60 Photos of Teenagers with Braces

60 Photos of Teenagers with Braces

Photos of Teenagers with Braces

Many teenagers wonder what they’ll look like with braces, and what colors of rubber bands will look best with their hair color and facial tone.  Judging by the comments on this article about braces colors, I decided it would be a good idea to create a post with dozens of pictures of teenagers with braces so you can get a general idea of how you’ll look with braces.

As you take a look at the pictures below, you may notice that some people look confident with braces, and some people don’t.  If you try to smile and look proud of your braces, people will see you as more confident, and you’ll likely enjoy having braces more.  It all comes down to attitude.

Hopefully there’s someone here that looks similar to you!

60 Photos of Teenagers with Braces



This blond young woman appears confident as she smiles, showing off a pink powerchain on her upper braces.



This young man appears confident even though he wears glasses and his braces pop right out at you.  Even with the braces and glasses, he proudly shows off blue and orange colored bands around his braces.



This blond-haired, blue-eyed young woman smiles, showing off gray and green colored bands around her braces.



This blond-haired, blue-eyed young woman sports silver-colored elastic bands around her braces.



This brown-haired, blue-eyed young man is sporting blue and green colored elastics on his braces.



This young woman is proudly smiling, showing her blue elastics on her upper braces.



This young woman is rocking a few different shades of blue elastics on her braces: light green, teal, and blue.



This blond-haired, blue-eyed young woman is smiling, displaying her upper and lower braces with black and pink-colored elastics.



This young man is smiling enough that we can see his red elastic bands on his upper braces.



This young woman is smiling big enough to show off her upper and lower braces with pink elastics.



This young woman probably needs to work on her smiling skills!  She’s displaying pink and green colored elastics alternating on the top teeth with green bands on the lower four front teeth with pink bands next to them.



This young man smiles, showing off blue-colored elastic bands on his braces.



This young woman looks pretty happy with the world, showing off pink and green colored elastics.



This young woman smiles revealing a silver powerchain that links the braces on her upper teeth.



This young man isn’t afraid to prove to the world that pink isn’t just for girls.



This young woman is seen sporting a popular choice for braces colors: pink and green.



This young woman also thinks highly of the colors green and pink.



This young man has chosen blue and green for his elastics.



This young lady has chosen silver elastic bands that match the silver color of her braces.



This young man displays a blue powerchain on his braces.  He can’t contain his large smile as he listens to an audio version of OralAnswers.com.



This blond lifeguard rocks a pink powerchain.



This young woman chose white elastics to help hide the silver color of her braces.  Although white bands can be a good choice for some, many teenagers with braces find that they make their teeth look more yellow.



This young man  confidently smiles, unafraid to show the world that he has braces.



This young woman has ceramic brackets, which don’t stand out quite as much as the silver brackets.



This young man isn’t trying to hide the fact that he wears braces.  His strategy seems to have garnered the interest of at least one woman.



This fashionable young woman probably enjoys the bling her braces add to her outfits…and it looks like she can’t stop looking at the attractive fellow in photo #25!



This young woman confidently displays her braces for the world to see.



This young man’s confidence goes a long way at convincing the viewer that he is comfortable with his braces.



This young lady’s mouth just needs some Christmas lights to be all ready for the holidays.



This young brunette displays her top-notch oral hygiene skills by using an interdental cleaner to help keep her pearly whites healthy.



This young man is having a fabulous hair day as he shows off his ceramic braces which are designed to hide the fact that the person has braces.



This confident young woman shows off her braces.



This young woman probably wouldn’t be smiling so big if she knew she lost her braces wire.



This young man confidently smiles, letting the world know that he’s proud of his braces.



This red-haired, blue-eyed young woman sports her Damon braces with confidence.



This brown-haired young woman shows off her braces with purple-colored elastics.



This young man proudly sports some light-green colored bands and a thin mustache.



This dark-brown-haired young woman proudly shows off her braces.



This young woman shows us through her big smile that it is possible to maintain beautiful teeth even while wearing braces.



This young woman is trying to make her teeth appear whiter by going with an off-white elastic band.



This teenage young lady shows that you can still look good during the initial phase of braces while your teeth are still crooked.



This young lady shows off a sweet, innocent smile with her braces.



This young woman shows off her Damon braces with a confident smile.



This teenage girl recently had her braces put on.  If we give her a few months, she’ll soon move from a half-smile to a full, confident smile.



This young man is trying to distract from his braces with some facial hair.



This young woman cleverly distracts the viewer from her braces to her eyes.  One way to take the emphasis off of your braces is to guide the attention away from your mouth to other features.  She does this with her eye shadow and her large earrings.



This young woman’s braces are barely noticeable.  You can ask your orthodontist about more aesthetic options such as ceramic braces and lighter-colored wires.



This teenage girl just got her braces, and is still getting used to smiling with them.



This young man proudly shows off his gray and green colored elastic bands for his braces.



This young woman displays a confident smile with her braces.



These teenage girls are having fun swimming.  It’s important to remember that braces don’t define who you are,!l Life continues to go on and you can participate in the same activities you did before you had braces.

#51 and #52


You can see the same teenager in the above and below photos.  Notice how the different smile totally changes the appearance of her whole face.  After you get braces, practice smiling and speaking in front of a mirror, as the braces will make your mouth feel different.




This young man can confidently laugh at a joke.  Don’t be afraid to let people know you have braces, because they will probably notice even if you try to hide it.



This young woman has consulted with her orthodontist about aesthetic optiosn to help disguise braces.



This teenage girl has taken some of the focus off of her braces by wearing glasses that stand out with purple frames.



This young lady is still working on getting her smile right with braces, as she’s scrunching up her nose a little bit, causing more of her upper gums to show.



This teenage boy proudly waves, desperate to show off his braces to anyone who will look.



This teenage girl takes some of the focus off of her braces with some green eye shadow.



This young blond-haired teenager proudly displays her braces with confidence.



This young woman disguises her braces with a white powerchain.

Be Confident

Hopefully this sampling of photos of teenagers with braces has helped you see how you might look with braces.

One of the most important takeaways is to simply be confident with braces.  They are temporary – they won’t define who you are. You might as well be confident while you have them.

If you have any questions about braces, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!

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