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What a Baby’s Gums Look Like While Teething

A few years ago, my wife and I kept thinking that our son was getting his first tooth.  He eventually got it, but there were many times when it looked like his first tooth would be coming in and it didn’t.  It’s important to know that the first tooth usually comes in around six months of age.

Since a baby’s first tooth is often anxiously awaited by parents and often takes longer than expected to poke through, I decided to post a couple of photos of a young baby that were taken before and after his first tooth came in — just five days apart.  This will show you what you might see if a tooth is close to making its debut!

Teething: Baby's First Tooth

The photo on the left was taken five days before the photo on the right.  In the photo on the left, you can see that there is a little bump on the gums where the lower tooth will come in.  In the photo on the right, you can see that the tooth finally poked through into the baby’s mouth.

What a Baby’s Gums Look Like When They Are Teething

Here’s a close-up of the image on the left.  You can clearly see that the gums are raised up slightly where the new tooth will be coming in.

Teething Baby's Gums

What a Baby’s First Tooth Looks Like

Here’s a close-up of the image on the right, that shows the baby’s tooth finally poking up through the gums:

Teething Baby's First Tooth

Take a look at Teething Baby Pictures to see more pictures of baby teeth coming in.


It’s important to keep in mind that the appearance of the gums isn’t the only indication that your baby’s first tooth is about to poke through.  Here are some other signs and symptoms of a teething baby.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your teething child, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!



  1. I’ve been thinking that my daughter’s first teeth are coming in for the past month or so but they still haven’t come in. I can see the bumps, but they still don’t quite look like they’re breaking through like the one in the first picture that you show. I’ll still keep on the lookout for the tooth, but it may be a while longer.

    Thank you so much for this article it has made me less nervous about her first teeth.

      • My 2 month old son has the diharia and slobbering and crying out of no where and putting hia fists in his moth. His gums dont look quit like this pictures . but is he teething this early ?

        • I’m no expert, just a fellow momma. I would say your baby probably isn’t teething yet. Babies at that age have a lot of drool because they haven’t quite learned how to swallow it all yet. They also love to put their hands in their mouth. I would guess he doesn’t have diarrhea, but rather it is normal newborn poo. Did he have any shots recently? Sometimes babies act differently for a day or so due to immunizations. Crying out of nowhere could mean he’s overly tired or he may be sick, so you could make an appointment if you feel he’s acting really abnormal. Babies are tough nuts to crack sometimes.Good luck!

        • I spoke to my hv abput my son at that age and apparently the teeth are moving in to place to begin teething so yes he could be experiencing pain in the gums not necessarily getting a tooth yet though

        • Yes they can be. The teeth shift to come threw and they feel every movement. Some babys get teeth at two months some not till 8months depends on evey kid they all are different. My 1st kid was teething since two months and tooth didnt come in till 6momths. Then my 2nd didnt get teeth till 8months.

      • hi tom think my 15 month old son liam is theething his gums are white in solid he constantly sticking his fingers and hands and anything he can chew in his mouth it Evan makes his sick in drools a lot

      • Hi I just bump into this while looking for clues and images how does a baby looks like when they are teething. Since my first child 1st tooth came in at 3 mon old and 2nd child at 4 mon old I was wondering if my almost 4 months old baby girl is teething. She is really uncomfortable. She cant sleep on her own since 2 nights ago not even naps, she is drooling alot chewing on anything, yet i cant recall how my kids gums looked like when they were teteethingI have a picture i think i cant post it here! Please help!!!!!

      • My daughter is 6 months old (I’m 20- And my husband is 37 First time parents) and her sleep of a night has been disturbed the past two nights and trust me when I say this, my baby doesn’t cry…. haha everyone is amazed (even the pediatrician told me to count my blessings cause she is such a content baby) but now she is having little out bursts of cries, rubbing her face, and biting my nipple as we start nursing…. but it’s not a little nibble, Adelyn bites so hard she pushes her face in to my breast and squints her face until she is red….. is that also a sign of teething? I have only now just settled her with baby Tylenol and she has fallen asleep.

        I will definitely be checking her gums each day to see if there is any progress if she is teething. These pictures help a lot as I can never seem to tell weather or not anything is about to erupt from the gums!

        Thanks a lot for the pictures, Tom. 🙂


  2. This was so helpful!

    I had a hard time finding a teething picture online. This is exactly what my little one’s tooth looked like as it erupted. A day of horrible swelling, redness and fussines followed by the same cut in the gums that you have posted in the first picture above. It was nice to have a reference in mind–I knew what to look for after reading this.

    • Hi Tanya – I’m glad it helped. Thank you for leaving a comment – I can look at the website statistics and see that lots of people view this page, but it brings a smile to my face to know that it has helped someone.

      Have a good evening!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! for posting these pictures…i have been searching high and low for pictures of what i should expect as far as my baby’s first tooth. Now i know what to look for. You have been very helpful!

  4. I’ve been waiting for my son to cut his first tooth and it has been quite the wait. At two months old I found little white bumps in his mouth and started to wonder (they turned out to be milk blisters). For the past few weeks I have noticed his gums on the top and bottom have a white hue to them about half way up/down. His diaper has gotten softer and he is chewing on EVERYTHING! I haven’t noticed the swelling and redness of his gums yet. Do you think this could this be the end of our wait for his first tooth or just another false alarm?

    • Hi Emily – It’s too difficult to predict exactly when the teeth will come in. With our son, every time he got sick or we noticed something in his mouth that looked like a tooth coming through, it turned out to be a false alarm! He eventually got all of his teeth, but sometimes they can come without any fussing – it depends on the baby.

      Hopefully they’ll come in quickly if it’s something that’s keeping both of you up at night 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Emily. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Our daughter is a little over 5 months old and seems to be having pain related to teething. Its so hard to get a good look. She woke up last night in the middle of the night crying, which is so unlike her. Thank you for posting the pictures. They are truly helpful!

  6. Do you have pictures of when the canine teeth come in? I just want to make sure that it looks normal and that I don’t need to take the little one to a dentist or the doctor.

