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The Differences Between Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth

Have you ever noticed that baby teeth look like they’re whiter than adult teeth?  Or maybe you knocked out a baby tooth when you were a child, but when you had a similar accident when you were older, your permanent tooth got chipped rather than getting knocked out.

The two scenarios above can be explained by the differences between adult and permanent teeth.

Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth Comparison

There are many differences between baby teeth and permanent teeth, but before I get into all of the differences, take a look at the photo above of the little girl swimming.

Now, take a closer look at her teeth in the photo below:

Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth Comparison

In the picture to the left, there are six permanent teeth that are visible.  Can you spot them?

They are the two top front teeth, the two bottom front teeth, and the two molars on the bottom in the very back of her mouth.

These permanent teeth stand out in more ways than one.  I’ll cover all these differences between baby teeth and permanent teeth below.

As you read, feel free to refer back to this picture to get a visual representation of some of the more noticeable differences that I talk about below.

The Differences Between Permanent Teeth and Baby Teeth

1 – The enamel and dentin are thinner in baby teeth, and the pulp is bigger relative to the rest of the tooth. This means that if your child gets a cavity, it will travel much faster to the nerve of the tooth. This is one more reason why it’s important to take your child to the dentist before they turn one year old and get routine checkups thereafter.

Not sure what enamel, dentin, and pulp are?  Read my previous article about the anatomy of a tooth.

2 – Permanent teeth are more yellow than baby teeth. Take a quick look at the picture above and you’ll see that the six permanent teeth that are visible  don’t look nearly as white as the other baby teeth.

3 – Baby teeth have shorter roots – because of this they aren’t anchored as well into the bone and may fall out more easily if your child falls on a hard step or hits their mouth on the coffee table.  The shorter roots also give the permanent teeth more room to develop underneath the baby teeth and make it easier to dissolve the roots of the baby teeth when the permanent teeth are ready to come into the mouth.

Find out what to do when a baby tooth gets knocked out.

4 – Baby teeth fall out – If you take good care of your adult teeth you can keep them for your entire life.  Just because baby teeth fall out, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t important.  If you’ve been staying up late at night pondering this question, click the following link to find out why baby teeth are important.

5 – Permanent teeth have mamelons.  Mamelons are the small bumps that give the permanent incisors a serrated look when they first come into the mouth.  If you look closely at the girl in the picture above, you can see the little bumps on the edges of her four permanent front teeth.  Mamelons quickly wear away as long as the teeth fit together properly.

Learn more about what mamelons are and what to do if you still have them as an adult.


As you can see, there are definitely some differences between adult and permanent teeth. These differences can not only affect the appearance of the teeth, but can also affect what happens to a tooth when you suffer an injury to the mouth.

Do you have any questions about baby teeth or permanent teeth? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below! Thanks for reading.



  1. Ok, so, I’m 12. Almost, at least. I’m always paranoid that my permanent teeth will rot. I’m paranoid about that now, too. And, I grind my teeth. Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!

    • Hi Malorie – The best way to keep your teeth from rotting is by brushing and flossing. If you are grinding a lot, especially at night, you can go visit your dentist and ask them to make you a night guard (occlusal guard) to protect your teeth from grinding. That is just an appliance like a clear retainer, but thicker so that it prevents your teeth from rubbing together when you grind.

      I hope that helps, Malorie. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

        • Hi my name is pip, I am 11 years old I have two little bit wobbly teeth that should have been out a long time ago. Should I pull them out . Also I have two teeth that have had permanent
          teeth growing over them and the milk teeth have fallen out now, it has been over 3 mouths now and the permanent teeth are still really high up in my gum and all my other teeth are lower what should I do

          • I had an extra tooth in the middle behind my two front top teeth. This caused me to get 3 adult teeth early. I had to get the baby teeth and extra tooth pulled. You should go check with your dentist to check for any teeth issues like I had to do.

        • I don’t know if my teeth are permanant or baby , but it’s wobbly and nearly falling out. I scared that it’ll be a permenant and I’ll loose it 13 help!!

        • Same plz help I’m 10 and i told my parents i lost all mine and my mums a dentist so im sooo scared so i am not telling her but ahh

        • Same but I don’t know if it’s a permanent tooth or not because when I was little I got a tooth pulled but I’m not sure witch one it is so I don’t know why to do if you have insta or message because I’m 11 too

      • Hey,
        I’m a 11 and I lost a tooth thinking it was a baby tooth. Which happened about last year, and it hasn’t grown back in. I think it’s a permanent tooth???? I’m not sure. What should I do? And if it was a permanent tooth, do you think I could get a new put in? Thanks

        • Hello Jenna. I’m thirteen and my dentist told me around middle school teeth take a very long time to come back. I lost one tooth in 6th grade and only now in 8th grade am I starting to see white. Wait it out 6-12 months longer and see what happens.

