,
      The exact situation (baby tooth bruised, not loose though) at about the same age happened with my son who is now 9. The dentist x-rayed the bruised tooth and found the supernumerary. We have been to the dentist who xrays the top front teeth with each apt and have been to the oral surgeon every year. We are going again in a week and expecting that he will want to remove the supernumerary soon. He told us in the beginning to wait until the permanent teeth were growing in. The reason that we are waiting is because he could tell that the extra tooth was not touching the permanent teeth and he didn’t want to risk damaging them until they were fully formed. He said that if it was going to cause a problem for the permanent teeth he would extract sooner. My son has a huge space as well and we think that there is a chance that they may merge themselves together as they finish growing in. I have my doubts because he sucks his thumb. Hope this helps. Of course get a professional opinion/ second opinion as well. Good luck!

  71. Wow, thank you all so much for contributing to this thread! Today my 10 year old daughter pointed out to my husband that she had a sore bump on the roof of her mouth which we initially dismissed as a food scrape or some such. After dinner we took a flashlight to get a better look and lo and behold a tooth is erupting through the roof between the tooth line and ridge of her hard palate. My web search led me here and the panic has now been subdued that we don’t have something “really scary” to contend with. We’ll be making an appointment with her dentist Monday for consultation…

  72. Hi, I am a 51 year old male.
    At the age of 13 I had the four rear molars removed to make way for my four wisdom teeth that were breaking through.
    Last week I have just had a tooth starting to errupt behind my lower left wisdom tooth and signs of teeth also developing behind my other wisdom teeth.
    To make matters even more interesting I have two broken teeth and it now feels like teeth are developing under there.
    Like most people on here I can’t afford dental care.
    Any cheap suggestions as to how to reduce the pain and discomfort
    (Tried a cold hide dog chew….but that just upsets my dog)



  73. hi i have teeth growing out of the bottom of my lower jaw and i cant go to a dentist because i have a phobia of them what should i do ?

    • Hi Alix – Are you able to go visit a dentist as long as they agree to not do anything and only look at the tooth and get an x-ray? That would be the first step in discovering the solutions to this problem. I hope that helps!

  74. I have two friends (sisters) who both have an extra tooth protruding from their gums in front and above the right canine. These teeth don’t seem to cause any physical problems but aesthetically they are somewhat of an issue. Is removal of these teeth for purely cosmetic reasons advisable?

    • Hi Topher – Usually it is recommended to get them out as it can make it difficult to clean around the teeth. If they are still in their teen years, it’s possible that these are leftover baby teeth. Getting them out now could help the permanent teeth have a better chance and moving into proper position as growth continues. I hope that helps!

  75. My 10 yr old son has an extra tooth in between his two front teeth. The dentist stated that it is extremely close to a nerve. Extracting the tooth is risky and may cause damage to this nerve, resulting in him losing feeling in the palate.

    What problems can he have in the future, if damage is done to this nerve?


  76. My son has an extra tooth in the middle of his two front teeth. it sits neatly between them and is the same shape as the others. it has plenty of space and isn’t at a funny any or anything like that. Is he still likely to need it removed?

  77. Hello, im 15 & I just returned from the dentist and he told me that I have a tooth right behind my two front teeth. It is close to the roots and he told me nothing further. I’m scared that my teeth will be messed up if I get surgery. My teeth are straight and all but if I get surgery, will my teeth be messed up? Please answer. I’m very scared.

  78. I am 20.i have extra small tooth at the upper right ths abnrmal?
    what is the reason behind this?
    reply soon,,,,

  79. Hi, I’m 16. Tom, I have a question. After I lost all my baby teeth, four new molars grew in the back of my mouth. One in each place where my wisdom teeth would grow. So I assumed those were my wisdom teeth coming in. However when I went to the dentist today, he said that they haven’t even come in yet. So where they just normal mollars that where late at coming in, or what?

    • Forgot to mention that with those extra mollars, I now have 28 teeth. So, again, were those molars just late at coming in, or what?

  80. I had 2 extra teeth come in when my front baby teeth came out. They looked like fangs. A dentist pulled them after an X-ray showed 2 large peefextly formed teeth waiting to emerge. They came in and that was the end of the extra teeth. That was 56 years ago.

  81. Hello. Today I went to the dentist with my 3 year old son and found out that he has supernumary tooth and what’s weird is that when I first went to the dentist, I found out that I had one too. I got mine removed when he was about 4 because it was starting to come out and the dentist pulled it out. I just want to know, when do you think my son is going to need his out, or if ever? The dentist said that is is pushing down on his left front tooth which means that his left tooth is going to start becoming loose. I just want to know what I should do.

  82. I have 2 extra teeth in the front.. Upper and lower i knew it when i have my xray for braces and my dentist says that may teeth is complicated and have a surgery and i need to do occlusal xray then the result of my occlusal xray is okey.. Can i still need to have a surgery?

  83. Hello, my name is Jessie. I recently discovered what seems to be a new tooth growing in front of my right K9 tooth. I guess I was just wondering if this is a common thing, especially me being 19 years old?
    I hope you can get back to me.

  84. pls I am 25.but I started growin extra teeth by the age of 23…I have one extra premolar nd one extra molar on my right side nd the same on the left side on my lower jaw…but the issue is that the extra molar is growing under the old molar and it is causing very excruciating pain swollen gum nd even with pus…please what can I do and which one should I remove?