    • Hi Ashley – I don’t have any pictures of the canine teeth, but it should look fairly similar. The canine teeth are more pointed on the end, so it might be a smaller bump. When in doubt, you may want to have your child’s dentist take a look at the teeth to make sure that everything is developing normally.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Thank you for posting such detailed photos! Even though this is our second, it’s hard to remember what to expect!

  8. this is a great reference.. my son is almost 8 months, no teeth yet.. no teething symptoms as well (like fussiness) but his gums are raised like the first photo. thank you!

    • Hi Sherry – I’m glad it helped. Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you’ll have a teething baby on your hands pretty soon!

      • hi Tom. my son’s 2 lower front teeth emerged 6 days after i posted my comment.. luckily he really didn’t have any teething symptoms. we only noticed that he has a lot of drool inside his mouth though but he was able to swallow it all.

        • Hi Tom, my son was born 3-4weeks early. He is now 2months old and is showing signs of a glass-like or jelly-like substance or swelling on his gums. He had a mild fever in the last week but is ok now. Could this be an early sign of teething or something else?

      • hii tnx a lot pics are realay baby is 11,months now,no teeth yet! am.lil worried.. there is no rednss or fusinees.. shz active bt i can cee bump at lower teeth… does sum.babies get teeth late ? thank.u

        • Hey my daughter is 1 and a half and her gums have only just started to look like this so i wouldn’t worry about your 11mo just enjoy it while you can 🙂
          the longer teeth stay in gums the less exposure they have to things that can damage them too so rest easy knowing when your bebes teeth do start to emerge they will likely be very healthy & strong.

  9. The pictures are very helpful but I still have a question. It seems like my daughter’s first tooth might have just made it’s break through, but it seems to be more of a soft piece of pliable gum, like a sty. Is this just what happens first, and then the tooth? I’m a little nervous and would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    • Hi Sophie – If it is normal color, it could just be the gums moving a little bit as the tooth comes through. My guess is that this is what’s happening.

      If it is another color, it could be what is known as an eruption cyst or an eruption hematoma. You can read more about those on this page from the University of Minnesota (scroll down to eruption hematoma):

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions – Thanks for your comment!

  10. hello Tom, my 5 mo old baby girl has started to drool a lot, even developing a rash from her saliva on her face — a symptom of teething. She’s been putting things in her mouth to chew or suck including her hands and fingers, etc. Basically she’s been showing all the signs of a teething baby. She also started to do this strange and new behavior where she will make an “o” shape with her mouth, as if to itch her upper gums with her upper lip. Sometimes she will take her tongue and smack it against her upper lip and gums. Naturally, I investigated her upper gums and…….. Nothing! Did your lil one show any kind of funny and strange behaviors with the mouth, tongue, etc.?? I swear she is teething but apparently without the tooth… What’s going on? It’s been days!


    • Hi Susan – I asked my wife and she didn’t remember the “o” shape during teething at all. But, all babies are unique and demonstrate teething in different ways. We had thought that our first son was teething a long time before his first tooth came in.

      I think what it came down to was that babies in that age group love exploring the world around them with their mouth. Your daughter may just be trying to learn about different things by chewing/sucking them. Hopefully she’s not too irritable and her teeth will come in soon for you! Keep us updated on how long it takes. I hope that helps – let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your comment, Susan!

  11. My little man will be 6 months in about 4 days and for the last 2 weeks he has been very moody and has a huge drool rash around his mouth. Every time he takes his bottle he sucks for a bit then cries. His gums look exactly like the first picture and I now see a white bit on the bottom gum. He has 2 white lines where the teeth would come out on the bottom. He doesn’t let me look in his mouth though so its hard to tell if its through or not.
    Any way thanks very much for the pictures. Very helpful.

    • Hi Gillian – Thanks for your comment. I was going to use a picture of my daughter, but she doesn’t like me to look inside of her mouth too much either! I hope your son feels better and that his teeth come through without any problems. Have a great day!

  12. The next day a tooth came out and the other one is now almost out. He’s having a hard time with it so I hope after the second one is out he gets a little break. 🙂

  13. I am a first time mommy, and i have searched google until i am blue in the face for just about every single thing you could think have that has anything to do with things about a baby. My baby is almost 6months old and has been drooling ALOT for about a month, and sometimes I have to change her outfits about 4 times a day, including bibs! She did have a rash on her chin, and of course when i go to look her mouth, she tries to suck my fingers and chew them. She takes her first finger and middle finger, and puts them in her mouth off to the left side, not on the bottom middle where most babies would put there fingers if there 2 bottom teeth were coming in, and she will go “aaaaaaahhhbbaaaaaaaabbbaaaaahbbbbbaaaaaaa” lol, its sooo cute, and then sometimes when you put your finger on her gums, she will BITE and when i say bite, i mean BITE HARD!!! When you look at her gums, you can see the actual imprints of the teeth that haven’t surfaced yet. Her gums are red, and where the imprints of the teeth are, are white! I felt on the top of her mouth and it feels like she maybe going to get the top k-9’s first, because you can feel bumps up there, but when i feel on the bottom its just a smooth surface. She will also take her paci out of her mouth, and put it back in her mouth backwards, and sometimes you can hear her chewing on the paci and its backwards (this is a soothie, teething paci). She hasn’t been running a fever, but her bowel movements were like water for about 3days, and now she seems to be a little constipated. -Im sorry, i’ve just about wrote you novel, but I’m just so curious, and completely clueless. Any advice/help would be appreciated!

    Ashley & BabyGracey

    • -sorry forgot something, i have heard if you rub their gums a pretty good bit, that actually helps speed up the teething process. is this true?

      • Hi Ashley – I’m not sure if it would “speed up” the teething process, but I know that it does comfort your teething baby and can help alleviate their pain. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Ashley!

    • Hi Ashley – Take a look at my teething symptoms article to see what true symptoms of teething are. If she is excessively drooling and has diarrhea, that may be unrelated to her teething.

      I’m sure her teeth will come through soon – it does sound like she is going through teething right now. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  14. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the pictures…it helped confirm that my son was teething and not generally cranky. Do you remember how long it took for the whole tooth to emerge after the tooth tore through the gum? My son’s tooth that just cut through his gum – will it continue to hurt and trouble him?


