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When Your Baby Is Born With Teeth: Natal Teeth

Many hundreds of years ago, babies that were born with teeth would be tragically put to death because they were thought to be demons.

Fortunately, that doesn’t occur today.  In fact, parents may be happy to find that their child is born with some teeth because it means that their baby has to experience teething for two less teeth.  Although the mother may not be too happy to have to breastfeed a baby that already hast teeth!

Natal Teeth: Newborns with Teeth

Teeth that are present in a newborn’s mouth are called natal teeth.  Neonatal teeth, on the other hand, are teeth that come into your baby’s mouth in the first 30 days of life.  Sometimes natal teeth can be supernumerary, or extra teeth, but most of the time they are just regular baby teeth that have come in six months early.

What Causes Natal Teeth?

While the exact cause is not known, it is believed that the tooth simply develops in an abnormal position that is much closer to the surface of the gums.

A recent paper, a review of natal teeth says, “The exact [cause of natal teeth] is not known. Infection, febrile states, trauma, malnutrition, superficial position of the tooth germ, hormonal stimulation and maternal exposure to environmental toxins have been implicated as causative factors.”

How Common are Natal Teeth?

I looked at a variety of sources while researching before writing this article.  Some sources say that natal teeth occur in 1 in 6,000 births.  Other sources stated that the number was around 1 in 2,700.  All of those statistics simply came from reports that existed regarding births. However, when a group of researchers actually looked at 7,155 infants looking specifically for natal teeth, they found that 10 of them had natal teeth.  That gives us a prevalence of 1 in 716 births.

The real number is probably somewhere in the range of those three statistics.

2% of infants with unilateral cleft lip and palate are born with natal teeth and 10% of infants with bilateral cleft lip and palate have natal teeth.   Natal teeth are more common in females and children of certain American Indian tribes.

Certain cysts that form on the gums of babies, such as gingival cysts of the newborn and Bohn’s nodules may look similar to natal teeth, but it is important to know that unless the white thing your seeing is as hard as a tooth, it’s probably not a tooth.

Where Do Natal Teeth Occur?

85% of all natal teeth are lower central incisors, 11% are upper incisors, 3% are lower canines and molars, while 1% of natal teeth are upper canines and molars.

What Should You Do If Your Baby Is Born With Teeth?

Many parents are surprised to find that their baby already has teeth and wonder if they need to do anything.

Many times, parents don’t need to do anything.  They can simply relish the fact that they don’t have to go through the teething process for the natal teeth!

It’s not all roses though,there are a few different problems that can occur as a result of natal teeth.  I’ve listed them below with an explanation of what to do about them.

1 – Natal Teeth Can Cause Problems with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be difficult and you may have to pump or mix formula and give it to your baby in a bottle.

McDonald & Avery’s Pediatric Dentistry textbook states, “A retained natal or neonatal tooth may cause difficulty for a mother who wishes to breast-feed her infant. If breast-feeding is too painful for the mother initially, the use of a breast pump and bottling of the milk are recommended. However, the infant may be conditioned not to “bite” during suckling in a relatively short time if the mother persists with breast-feeding. It seems that the infant senses the mother’s discomfort and learns to avoid causing it.”

2 – Natal Teeth Can Cause Ulcers on the Underside of the Tongue

Sometimes the natal tooth will be sharp and can cause an ulcer to form on the underside of the tongue.  This problem is known as Riga-Fede Syndrome.  In this case, the dentist can smooth off the sharp edge of the natal tooth or add a small amount of white filling material to smooth out the tooth.  Once the sharp edge of the tooth is gone, the ulcer usually resolves.

3 – Natal Teeth May Pose a Choking Hazard

While many natal teeth are fixed firmly into the jawbone, sometimes natal teeth are very loose.  In cases where natal teeth are very loose, some sources say that it is a good idea to have the natal teeth extracted.  Other sources say that there are no documented cases of a child choking on a natal tooth and that extracting it can be an emotionally difficult procedure for the parents.

I think that the most important thing to find out here is whether or not the natal tooth or teeth are extra teeth.  Dr. Pinkham’s pediatric dentistry textbook says that all extra (supernumerary) natal teeth should be extracted, while regular baby teeth that are natal teeth should be evaluated to see if they pose a choking hazard to the infant.