  85. hi my name is rayah and I found out I had an extra tooth that’s alongside my upper left wisdom.. only its smaller. that was bout 2 years ago.. now theyre finally coming out, but theyre coming out right below my molar and its sticking out of my gum :/ it looks like I have two teeth right on top of each other :(.. what do I do or expect if I go see a dentist? will I have to get all three removed? im kinda freaking out here. the pain is unbearable!

  86. My daughter is 9 and has not lost her front right baby tooth. A few weeks ago, after numerous xrays by several professionals, we found out that she has an extra adult tooth waiting to drop. They’ve decided to extract the baby tooth and the extra tooth so there’s only one to drop down. Her baby tooth was not loose then. It is now. Very loose and she’s due to go in for surgery on 9/20/14, less than two weeks away. I’ve called her dentist and the front desk lady didnt’ seem willing to refer the call to the dentist, himself, rather just told me to let it fall out and come on in the date of surgery anyway and “let them look”. Her father, who lives out of town, is paying for this, which leaves me not being able to tell him whether to transfer funds to me or not. We won’t know until we get there. I’m confused as to keep the appointment or see if the new one will just fall into place.

  87. Hi Tom,

    My six year old daughter has an extra pair of canines. Yesterday we had xrays done and it shows that she also has an extra pair of canines waiting to replace them. I guess we will just wait to see how much they move down when all the baby teeth come out. I’m a little bit worried about it but so far she seems fine. Both dentists who have seen her have said that they’ve never seen anything like it. She has a big smile. I took a photo of the xray if you want to see it.


  88. Hi Tom,
    I took my six year boy to the dentist to remove his upper 2teeth, one was shaking, the other one was broken, they have never grown, and it has been about one year.
    I feel worried

  89. I am 29 years old now, but when I was 13 I had to have my upper canine baby teeth pulled because my adult ones had grown in under those and pushed the baby ones up my gum line. Then when I was 16 I had to have ANOTHER set of upper fully formed canines pulled because they did the same thing! I also have a very narrow mouth. My wisdoms took forever to come in and pushed the rest of my already crowded teeth forward to do so. And when the dentist went to pull them he discovered that one of the wisdoms had TWO roots snd spent the next 4 hours fighting to get this tooth out of my head! My father had a very narrow mouth as well and had three sets of fully formed upper front teeth that pushed the second set out by the time he was 40. I also have severe bone degradation of the upper jaw bone and my dentist is unsure if it’s related to my extra-teeth problem. My father and I also

  90. My father and I also had molars that grew in without enamel. My molars were rotted shortly after they grew in, perfectly evenly. Thank God I was never a soda drinker or they wouldn’t have been salvageable at all.

  91. Hi I have three extra teeth I have one on the bottom jaw behind my almost the center of it and I have two on my top jaw one in the back and one in the front and I think it’s my permanent tooth the is in between both extra teeth the front one is shaped almost like a oval with a point and I would like to know how much would it usually cost ? Would I need to surgically remove them ?

  92. hi i am 14 and i have an extra teeth when i was 12 this teeth is in the middle of my front two tooth it is small but sharp what should i do to remove it. Do i have to remove it by doing surgery

  93. Hi, when I was 29 year old,My dentist found that i have an extra wisdom tooth. it was on my upper jaw.
    few years later, another one started to grow but it was not in the same place as the first one. the first one was on upper jaw and after my wisdom tooth but this one was on upper jaw but on the outer section of my gum and it was not the last one(not after my wisdom tooth) that one was also removed.
    Now,I am 35 years old and a new one has started growing on the upper jaw,after my wisdom tooth. As a joke, I say my backgrounds goes to crocodiles. And it seems another one is also is about to grow on the other side. I am sick of having these extra teeth, starting to grow every couple of years.

  94. All my wisdom teeth have now come through but another tooth seems to be growing behind one of them and it’s causing alot of pain. It actually looks like it’s part of the existing tooth but is just poking out of the gum whereas the wisdom tooth is fully grown.

    I’m 23 now, is it possible to have more teeth grow at this age?

  95. Hi, I am 18 years old and i just found out I have 3 extra teeth growing. I have one on each side in my upper jaw behind my wisdom teeth and I have one on the left bottom jaw behind my wisdom tooth. I would like to have them removed but I have braces. If anyone can help with what to do, that would be very much appreciated!

  96. Hi there my bottom left side of my gums is swollen and side of the gum I feel a Thoth . I have had many teeth in my mouth and still do but u can’t see them. But u can feel them , as a child I had extra teeth in my mouth that were on top of each other . But we’re taking out when I was 9 . Then only 3 wisdom teeth I took out , I feel the last one wasn’t taking out all the way and felt something still there . It’s raw and red and hurts when I try to eat . Why would I have a tooth on the inside of my gums coming through and what should I do ??
    Thank you Diane

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  98. hi, i am 18 years of age. When i was first taking out my baby teeth i had a space between my front teeth and now i have an extra tooth in the middle of my front teeth..can i remove it by myself? Im freeking out everytime i want to smile..i really want it remove?

  99. Hi there, thanks for all the information about extra teeth. I have a son, caucasion, with what appears to be an extra tooth on the lower jaw near the left canine. It has just broken the skin. We had to delay his cleaning and check on it due to illness and the next available appointment is in a month. Is that too long to wait? The tooth is beginning to irritate his tongue as it is emerging where his tongue rests. Thanks!