    • Hi Ritu – My daughter just got some of her molars in and they broke the skin and the whole crown was visible within a week. It’s fairly quickly for it to come in, then it simply needs to grow out a little more until it is at the right height. I believe that the worst part of teething is when the tooth is breaking through the gums and that after it’s come in, the worst is behind you (and your son!)

      I hope that helps, Ritu. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

      • Hi Tom my granddaughter is 14 months and all of a sudden she don’t wanna eat and cranky and rubbing side of her face, I’m thinking it’s because her first molars gonna come in but not sure.

  15. Hi Tom,
    My first baby is 4 1/2 months old. We believe he starting
    teething at 2 months old. Just this past week- he started
    waking during the night after he normally would sleep soundly
    through the night. Yesterday and all day today, he’s been
    miserable. He just had his 4 month check up a few days ago.

    He’s been crying and whining all day. He bites on anything
    he manage to get in his mouth and has more dribble than a
    bull mastiff! He’s refusing to eat- or begins to suck, cries and
    pulls his head away. I tried a different bottle/nipple- but he refuses it.
    I’ve tried cold wash clothes, frozen baby food that he can hold in the
    mesh holders, teethers, Sophie the giraffe, homeopathic teething drops
    and lastly tyelonol if he goes longer than 6 hours without eating.

    I actually think he’s cutting upper teeth, though the lowers are swollen
    Like in your picture. The uppers have 2 perfect white outlines of the 2 centrals
    and the surrounding gums are red and irritated. When my son tries to eat,
    he tongues the nipple to the side of his mouth.

    If this is my son ‘cutting teeth,’ how soon after all this pain and crying
    do the teeth actually erupt?

    • Hi Elizabeth – Drooling and biting on things can be signs that your baby is teething. If it seems like he is in severe pain, it could be something else. Teething generally lasts only a few days, but some parents have reported it to last much longer. You may be interested in the results of a survey where parents stated how long teething lasted for their baby. You can find that near the end of the article calledHow Long Does Teething Last?

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth.

  16. Thanks for saving me a trip to the doctor! I couldn’t figure out why my 5 mo old son was so fussy, but his little gums look just like the first picture!

  17. my baby girl has little bumps on her gum ( i think) and she is not to fussy but has been restless at night. how will i know for sure if she is about to geta tooth?

    • Hey Cris – As far as I know, you can’t really tell when a baby tooth will come in. The only way to know how close it is would be to take an x-ray, which isn’t advised in this situation.

      You can get a ballpark range by taking a look at these common teething symptoms. Good luck!

      I hope that helps, Cris. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

        • Hi Cris – We used Orajel for our first son. For our daughter, we didn’t do any Orajel, but I think we did give her some infant Tylenol. Of course, you will need to talk to your doctor before giving any medication to your teething infant.

          I hope that helps, Cris. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

          • thanks tom! my daughter’s bottom gums are puffy and they actually look like two teeth in the front but its only her swollen gum. is this a positive sign that teeth will soon appear? thanks!

            • Hi Cris – It could be that the teeth are ready to break through. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever, though! I’m sure they’ll eventually come in. If you feel the gums and can feel the teeth underneath, then they should be pretty close to coming in.

              I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Cris!

  18. My son has just cut his first tooth at nearly one year old. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be such a slow and laborious process, he has been teething for many months.

    This is the only site I’ve managed to find with decent photos on, so thank you for giving me a good idea of what to look out for these last few weeks. It also inspired me to capture some shots of my son’s gums as the tooth emerged and share them on my blog – I hope you don’t mind if I include the link here?

    I think there is a lot of confusion about cutting teeth, it’s a shame photos are so hard to come by. My son had red, swollen gums literally for months and we always thought a tooth was imminent. Seems we were very wrong and the only sure sign for us was the abscess-like swelling in the couple of weeks before it emerged.

    • Hi Becky – We went through the same thing with our son. We kept thinking that the teeth were coming out, but it took forever! Thanks for posting those photos – I’m sure they’ll help many people coming to this page.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with your son, Becky!

  19. my little girl is 9mths old she already has the bottome 2 teeth but hasnt gotten the top 2 yet..but for the past 3 days shes been running temp to 101 and havin loose diapers chewing on everything and she also has a knot on her top gums but its not the top 2 teeth is the one beside it? is that normal i thought the top 2 had to come in first? also does the knot meen the tooth is trying to come thru?

    • Hi Alicia – Usually the front two teeth come in first, but sometimes teeth do erupt in a slightly different order. I’m not exactly sure what the knot is, but if you think that something is wrong, you can always take her in to see a pediatric dentist. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Alicia!

  20. I’m a mom of a 5 1/2 month old baby. My son is certainly beginning to drool more and chewing on anything he can find. The other day we found a small hard white (something) on his gum. It is not on the ridge, but rather on the outside closer to the top. There is actually one on the right side now and one on the left side (of the upper gum). Not at all what I was expecting. Are these teeth? Are they cysts? Can they be painful?

    Thanks…and THANK YOU for this blog. I’ve been searching for something like this for a while now.

    • I too have a 5 1/2 month old who has the same hard little white bumps. I think that they seem to be a little tender. He has one on the bottom and two on the top, almost right on the ridge of his gums. He’s been teething for the past few months and has started sucking on his lower lip and saying, “mmm mmm mmm..” He chews very hard on anything he can get into his mouth, even his toes! I’m a dental assistant, and these bumps almost look like bone fragments that sometimes poke through after a tooth extraction, but clearly are not. I’m wondering what these are and if they mean this poor kid will cut some teeth soon!

      • Hi Liz – Hopefully the teeth come through soon. Did your son always have the bumps?

        Another thing that came to mind since I posted my response to Elizabeth’s comment are little white spots called Bohn’s nodules. Here’s a link to a photo of those at Stanford.

        I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment!

    • Hi Elizabeth – This page at UCLA provides some pictures of gingival cysts in newborns. Without looking at it in person, it’s hard to let you know what it is. Sometimes there are cysts present when teeth are trying to erupt. If you’re worried about it, a pediatric dentist would be able to examine your son and tell you exactly what’s going on.