Natal teeth may occur more often than once per every thousand births.  They may not cause any problems, but they can cause ulcers on the infant’s tongue and problems with breastfeeding.  They can cause difficulty if they are loose as they may pose a choking hazard for the baby.

Do you have any questions about what to do when your baby is born with teeth?  Did your child have natal teeth?  Please share your comments, experiences, and questions in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi,
    First, I want to thank you for writing this article it makes me understand more about natal tooth now!
    Second, my baby is 11 month now and he has natal teeth two bottom ones from the beginning. One of the teeth looks like it has decay you can see red in the middle. I took him to dentist last month she say it looks chop off not decay. She want me to take him to see specialist but we don’t hv dental insurance. I don’t really want to extract them because they look hard and healthy and he start to chew with these already. So I would like to find out if teeth is chop off will that cause decay? I remember when he were younger these teeth feels softer and it did kind fall out little bit. Now it grows out and harder but looks chopped. Thank you for the answer..

    • Hi Samantha – I’m glad it helped! Sometimes these teeth poke above the surface without being formed very well. If your dentist doesn’t believe that it looks decayed, then that’s a good sign. By “chop off” do you mean that it doesn’t look like the top of the tooth formed correctly? Usually there isn’t a problem with keeping natal teeth unless they’re very loose.

      It would probably only cause decay if it is hard for you to brush it.

      I hope that helps, Samantha. Thanks for your comment! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. My son was born with two natal teeth in the central lower jaw position. One of them was really small and was more or less just hanging in the gum. The second one was a bit bigger and very mobile. I let the dentist have them removed since hes opinion was that they were a risk to his health (choking) and that they were supernumerary.

    Now he’s ten months and we can see that his first tooth will be the upper left canine and most likely the right one will pop out soon as well.

    Most likely he will look a bit funny in his mouth his first years of life, but fortunately he is healthy and is a really cute and well shaped little man in all other aspects.

    • Hi- My son was born with his 2 central bottom teeth as well. They pulled one at the hospital because it was so loose they were afraid it would fall out and he would choke on it. So he just has one of his bottom teeth left. He just turned 9 month and he is getting both of his upper canine teeth. We say he looks like a little vampire, lol. I was wondering if it was common for babies born with teeth to get their canines in first or if it was just a weird coincidence.

      • Probably the natal teeth were the baby teeth as the case with my baby. She did not have teeth in the central lower jaw area until her permanent teeth came in.

      • My daughter was born with the 2 bottom middle teeth. On was loose and fell out so she also had the 1 tooth. They were more jagged and calcified looking. She is going to be 7 in September. She finally lost the other natal tooth but, I do not see others going in were the natal teeth were. Is there any past experiences were adult teeth do not grow in were the natal teeth were???

  3. Hi Tom,
    Our son was born with 4 teeth all top front. Three of them were covered over by gum again and one top one broke off and shell left in gum. He now 2 years old and still has shell, which bleeds. No other teeth came in their place. Incisor top left tooth came down but very pointed and discoloured. He has only a total of 7 teeth now aged 2years (one including discoloured incisor). My query is in your experience should new teeth grow down or will he have to wait for his permanent teeth. Do you think the discoloured incisor is a tooth he was born with too. He due to get xray arranged by dental hospital soon.

    Our son suffered from HUS from 10 months old. Thank god he great now, just has bit of blood pressure. Do you think this is a contributing factor to tooth delay, discoloured tooth.

    Any help appreciated.

  4. Hi, first this was a very informative article I enjoyed it. My baby girl was born with one tooth at the bottom in the front. She had to go to the dentist when she was three months. But they didnt pull it out because it was her real baby tooth. And she still has it and she just turned 3yrs old. She just went to the dentist and they said everything is fine. She hasnt had any problems with it so far. Im thankful for dat.

    • Hello my son was born with one tooth at the bottom, now his 6 months today I’m really worried because he had high temp, no appetite, I don’t know if it’s sign of teething, because if it I’m just ask myself where those another teeth will appear. I’m just worried but apart from that everything with his natel teeth was fine

  5. Hello,
    My daughter’s teeth cut through her gums a day after she was born. I feel really sad and guilty because I took her to the dentist about a week ago and the dentist said she has enamel erosion. My baby is only 6 months and her teeth have dents (I’m not too sure how to describe them) from the erosion and she is very prone to cavities now. I wish there was more education available regarding natal and neonatal teeth. Our midwive and pediatritian didn’t know much. Aliso, pedodontists are difficult to find with our insurance. I wish someone had taught me how to care for her teeth so I would have been able to better care for them. I hope they dont get any worse 🙁

    • Mrs. Adrina

      Please give your daughter honey sucker it is easily available in market. Keep that sucker in her mouth she will chew that and her tongue will be safe.Generally people buy for babies to keep them engage but i think in this condition this will be beneficial for your baby.