        • Okay Jenna, Did it have long roots? if so, it is permanent. Otherwise, baby. My tooth was missing for 1 3/4 year. it came in on the top of my gum.

      • Um……hi my name is Elyza im 12 and I have a problem with my lower teeth I have on adult tooth in front of two other adult tooth’s and it hurts……what should I do?

      • Hey Tom I’m 13 and one of my molars has a big cavity which the dentist said needs a root canal but I’m honestly scared to have it done and it might be too late anyways, as that was a while back, but my tooth hurts like mad all the time now, so my question is, do adult teeth wiggle out like baby teeth because I just want the dang thing out!

        • To be honest with you of your molars are in and infected you might have to have them remove. I am 29 years old and I had all 4 of mine removed this year. Get all of them done at once though so you do,t have to go through the pain again. I was only in pain for 24 hrs. But everyone is different when it comes to pain. Good luck with the choice that you choose.

      • Hi I’m Jenna I had to get braces May of 2014 and I have them now but I have 4 baby teeth and they are trying like a pink/ clear but they are chipping and I have no cavitys but I was in school and I was chewing gum and this pic of tooth came off and I keep thing that it’s a cavity but I haven’t been to the dentist in like a year so i don’t know what to do and I have axsitey and my dad said to me that I’m fine and I do t have a cavity but what do I do to help me please get back as soon as you can!!

      • Sir, I’m Fourteen, brush twice a day and my dentist says my teeth are healthy, I have all my adult teeth to my current knowledge but my upper left pre-molar, both upper incisors, and my upper left canine wobble, the range of movement can range from 0.25mm to 1mm and I’m scared, I care a great deal about my teeth and intend to keep all/most of my adult teeth before transmitting my Consciousness Into a computer , I’m getting braces soon and I think the problem lies with the root so some advice would be much appreciated.

      • I’m only 9 and I lost a top tooth it’s looks like a adult and I don’t know if it a baby tooth what should I do

      • Hey Im 13 years old and I wanted to ask if my canine tooth is permanent or still a baby because I cant remember if it already falls out or not but its a lot whiter than all of my teeth and its the only white the rest are yellowish the gums near it is aching and I dont know if its a new teeth coming or its just my gums aching but my canine is a moving a little when I push it with my tongue please I dont want to have a missing canine tooth when I grew up

    • Hi, I’m 11 and my name’s Livvie. When I was at school, I was wearing a bandana around my wrist and I decided to tighten it with my teeth. So I held it between my molars, but it slipped and banged against one of my teeth that is on the upper part of my mouth. My mom isn’t sure whether it’s a baby tooth or an adult tooth and it’s literally hanging on by a thread, (the tooth) and I don’t know what to do. Now I have REALLY messed up teeth from the start. One of my teeth doesn’t have an adult tooth above/below it, so if I lose it, then I won’t have a tooth in that spot, and my mom is worried that if I lost that tooth that I accidentally loosened, that that might be the tooth that doesn’t have a tooth growing above/below it, and I don’t know what I should do. Oh and in case you wanted to know, my mouth is so crowded that when I lost one of my baby teeth I didn’t have enough room for it to grow and so now it grew behind, like on the gum behind my bottom row of teeth. But anyways, what should I do about my accidentally loosened tooth??

  2. I’m seeing a lot about mamelons on permanent teeth, but nothing on having them on primary. My son had them on his teeth, and they wore away very fast except for one on his top front tooth. I’m trying to explain this to my husband, because he thinks our son has a chipped tooth. Thoughts?

    • Hi Lea – The pediatric dentists at my school tell me that mamelons don’t exist on baby teeth (I think this was actually a test questions once!), but I’ve seen some baby teeth with mamelon-like bumps on them. It might not be wearing away because it’s not hitting another tooth when your son bites down. If it is large enough to look like a chipped tooth, then it may be possible that he did chip his tooth on some hard food or something else.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment! Let me know if you have any other questions, Lea.

      • I lost a tooth that is small but I don’t think it’s a baby tooth and nothing is growing back in a month plz tell me if its a baby tooth that fell out

      • Hey Tom I have a molar with a big cavity that needed a root canal a while back but I just want it out now because it hurts constantly. I’m 13 and I want to know if adult teeth wiggle out like baby teeth or not?

        • Hi I’m Jenna and I have something not that bad but I have baby teeth still and I’m 12 but my teeth turn pink/clear because my teeth have no rots
          But I got a cavity filled and I got Novocain and they didn’t tell me so it hurt me but after no problem I hope you feel so much better ?

          • I’m only 12 my mouth gums are weird and won’t grow also I don’t know if one of my adult teeth are loose and I think I’m about to get braces what do I do!!!!

  3. Hi, i am 11 years old and I have only lost 11 teeth! Do you know what age is the age with all adult teeth??? Thanks;)

    • Hi Lauren – It sounds like you’re right about on schedule. Here’s a chart from the ADA that says when each baby tooth falls out.