      I wish I could be of more help. If you find out what’s going on, or if his teeth come through without any problems, please leave a follow-up comment so parents who notice the same thing can hear what happened in your son’s case.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions, Elizabeth. Thanks for your comment!

  21. My daughter’s(10mths) gums look like the first photo you showed. Im glad you posted these because i had no clue what to look for. Im excited for her to be getting her first tooth but i worry because it makes her not want to eat. I hope it gets easier..Thanks

    • Hi Dominique – We have two kids and my youngest just got her last baby tooth in. After the first few teeth, my wife and I didn’t notice too many issues. It does get better! Have you tried any teething rings, or does she not want to bite at all? Good luck!

      • She doesn’t seem to want to bite on the teething rings at all. Some days are better then others. Right now she’s eating fine but some days she just turns away from her bottle. I know it will get better but i’ve been waiting on these teeth forever…she’s been teething since she was 3 months..but I know they’ll come when they’re good and ready so im being patient. Thank you so much for this website it helped a lot…

        • I’m glad it helped, Dominique! We kept thinking our son was teething a long time before his teeth came in. Hopefully they’ll come in soon for your little girl. Good luck!

  22. hi
    m a first time mum who’s really thankful to internet in talking care of my son…its so nice n helpful that i can see the pic and can tell when my baby’s going to get teeths although he is nearly 5 months and is drooling alot and his gums are bit like the 1st pic..but these pic can giv you clear indication of what to luk 4 wen ur baby is teething…thanx 4 uploading n 4 gr8 website…regards

  23. Is it possible that my 3 month old baby boy might be teething this early? I’ve noticed a bit of drooling lately and every time he grasp something in his hands he always put it in his mouth…He’s sucking his fingers more and more…and at night iM constantly up putting his pacifier in his mouth more and more (less hours of sleep now)…………………….Iknow he is young but i jus want to make sure iM not getting my hopes up….being that he is 3 months he’s just now getting the feeling of really using his hands and maybe he’s just testing things out….CONFUSED?????? IN NEED OF SERIOUS ANSWERS

    oh yea im noticing a bit more fussiness w/ his feeding lately

    • Hi Ashton&Mommy – Children do get teeth as early as 3 months, but the average age is around 6 months. He could be discovering his hands for the first time and using his mouth to see what they’re like. You can take a look at this article on teething signs and symptoms to help you get a better idea. Remember that teething isn’t an exact science. Some kids don’t have any symptoms, others have many symptoms.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

    • My son got his two bottom teeth at 3 1/2 months. At 4 months he got his two top. At 5 months he got two more on the bottom as well as two more on the top. So that’s a total of 8 teeth by 5 months. The 4 all came in together. I thinks it’s better if the come in later. We could never give him any of the 6 months biscuits as he wouldn’t suck on them he would bite of huge chunks and then couldn’t chew and would choke/gag. He chewed the whole railing of his crib too. But yes the can come in quite early. Not very often but babies can be born with teeth.

  24. First off,thank you for this web site!!!! My son will be 7 months old next week,we havent had much teething problems with him,till maybe a week before i noticed a tooth under his gum,it broke through the skin in a day,is that normal? He is still in alot of pain,is his tooth going to hurt him as it grows or do u think now that i can feel the sharpness of it,it will settle? Hes normally such a happy little baby,always got a smile for us,but now hes clearly not happy,i though he was doin so well as my friends baby of the same age has been suffering for months and still doesnt have any signs of a tooth. Again Thank you x

    • Hi Vicky – It sounds pretty normal – once the teeth break through a part of the gums, it seems like it starts coming up until it breaks all the way through. I would assume that the pain will go away now that the tooth is through.

      Usually teething pain doesn’t last a few months. You can point your friend to this list of teething symptoms just to make sure there’s nothing else going on with her baby.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for your comment, Vicky. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  25. I can feel my sons 2 bottom teeth behind his gums is this normal? and if so about how long will it take them to grow up.. he is 3 1/2 months old and isnt showing signs of teething besides drooling but i found it weird that im already feeling teeth

    • Hi Hollie – Usually you can feel the little bumps of the teeth before they poke through the gums. Most babies get their first tooth around the age of 6 months, so it may be awhile even though you can feel the bumps.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for your comment, Hollie. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  26. Hi

    My daughter is 1 year old and we have been waiting months for her teeth to come out… Her back teeth (top and bottom) is swollen and you can feel a tooth for last few months but sometimes the swelling goes down, is that normal to feel the back molars first? Should I consult my doctor she now has a lump with her bottom front tooth?

    • Hi Carol – If your daughter is 1 and doesn’t have any teeth yet, you may want to take her in for an exam at a pediatric dentist. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry does recommend the first dental visit by age 1. Sometimes it’s good to go in to make sure everything is developing properly.

    • Please try not to worry Carol. My son’s first tooth came through just three days before his first birthday. By shortly after 13 months, he had four!

    • Hi Carol – I wouldn’t be too concerned – many babies’ teeth do come in later, there’s a lot of variation. It never hurts to make sure everything looks alright, though. Good luck with the appointment, keep us updated!

  27. My baby is cutting her first tooth. However, she is coughing and sneezing too. Can this be realted to teething? We were just at the doctor’s office two days ago and they said she was fine (had the same cough). Should I go back to see her doctor?

  28. My 3 1/2 month old has been drooling quite a bit for the past month(if not 6 weeks) and in the past week has started with fingers in his mouth… He usually sleeps well and wakes up once to breastfeed. He was up all night Friday, and most of the night last night; very cranky & sad, fingers in his mouth, not taking the breast well or a bottle for that matter, and has been crying when I put him down. Not typical! He has been a dream baby! No fever, no cold symptoms… But also no swollen gums. I know it’s young to be getting teeth, but could hd be getting teeth? He is crying like he doesn’t feel good at all…

  29. Thank you so much for this site. I was looking all over to see pictures of the teething process. My son is a late bloomer. He’s 14 months and he just started teething. He shows all the signs of teething, fussiness, drooling, pulling of the ears. I wanted to make sure so I felt his gums and he pulled away cause it hurt him and it looked like his gums were swollen. Is it normal for a 14 month old to be teething at this age?