      • Please note that you should NEVER give honey to babies under 1 year old because of potential botulism poisoning. I don’t know if what you are referring to has real honey in it but please, original poster, check with your doctor before giving your baby anything like this or anything they could choke on.

      • My daughter was born in August of 1989 with her two bottom teeth…she was over 10lbs with 2 teeth and looked 6 months old (LOL). One of the dentist at the hospital in Boston told me to make sure I washed her teeth with a facecloth at least one a day and I was very diligent and washed her teeth every morning and night. She has never had any problems with any of her teeth and she will be 29 this year! She recently got married and I can’t wait to bea grandmother. I am sooo curious to see if she has a baby born with teeth! My advice for new moms who have a baby with teeth would be to wash the teeth everyday with a facecloth. LOL

  6. Hello,
    My daughter’s teeth cut through her gums a day after she was born. I feel really sad and guilty because I took her to the dentist about a week ago and the dentist said she has enamel erosion. My baby is only 6 months and her teeth have dents (I’m not too sure how to describe them) from the erosion and she is very prone to cavities now. I wish there was more education available regarding natal and neonatal teeth. Our midwive and pediatritian didn’t know much. Aliso, pedodontists are difficult to find with our insurance. I wish someone had taught me how to care for her teeth so I would have been able to better care for them. I hope they dont get any worse

  7. Hi, first this was a very informative article I enjoyed it. My Son was born with one tooth at the bottom in the front. He had to go to the dentist when he was 15 days. Doctor said it is not harmful. Now he is 3 months old. He hasnt had any problems with it so far. Im thankful for dat.

  8. Hi. My daughter was born with two bottom teeth. They extracted them the next day as they were both loose and one was discoloured. Now she is 9 months old and still has no teeth, but has a large yellow/white bone like thing where the teeth were. The dentist said it wasn’t a tooth. What could this be? I don’t really understand what it is. It has remained just above the surface of her gums for over 2 months now, and is hard and sharp. It is much wider than a baby tooth.

    • Hi Alison my daughter has the exact same experience. Please tell me what happened did the real teeth come out later or what? Please respond I have been looking for answers and feel so terrible for removing them in the first place

      • Hi Nicky, My son is going to be 9months, and has exactly the samething. Im really worried, how is your baby? Did a real tooth come out?

    • Alison, My son had the exact same condition and the teeth were removed. He’s now 3 years old and has all the other teeth except the two that were removed

  9. My baby girl was born with 2 teeth She now 3 years old and is doing fine We get her checked and she has no trouble

  10. I was born with a tooth and 9 months ago, my daughter was born with a tooth too. Bottom jaw center. Today she was crawling and chasing her brother, slipped and fell. In the fracas, her tooth broke off. Is there anything I have to do? Will this be a gap in her mouth until her permanent teeth come? Will she now have trouble biting and chewing her food?

  11. My son was born with two teeth in the bottom that were very soft and the doctor pulled them because they were afraid that he would swallow them. I started taking him to the doctor at age three because he never grew teeth in that area. All other baby teeth came in except for teeth in the spot that they pulled at birth. They took xrays and my dentist never saw presence of permanent teeth. We started treating and taking care of my son’s teeth hoping and wishing that his permanent teeth was just slow appearing and would eventually pop up. At age 5, 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,no teeth. After countless dentist bills, different doctors and dentist opinions, studies and more, I decided to research and look into other possibilities. At age 16, a periodontist told me that my son has a congenital defect that was causing the problems. Well in order to fix the problem my son had to get $16,000.00 worth of implants and surgeries. Not sure if the natal teeth being pulled at birth contributed to this or not but I would not advise parents to pull their babies teeth if they can help it.