      By the time you turn 13, all of your baby teeth should be out. Keep in mind that some people take longer than others. I think I lost my last baby tooth my sophomore year of high school!

      I hope that helps, Lauren. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi,
    I am the mother of a 6 year old who was riding his bike and got his front tooth loose. The issue that I have is i cant rememmer if its his permanant tooth or baby tooth. He has lost his 2 lower front tooth last year and lost one tooth in the upper front but cant remember which one it was. I dont know if i should loosen it more and pull it or leave it.
    I need help.

    Its def more whitter than the the other front tooth, which is why im thinking its a baby tooth

    • Hi Mari – At his age, it’s likely that it is a baby tooth, but it’s always a good idea to make sure before you try to remove it. A dental professional would be able to look at it and let you know. If it was a permanent tooth, chances are that it would still have mamelons on it.

  5. I’m about to turn 17. I have two baby teeth, the same on both sides, the canines, third from the front. It’s my last year of high school and prom is coming. It’s awful, I know, and they don’t seem like they are going to fall out anytime soon. I just need advice, how can I disguise the fact that I have huge gaps at the front of my mouth when they fall out, if I can do anything to make them come out faster, if I can do anything at all..

  6. Hi i am 17 and i have a loose tooth its on the bottom front the second tooth its shaking and i am really scared if its a adult tooth please help.

  7. Hey, I am 14 years old and my milk have always been late in falling out. Now i have one tooth in the front that i think that is milk one, but i’m not sure, cause i don’t remember it falling out. Could you tell me how to reconogize is it a milk or permanent tooth, and if it milk one, could you tell me how long would it take for new one to grow, cause i’ll look awful with missing tooth :(.
    Please help.

  8. Hello,
    My daughter is 6 years old and had a bottom tooth knocked out when she was 2. She has lost another two teeth at the bottom and 1 of the teeth that have grown in has a yellow spot. What does that mean. Also the permant tooth from the tooth that was knocked out, still has not grown in. Should I worry?

    Thank you

    • Its different for everyone some people days others months so just let it grow on its own and if you get really worried consult your dentist

    • If you really are worried you should go to the dentist but wasteing a couple hundred dollars on it
      would be a waste
      I suggest that you wait a bit say 7 months and if you still don’t see it coming in
      go to the dentist
      but remmember that it got pushed out before the permanent teeth got time to grow in
      and I got all my permanent teeth when I was 11 so don’t expect it to grow in soon but say it never
      ever grows in say when she is 15 then you might want to go to the dentist

  9. Hi,

    My son is 15 yrs old and still has his baby canine teeth. His adult canine are located on his upper jaw but are inside so they arent showing at all unless you check with xray. His front teeth look ok. My question is should I have those upper teeth move to the position where they should be or should I just leave them where they are?

    thank you


  10. well im 17 and i cant ever remember my baby molars coming out and recently i had a hole in one of the upper molars and they said i can have an extraction or root canal done. so i was wondering if it was extracted would it grow back since its still a baby molar?

    • Well your baby teeth wouldn’t grow back but permanent teeth will talk to your dentist he should be able to help you

  11. I’m 11 and both of my premolars have fallen out (one on each side) I never had very good dental hygiene because toothpaste makes me vomit, so I’ve had to use dental chewing gum. Can anyone help?

  12. So I think I have adult teeth already but my back teeth are hurting like really bad and I dont know if I have cavitys or anything because my mom didn’t see anything bad but I still dont know so please help and ny the way im eleven

  13. Hi, 1st of all thank you for taking the time to write out all this information. It helped so much and made me more at ease. It’s amazing there is not more information like this out there. My question is on the color of the Adult teeth coming in. My son is 5 he lost his front 2 lower teeth at the same time along with the Adult ones coming in perfectly 2 days later. I noticed the color is off. However, it is not yellow, more like a ash/white color. My question is does different colors mean different things? I am happy to know that the difference between adult and baby teeth is normal but was not sure if the type of color meant anything and if it’s something I should be taking him to the Dentist tomorrow for. Again, Thank you for your time!

  14. Hi
    I I’m 11 years old and I’m very concerned about my sister’a tooth. Her tooth is about to fall out but I’m not sure if its a baby tooth or an adult tooth, it has bumps on it. But it’s white. I’m not sure if its an adult or baby. Please help!! Me and my sis are freaking out about this.

  15. Hi Tom! I’m Oisue,

    Okay I’m 15 years old now and I still have 2 baby teeth, you know the ones beside my 2 front teeth on bothsides? Well I’m really worried that I might not loose them I mean I don’t think that there are teeth growing underneath them to replace them so does that mean I’ll never loose them? And there’s my one canine tooth that is at the very top of my mouth so the roof of my mouth and it’s been there since I was 8, but my dentist has made a space for that tooth to be brought down but how are they gonna drag it down and put it in place? Okay and last question. I have these gaps in between my teeth and I don’t like them at all! Especially the triangular shaped one between my 2 front teeth can these be fixed? Plus the ridges on them can they be fixed too? Thanks soo much for your time!

