What’s the Best Temporary Crown Cement and Method to Re-Cement Crowns?

What’s the Best Temporary Crown Cement and Method to Re-Cement Crowns?

Best Temporary Crown Cement and Way to Recement Crowns

Having a crown come off of your tooth can be very frustrating.  Sometimes you just can’t get into the dentist right away because you’re too busy, you’re on vacation, or your dentist can’t fit you in very quickly.  Some dentists might recommend that you use a temporary crown cement until you can be seen at the dental office.

Temporary Crown Cements

If your dentist doesn’t suggest a brand name, how do you know which temporary crown cement to use?  There are many different types on the market.  I I decided to provide you with some guidance by reading over the reviews on three of the most popular products for re-cementing your crowns that have fallen off: Recapit, Temparin, and Dentemp.

Below the reviews, you’ll find a few quick tips on how to make your temporary crown cement work.

Recapit Temporary Crown Cement Review

Recapit Temporary Crown CementRecapit is available in a multi-use vial or in a stay-fresh tube.

It is a one-step cement, meaning that you don’t have to mix anything together.  All  you have to do is scoop it out and use it to glue your crown back on.

Unlike the other two main temporary cements, Recapit is made only to be used to recement crowns.  Recapit should not be used to replace a lost filling.

The reviews on Amazon range from good to bad.  Many people report that it doesn’t hold their crown on.  One person said that their crown fell off when they sneezed.

Another reviewer who gave Recapit 5 stars said, “I placed the crown back into place and there it stayed for 16 days. Even the dentist was impressed with how well it was holding. I used some sense and tried to keep hard and sticky foods away from this crown. However, I did still chew lightly on it. While I do not expect that you could chew gum or apply heavy pressure to a tooth being help in place with Recapit, it worked perfectly well in my application.”

Temparin Temporary Crown Cement Review

Temparin Temporary Crown CementTemparin temporary crown cement is available in a multi-use vial as well.  Just like Recapit, Temparin is a one-step cement which means that you won’t need to mix anything.

On Temparin’s Amazon review page, it only earned 1 5-star review and that was from somebody that used it to replace a filling, not to re-cement a crown.

S. Kennedy, who not only called the Temparin garbage, but worthless garbage had this to say:

“I lost a temporary crown and thought Dentek Temparin might spare me the extra trip to the dentist. Turns out I would have been better off chewing up the five dollars and using that to hold the crown in place. The Temporin lasted no longer than three hours.”

Dentek has come out with an updated formula that they claim is now 10x stronger.  It is pictured in the composite photo at the top of this article and is called Temparin MAX Hold.

Dentemp Temporary Crown Cement Review

Dentemp One Step Temporary Crown CementDentemp Temporary Crown Cement comes in a few different versions:

1 – Dentemp One Step (pictured)
2 – Dentemp One Step Maximum Strength
3 – Dentemp Original

Interestingly, the Dentemp One Step seems to have some of the worst reviews while the Dentemp One Step Maxium Strength and Dentemp Original have some of the best reviews.

I noticed that many people complained on the Dentemp One Step reviews that they had changed their formula and what was once a 5-star product is now a 1-star product.  Dentemp Original seems to be the answer to that reviewer, but the one person who reviewed it appears to have been using it to replace a filling, not re-cement a crown.

Dentemp One Step Maximum Strength seems to be Dentemp’s best product when it comes to re-cementing a loose crown.  On the Dentemp One Step Maximum Strength review page, I found the following review by a verified Amazon purchaser:

“I have used this product and was very satisfied with the results. If there is a loose cap that needs to be repaired and a dental appointment is weeks off, don’t fear this product will see you through.”

People also note that Dentemp O.S. Maximum Strength seems to harden very fast, so you may want to try a practice run first to see how fast you need to work to get your crown glued back on.

What’s the Best Way to Re-Cement a Crown When It Falls Off?

The number one piece of advice that I can give you is to follow the directions exactly as written.

Here’s a few other tips that will get your crown to stay glued on tight until you can get in to see your dentist:

  • Clean out the crown.  The crown probably has some old glue/cement stuck inside of it.  It is important that the inside be clean and dry so that the new cement can attach to the crown and hold it to your tooth.
  • Make sure the tooth is clean and dry.  If you can, blow it dry.  Even a little bit of water can cause the cement to not work well.
  • Before cementing it back on your tooth, you might want to make sure that the crown fits evenly on your tooth.  If it doesn’t, there may be some old cement on the tooth or inside of the crown.
  • Some people report that if you cement it just before going to bed, it will form a stronger bond as you won’t be using it while you sleep.  This may not work too well if you know that you grind your teeth at night!


Based on the reviews (note that they are unscientific), it appears that Dentemp O.S. Maximum Strength is the best cement for recementing your crown, followed by Recapit and Temparin.


Remember that before attempting to re-cement your crown you should talk to your dentist to make sure that it is appropriate.  Make sure that you read all package inserts to understand how to use the product, what specific risks are present with use of the product and how to minimize those risks.

If your crown is on a back tooth or upper tooth, know that there is a higher risk of you swallowing or aspirating (breathing in) your crown.  If you have any doubts about whether or not you can get your crown re-cemented, you should talk to your dentist to see what other options are available.


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