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Eruption Cyst: Photos of a Purple Bump on the Gums

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article discussing eruption cysts.  Those are the bluish-purple bumps that can form on the gums right before a tooth pushes its way into the mouth.

Upon first glance, many parents are understandably concerned that their child has a serious problem in their mouth.  The photo I used in the original article isn’t very clear, and I thought it would be good to post a couple more photos that were recently shared with me.

Photos of Eruption Cysts

The photo below shows two eruption cysts over the permanent upper front teeth.  The teeth are still white, the purple color is due to bruising that has occurred between the gums and the permanent tooth.  Usually, no treatment is necessary and the teeth will come through within a couple of weeks.

Dental Eruption Cyst Upper Front Teeth

The next photo shows an eruption cyst where the upper left six-year molar is preparing to come into the mouth.  Many parents may not even notice eruption cysts when they occur this far back in the mouth.

Eruption Cyst Upper Back Molar

Fact: Since many eruption cysts occur on the back teeth and only last a few weeks, they often go undetected.  Because of this, nobody really knows how common eruption cysts really are.  Most estimates say that they occur in under 1% of all children.

To Treat or Not to Treat

Normally, eruption cysts don’t need any treatment.  The tooth will usually poke through the eruption cyst and come into the mouth on its own within a couple of weeks.  If the eruption cyst is causing lots of pain, or if it is causing concerns due to its appearance (as in the first photo), it can be cut open to expose the tooth.

You can click the following link to check out a picture of a tooth after its eruption cyst has been opened.

More Pictures of Eruption Cysts

You can find more photos of eruption cysts in this article that appeared in the Indian Journal of Dental Research.

If you have any questions or concerns on eruption cysts, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!

Photos generously provided by Dr. Sarah Hill, a pediatric dentist in Oak Harbor, WA.


  1. Question about a delayed problem possibly associated with a eruptive hematoma. My 6 year old daughter had an eruptive hematoma near the site of her six year molar. The hematoma was present for about two weeks before it resolved. The actual tooth didn’t appear for another 3 months, but shortly thereafter her second molar next to it became very loose and the surrounding tissue swollen and was extracted by her dentist. He seemed stymied by the loss of the tooth, but I’m wondering if the eruptive hematoma possibly had anything to do with it?
    Thanks so much,

  2. Stephanie, that is a great question! Sorry it has taken me so long to check back on this site!
    Many times, 6 year old molars erupt a bit under the last baby tooth, causing some resorption (or dissolving) of the baby molar’s roots. Two thirds of these self-correct, and pop into the mouth where they are supposed to. Some get stuck underneath and continue to resorb the baby molar’s foundation causing it to exfoliate before it normally would have.

    This can be a big problem resulting in space loss, and need for orthodontia or permanent tooth extractions later. It is tricky to manage, but many times the baby molar can be saved and used as a natural space maintainer if caught early. Treatment options include the use of elastic separators, disking of the distal surface of the baby molar, and occasionally a special appliance to distalize the permanent molar. See your pediatric dentist EARLY if you think your child might have a “trapped” permanent molar.

  3. I’m an adult and have what looks like an eruption cyst on tooth 18. It’s painful and growing. It’s on a tooth prepped for a crown. Dentists don’t seem to know what it is!! Please help

    • Hi Heidi,

      Ouch! Of course I have several questions:
      1. How old of an adult are you?
      2. Where is this bruise-like lesion located? (a crown prepped tooth will not be UNDER the gum…) On the cheek side? the tongue side? behind the tooth( closer to the throat)?
      3. Is it fluctuant? (feels like fluid inside)

      If you are truly concerned emergently, seek a consult with an oral surgeon or oral medicine specialist. They will have more experience with the oddball lesions that are not easily diagnosed.

      I will watch for your response. Let me know what you find out!


  4. Hi. I’m 38 tooth 18. The tooth has been prepped for over a year. I used to be a dental assistant. As I was having my tooth prepped for a crown , I involuntarily swallowed and they did not move the drill. They drilled a quarter size hole in my tongue. That’s why it’s been over a year. I’m freaked.
    I saw an endodontist the other day and he recommended getting it extracted. I think I’m going to ask them to biopsy it. It’s purple and moves a bit when touched. Antibiotics make it better. I have a photo I wish I could share but can’t post a photo.

    • Sorry about your dental nightmare! If the endodontist says the prognosis is guarded, poor, or hopeless, you may want to follow his advice. As you know, mobility is not a good sign! Good luck!

  5. I have had what you are describing and had an endodontist clean it out with a minor oral surgery procedure called an apioectomy it is essentially an infection that can continue to grow and cause bone loss. An antibiotic will clear the infection but it needs to be cleaned ouy as well. The tooth is not necessarily the problem. And the procedure if done by a great endontist will heal nicely and the bone will regenerate and no need to extract the tooth.

    • my husband has had this purple eruption cystnext to his frpnt teeth for over 5 years we went to 2 diffrent dintist and they didnt know what it was. it just popped on its own this morning and were kinda freaked out. hes 25 years old is this okay? we dont have dental insurance. is there anythingwe can do at home? please help.

      • Hi
        my wife has this purple ,blood clot like, between upper gum and upper lip at the front teeth balloon. Her face got swollen so bad in two days. She is in so much pain ,400 mg Advil gets her for 2-3 hours . The dentist doesn’t know what it is, and prescribed antibiotics, which don’t seem to help .
        Please help .. Have you figured it out what the cause is , and did you get any proper treatment ?
        Thank you in advance..