    – Oisue

  16. My Goddaughter is 5, she fell and knock out her front permant tooth. I am worried that she needs a spacer sense her other front tooth has not come in (baby tooth is out).

  17. Hi, I’m slightly over twelve and one of my teeth (the 5th tooth from the bottom left front tooth),slightly shaky..I’m really scared and worried that it would be a permanent one.. And I am wondering if it is a disease or something? I read lots of article about gum diseases and they just got me more worried. My mom wouldn’t let me go to the dentist and I have no idea if I dropped it before. That tooth is also the same siz as the others which I also don’t know whether they dropped or not. N I am really worried since I can’t determine if it is a permanent tooth. Please help!!

  18. Hi,
    I am 12 years old and I have a loose tooth but recentlyuly
    I just got a new adult tooth near this looth tooth…but I am not sure
    if the new adult tooth is this loose tooth or nit and I am very worried
    Please reply back…and is it safe to wiggle your loose tooth?

  19. Hey I’m 13 and I have noticed that almost all of my teeth are very so slightly shakeing they are all adult teeth and I do brush with a sonicare e series tooth brush one of my teeth on my bottom jaw 2 away from the vampire teeth is shakeing noticeably and I feel like it will fall out eventually. Any ideas on what’s going on?

    • Hi Dennis – Not sure what’s going on, but it would be a good idea to have your dentist check it out to make sure that if there is a problem, that it’s solved quickly before it turns into a bigger problem. I hope that helps – have a great day!

      • Thanks but we don’t have alot of time to do that id just want to know if I could do something that could help with this ex. Medicine but thanks any way

      • Hi I lost a tooth and it’s trying to grow. Its pushing an adult/baby tooth and it JUST came out today and it has a little thoothe thing in it but its like a crater. No blood. The tooth looked like it was chipped at the bottom and the tooth thing inside my gum is a circle with a red thing in the middle. It it a adult or baby?Im really scared thats its a grown.Please help. Thank You

  20. Hi my name is Crystal. My 11 yr old daughter has a tooth coming in over a perminate tooth and its not loose what should i do? She has a dentist appt but they said the only thing to do is pull it. She hates the thought of letting them pull her teeth she has been trying to get it loose herself.. IS THAT A GOOD IDEA?? PLEASE HELP ME

    • Hi Crystal – Are both teeth permanent? If so, you may want to get a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss whether or not braces and/or other options can help move the teeth into proper alignment. If the first tooth is a baby tooth and it’s not loose at all, it may need to be pulled to allow space for the permanent tooth to erupt in proper alignment into her mouth. I hope that helps!

  21. Hi , i’am 13 and still have a couple baby tooth i have this one tooth on the bottom of my mouth that’s loose and i don’t know if its a baby or adult. Its really white colored and under it the gum s kinda white.

  22. Hey, I’m 14 and as far as I can tell all my baby teeth are gone and I haven’t lost a tooth for about maybe 4-5 years ago and I’m really paranoid that my adult teeth are going to fall out or rot, etc. and sometimes I get tooth aches that go away within a few hours maybe but it doesn’t happen too much. It hurts when I eat and anything with alot of sugar in it like chocalate, candy, etc. and I’m sure I have cavities but I don’t since it’s been a while since I’ve been to a dentist because my mom doesn’t think I need to see one (probably to avoid the cost to see one) and sometimes my paranoid part of the brain makes me think my tooth feel a bit loose and I can’t tell if they are or not. I was just wondering, how do I know if I might by any chance still have any baby teeth that I may not be able to see as well like one of the molars, or how do I know if they are rotting or whatever?

    P.S. I brush my teeth about every night or every other night (depends if I remember to or not) and I do floss after brushing.

    • Hi Devon – It would be good to get a dental checkup to make sure that nothing is going on. Some sensitivity can be normal, but it would be good to make sure there aren’t any cavities.

      If there is something going on and you wait until it gets really bad, then it may be harder to save the tooth.

      You’re welcome to come to Bridgewater if you’d like! Have a great day!

  23. Btw, I also live pretty close to Bridgewater, VA (Shenandoah County where I live) and maybe I can come for a visit possibly if I can talk my mom into it

  24. Hi, one of my teeth is loose on the bottom… I think I might have a cavity, but I’m not completely sure. I’m very busy with school, and I don’t think I have time to go to the dentist… And I wanted to make sure it is a baby tooth, not a permanent. Please reply! Thanks 🙂

  25. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice about a, err, weird problem that recently arose. So, I’m 18. And I have a weird mouth. A few extra teeth in it, and another five or six buds upin the gums (no problem there). I also still have one of my baby teeth, the molar right next to the bicuspid on the right side of my mouth. My dentist thinks it’s odd, but there haven’t been any issues with it. Up til last night… It’s started chipping away. Chunks of it were falling out last night. Now, seeing as it’s here years past how long it should, and since the rest of my teeth are perfectly fine, I figured it makes sense that this would happen. But of course, I’m not sure. Any input on it?