    • My daughter was born with her 2 lower front teeth. I though she had a bone tori (I’m a Dental Assistant), but a couple of months later they broke through. I thought to myself, wow she’s only 2 months and she has 2 teeth. A coworker and I had our daughters the same week, and would IM/Facebook one another our daughters’ progression while we were on maturnity leave. I was surprised as the months went on to here her daughter still didn’t have any teeth. By the time she boasted about her daughters’ first tooth, my baby had 8 LOL. Long story short my daughter is 14 mos now, and I noticed last week she has already gotten her first molars; two on the bottom and one on the top. A total of 11 teeth. She’s a little ahead, but from the research on the internet it seems common. I also have a set of 5 year old twins. The younger of the two has lost and replaced 2 teeth; while the other one hasn’t lost any. Why do some kids get their teeth/lose their teeth earlier than others?

    • My three year old was born with two lower teeth as well, one was stronger than the other so they removed the dangly one. SHe has that same gap with the one missing tooth and i am hoping that the permanent tooth grows in. It seem they may have removed the tooth bud along with that tooth from your son’s mouth. and implants are pricey .All the best.

  12. hi Tom,,i am glad to read this article, my 3 months baby has molar tooth dontknow wheather it is natal or neonatal, its measure about 2mm to 3mm. What i have to do?pls answer

  13. Hi

    My baby had natal teeth (lower central incisors)when born and as they were lose we
    Got them extracted.He is one year now & doent have milk teeth there yet
    We got his X-ray done at his recent visit to dentist & found out tgat
    he may not have milk teetg there my question is
    Will my baby have permanent teeth there? If yes, then when?
    Pls help I am so stressed out


    • Ash !

      As you can see from a prvevious post from me I experienced a similar problem with my son, who is now 2.5 years old. He had two tiny loose teeth in his lower jaw and the doctor extracted them his first day in life.

      From studies I made I found there is a good chance that he will get his permanent teeth, but there also seems to be a risk that he does not (see response from Mrs Mack).

      When he’s a bit older I will take him to the dentist for an X-ray in order to see if they can find any buds for his permanent teeth.
      Anyone here who knows when those buds normally appear in the jaws of little kids ?

  14. Ash

    My son had the same problem that you are having now with your son. He is now 18. He never grew permanent teeth or any other teeth in that area. In high school I had a partial made to fit in the area. Now that he is older he had to have a whole mouth full of implants, which were very expensive (ins says that it was cosmetic surgery so they wouldn’t pay) and time consuming, let allow the emotional part for my son. I hope your situation is different than mine but I do understand it is very frustrating. My question is have you seen a periodontist yet for your son if he is old enough not sure how old they have to be? That’s where I got most of my real answers from. The dentist just kept putting off the issue.

    • Mrs. Mack

      Even i born with a tooth in my lower jaw that tooth has been removed immediately till 8 years that place was vacant but slowly slowly permanent tooth has filled it.No i am 25 years old. i will suggest you to visit MULCHAND HOSPITAL DELHI will advice you the best.

    • “Im glad to hear that I am not the only one who has been through this.My son Keegan was born with 1 lower tooth.It however was very loose so I removed it a few days after his birth.We took him for his first dentist appt when he was a year old.They did X-rays on his mouth and come to find out he doesn’t have his two front bottom teeth at all…He will never have them.Its ok though cause he’s my baby and we love him just the way he is:)

  15. Hello, my daughter was born with a tooth, I was shocked as I have never heard this before but was told by the midwives that it happens. Now she’s a month old, I realised that the tooth is under her tongue instead of her gum. What could this be? Should I be worried?

  16. Hi! thanks for this important article.My child has natal teeth so the doctors said they need to be extracted so am realy scared

  17. Hi,

    I have gone through the article I found it very useful.I have born with a teeth in my lower jaw that too in front in the shape of left hand including index finger middle finger and thumb as if the teeth is blessing.while i had the soft palate problem since my birth so i could not fed directly.Doctors said that the teeth is auspicious but few says its inauspicious but finally my family kept that tooth and found it to be auspicious.Now I am 25 years old and I don’t know its really god gifted my 6th sense is very strong.My family finds it to be very auspicious.
    On my first birthday i have been blessed with a brother.

    My family feels lucky to have a natal teeth.

  18. My son was born prematurely at 33 weeks and has two teeth on bottom. He is in Nicu at hospital and nurses are feeding him with small IV-like tube in mouth. I won’t be able to bring him home for at least another couple of months so I’m hoping the teeth are not loose. The nurses don’t seem too concerned about it but I’m not sure what that means to me. Hopefully he will be fine and will learn to feed with a bottle soon.