  100. I got one extra tooth out and they tried taking out another but I guess it was to deep and he saw me in pain too.So he gave me another date to go back but I cancelled.i wanted to know if it is necessary because I’m not going through all that again and I couldn’t feel my bottom lip or gum for about 4 months.please let me know what you recommend . Thank you

  101. I have a son who’s 6 and soon will be seven. I took him to the dentist cause I was concerned how his baby teeth grew in. The dentist gave him a clean bill of health and said see you back in 6 months.His baby teeth looks yellow and looks as though the haven’t fully cut completely in. Well, he recently lost a front tooth and when I say recent I mean the tooth has been gone for at least 4 months and no sign of the tooth. Tonite I looked at his mouth he has 7 teeth growing in the top of his mouth and this has me really disturbed because this is not normal. Please give me an avenue to help my child so he doesn’t end up being embarrassed to go to school. Kids can be cruel in teasing others and I certainly don’t want this to happen to my son. How is it the dentist didn’t see all these extra teeth in the top of his mouth. Help I am upset about all this.

  102. My daughter had two extra baby teeth removed. The overcrowding caused her front permanent tooth to come in crooked. Now the tooth beside is coming in with a yellow growth on the one side on it? Can I send you a picture?

  103. Hello,
    I’m 25 yrs old, and just recently discovered what could be two extra teeth coming out (premolars?).
    I’ve been having really bad pain because my 2 bottom wisdom molars are erupting. I still have to make an appointment with my dentist, but I’m a wimp when it comes to going to the dentist. Now, my question is, can I have my premolars and wisdom teeth removed all at once? Please say yes…. hehe

  104. My son is 14 yrs old and I was told he still has his baby fangs and on the xrays shows his adult fang is right under it but it show on xray that it is slanted not straight. Dentist recommend surgery but my son says its not bothering him at all. and i’ve heard other peaple stating that they have one or two baby tooth and they are grown adults and never had a problem. I’m just wondering why put my son through the pain of surgery now if its not bothering him and who knows it may never bother him.

  105. My 8 year old had a conical supernumerary removed when she was 6 (she still has another way up in her palate, they’re leaving it alone), and her front central incisor has been thrown out of whack by it and is now coming through her gum, perfectly perpendicular to the gum, ie, sticking straight out. I’m terribly worried about the additional surgery (she had several teeth removed with the supernumerary under general anaesthetic, in the hope that the incisor would have more room to straighten, but it didn’t) to try to bring this tooth into line, but it seems to be so far from the true line that it may be impossible. She has a brace to keep the gap open for that central incisor. I don’t want her to have a bridge because my mum says they ruin your teeth. The gold chain method has been suggested to pull the tooth but other people have suggested the tooth is just too far out of line. Have you seen anything like this happen before? What were the long term consequences?


  106. Hi I’m 16 years old and I have a tooth that is growing out of my upper gums, top jaw out in front. I was wondering if it would hurt to get it removed and would another maybe grow back again in the same spot even though I would get the first removed. I’ve had this tooth for a while and my 23 year old brother has two also pretty much in the same spot and my 20 year old sister has one also pretty much in the same spot so I assume it’s hereditary?

  107. Hi Tom. First of all thank you for all of the information. It is the closest thing I have found to an answer in the past two days. My 16 year old sons dentist said that he had an impacted wisdom tooth and scheduled an appointment with an oral surgeon. When we got to the appointment, the surgeon told me that all four of his wisdom teeth needed to be removed. The problem with that was one of the wisdom teeth(#16) is located in the eyeball socket!!!! He said that he would have to go to an opthamologist or ent doctor for the surgery. Should I be very concerned about this?

  108. I had a molar tooth beside my (erupted) upper right wisdom tooth extracted. At age 40 I then grew in what the dentist called a super wisdom tooth ( small but half erupted and half in the gum) . I am wondering if that is natures way of filling in the gap? Since I started growing the super tooth the gap closed the missing space of the molar. I also had a molar tooth removed on my lower right beside my wisdom tooth (erupted but with a flap of gum partially over it) I a now 53 and started feeling sensitivity in my lower right side wisdom tooth and my upper super wisdom tooth on the right. The super tooth on the upper right feels like the half that is under the gum is erupting and the lower wisdom tooth gum flap is gone. Also I have a lump (feels like another super tooth is trying to grow beside my wisdom tooth on my lower right ( was very sore feeling for about a week but now very little). Could you please help me figure out what is going on? Could this be natures way of filling the gaps of the missing molars?

  109. Hi, I’m an african 20 years old guy who has 9 extra teeth.
    I’ve been with several dentists, mostly on Italy, who just gave me braces because of my upper teeth. But it obviously didn’t help even after years of wearing both the removable and non removable ones. The last dentist said that I have extra teeth on level 5 and some on top of the frontal ones but only one is visible. They also said that it could damage the teeth if some of them were to be removed. So where do o go from here? It has been the biggest obstacle in my life up to today.