    • Hi Kat – I’ve seen baby teeth last until people are in their 50s and 60s. It depends on a variety of factors. if it’s breaking down, the rest of the tooth likely needs to come out as well. Is there a permanent tooth underneath this baby tooth? I hope that helps. Thanks for your comment!

  26. I have a tooth that just fell out and I don’t know if it’s a baby or a permanent! The tooth that fell out was a molar and was the first molar closest to my front teeth. It was super white and had a few tiny bumps but not like the picture above. It was whiter than my permanent teeth that I know I have. I’m 11. Please help!

    • Hi Victoria – That sounds like it’s a permanent tooth. If it’s the one just behind the pointy tooth, or even the one behind that, those are both baby teeth and you’re right around the age where those will be getting loose and coming out.

      Have a great day!

  27. I have a wobbly tooth at rear of my mouth. Because its not a front tooth, I am unable to tell if it is a baby, or permanent tooth. I have lost all baby teeth at the front, and several at the back. I’m just un sure and worried that it might be permanent. If it helps, I am 16.

  28. Hi, I’m 13 and I recently lost a molar. I’m not entirely sure but I think I have lost this took before so I need clearance. When it fell out, I feel a hard bump underneath it like a tooth was already coming in. I’m hoping that is what it is. Please give me some clarification.

  29. Hi my son is 8 and he was eating a toffee lolly the other day and it got stuck so he pulled it, now his bottom tooth has become abit wobbly, I’m sure it’s his adult tooth he has 2 adult teeth next to it that look very similar to the wobbly one and hardly any baby teeth left for me to compare it too, I rang the dentist but she couldn’t get him in and said there’s nothing they would be able to do anyway if it is an adult tooth, hopefully it will “fix itself” is this true? I’m really worried

  30. Hi im 9 turning 10 in 3 days!!! 🙂 and i need to loose a few teeth its just hard cuz idk what are permanet or not my permanent teeth have been in long enough that now their white! i cant tell ( is that bad?) And also on the mamelons are they the ones at the bottom if so I think i know what ur talking about.

    • Hello are the teeth white like a clear kind of white because I think I had the same thing and when it came out there was a tooth already growing under it I know sounds gross but it honk the tooth was clear white is that because it was like dead there was already a tooth growing under it and I don’t know how to answer your other questions sorry

  31. I’m only 12 and I’m unsure weather my wobbly canine is a permanent or a baby tooth. It got wobbly when I fell over and hit it on a chair D: Its gotten more and more wobbly since and I think it might fall out today! I have a feeling it’s only a baby because I cant feel a root (I can feel a root when I feel a bump on my gum above my tooth)
    where as on the other one I can but then again, it’s very late for a canine at the age of 12.
    Help? Many Thanks if you do,
    Lily. x

    • You can talk to your dentist and see if that helps. U have the same problem and if you do still have the tooth then you can do this see if it works.

  32. Hi! I am 11 and 4 of my premolars and a molar wants to fall out. I dont no if there permanent teeth or not because I cant remember when my teeth fell out last. Someone please if I will loose them forever or if they are baby teeth. And please how do you differentiate from baby teeth and permanent teeth please. Thank you!

    • i have the same problem too, you are not alone. i too want to find out if they are baby or permanent teeth. if you get any answers please leave a comment and i’ll do the same

  33. My front teeth are sort of oval but alittle square and 1bump on one of them at the bottom it they are my adult teeth are they going to turn square and are the bumps going to go away and on some of my teeth that are adult teeth are pointy are they going to stay that way please answer I need to know thank you

  34. hi. i am 12 years old i have cavity on one back tooth and i have 3 that is a little brown/black. i am worried if there are not baby teeth. my parents can’t afford to bring me to the dentist. what can i do to prevent it from getting worst.

  35. This is very valuable information. Also, I think that the baby teeth are not as robust as the permanent teeth are which is the reason why they are more prone to tooth decay than the permanent teeth.

  36. One of the teeth on the top of my mouth is loose and i’m not sure what is going on. (The tooth is the canine 3 to the right of my right middle tooth, and I am 12.)

  37. Hi
    my name is likhil, i am 29 years old. I am wondering can anyone still have baby tooth at my age. If yes i have one, i got to know this as this was told to me by my dentist a few years back.

    Now this milk tooth is about to fall and, i am just wondering if this falls will a permanent one grow or i will have to replace it with coametic one. It is my canine tooth thats about to peel.