  19. I was born in 1929 and was told by my mother the story of my being born with two teeth. On the third
    day when I was brought to my mother the teeth were gone and my gums were painted in red. Pulling
    those birth teeth proved not to be a good idea in my case. I had that empty space until I was nearly six years
    of age and the second teeth came in. I remember how excited my Mom was when she first noticed
    my new teeth. When my oldest daughter was born in 1955 she also had two teeth. Following that in
    1981 her son was born with two teeth. In both cases the teeth did not cause any problems and all went well.
    I might mention that my paternal cousin was also born with two teeth. Now awaiting my first great grand-
    child the first question I will ask after the birth is… did you check for teeth!!!!

    • Comment: so were the teeth removed or they came out by themselves we r facing the same challage. pliz email mi on dat

  20. I was born in 1929 and was told by my mother the story of my being born with two teeth. On the third
    day when I was brought to my mother the teeth were gone and my gums were painted in red. Pulling
    those birth teeth proved not to be a good idea in my case. I had that empty space until I was nearly six years
    of age and the second teeth came in. I remember how excited my Mom was when she first noticed
    my new teeth. When my oldest daughter was born in 1955 she also had two teeth. Following that in
    1981 her son was born with two teeth. In both cases the teeth did not cause any problems and all went well.
    I might mention that my paternal cousin was also born with two teeth. Now awaiting my first great grand-
    child the first question I will ask after the birth is… did you check for teeth!!!!

  21. Hi, my baby boy is 9months and when he was born he had two lower natal teeth. When he was 3 days old peadiactric dentist removed them. My worry is e won’t get those teeth as their is history in family of babies being born with teeth. The last family member who was had theirs removed and she didn’t get bottom teeth until she was 6 years.
    Also my sons weren’t on the actual gum. They were on raised gum like a small growth. When his teeth were removed the raised gum remained. When smiles it looks like he’s got teeth so they are very noticeable. One has fallen out as it lost blood circulation or what ever and just fell off.
    Should I be concerned and take him back to his dentist and have them do an X-ray to see about his teeth?
    I’m just worried.

    • Hi, my baby was born with the same thing, they removed one tooth at the hospital a day after he was born because it was loose, and there was a small raised gum growth thing, and when he was 3months old it fell off too, and left his gums looking clean. I called the pediatric dentist and was told it was a cyst, and if everything looked fine there was nothing to worry about. But I am worried because I actually picked the cyst up off the bed and took a blade to it. There was some sort of cartilage like substance in the cyst like the beginning of a new tooth or something. I’m wondering if what happened was : when the doc pulled his tooth at the hospital, they pulled his gums up (the next set of teeth they get when they’re like six) and maybe he won’t have an adult tooth there. Does your baby have a tooth there now?

  22. My daughter was born in 1989 with two teeth, she was over ten pounds at birth. The teeth were very sharp and the dr td me to file them with a Emory board and wipe them with a cloth after every bottle and/or meal as she got older. This worked well and my daughter got the rest of her teeth in the normal course. She also lost her natal teeth at five years old. She has beautiful teeth and never had a cavity or braces and she is 25 years old. So don’t worry about your baby having teeth, just take good care of them (as if they were your own).

  23. hi when our only grandson was born 21/04/2011 we thought he had some white in colour mucus in his mouth to all our shock we realised that he had two teeth on lower jaw in front center we had never heard of this before .for anyone outthere with baby in pain every time he was having a bottle we found that dentinox teething gel can be used from birth as time went by we discribed the look of upside down vampire teeth but very cute both teeth came out on own at 6months old the dentist did an xray and said they were baby teeth so now has all teeth except these two . wont get next set till about 7yr old he now 3 x

  24. My son was born 27 years ago with 2 natal teeth, these 2 teeth naturally fell out when he was about 1 year old then he had another 2 teeth come through with his other baby teeth. His teeth fell out gradually age 9 to all be replaced by adult teeth. His daughter was also born with 2 natal teeth, her teeth fell out at about 1 year, she has all her other baby teeth but none came through in the space. Her top teeth are now falling out and we are hoping that she will get adult teeth in the space where the natal teeth were. My son had 3 sets of teeth including his natal teeth, natal, baby teeth and adult teeth. His daughter only had 2 natal teeth no baby teeth in there place but hopefully she will soon get 2 adult teeth, she is 7 years old.