    • Hi Shakeina – Many babies are on their own schedule. Many babies do get their first tooth after their first birthday. If you have any doubts, you could take your son in to a dentist that sees young kids to make sure everything is developing normally.

  30. Hi there, thanks for the pics. I have an 9 mth old that just got his first two on the bottom and is I believe working on the tops. Seems to be a lot more drooling with the top, is that common? Also I am noticing very white teeth looking shape from the front view of his gums, more so than where the actually cut through.

    My other question has more to do with molars… my daughter will be 3 in March and from what I can tell has her the bottom 2yr molars partially through and has for a while but still nothing on the top. When can I expect her to get the top? Is there a time that we should be concerned?
    We are brushing her teeth morning and night, still using a baby toothpaste since she tends to eat it.
    Also when should she have her first dentist appointment?
    Thanks for your guidance.

  31. Hi There,
    Trust you are well…

    My daughter is 5 months old and we noticed about +- 3weeks ago that at the back of her mouth on the gum there is white bumps the size of a small tooth, it’s fairly soft so i dont think its a tooth.. Its only the one side of her mouth… She drools allot and sucks on her hand/fingers when ever she gets a chance…
    What is it?
    Please advise

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Ismael – I can’t say for sure what it is. If you take her into a pediatric dentist, they would be able to let you know what’s going on. I wish I could be of more help – thanks for your comment.

  32. Hi,
    my son is 10 months 2 weeks. His 2 upper and lower teeth popped out two weeks ago. the lower ones look really thin n kinda weak. the lower gum where we normally have the canine looks swollen as if a teeth is on its way. Is this normal?

    • Hi Rosemary – Baby teeth can be very thin looking. The swelling does not seem normal if it is coming over the canine area. The baby canines don’t usually come in until after the baby first molar teeth.

  33. Hi

    My baby is 10 months old and his first tooth has come through on the top gum rather than the bottom gum. Is this common or unusual? Should I be worried about it at this stage? He has been showing signs of teething for a long time.

    Please help.


    • Hi Samantha – Variations like this are pretty common, I wouldn’t be worried about it – the lower teeth should come in shortly.

  34. Hi Tom. What a great blog you have…so helpful and informative! I am actually a little worried about the way my 6 month olds teeth are coming through, but I am probably just fussing over nothing. His first tooth to pop through was a top one, and not a front tooth…actually one of the ones next to the very front ones (if that makes sense). So that was a little strange to me, but wasn’t that worrying. However now a second one has started to come through (it is only a tiny white dot at the moment) and that is one of the top front ones, but to me it seems to be in the wrong place. If you can picture how the top teeth come in they appear just above the gums ridge(the first one did that)…well this second one has come in just underneath the ridge. As in you need to look up into his open mouth from below to see it. Is this normal, and will it mean that he will have really crooked teeth? Thank you so much for your time 🙂

    • Hi Angela – It may or may not mean he’ll have crooked teeth. Many times when teeth erupt a little behind where they should, the tongue will help push them out into their proper position.

      If you close your mouth right now, you’ll notice that your tongue touches the back of your teeth and your lips touch the front of them. The tongue and lips are actually putting slight forces on your teeth, which keeps them in their proper position.

      I hope that helps – Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

  35. Hey Tom.
    Was looking through all Google and Internet to see ow the gum looks like when theets are comming.
    My little one is almost 4months and almost month she is not sleeping at night,sleeping good only in hands or on tummy to tummy.
    She is biting everything what she gets in hands.specially toys or if she gets daddys lil finger..
    The gum looks like the first pic already for a couple of days.
    Hoping to get first teeth soon,feel really exhausted after this all.
    She also drilling a lot,changing her clothes every day for two three times. the bibs are helping only for some hours.. 😀
    Thanks,really it was helpful.
    (now husband believes it is teeth. 😀 )

  36. Love this site! My daughter is 11 months old and has 7 anterior teeth. But now appears to be working on her molars. The area looks like a huge blister and keeps getting bigger. The gums looks nothing like they did when she was getting her anterior teeth (or like the ones posted on this page). Is this normal or could she have an abscess??

    • Hi Jennifer – It sounds like it could be an eruption cyst. For pictures, look here. It usually resolves on its own, and the tooth will come through. If not, you can take her to a pediatric dentist to take a look at it see if anything needs to be done.

      • Tom,

        By the way, I’ll ask permission to use one of your photo here…
        cos I’ll be posting a new post regarding my baby’s first tooth…
        Haven’t had a photo of my that’s why!

        Thanks in advance!

        • Hey Niña – Feel free to use any of them. Daniel originally released them under a Creative Commons license, so you can follow the link to Flickr, or simply use the images in the article above. Thanks for asking!

  37. my daughter is 9 months old and i have started to notice a little white spot on her gums…..could this be the tooth about to break through?

  38. My son just turned 6 months old 3 days ago, and he currently has 6 teeth! He got the first two at about 5 months. Wish I had seen the pictures sooner, I’m sure this is what his gums looked like!

  39. My daughter has been Drooling and has diarrhea for a few week now and me ad my husband keep thinking well her teeth will come soon. But today we noticed she had a cut on all four teeth at the bottom and at first I was confused because it wasn’t there yesterday but then I thought wow… Her teeth really are coming soon now!! Your photo helped me a lot and te information gave me my answers! In so excited and anxious to see her first tooth come in! (8months3weeks)

  40. I am glad I came across this website..I have been trying to find an answer to my question…I hope you can help..My daughter is a year old, and has 4 top and 4 bottom teeth..she has a place on her bottom gum now that is swollen, but it is also mushy and soft feeling..can you please tell me why this is..should I be concerned or is it normal..

  41. My 16 month old has had big bumps where her molars are coming through for a LONG time 2 did break the suface however the third one you can feel the tooth but it is inside a bubble?! is this normal? I am worried its an abscess or something are molars usually incased in a bubble before breaking through?