    A genuine reply will be appreciated

    Warm Regards
    Likhil Gawri

  38. Hi
    my name is likhil, i am 29 years old. I am wondering can anyone still have baby tooth at my age. If yes i have one, i got to know this as this was told to me by my dentist a few years back.

    Now this milk tooth is about to fall and, i am just wondering if this falls will a permanent one grow or i will have to replace it with coametic one. It is my canine tooth thats about to peel.

    A genuine reply will be appreciated

    Warm Regards
    Likhil Gawri

  39. Hello! My tooth is wobbly but I am not sure whether it is a permanent tooth or a baby tooth because some of my baby teeth have bumps such as my adult teeth so I am not entirely sure. My adult teeth and baby teeth are white so I can not tell the difference in a mirror and I am very worried so please help.

  40. I chipped my tooth today while eating chocolate. I do not know if it is a baby tooth or adult tooth. But now the top of my chipped tooth that is still in my gum feels really thin. Is this normal?

  41. Hey, I’m 12 and my tooth is wobbly. I don’t know if it’s an adult tooth, but it has no visible signs Of decay.

  42. Ok, so I’m 12. I have a loose tooth, but am not sure if it’s a baby tooth or not. Should I go to a dentist? This article helped, but I still need help. Every day it gets looser…but I have a strange feeling I’ve lost it before…

  43. Hey I’m 12 my name is brett and I just lost a bootom molar and I’m freaking out because people say I have perfect teeth! And idk how many teeth I have lost! Sooooooo.

  44. Hello,
    I was hoping you can help figure out if my son lost a baby tooth or an adult tooth. He has just gotten a new basket ball for Easter. He was practicing dribbling the ball when it hit him in the mouth and caused his tooth to come out. He told me he was certain that is was a loose baby tooth and he did not appear to be in any pain. Is it safe to assume this was a baby tooth?

  45. Hello i need help tomorrow im going to the dentist and im taking out my second moral out because my adult tooth is coming out what os the procedurprocedure? Can you please reply to my question immediately!!!

  46. Hello i need help tomorrow im going to the dentist to get out my 2nd molar tooth because my adult tooth is coming out can you please tell me what are the procedures because im very scared and im 13 years old thank you so much!

  47. Hi! I’m 14 years old and one of my back tooths just fell off as I was eating…It was bleeding for a second, I’m not feeling any pain now or before, was it an adult tooth?
    I’m really scared since I can’t see if it’s one of the baby teeth so it fell off or is it an adult one?
    The tooth that fell off is the one before the last one on my left side…
    I feel a hole of course but will the adult (if that’s the case) appear in a month or two like previously?

  48. Hello, I’m 11 years old. I have one of my bottom canines, well, the tooth beside the canine, hanging halfway off of my gums. Most of my frontal teeth have grown in but I’m not sure if this one is permanent or not. It’s shorter than the other ones, and whiter, but I don’t trust myself on that. It also was wiggling very easily when it was fully attatched. Anyway, it continues to hang on my bottom gum because I want to know if it’s permanent or not. Also how long does it usually take for it to grow back in? Thank you!

    • Hi I am 11 and I have a loose bottom k9 but I don’t know if it is adult or baby;(It is sharper than by other one that fell out but this one is not that loose but I know it will be pretty loose soon any advoce

  49. Hi i have a permanent molar on my upper left side and a chipped front upper left tooth thats causing a lot of pain to my entire left side of my face along with the lower jaw having a fully grown wisdom causing pain as well firstly do i remove the molar /fill it , its embarrassing to remove the front tooth so what do u recommend and how do i tell the difference between if its my wisdom paining or the molar im tired of removing a tooth annually im 18 and by the time im 28 i think i wont have teeth left sadly

    Fay in Pain

  50. I’m 11 years old and I was recently chewing gum and my tooth started hurting. I soon discovered it was loose but I’m afraid for it to fall out because I’m not sure if it’s an adult tooth or not. And I don’t forever want to be missing a tooth.

  51. I am 13 and I have a loose tooth it is the fourth tooth from the front teeth and it is ready to come out but I am scared that it is going to be a permanent tooth and it is like going to come out any moment and I need help

  52. I also can’t tell if it. Is a baby tooth or permanent tooth because j can’t lie sometimes I brush my teeth and sometimes I don’t so pretty much all my teeth are yellow but I brush my teeth everyday now and it is still yellow and I need to know if it is a baby tooth or a ermanent tooth before I pull it out please help me

  53. Hi , I am 12 (13 in October ) but my baby teeth have not come out yet. My dentist said that if I don’t have all my baby teeth out by July, I would have to have them taken out, but the problem is is that I don’t know which teeth it is but I heard her say I need my c’s and d’s (England) out-can you tell me how many teeth from the front they are please.
    Thank you.