  25. my grandson was born on 5thjan2015 with two lower teeths when it was pointed out to the dr.he said these are no teeth but are swoolen gums tight one after few days it was cleared that it is not the gums but two teeth when the child came home from hospital i got it checked from our dentist he advised it shd not be removed unless it becomes loose or give problem to the mother for feeding the child till date he is now one and half month old and the teeths are intact as i hv recd ur article and the letters of parents i think it is not advisable to get the teeths removed further u can put some light on it .

  26. Hi,
    My baby had two natal teeth and doctor suggested to remove it and we did the same. Now she is two year old, but lower incisors not came out till now. I am really worried about the fact. Could you please tell me the reason? And also what would be the consequences?

  27. Thank you for this articles. I found it very helpful My Baby girl was born two weeks ago. And now i can see a tiny single tooth like structure in her cannien section in her mouth that i just found called Neonatal teeth, she wasnt born with it. My question is should it be removed or it should be left ? I have gone through the comments above but i have not find the specific thing to help my daughter. This is some people say it should be removed will the others are against that. What is the best and most effective thing to do for my daughter.Please help. Thank you!!!!!

  28. My baby was born with one bottom front tooth. My question is when do I need to take her to the dentist and when do I start brushing it? Toothpaste? She is 7.5 months old.

  29. My son was born with two neonatal teeth at the bottom of his mouth they both fell out within 6 weeks he is now 3 years old and still hasn’t grown those two bottom teeth nobody seems to know why? should I be worried?

  30. Hi
    My daughter was born with two teeth in the bottom jaws,now she is 9m old but till now no single teeth is grown,so I m worried about her teeth

  31. Hai sir my baby was 10 day old she got one teeth in 10 day so many peoples where say that your baby don’t live for day she going to be die i am getting so tensioned abt that so please let me know what will happen for her

    • Your child is fine! There is nothing wrong with a baby born with teeth. Take your baby to the doctors for regular checkups, and to the dentist, and they will tell you your baby is fine 🙂 Don’t be nervous!

  32. a baby born with teeth is not a human baby! it is a demon.a child from GD cannot be born with teeth.teeth comes after not before,When a baby is born with a full set of teeth,it will eat out the mothers whomb.a baby with teeth is not means it is already something.many fingers,a tail or teeth are just plain demons.It will happen if the parents have curse ,if they are from some satanic cult,sometimes they don’t even know it,or if they are doing something that is dark and evil, the baby should bne killed,because it represents darkness

    • You people that think as if a baby is a demon just because they had a few little teeth are the real demons because y’all are very sick in the head for thinking like that grow up my sons not a demon he didn’t eat his way out of my womb grow up and get with the damn program stupid

    • Yeah, ok. Wild imagination or straight up out of an unpopular sci-fi flop. I’m embarrassed for u & your heap of nonsense. Lol.

  33. Farime: For god’s sake get real and get into the year of 2015 !!

    There are FAR more “demonic” stuff happening in the world than a kid that is born with a couple of teeth.
    Please find yourself in a civilized part of the world before making such comments again !

  34. Mr. Tom Draper,
    Your article is very informative. Thank you. My sister’s son born with 2 teeth on lower central 2 weeks back. She’s hurting with feeding the baby. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
    Farima vlet: please take an emergency appointment with a psychiatrist. You are terribly in a dangerous zone..

  35. Comment:hi my baby is 6months he was born with 1 tooth showing nd the second one was just showing just a bit the one showing clearly was hanging so I asked my doctor to remove it as I was scared it would fall off while breastfeeding nd would choke him the day before we were discharged he was taken to a dentist to check it he came back without the tooth as it was pulled out cause it was hanging after a week second one showed out I’ve took him to a dentist who doesnt know how he can help him my main concern is that the on that was hanging its gum is growing outside the more he grows it also grows I’m a bit worried please help

  36. Thanks for this article my son was born with two natal teeth in the middle on the bottom of his mouth the doctor confirmed they were teeth and I about had a stroke because out of 3 kids I would of never and have never heard of babies with teeth so reading this helped ease me a little bit he’s now 1 month old and they seem to be fine.

  37. Thanks for this article! very informative.
    My baby was born with one bottom tooth and right from the start was teething on the one next to it. it came out at 6 weeks. his two teeth aren’t fully out of his gums yet its like only 3/4 sticking out. he’s now almost 5 months and the first tooth looks like it’s decaying. it’s a bit yellow, but otherwise it looks quite strong. should I be concerned about it?
    my friends thought I was nuts when I told them my baby has teeth. no one believed me until they got a chance to see the prince.