  110. My daughter upper gums there’s and extra teeth growing I already go to a dentists but it’s a long time for waiting for here nxt appointment to remove all the damage teeth and extra one… The question is is it ok if I want to remove first here extra teeth cause she said its fain already cause the teeh growing is pointed teeth in her gums is there’s a hole TNx I need ur advice for me ASAP

  111. I’m 42 and have noticed a third tooth just starting to break through the side of the gum just to the right of the Caine tooth there is a constant tingle what can be done

  112. Hello Tom, I have a question my two front teeth one of them is crooked and I want braces I went to the orthodontist and the orthodontist told me that I have extra teeth inside my gums in order for me to get braces I need to get my 6 teeth out inside my gums I have six extra teeth 2 on top and 4 the bottom they do not bother me or nothing I cannot even see them they only show up in the xrays they don’t bother me or nothing I need really series severe surgery I don’t know what to do should I remove them because I really want braces.I’m scared that something will happen because they’re really close to my nerves thank you so much I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

  113. I’m 24 now and I’m experiencing an extra set of wisdom teeth or fourth molars. I had mine removed at age 20 and I was genuinely confused about this until I found your website. Thank you so much for helping me connect some dots and gain insight. I wasn’t sure what was going on for the last couple of weeks. Most people think I’m joking when I say I’m getting an extra set of wisdom teeth and I didn’t know it was possible, but now I’m able to understand and communicate the situation in a much more effective way. I owe you one!

  114. Hi so I am 15 years old and have an extra tooth that is 2 spaces to the left of my left front tooth. I’ve had this tooth for awhile now and my parents never could afford dental care to remove it and now I’m really self-conscious about myself because my front tooth is crooked. I’m finally going to the dentist to get it removed but will my tooth remain crooked? Or will it naturally move back? Do I need braces?

  115. I am in my 30’s and about three years ago I developed two extra teeth. One in the top left and the other the bottom right. The one in the top is very sharp and the other looks like a normal tooth. They do not hurt or interfere with my other teeth so I haven’t removed them. However, on my recent visit to my dentist he suggested that I should have them removed because they are useless. I decided to go ahead with the procedure and made an appointment to have my extra teeth extracted. I had a consultation before the extraction and I was told due to the location of the bottom tooth I could go numb before its situated near a nerve. Also, I was told the if I removed the top tooth it’s going to leave an area where food could get traped. I am now reconsidering the procedure. Any advice would be appreciated.

  116. Have read all of what you said about the extra teeth,Why does my granddaughter keep getting them ,she now has another one in the same spot behind her front tooth.She is 13,this will be the third tooth there,hurts every much.Thank You

  117. Hi Tom I just found out from the dentist yesterday that my 10 year old son has an extra teeth under his gums right behind his left front teeth. Out of 7 kid’s I didn’t see this coming. I grew up with about 4-5 extra teeth behind my front teeth. I was young it was never explain I remember being stuck with needles and up the whole time also being numb afterwards. But nothing was ever explain to me. My family are of little words and explanations I tried asking my mom yesterday but got a answer I call you back. I been online all night trying to research this up because I need to call a specialist today for a appointment for my son because he has a mesioden locked near. Roof of # 8 they told me that need to be remove. So my question is that the paper work says either there going to either give my 10 year old son a I.V. Sedation or general anesthesia. Concerns on both not sure what too do or is there any other options that are safe? If they take this one out will he have more later? Is this genetic will my grandchildren get also? Concern parent and grandparent!

  118. How long does surgery take to remove an extra tooth.?

    My 8yr old needs to have one removed from the top front of his mouth.

    Depending on the position, we were told the procedure may take place in the dentists office or possibly in the hospital.

  119. hello ,
    i got swelling in my gums from last 3 i m touch it ..i can feel the something pointed is coming out… in between the premolars . my age is 25 .
    i m currently in Germany..i m from India..i m studying here..i m having exams in 15 days..what i should do? and i think it will be costly here dental care..Please help.. is it something urgent ?

  120. Hallo Sir, My 6 years old daughter has 2 front-lower / down side extra teeth. Her milk-teeth are still alive, but now she got these extra teeth. What does it mean? what we should do now? Is there any danger or alarming having these extra teeth? Thanks and hoping your reply.

  121. Comment: Hi, am in my early twenties about 3 years ago i started developing extra teeth beside my premolars on each sides(2 on each side) making 4, very close to the premolars and they shaped like a regular teeth,on the inside. My mum suggested going for removal but am scared…any advice?

  122. Hi! I have extra tooth behind my wisdom tooth. Now im getting toothache. That extra tooth hurts me. Is that possible to remove? Im already 25years old. Or is that too late? My extra tooth is behind my wisdom tooth in the lower part of my mouth. I hope i can get an answer. Thank you!

  123. I hope this page is still active…
    My child is 10 minths old and i just saw that she has a tooth (peg like) right behind her top front right tooth… Close to the middle.
    The above spoke of removal after permanent teeth… But the only has baby teeth… Will this extra tooth fall out?

  124. I am 46 years old. I have to confess I rarely see a dentist as my teeth have always been perfect. I don’t have a single cavity. Recently I noticed a swollen irritated spot inside my lower left jaw approximately where my wisdom tooth would be if I had them. I had all four removed when I was 20. I finally got a good look at it and it looks like a tooth erupting sideways. toward my tongue. Is that possible? It is Sunday night so no dentist’s office is open. Also, I have never been a smoker but do drink coffee. What are the pros and cons of teeth whitening? Thanks

  125. My 6year old son…I found an extra tooth in his lower jaw behind his middle teeth…..I guess this must be heriditary my sister in law and a few and my husbands cousins all had this problem….I’m looking to find out what I should do he’s never been to the dentist and is afraid of them pulling his teeth…..and insurance does not cover dental.