  54. Hi, my name is Rikki 14, almost 15, and I’m not sure if I’ve lost all my baby teeth. I have a few gaps in my teeth and there are two teeth that are smaller than all the rest of my teeth. I’m not sure if they’re adult or baby teeth because they’re very white and not very similar to the rest.

  55. I just lost one of my canine teeth but I’m not sure if it’s a baby tooth or not? PLEASE HELP I’m really worried about it. I am 12.

  56. hey my tooth 3rd on the bottom back is really loose and so is the same one on the othere side.But the other side has a white hard thing on bottom of it so im scared of i should just pull but i didnt keep tracked if its pernament . please help

  57. Hi my name is makala and I have a tooth on top of my teeth it hurts when I take my tongue off of it and im sxared to eat becouse it will fall out also im 11 is it normal to still have 10 more baby teeth to come out

  58. hey im 13 and my canine on the top is loose and its not because of any accident or anything its just because there is a moar beside it that came out and i pushed it a little and it became loose its pointy

  59. Hi, this is Madison and I’m 12 years old. Lately I have been terrified that my permanent teeth are going to come out because they keep getting loose. And I know it’s not baby teeth because I only have one baby tooth left and it is already coming loose. I looked on a website that it could be my teeth shifting but for that to happen I would have to have braces – which I don’t. This has happened to 3 of my permanent teeth and one of them is my canine teeth! I don’t know if this is useful information, but I also use to grind my teeth at night, but I don’t where my night guard anymore because a) my permanent teeth are still growing in and I can’t get a new one until they do, and b) I thought I had stopped grinding my teeth, but lately it feels like my half sided teeth ( because of the grinding ) are raw or rotting. Could that have anything to do with why my teeth are loose at this age? What should I do if they are rotting or if they are coming out? Is this normal and what can I do to fix this?

  60. And now my teeth are half the sise their supposed to be and no one seems to now if my permanent teeth getting loose is natural

  61. Oh and I don’t know if this is important, but i also have had 12 cavities on my baby teeth and have had to get 2 fillings

  62. 2 of my teeth have just fallen out each 2 spaces away from my top fangs but im really worried because i dont known whether they are adult or baby.I am 12 years old and i dont know how many teeth are meant to fall out.Are your fangs meant to fall out?

  63. Hi! I’m 12 and I had a loose tooth before today and I always drag it out and wiggling it, but I don’t know if it is a a adult tooth. Is it safe dragging loose tooth out? Also adult teeth should not be that easy I think.

  64. Hi, I am 12 and one of my teeth (bottom left) became wobbly around a month ago, around the same time another tooth of mine did, around 2 weeks ago the one on the right came out which was fine, but the one on the left is still wobbly and hasn’t showed any sign of coming out. I am really worried in case this is an adult tooth. I do not know. I don’t know whether this might be because unfit really use the left side of my mouth when eating so the tooth on the left got knocked around more?!!? Thanks for reading and I hope you can get back to me.

  65. My daughter is 6 her front baby tooth is extremely loose but wont come out as her root is very long. My concern is that it is turning blue. Can the root be an issue with her adult tooth??

  66. um hi I’m Evie im 12 years old and the tooth I just lost was wobbly for weeks and I removed it myself and I know that was a bad call but now I don’t feel any adult teeth coming and it just feels like a hole so I’m worried. also when it came out I started feeling dizzy and a bit sick and I wander if that had anything to do with it?

  67. I m 7yr and i have 4 front up milk teeth fallen and only two permanent came out same down 3teeth fallen and two only came out is it to worry or normal?

  68. I’m 11 and a few years ago, one of the dental places I go to put, like, caps on my molars because they said that they were all adults. Then, about a year ago, one of my upper molars got wiggly and fell out. I was hysterical because I thought it was an adult tooth. A couple of months ago, a lower molar got wiggly and I left it there and it got stuck in the wrong place. Today, my other lower molar got wiggly and fell out. I realized that I could see a jagged white thing at the bottom. When I showed my parents, they said that it was a tooth coming in and also made me uproot the wiggly tooth that had gotten stuck in the wrong place. I’m just so worried though that the jagged white parts are part of my jaw, not a tooth coming in. I don’t know! Are the three molars that fell out adult or baby?!?!?! Please help.

    • hi I was wandering if the teeth that fell out were right next to your kaneines if so they’re your pre molars they’re supposed to fall out so don’t worry about that they take a little bit longer to grow back as well I’ve learned in reply to my freak out a few weeks ago but if your worried try to book an appointment with your dentinst and get him or her to check it out?hope this helped

  69. I’m 13 years old and I recently got braces.
    I have a new tooth growing in and it is smaller than my baby tooth. So half of my baby tooth is out and the other half is completley rooted in. It is pretty much sideways and the braces are making it hurt more what do I do?