    • My sons tooth did the same thing this morning..I thought it was a tooth at first but I dnt know..I’m a little worried..what happened with your baby..please reply

  42. Thank you SO much! …. i’ve been seeing that little cut (first picture) in my baby’s gum for the past couple of days and got a little scared. I was thinking of taking her to the doctor and check if it wasn’t an infection or something. Yes, first time mom here! hehe…. THANKS!!! 😀

  43. My 10 month has cut her two teeth but what im concerned wit is it is one top
    And one bottom but on the same side. Is this normal or should I be worrief?

  44. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the pictures. My daughter is 10 months old now. She has not got any milk teeths till now, so we spoke to her pediatrician, the doctor told us to give her calcium Shelcal syrup 5ml twice a day. What do you suggest? Is it good for babies to take calcium at an early age? My wife is taking calcium and iron. I thought it will be sufficient enough for my daughter. Please do reply.

  45. Tom,

    I’m going to forward this website to my wife. I’m thoroughly convinced at 7 months my sons upper fronts are bugging the heck out of him. His two lowers have already exposed themselves weeks ago. He’s chewing everything in sight, including my chin, knee and hands. He wakes up more often at night as well and hasn’t been himself. The excellent photos shown here are what my sons gums look like. Keep up the good work!

    Happy New Year,


  46. Hi Tom,
    i have a 9 month old son. he has been getting teeth since he was 4.5 months. he has 8 now and is working on some molars. my question: he hit his front teeth yesterday and the gums looks swollen. right above one of his front teeth it was bleeding and is starting to scab over a bit. but it looks like his front teeth got pushed back up into his gums. they are not sticking out as much. it could also be that his gums are just very swollen from hitting them. but should i just let it be or should i be worried?

    thank you!

  47. Just wanted to thank you. My son started teething
    At two months and it’s been challenging. Your comments
    With the pix really helped me understand what to look for.
    I had your pic page open and would compare with my sons
    Guns. His tooth finally cut thru at 4 months 3 weeks!!!
    Thank you

  48. My son is 7 months old and his 1st 2 bottom teeth have come through. Now this gums where the top 2 teeth would come through are swollen and look kind of bruised and have looked like this for about 5 days and now I see that his top Lateral incisors are now coming though. Is it normal for those to come through first?

  49. My son already has his first tooth his second is.coming. in now. This morning when we woke up I thought it had come up but it was skin..That looked like a tooth at first this normal. I’ve never seen this before.

  50. Thank you for posting pictures- VERY helpful! I think we finally have 2 bottom teeth ready to come through. My daughter is 12 months 2 weeks, I thought this day would never come!

  51. Thank you so much for this article! It was so hard for me to tell if my daughter was teething because she started showing symptoms a couple of months before I actually saw something that looked like the before picture! Now she’s on her 2nd bottom tooth!

  52. My baby has cut her first tooth and it looks exactly like the picture on the right. How long does it take from the tooth cutting the gum to the tooth emerging completely?

  53. Hey! I have a 7 week old son that his gums looked exactly like ur picture! I wasn’t sure bec he is so young if he was actually teething or not. He has all the typical symptoms, drooling, fussy, wanting to chew on his paci, an a white spot appeared… After reading all of this, I decided to take him to his pediatrician bec of his young age, and being a month premature… Your photos are spot on, he’s teething! Insane! Poor guy, can’t do anything for him bec he’s only 7.5 lbs, so teething rings and wet cold wash rags are all he can have to help sooth the pain. Thanks again for the great pics as most babies wouldn’t allow the poking n prodding to allow photos!

  54. Hi! I’ve been searching all over the internet for pictures like these, but I’m still at a loss of why my son is acting the way he is…
    He has a protruding, hard, white bump on his lower gum line, but looks nothing like the pictures of the bohn’s modules and is positioned at the top of the gum line where a tooth would sit. It’s positioned towards the back, like a molar and is bright white. It’s so weird, because its round…
    It gets weirder: he’s only two months old and has no other teeth. I know the front teeth usually come in first, so its confusing.
    He has all the classic teething symptoms: drooling like crazy, shoving his fist in his mouth, and being fussy. The only thing that seems to calm him is when I rub his gums where the bump is. No fever yet, but he does have trouble sleeping.
    Trying to avoid my pediatrician because when my son’s circumcision started blistering he was like, “oh, I’ve never seen that before!” And that was the end of it. Ended up taking my boy to the ER to find out that my pediatrician abraised (not sure if the spelling is correct, sorry) the tip of his penis and caused it to get infected.

  55. Thanks for the pic. This would really help me to compare with my boy’s gums. He has almost refused to let go his fingers from his mouth. He is equally drooling. Just 5mths.

  56. My son is 16 months old and after weeks of restless sleep, chewing, swollen gums and some nights with bad breath he now has 3 molars that have come through. The one bottom area though that has been swollen the most all along is still swollen and no molar. It has been swollen sometimes more sometimes less for the past 2 months. He seems to feel better now and I haven’t noticed the breath recently. Should I still be concerned about teh prolonged swelling and take him to a dentist?

  57. My daughters is 11 months old and still no teeth. About 3 days ago I notices I could see a white tooth right below he gum and when I touch it, I feel the actual tooth. It has been 3 days like this and the tooth has not completely broke through the gum. How long does that process take?

  58. Hey I have a question. My son is 4 months old on the 15thloony and he is slobbering like crazy, fussy, chewing on everything he can get in his mouth and his gums are white. His daddy was born with 2 bottom teeth and I got my first tooth about 5 months. Do you think he is teething? Please help.

  59. my son had an accident when he was 18 months old and his upper front teeth were pushed deep into his gum. he is now 6 years old and they are still not out, even though the dentist told me the new incisors would force the old ones out. can anyone explain to me

  60. Thanks so much for the pictures. My little guy is 9 months and we are still waiting, but I think we are ever so close now!

  61. My sons first tooth broke through finally!
    Now, 2 days later the gum is swollen over the tooth.
    His gums are white, I brush them w/ the baby finger toothbrush, everyday.
    Why did this happen?
    It didn’t happen w/ my older son.

  62. My son is 16 months old, he has four teeth in top and four on the bottom. I just noticed where the canines would be its swollen and a little black and blue. Is this normal?