  126. Can an extra tooth in the gum cause pain in the baby tooth below it. My done has an extra tooth that dentists have said must be removed when he’s around the age of 7. He has just turned 6 and has not lost any baby teeth yet. However, he is complaining of pain in his upper front tooth when biting. Could this be the extra tooth doing this?

  127. Hi Tom I have had complications with my front teeth since I was under the age. I had a supernumerary on the left side. They put in a partial after this many years it’s beginning to lower my self esteem. Where do I start in Canada?

  128. My daughter had dental surgery yesterday ,they took out three baby teeth and put a chain onto a tooth growing sideways to start pulling it down into the place where the baby teeth were. My daughter was brushing teeth tonight and started to panic as the chain has got caught around her front braces. Where should it be????I did not look at it last night as she was too sore….Do I need to do something about it?????

  129. hi i am in my mid twenty’s i have been getting extra teeth since i was about twenty one i have three extra teeth i have lost two of my permanent jaw teeth an it grew back and the other one is on top like a rider i would like to know what is the cause and if it is normal.

  130. Hi, I had a extra tooth removed when I was 11 it’s mesioden type with tuberculate shape it looks similar to the shape of a foot ball if it was stretched and I still have it is it worth anything? and also my cousin had 5 wisdom teeth removed

  131. Hi im 20 yrs old.and have an extra tooth on my right upper far it has never been a problem to me.but many have told me that it may cause health issues.I kind of love this tooth and always rejected the idea of having it removed.will this tooth cause any problem to my brain or family does have weak eyesight?

  132. I’m 19 years old I have two extra teeth in the upper row. Actually it is grown in the gum area in the upper row. Is it safe or should I remove it?

  133. Hello Tom,
    I’m 17 years old. I have 2 supplementary teeth. one on the upper jaw and the other on the lower jaw. They are behind my canines. The main problem is that food gets stuck between them. Dentists arent sure whether to remove it or not. Shall I remove it??

  134. hi i have a bump (i think its a tooth) growing on my front teeth up the top and right now its bump but if it continues to grow where its at then its would look weird.
    if it grows would there be any way to push it back.
    p.s could it be my fang teeth?
    p.p.s because i was born without fang teeth
    p.p.s.s it is located near the big front teeth with one tooth between it.
    i think it is a tooth because its kinda white and its close to the surface.

  135. When I was young I had a tooth grow, protruding outwards a little, directly from the centre of the roof of my mouth. I had it removed, it looked like a sharp little submarine torpedo.
    The dentist said it was very rare, and if I remember rightly, told me it was a cross between a baby tooth and an adult tooth.
    I kept the thing until about 7 years ago when when my own kid (baby at the time) found it and ate it. Yes. Ate it.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me out with what it would be called, if not just the rudimentary thing up there haha. Thanks!

  136. Also had these. Got them at 15 and had them taken out at 24 due to them taking up so much space. A year later now it’s amazing howmuch more comfortable my tung lays in my month , also they hurt my lovers so if u don’t have them ! Lucky you!!!

  137. hi I have a son whos 18this yr and has a whole set of teeth behind his teeth at top a full row not just one or two

  138. I have discovered between 3-4 teeth that are growing (but not yet erupted) under my tongue and a little behind my lower teeth. I am 42 years old and this seems rather new. Overall I am a very healthy and active woman. Please advise.

  139. HI,

    I have a 10 year old son, who has 4 pair double teeth, all molars. Would the removal of these extra teeth will impact other teeth as well. Can they make them week?
    He occasionally complains of pain in one of those tooth. Please suggest, is removal of these tooth only option? Are there any chance that they might fall off on their own?

    Please advice.

  140. I thought this condition was more common. Apparently, it runs in my family. Two of my sisters and one of my faughters had supplementary incisors. My sisters just had them with the permanent teeth. My daughter had 2 sets of all 4 incisors, both baby teeth and permanent teeth. So 4 sets all together of those 4 teeth. All of the first set of baby teeth were pulled, the second set came in and fell out on their own. The extra permanent teeth came in all at once, overlapping. The extras had to be pulled and braces were needed.
    We do have Native American ancestry. Is this condition more common with Native Americans since they have shared genetics?

  141. I, too have supernumerary teeth. They’re on my lower jaw. I have two first premolar teeth growing and a canine tooth beside one of the former. I think it made the teeth above bend because i used to have aligned teeth but now everything’s a mess. I think i am growing too much even though I’m in my mid 20’s.

    So far, i can see (and feel) 2 first premolars and one canine. And it looks like the other canine is also coming out. While on mu upper jaw, it’s not fun either. I can feel some bones/tooth peeking but can’t figure it out

    Not to mention one o my upper 3rd molars grew sideways and now i believe it gave me TMJ/TMD. My jaw doesn’t close properly anymore. It need to slide forward so i can close it.

    Too many problems happening in my mouth!!!

    I really want to fix these problems,but man, way too expensive!

  142. Hi my name is Shanea I am 18 and while waching a movie with friends I notesed a rough spot behind my top right wisdom tooth I don’t know if it’s an extra tooth but it dosnt hurt nor is it to big what would it be?

  143. OK so my supernumerary tooth is pushing one of my teeth back I was told that my sideways tooth will not straighten up all the way so does that mean I will need braces?