  38. Hi
    This article has been very useful..and very informative.
    My daughter was born with two lower front teeth on the 11th day.But i had problem while breastfeeding so consulted a paediatric dentist he told us to extract the lower teeth.and we daughter is now 1 year and 3 months now when i visited the same docter he is saying that she will get the teeth at the age of 6 -7 years. And now m worried as i read in this article many of their scenarios are mathing mine.pls help me ..will my daughter get her permanemt teeth?pls help7

  39. In 2007 my son was born with a tooth which looked like a cyst and in about his first month the tooth broke through. Funny thing is that the doctor didn’t even notice it until my cousin brought it to her attention. Boy was he a cry baby my poor baby was in pain that he should not have experienced at that age. I took him to many trips to the dentist but when they tried to pull it out it began to bleed and not budge. He no dental problems only thing it did was turned a yellowish color. He was 6 when it came out on its own. This was a great first experience for me and doctors at the delivery room

  40. I am posting on here years later after the article was written, but I thought it would be nice to put my experience here with my daughter. My daughter, now 5 and a half, was born with the two front bottom teeth and were just barely coming through the gums until 3 months when they were fully out. I nursed her without any problems at all (until she was 2 years old!). They gave her absolutely no problems but looked smaller than her other baby teeth and were not as white. They fell out at a little over 5 years old, and immediately her two adult teeth are growing in. The problem I see is that her two adult teeth growing in are a bit bigger than her two natal teeth she was born with and one is crowding out a tooth on the right side and is making that loose. Her teeth were very healthy, so they feel out due to timing, they had no cavities. Anyhow, that is my experience!

  41. My daugther was born with bottom lower middle teeth. She had them for about 3 months. They were cutting into her tonge and dentist recommend pulling them out since they were getting extremely loose. So we consented to him doing that.he informed us that these were going to be her baby teeth and there was a possibility she would not have thise to bottom teeth ever. He aslo said that if she didnt get them by the time she was 7 we would have to look into implants. My daugther is now 3 years old and until now has shown no sign of teeth but as i was brushing her teeth today i noticed a tiny hole with white hard thing which im assuming is her tooth. Anyways any info if these are her baby teeth coming in or her permanent teeth?? Im super curious if this has happend to anyone.

  42. Hi, My girl has got one tooth, while she was born it was seen inside the gum and soon almost when she got 2 months it came out. Now she is 4 months, she is using this tooth perfectly. She is biting the little pieces of apple.

  43. HELLO,
    I read your article and I have some questions to ask? My wife just gave birth to a baby girl less than a month may 31st 2016 to be precise and the baby come with something like a teeth on her lower gum , uts was just one and coloured, am very scare as I don’t what to do about it.
    Please I will like to know the name of the so called teeth , causes and possible prevention .
    Thank you.

  44. Hi, First off I would like to say that I loved this article. On March 13, 2013 my daughter was born with a natal tooth on her lower jaw right in the middle. The tooth was never removed. She is now 3 and still has her natal tooth that she was born with. However, I did breastfeed her with no problems but she did develop an ulcer on the bottom of her tongue which eventually healed. Now I have doctors telling me that she is so rare because not only was she born with a natal tooth, but she was also born with red hair and blues eye which is very uncommon only 1% of the population is born with red hair and blue eyes. So I’m trying to figure out just how rare she is. Are there any other cases of red hair blue eyed babies born with natal teeth?

  45. Hi my son was born with 2 natal teeth on the bottom jaw hes nine months old now and now there sumerged in his gums is this normal

  46. Hi there
    My daughter ( now 18 months ) was born with her bottom middle tooth to the left
    She lost it at about 9 months old while chewing on her drink bottle !
    She’s still not got another tooth in place when all this time people havd told me she’ll get another ‘baby’ tooth
    Doesn’t look like ones coming , although she still has more of her other teeth to come through too
    I’m concerned about spacing for if she has to wait for her adult teeth to come …
    What’s happens , do the other teeth move over and take that space or should it be ok ?
    I’m planning on taking her to the dentist once she turns 2 to have a proper check and an X-ray