  63. Hi Tom,
    Thanks so much for the pictures!! It is so thoughtful of you to capture and post these pics!!! Am sure must have been a tough task, my daughter wont let me open her mouth for more than a couple of seconds…
    My second baby is 6 1/2 months old… She has been drooling a lot since she was 4 months… But now all of a sudden she has become cranky.. Wants to be held most of the time or be with her …. Last night she starting waking every hour or so … I checked her gums… they are white on the bottom but arent red.. but I see that the gums are not even unlike earlier.. they are kind of bumpier… She is gnawing on her fingers, bites onto everything (including my t-shirts 🙂 ), drooling a lot and cranky…. I hope its teething and her teeth comes out in a day or two and she feels much happier…

    • BTW, I forgot to mention…Not that it matters but just a mention… My first kid had absolutely no symptoms.. Her teeth came out and we dint even realize 🙂

  64. This is super helpful. I had forgotten what it looked like with my 2nd child so this cleared up the confusion for me. Thanks!

  65. Thank you Tom so much for these pictures. I was looking online for teething gums; my 10 month old baby was fussy and drooling all over. I wanted just to assure that it was because she was teething…and she is! her tooth picked thru today YAY!!! Thank you for your tips and pix!!

  66. My daughter is 15 months Old But she is 2months premature,she cries alot,her gum look alot like The pictures, she has been teething For a long time Now,,i still havent seen any teeth as of yet…What should i do now…..she rubs her gums against alot of different things..including her toys,her hand,fingers..

  67. 1st, THANK U SOOOO MUCH 4 this site!! My son is 6 months old, & I noticed his teething symptoms start, along with what looked like the 1st picture above, at the age of 4 months old. In this 2 month time span I have actually felt FIVE (yes, 5!!) teeth actually come Thru the gums and when I look, they’ve all looked like the 1st picture above, then they always recede! So for the last 2 months my lil’ guy has been in ALot of pain and has been chewing on Everything he can Possibly get his lil’ hands on. O yea, & I’m not the only person who’s actually FELT the sharp lil’ teeth come thru, but they Did LOOK like the 1st photo above, not the 2nd. But it went from the bottom 2 front, to his top K-9’s, to the bottom mid-back teeth. I am so confused!! Also do I take him to Pediatrician or Dentist? Thank u 4 ne and all info u can give me!!

    • Hi Teresa – Sometimes the teething process can be pretty brutal. If you want to have his teeth looked at, you can call around to dental practices to see if they regularly see children that young. If not, you can try looking for a “Pediatric Dentist”. These are dentists who have a couple years more education in just treating children. I hope that helps – Good luck!

  68. Thank you very much for posting these pics! I have been thinking that my son was teething for months now…. Now, I know what to look for.

  69. My son is only 8 weeks, yes 8 weeks. But he has the red swelling of the gums and slight bumps that I can feel and see. He’s been drooling like crazy and trying to chew on anything that is put near his mouth. When he is eating he won’t stay latched on (breastfed) but he just tries to chew instead. Could it be very early teething? Or could it just be something his doctor needs to check out? But thank you for the pictures, they were very helpful, the one on the left is what his mouth looks like.

  70. Hi I have a 16 months old and she has a place on the side of her gum that is mushy almost blister like what could that be

  71. Thank you for this post! I thought my baby’s tooth was coming in crooked but I see it’s normal! Thank you!

  72. Thank you for this!! My 6month baby has little lines like slits along her gum and we assumed this was “cutting the gum” haha been eagerly awaiting these toothy pegs for some time now but now I know exactly what to look for thanks to this post

  73. I’ve been looking for pics too! (Most are just too blurry!) At my son’s three month appointment, the doctor said that she expected some teeth to make their appearance within three weeks… He’s almost eight months and still no teeth. My oldest did not get his first tooth until around 14 months… I’m wondering if this one will follow in the same footsteps! He drools excessively, and has been soaking four to six waterproof bibs a day… Drooling non stop since three months… It’s driving me nuts! But he is having a lot of trouble sleeping the last few night so maybe JUST maybe it might be getting closer

  74. I am concerned about my son’s teeth, he is 10 months old and has the 2 lower teeth, two upper teeth and the two beside the 2 upper teeth just started poking through. But as I looked he has two knots beside those two that are just coming through. The knots are white poking out the sides of the gums about midway in the side of the gums. Is this normal?? I do not remember my daughter’s teeth doing this. He also has not slept through the night in 3 weeks now, he wakes up crying about 3 times during the night and before he would sleep through the night until I woke him to feed him. I think this is related. Unfortunately my health insurance only has one pediatric dentist listed in network and he is an hour away, plus its the Thanksgiving holiday. Any assistance or ideas are appreciated.

  75. My 9 month old daughter is cutting her top teeth. One incisor and one on the side. Her gums are crazy awollen, black and blue and she is running a 101 temp. She is in agony. Her gums look horrific. Is this normal?

  76. hi my baby’s gums are white and very hard when put my finger in his mouth he’s putting top and bottom gum on my finger and pressing really hard he’s very unsettled not drinking much milk and pressing on stuff really hard with his gums

  77. Hi!! My baby is 10 months old and I’m a little worried about his gums. On the top where his 2 front teeth would be is much higher than the other parts of his gums. It kinda makes a little rainbow if you can even picture what I’m talking about. I looked up some photos of healthy baby gums and there the same all the way around. Are my sons gums ok??

  78. Hi! I’m worried about what looks like a tooth erupting on my 11 week old son. It is on the top to the side (beside where his front teeth would be) it seems to be erupting from the side of the gum, not from the bottom. I can feel a hard little piece sticking out on the side and around the area seems swollen. Is this something that he should see our family doctor or someone about or do you think it’ll just correct downwards as it fully erupts?

  79. Hi. My daughter is 6 months, and the doctor told me she is teething. There is a small white bump on the bottom left of her gums. Could this be a tooth, or something else?

  80. my baby is 4 month old and his gums looks same as in image on right side. i.e my baby has poked his teeth little.. After how much time he will get his teeth out fully?