  6. Take a deep breath! This is normal! The new tooth is coming in and it takes awhile. It is in a fluid-filled sac that sometimes gets a bit of blood as well, so it looks purple until it pops through the gum.
    Teething aids (dry crackers, teething rings etc) may help a bit while you’re waiting.

  7. Hi, my six year old has this on the right side of his mouth right where I believe his molar is coming in. I was planning on taking him to an urgent care tomorrow until my mother shared this article with me. He isn’t complaining of pain, so is it okay to go untreated? As far as I know, its only been there a few days. Will it hurt when it finally pops? Do you think urgent care is still a good idea? Thank you in advance

  8. My 8 year old showed me this morning what I think is an eruption cyst. While I read that it usually resolved itself, this one is under a capped, lower canine tooth that doesn’t seem wiggly. We don’t have dental insurance so I don’t want to take her in if not necessary. Any advice? She’s not complaining of any pain.

  9. Good question, Sarah. Eruption cysts do not occur under crowns, but on soft tissue alone. It sounds like your daughter may have an abscess. Does it feel like there is fluid? The lower canines usually fall out between 8-10 years of age. It is always better to find out what’s going on BEFORE it starts to hurt.. Good luck!

  10. My 7.5 month old daughter has this issue on her lower left central incisor since about 4.5 months old. It hasn’t changed in size or color and it doesn’t appear to bother her. She since has had her lower right incisor come in, but the left one is still being stubborn. At this point, how much longer do I wait to see a specialist? Could there be any complications that I should be concerned about in relation to this cyst? Thank you for your time.

  11. Hi I’m 29 and was brushing my teeth one day, then the next one of these appeared next to my wisdom tooth which is half in gum half poking out with a flap, it felt like fluid to begin with but over the past few days seems to have grown like it’s going to cover my tooth, it has red area and on one side growing over tooth its got a few white spots, I’m really scared, I have been putting bonjela to relief some of the pain and ibuprofen. Please help 🙁

  12. I have a bruised lik bump or so.something where my wisdom teeth would grow n on my back cheek it’s painfun and making the side of my face hurt help

  13. My baby is 8 months old and his two front top teeth have eruption cysts as per your photo. I would say they have been there for 3 months the purple was further up and now has moved down. Will the teeth come through or shall I take him to a dentist ?

  14. My 17 month old has had an eruption cyst over his lower left first molar for 6 months now. We saw a oral surgeon, who said he did not want to do anything and to come back in another 6 months if it still hasn’t resolved. Does this seem right?

  15. Hi. My 4 month old daughter had one neonatal tooth-lower jaw. We got it extracted a few days after its eruption as it was very mobile. She also has a unilateral cleft palate. My question is whether she will develop a permanent tooth at this extracted tooth’s place. I am not sure if it was a supernumary or original dentician. Also, these days she us exhibiting the typical symptoms of teething. Isn’t that a little too early, is it common for cleft babies to sprout teeth early?? Please help. Thanks

  16. I gave birth early April my son was having lumps hanged on gums seems to have water and mid wife say is false teeth they ll disappear,they are still the same today ,so wat should I expect because he is growing?plis reply

  17. Hi! My daughter has two baby teeth that are loose and one of them is red on the bottom near the gums. Is this normal? I’ve never seen this before with loose teeth so it kinda freaks me out and I want to make sure her teeth are okay. Thanks

  18. My 9 year old has this on the gum next to his 2 front teeth on top. He lost that baby tooth nearly a year ago and it still hasn’t come in. The color fluctuates from light to dark and is sometimes sore to the touch. Its been this way nearly as long as he’s been missing the tooth. Is that normal?

  19. Hi my 6 year old lost his front tooth last week. At first you could see his new tooth but now is covered by what looks like a blood blister. He is also cutting through a back tooth and there seems to be a small blood blister on this also. He is in agony and keeps saying his mouth hurts. What would you advise me to do for him? Many thanks.

    • Eruption cyst no harm google about it i experienced the same with my baby and i did not take any treatment it will disappear in no time

  20. Hi,I have an ingrown teeth right at front because the teeth is blocked by one of the teeth that grow at side. Then,this caused my gum at front to become big in size but it’s not painful. Will I have to do surgery and how much usually it would take?

  21. Hi I noticed that my 1yr olds 4th upper tooth on each side were purpley blackish on the gum and assumed this was him teething but then thought that none of his other teeth were this colour coming through and I just saw this article about them it’s been about 2 weeks now should I seek and medical advice?

  22. Hi, I have something similar to the second picture in this article. They happen to be on both sides of my mouth especifically in the very back row of my teeth for a minute I though they might be my wisdom teeth coming out since the last time I went to the dentist i was told I should consider taking them out.. anyhow at the moment this last few days I have inflimation just on the sides where the purple thing is at. It hurts to eat but pain on its own it’s tolerable it’s just hard to chew and there is some throbbing involved.. any idea if this is what I am dealing with? I do plan on consulting a dentist as soon as I can but I kind want to get some info first. Thank you!!

  23. My mom has been suffering from gum swelling from 8 months.she is 45 years old.gum swelling occuring here and there.some specific tooth also paining.her front teeth(1) somewhat degraded from gum which is not confronted with gum swelling.2 teeths are moving.some medicine were consumed but they gave relief for some she is facing the problem which is indicated in the article.she has a habit of tobacco chewing.are these symptoms implying serious??pls,reply early as possible.i m so worried

  24. I’m 30 now and I have a purple bruise like on my gum where there is a adult tooth under (baby tooth still in also) I’m assuming the adult tooth wants to make an appearance.

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