    • She will be fine. Most of the time the natal teeth are baby teeth. So if they come out they won’t be getting another til the adult tooth comes in. I was born with 2 teeth (I’m 31 now) they were pulled at 3 months and I went without them til I was about 8. I have beautiful teeth! Never had braces. So don’t worry. Oh and I just had a baby girl September 10th. She was born with 2 also. Lol

  47. Thanks for this piece, my son was born with one tooth on bottom front and center!! He is now 5 yrs old we’ve had no problems with it , in fact his first visit we noticed a white hard thing , we told his Dr and I asked there is a hard white thing on his gums, is there a name for it? He says yes, it’s called a tooth LOL ? He said it doesn’t happen very often but it is normal. His Dr. Informed us that when he reaches 6m may be fine to remove it because it is not rooted it just sits midway of his gums.. 6 m hit and that tooth was so tight in there he told us just leave it and it will fall out on its own. So he was playing at recess yesterday and that tooth came out, what looks like a glove, another tooth was growing right under it?!!! His teeth around this one however look like they were growing in a little crooked,, but we told him you hit the jackpot with this tooth the tooth fairy will love that one!!! ?

  48. Dear Sir- please suggest me my baby boy 4 days old. but 2 teeth open in lower side please help & guide me.

  49. Thanks for the information; i was born with 2 bottom teeth in 1969 and back then i guess they didn’t know much about them then all my mom could tell me is they were called milk teeth and that they fell out when i was about 4 mo.

  50. Hi !
    I can now ( 6 years after ) give you an updated status ( Sep 13, 2111 ) regarding my angel and now 6 year-old son.
    Today we had him examined with X-ray at the dentist. What the image displayed made us ( my son said “yes, finally” ) very happy because there was two permanent tooth waiting hidden in the gum.

    I feel so relieved today and I cannot describe the feeling seeing my kid so happy 🙂

    Hope this will make it feel easier for some of you guys as well.

  51. Hello dactor i hv a baby girl and she was born with two natal teeth nd thy break within 2 month now she 2 year old she has almost all teeth in her mouth but the place of natal teeth is stiil blank what i shoulď do? is there any thing to worry about it. when they come out. pls reply me soon.


  52. My baby girl was born with one tooth on bottom front and center. The gum where the natal tooth is sitting is not firmly attached to the jaw line. Its loose and is attached to it with a little tissue. Not sure whther that can be surgecally removed.

    She is four months old now. the gum where the natal tooth is attached to becomes purple at times when pressed against when she feeds.

  53. To begin with, thank you for this very interesting article.
    Well, I didn’t have 1 or 2, but 3 babies born with teeth. My oldest (a son) was born in 1972 with 2 lower, central teeth..real teeth, never had any problems. I was stunned when the Dr. told me my baby was ready to eat meat, as soon as he was! My 2nd child (a daughter, born in 1977) was born with 1 lower central tooth, who as her older brother lost those teeth at age 5. My 3rd child (a son, born in 1980) was normal, no teeth. Then came along my 4th and last child (another son, born in1982), and he also was born with 2 teeth, lower central as well with no problems whatsoevever! To this day, I’m still amazed, I had never heard about babies born with teeth, much less 3 babies in 10 years, to the same cool is that!

  54. My baby girl born with two lower teeth. I sad to say that her one tooth is just fall out but she is just 10 months old even i don’t know about whether that was normal tooth or not. Wish she gets her normal tooth soon.

  55. Hi , my daughter is also having the same problem, the natal teeth, nd the doctors says, they will do operation, so I don’t know if it OK for my little one,nd I’m scared too.

  56. Hi, my baby born with one teeth and now since a week he has cut his Lower tongue. There is a ulser because of that. And it’s not healing because the teeth is touching them regularly I guess. Twice in last one week we have seen blood as well while bottle feeding.
    Dental appointment is still due but in the mean time do you think this is normal to not do anything and just wait for dental appointment. Will this cause any issue ?

  57. I was born with upper molar new natal teeth,which is extremely rare so I goggle it and this is the info I found… Love it

  58. Hi, our daughter was born with 2 front teeth. Within 1 month we removed them after consulting her doctor. Now she is 4 years old. She has grown all her teeth except those 2 teeth. We are quite worried about her that will those teeth will grow now? Please reply

  59. Hi Iam Manjunath,
    Our son was born with one teeth in lower middle, he is just 5 days born baby. now my wife cannt feed him becz, he bitted her while feeding a breast milk to him now what is the procedure . Is this dangerous


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