  81. My son is 3 months old and it looks like his molars are coming in first. He is very fussy and cries bc of the pain. He drools quite a bit. I already took him to the dr. And he said it could be teething or colic but it was too early to tell … he has a white spot on his gums he calms when u put pressure on it and when you give him cold or frozen teethers. I thought thst the molars were not suppose to come in until much later. I am a bit confused. The teething tablets do the trick.

  82. My ten Mo old has both upper teeth in, however o me of them has a funny red bump right on the gum. The tooth has already broken through and I can’t find anything similar on Google. Any thoughts?

  83. Hi my baby is almost one in a couple of days I notice she has a tooth I guess on the bottom gums it looks a little brown and looks really lose and its soft as well I’m worried need answers please

  84. Hi Tom. My 13 month old is getting her 1st molar in. Now all her gums are swollen and there is white patches on and around the gums. Not on her tongue though. Now her breath has a funky smell. Could this be thrush? I’m not in my home town & could really use the advice before I go to the doctors. Thank you so much in advance.

  85. Hi Tom!

    My baby is otherwise a normal baby and is now 8 months old. After my baby cut his first 2 teeth (about 6 weeks ago) he gradually started refusing to suck, both nursing as well as bottle feeding. We are now at a point that, if and when he comes to nurse even if he sucks he will do so very briefly and lightly, hardly drinking any milk. Also he just pushes the bottle nipple out with his tongue and does not drink from the bottle (have tried both expressed breastmilk and formula).
    Since he is not drinking milk this way we are currently spoon feeding him his milk for about a month now. He drinks that just fine, that shows he is hungry and he is OK with the taste of the milk as well.
    He eats puréed baby food as well. We are wondering if he just doesn’t feel like sucking/ there’s something that bothers him while sucking. It’s been over a month now and all this started when he cut his first teeth and it kept getting worse. (Before all this he nursed and bottle fed fine). We took him to pediatricians and ENT specialist as well, but they don’t see anything wrong with him. They say oh may be its teething discomfort. He isn’t very cranky, but does drool lots and constantly wants to chew something. Assuming it is teething, we tried teething tablets, teething gels, ibuprofen, teething rings, gum massage, everything that we could, but no use.
    Since its going on more than 6 weeks now with no improvement at all, it worries me tremendously. I keep wondering if anything is wrong with him? Does he have any problem? Spoon feeding milk is very time consuming and frustrating. What would take 5 mins for bottle feeding/ nursing now takes about 75 minutes at a time to spoon feed equal amount of milk. And this needs to be done multiple times a da. I have tried sippy cup, straw cup, cup but it isn’t working yet, but I will keep trying.
    I really need to know what’s going on with my baby and why he doesn’t feel like sucking for such an extended period of time?

    He is otherwise a normal child, meeting milestones and so on. Will I have to spoon feed him milk till he masters the straw cup/ cup which may not be until several more months from now?

    Thank you in advance for your response!

  86. Looking for answers! There is a large indentation / gap in my 4 month old’s lower gum (between the front and back). My pediatrician is unsure what this could be. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!

  87. My 16 month old is getting a moler but there is what looks like a cone shaped piece of skin coming out of her gums! What is this and should I take her to the dr or the dentist?

  88. My three month old son is all of a sudden drooling a lot and putting his hands in his mouth and had bitten me several times when I put him to breast. Lately he has been really fussy and crying a lot sometimes even screaming to the top of his lungs even after I’ve done and checked everything. He likes the coldness of a teether but I’m not sure if he can be teething this early in age.

  89. My baby is or just got her first tooth (age 7 months) on the bottom but it didn’t come out on the very top of her gum line, it is slightly behind. Is there a problem or will it correct itself?

  90. Hello, my son started showing signs of teething at 2 months, booked him in to see a dr and she said, yes, it’s a tooth, but it hadn’t cut through yet. He’s now 4 months and his gums are red raw, I can see lots of teeth in his gum line, but none have yet cut through still. He sometimes screams so much, with his little hands in his mouth. I have tried so many teething gels and granules but they didn’t work. I’m now using Anbesol recommended by a pharmacist. This is helping a bit. He’s at the point where he’s not taking his bottles properly as he’s just constantly chewing on the teat and same with his dummy.
    No holes are visible on his gum line.
    Any advise?
    Thank you, Claudia

  91. My 13 almost 14 month old woke up this morning with one side I his face and gun swollen so badly that he can not move half of his face to smile he doesn’t act like it’s bothering him he is still eatting good and taking his cup good but it’s kinda freaking me out he the baby of 5 and none of my other kids did this is it teething or could it be something more serious.

  92. My baby is 13 months old and she has her bottom front teeth, I can see where her top gums are swollen and you can feel them when you rub them… but they just won’t come out… and the drooling…gosh..!

  93. Hopefully, my baby won’t take after me in the case of teething – my mother told me I’d been restless at that time. But my baby looks much like me, so I think I should prepare for the inevitable – genes are not on my side!

  94. My one year old baby girl has bit bigger and outward upper gum. Somebody told me, get fix it from plastic surgeon otherwise her teeth will come outside mouth later. Can anybody please share some knowledge/experience about this bigger gum thing?

  95. My little one is 5 months old and has been fussing on and off for the last 2wks.. I originally thought it was colic but hasn’t had any problems passing wind, but he has been biting down hard on everything until he gets some relief, he is drooling a lot and for the past 3 nights has been waking, screaming when typically he sleeps through.
    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures (and starting this website!), I was able to compare and confirm he is definitely teething. I hope for his sake they don’t take too long to push through.

  96. Hi. I’m just curious about my baby’s teeth.
    She is a 8 month old.
    She has a visible tooth, but there’s no symptoms,
    But lately she poop watery once.
    And cry on the middle of the night.

    So my question is…
    Is that normal that she have a visible teeth before thw symptoms?

  97. Hi so my 11month old is teething and he’s already sprouted his lower 2 teeth. He’s trying to walk too and while he was trying to he fell and bumped his chin on the floor. His upper gums where ur front teeth come out has a small purple bump on it now and his gums started bleeding. I’m guessing his lower teeth hit them and cut him. Will the purple bump go away?


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