  144. My fiance Cory is 27 he has a fused tooth. He was never able to afford dental work until now. We went to consultation today with DR. Steve Astuto in Amarillo, TX for braces but they told us that he had 2 extra teeth. One fused with one of his permanent teeth, so before he can get braces he has to get the fused tooth separated. We have an appointment tomorrow for a consultation with Dr.Kirk Coury in Amarillo,TX about separating the fused tooth. For pictures please read his full story at

  145. At sixty years old I can only say it’s been a real trip with the set of teeth that nature gave me. I had two extra front teeth. I had one pulled at 6 yo and the other at 8 yo. The teeth around the pulled teeth never did straighten out properly. I wore painful braces and still went through life with ugly teeth. I did live a fairly normal live until my teeth gave me pain. All those teeth involved eventually came out and looked like little monsters teeth, deformed with crazy long roots. I’m still suffering with my teeth and feel like going to get them all pulled and get dentures. Just once I’d like to be able to smile with confidence.

  146. I have extra single front tooth in right side of upper jaw. For my extra tooth is causing obstacle to inside last upper tooth came out properly, some time it may feeling presure in upper jaw. So what i want to do ?

  147. am 21 yrs old and ihav an extra tooth on the upper jaw located behind of the upper teeth when i sing or talk faster sometimes it bites my tongue and ihav to feel the pain but am scared if iam to remove it, it may cause my other teeth on the same line to be removed since they are close together.

  148. Hi, I just want to know if extra teeth can receed back into the gum with time. My younger sister had an extra teeth but after some time it disappeared and she told me she never had it removed. Now I’v had peg-shaped extra teeth for over 6 month and I’m 27, I want to have it removed but I’m wondering if i should wait and maybe with time, it will receed just like my sister.

  149. Hi my 3 year old does not have any front teeth the dentist did an X-ray and said the teeth are there but they are upside down we have an appointment with a specialist in a few weeks but I’m so worried as they’ve given me no idea what to expect have you ever seen this before? What do you think they’ll do ? I have a picture of the X-ray but not sure how to upload it her adult teeth are the right way round it’s just her baby teeth that are upside down

  150. Hey I have two extra teeth in the center of my mouth but not directly they kinda connect on the fourth tooth starting from the front but not counting it…had them sense a child attempted pulling once but was scared..I want to get braces because im guessing the lack of space shifted my bottom set of teeth but I know they are going to tell me to get the teeth pulled no pain just irritating sometimes and I definitely can tell I’m having a small speech impetament.. What’s my options on pulling?

  151. Hi, I am 18 years old and I have mesiodens (supernumery tooth, fang-like tooth between front teeth). Is it possible still to extract it and get braces for it to be perfectly aligned? or am I too old for it to be done? Please someone reply

  152. Hi,

    Thanks for the great information. My son has just turned 3 and has extra molar type teeth erupting around his back molars. They are literally surrounding them. I only discovered this last night and am worried he will have to have them removed as he’s so young.



  153. My son just turned a year on the 15th, he has a supernumerary teeth on his upper two front teeth. I need to know if this is correct.

  154. I have a lower incisor tooth which grew behind another incisor and I’ve never known what might have caused that misalignment since it’s not an extra tooth…can it be due to lack of enough space thus it grew there

  155. This is incredibly helpful, thank you. My son had an extra tooth between one of his top baby teeth and the adult tooth. An oral surgeon removed the extra tooth, which looked just like your nephew’s. It has been six months and the adult tooth still hasn’t come in. He has since lost the other front tooth and the adult tooth has fully come in. We have an appointment for him to be seen in a month but I am concerned about what this delay means. Is it normal for the adult tooth to be delayed even after an extraction?

  156. Hi,
    Meri age 24 hai. Mere upper jaw me teeth ke peeche ek extra teeth h.Jisse supernumerary teeth bhi kehte h.

    Yeh mere pichle 8-10 years pehle se h

    Toh main ab ye ek extra teeth nikalna chahta hu.
    Aap mujhe consult kijiye ki mere extra upper jaw ke teeth niklwate waqt mere brain ki nerve par koi nuksaan ya anya koi organ par problem toh nahi hogi na?

    Please tell me.


  157. Hi I’m 20, with two supernumeral teeth in my lower jaw they are beside my molars one on the right side and the other on the left side. I went to my dentist for a regular cleaning and he told me that I have two more teeth erupting in my lower jaw behind my front teeth. My question is can I get them removed ? I’m not sure about what to do because my dentist said that as long as they are not hurting me there is no need to take them out I just have to keep them clean but I went to visit another dentist just to get a second opinion and he said I should get them out otherwise I’d ” lose bone around the area” I don’t even know exactly what he meant by that .

  158. Hey I have a tooth right by my back teeth it stabs my tongue and it hurts very bad.My tongue usually is full of pain when I wake up. I’m going to a dentist to check it out. Can it cause a infection in my tongue?

  159. Hi!! I have one extra tooth on my bottom jaw that erupted around the same time all my other adult teeth did when I was little! It’s an incisor, in-between the two bottom canines, so instead of having four teeth there like I should, I actually have five. It doesn’t cause me any trouble, and it cosmetically looks identical to the other bottom incisors. The slightest problem it gives me is that it ever so slightly overlaps another tooth, so getting food stuck there is a pain.
    I don’t plan to get this tooth removed, because I consider it a rarity about my body, and it doesn’t give me any grief. I just wanted to share my experiences! 🙂

  160. Hi today I pulled a chunk of tooth out in between my molar and wisdom tooth it was like pulling out a tooth bit it was shaped like a tooth it was shaped like a root of a tooth I don’t know if that description help

  161. I just removed an tooth that was behind my left front tooth but my dentist didn’t tell me what to do after. Am I supposed to not eat, can I go to work tomorrow?

  162. Hi Tom,
    I am 13 years old and I have this like tooth with him around it and it’s in the bottom right of my jaw in the very back it hurts all the time and I was wondering on how I can get the pain to stop and what is it because this is the first time I’ve ever had this problem and I’ve wanted to solve it, I haven’t got much sleep from the pain it drives me crazy. Please reply fast as you can because it’s killing me with the pain.

  163. Hi i have a 7 year old daughter lost both of her front baby teeth about2 years ago. She just had an adult insisor the outside one pushed out the baby tooth. Problem is this incisor is even biger than my front tooth its so big it pushed out one of her permant middle incisors. Its placed in between the two teeth. I took pics and would love to know more if any advice. It looks like another middle( front tooth) coming in. Thanks for reading!

  164. I also have an extra molar in the back i was born with only 3 wisdom teeth. On my top right side i have a tooth which acts like a wisdom tooth it retracts every so often. It comes out sideways. Bottom of the tooth hits my cheek insted of going downwards. Also when the dentest removed my wisdom teeth the roots of them were wrapped in my jaw bone.

  165. Hi I have a tooth behind my front two bottom teeth:( the strange thing is that I lost a baby tooth there and then a extra tooth grew in behind the normal space and now I’m growing a tooth where it should’ve been! I do not know what to do, and I’m terrified to get it removed. My grandma had an extra tooth as well:/

  166. I also have an extra molar in the back i was born with only 3 wisdom teeth. On my top right side i have a tooth which acts like a wisdom tooth it retracts every so often. It comes out sideways. Bottom of the tooth hits my cheek insted of going downwards. Also when the dentest removed my wisdom teeth the roots of them were wrapped in my jaw bone.

  167. Hey I have two extra k9 teeth, and the one on my right is on the roof of my mouth, and on my left side the other one is in front of my top row. Both on top with one of my two front teeth are chipped on the outer corner. The left one is. I figured I’d need new teeth, and my gums need to be adjusted because on my left side the gums are a little disfigured, going inward due to the extra tooth there. Am a looking at braces, or can I get my gums surgically moved with new teeth put in. I am 17, and for sure done growing. My parents have wait so many years because when I was 9 they didn’t know how big I was going to get. Now being 6’5″ we are fairly certain I won’t grow any further.

  168. Hey I have small teeth. I dont know whether to call them teeth or not behind my incisors and canine. They are too small to be noticed and have not caused me any problems so far but i am constantly irritated by its presence. Do i need to take it out?

  169. Hello,
    My name is Angela and my 8 year old son has a Mesioden right between his 2 front teeth, I had to have is baby teeth extracted because his permanent teeth wouldn’t drop. THey dropped now and the right tooth is coming in sideways kind of. I was referred to oral surgeon and he suggests taking it out due to gap issue and his took not being able to drop correctly. His baby canines have not came out either. The surgeon brings in a pediatric Anesthesiologist for these procedures. My main concern is that they nasal intubate and put him under . Is this the safest way to do this or do you think Conscious sedation would work ? THanks for your help, I am a worried mom about the sedation.

  170. Hi I’m 22 and I have 4 extra teeth but 2 are behind the upper front teeth and two are behind the botom front teeth

  171. Myself, my brother and 2 sisters have inherited from our paternal grandfather having several (more than 3) extra teeth. I had a total of 5 extra teeth. I had 2 removed due to pain. 1 slowly started erupting behind my lower front teeth. It is in my gum area and it is painful to even take a bite out a piece of bread! It is so sore that brushing my lower front teeth is excruciating and not to mention the amount of blood. I am finally going to make a dental appointment to have it removed asap. The pain is untolerable and also because my grandmother died from complications of meningitis and I am terrified of getting an infection and it making it into my bloodstream and developing into meningitis.

  172. Thank you for the article. I knew my daughters condition was unusual, but I didn’t know how rare. She has six teeth between her lower canines. At 12, we are advised to remove these teeth to help stop the overcrowding. One of her lower canines is growing behind two other teeth. X-rays show that her upper permanent canines will erupt without pushing her baby teeth out. So she’s set to have five teeth – 3 canines (she already had one removed in hopes that the wayward canine would move in place) and the two extra teeth between the canines. This will be the third time overall that she will have teeth removed. I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do in removing the extra teeth, since she was born that way. Thank you for sharing the why behind the removal.

  173. Can i please have your email to send you my xray to advise on what to do with my extra teeth. I have already taken the oppinion of two different dentists. One says to remove only my wisdom tooth. And the other advises me to remove all 3 pf my wisdom teeth and the 2 extras. I have already removed one extra teeth when i was 6-7 years old. And i have also have done a 3 year therapy to strengthen my teeth. Because after the surgary my teeth moved and the new tooth grow on top since it has taken 2 years to grow.
    Thanks in regard Stavroula

  174. I lost my “extra” tooth at the age of 39. I still have all 32 of my teeth in perfect condition. I am now 44 and since it was my very first tooth will the gap close? It is located in the front of my mouth bottom row. I have opted to leave my wisdom teeth in with hopes that it pushes my teeth closer together it that even possible or am I just wishful thinking. Should I opt for a spacer or braces. I have a wonderful smile but I hate talking cause it shows please help

  175. Son # 4 had extra teeth in the roof of his mouth and where surgically remove at age 8. He now has braces and 2 extra wisdom teeth that we will have to deal with when the braces come off.

    Son #3 had xrays of his wisdom teeth today, only to find out he has extra teeth under his front teeth and they are rubbing against and deteriorating the root of one of his permanent teeth. Hopefully, that can be fixed when he is in to have the wisdom teeth removed.

    Makes me wonder if we missed something on son #1 and #2.

  176. I know this article was posted 6 years ago, but since it’s the first thing that comes up when I searched why my ortho did what he did I thought it might be beneficial to share my experience to anyone whose worried!
    When I was about 13 and got my braces, I already had the tips of two teeth growing above my canines on the outside of my gums. They were just little white spikes at the time. My ortho chose to pull my adult teeth underneath and pull the impacted ones into their place. I love the way my teeth turned out, but now being 28 I was curious as to why he didn’t just pull the ones on top. Although, once they were finally out they were gigantic compared to my previous canines so I’m glad he chose to extract the smaller, straighter ones. I found on another site that an ortho can choose to do this since you don’t know how the impacted tooth would come out, especially based on the size of mine. Also, because they move faster so it actually means less time for braces, especially if he had pulled my upper canines and left that open space above my current ones. I had all kinds of wild rubber bands in my mouth when they were getting them into the space to replace my previous ones, but I only had braces for a year! I’m very happy with my results so no worries if you see a tooth growing in a weird spot! Trust your ortho/dentist!

  177. I just left the dentist with my 7 year old son.
    I was told his X-rays showed 2 extra teeth behind his two front teeth that are still baby teeth.
    Her words were gobs that are not quite formed.
    She’s suggesting we go for 360 or 3 d X-rays from an oral surgeon as soon as possible.
    Gobuals I think was the word she used.
    I’m really shaken and am hoping that his permanent teeth are not already damaged. As we have been wondering why he hasn’t lost his 2 front baby teeth yet.
    She also said that she hasn’t ever seen 2 extra teeth in the front maybe one but not two.
    Could this be a sign of something worse.
    I’m grateful I found this site because I’m a bit shaken right now.

  178. hi
    I am a 64 year old male i have had one third tooth extracted 20years ago and lately my jaw bone has been getting stiif
    on checking my gums it looks as there is another one coming from behind my molar
    the last one taken out was honestly a dig it out affair and very painfull
    what are your reccommendations leave it were it is or seek advice

  179. When I was a child I fell at the playground. I has thought my front tooth was knocked out but it had been pushed back into the gum. This led to the discovery of a supernumary tooth. My first surgery removed the baby tooth and the adult tooth. The plan was to let the second tooth descend on its own. Over a year later, the tooth hadn’t budged so a new treatment planned developed.
    The new plan was to go bring the tooth down and rebuild my gum and my upper palate. Upon completion the second tooth was sitting in the gum where you could see it but was left to finish the decent on it’s own. This was in the late 1970s/early 80s. A bit groundbreaking at the time as the gum had been regraphed after the tissues were grown in a lab. This was followed up with other extractions for overcrowding and the removal of all four wisdom teeth very early.
    Now years later the regraphed tissue is weak. My front teeth are turning sideways and tilting out. This is most noticeable with the supernumerary tooth as it’s shaped slightly differently compared to the other. It’s much thicker at the top than the bottom.
    I’m currently on Obamacare and my dental insurance is limited. The first dentist told me all I could do was pull the front four and give me a bridge to replace the teeth. However a bridge could not be employed as the teeth removed for overcrowding were the ones behind my eye teeth – where a bridge would anchor. Also, I lost two molars over the years – one after a pregnancy with twins in my mid-thirties. The other after a compound fracture suffered in an auto accident took its toll at almost 40 years old. Now I’m told my solution is a full upper denture. I’m heartbroken. I know what denture will do to the bone structure of my face. Now I’m in my mid-forties. My siblings are in their 50s and 60s and I’m the only one needing dentures.
    I went to the local state university hoping to become a patient of the college and maybe a case study for a graduate student. No luck. The priority lies with cancer patients and domestic violence survivors disfigured by abusers. As it should be.
    I finally found a dentist willing to try to build back up the bone so I may be a candidate for implants. Currently there is not enough bone left to anchor implants. Mostly due to the damage created when going back in and repositioning the supernumary and compounded with the high risk pregnancy and injuries. Obamacare won’t cover a bone graft. The worst part is three of my four front teeth are fine but all scenarios end in the removal. The treatment plan attempting to build up the bone is just that – an attempt and doesn’t change the fact I’m losing my healthy teeth due to my gum falling apart years later.

  180. Hi! This article is a relief! When my oldest daughter was 4 or 5, her first dental xray revealed a mediodens. When she was 6 or so, the oral surgeon took it out along with her two front baby teeth (we waited to have it removed until she reached the age where many of her classmates also lost their front teeth, rather than do it earlier). But just last night, this same daughter (who’s now 21 years old!) noticed two more supernumary teeth (teeny tiny buds, really just starting to show) behind her canines. We were about to make an appointment to have her wisdom teeth removed anyway, so maybe the dentist can take care of this new issue as well. She never needed braces like my other two girls, but I KNOW she’s had several dental xrays in the past…I wonder why none of them revealed these two extra teeth?


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