  70. Hi i have two permanent teeth that are really high in my gum . Also I have one tooth that is wobbly and I don’t know if it is a milk or not

  71. I’m 12 and one tooth is wiggling. I can’t tell if it’s a baby tooth or a perminet tooth. Plz help I’m very scared.???

  72. Hi I’m m Tammy from England I have a wobbly tooth and I really don’t know if it’s a baby tooth or not sometimes it hurts when I eat is it a permanent one that needs a filling or Is it a baby one that just needs to be pulled out

  73. my permanent teeth that i know i have are whiter than my baby teeth but i wanna know if all my teeth are my adult ones or if i still need one more gone for all to be permanent. and does everyone have wisdom teeth

  74. Okay, I have two problems:1) I have a loose tooth second to last on my top row and I am 12 and don’t know if it is a permanent or baby tooth. I don’t recall ever loosing it though. 2) I’m due to get braces soon and one of my adult teeth isn’t growing to fast although I can touch it. Along with having my loose unidentified tooth. I don’t know if this will have to postpone my braces application. I’m worried because I’m totally self conscious about my teeth and want to get these braces on and off as soon as possible. PLEASE HELP!!

  75. Im 15 and one of my teeth just started to hurt and is a little wobbly is there a way to prevent it falling out at this stage or is it over.

  76. Hi my six year old son’s front tooth has been a little wobbly and I have an appointment to see dentist but he got pushed at school today and now it’s really loose and turning black. I’m worried it’s not a baby tooth.

  77. Hi I’m 11 and one of my teeth is loose. But the problem is, I don’t know if it is a baby or adult. I’ve read all the differences above but I’m still having trouble. The tooth is a bit pointy so it’s hard to see the mamelons if there is any. What’s getting me confused the most is that it’s next to my two front teeth (the top row) and usually you loose them first.. I think? Please help. I love pulling my tooth out but I’m scared it’s an adult.

  78. Hi I’m 10 and one of my is loose. I’m not sure if it’s a baby tooth or an adult. I’m scared if it’s an adult tooth. Please help.

  79. Hi I’m Tammy and I’m 13 and like in Southampton England so I have a tooth and it really hurts when I eat on it I think it’s a baby tooth if it is what’s the symptoms and what if it’s an adult tooth ??

  80. I don’t know what tooth is witch but I have a really aching wobbly tooth and I don’t know wether it’s a big tooth b cause I would loose it permanently.HELP

  81. I have a tooth and it wiggly on my right second to last miler on the top of my mouth and I cracked it out of its socket twice. I don’t know if I should take it out but im scared I grind my teeth a lot HELP!!!

  82. I’m 12 and I’m scared of my permanent teeth rotting…..I need help on making sure that they will not rot and need any tips on keeping them white….I also have a tiny rot/hole in a tooth that was caused by another tooth next to it which had a big hole but when that one went the one behind it had caught it’s rot and I’m not sure if it’s a permanent or baby tooth???

  83. Hi,

    My name is Jonah. I am 13 years old, and I will turn 14 on March 14th. One of my teeth recently fell out, and I’m scared it was a permanent tooth as opposed to a deciduous one. The gums around the gap are slightly sore and I cannot see any signs of a new tooth emerging. I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, March 9th. I will ask the dentist then, but any help now would be appreciated.


  84. Hi I am twelve years old my tooth felt weird I have no idea why it did ,because it happened out of nowhere,but I pushed it with my tongue thinking there might’ve been something there (I’d just eaten a chocolate) it then came loose and now its only hanging from a little bit of ttoth the tooth is a molar.

    Is there anyway you could tell me wether it is an adult or a baby tooth??

  85. Hi i’m 13 and i have a feeling that i hve something growing at the back of my teeth ( it’s not a molar cuz i already have 3 molars growing) and i don’t know what it is. Whenever i am eating that thing bites my skin inside and it hurts a lot. Even i lost a canine but i don’t know whether it was a milk or permanent one even though it has been only two days since i lost it. I brush my teeth well and do floss too. I am scared….please help?

    • your supposed to have 5 molars by the time your about 18 or 20 because ur 5th molar is your wisdom teeth but some people dont get wisdom teeth so ur either gonna get 1 more or 2 more .___. so yeah it is another molar ._.

  86. Hi I’m 11 and my think that my adult teeth are falling out they are the same tooth on each side only 2 I don’t rember if they are baby or adult how do you no that your loosing you adult teeth dose It get really sore and its rotten plz reply

    • You’re teeth are rotting and you need to get to a dentist ASAP or you will loose many more of your teeth, more teeth are getting loose and falling out because your teeth are connected and they will spread out into the gum area and cause rotting to other teeth please go to your dentist to get this looked at, im 11 years old and the same thing was happening to me about 5-4 months ago, trust me it is not fun getting them filled and fixed so start brushin!

  87. Hey I’m almost 17 years old, I bit down hard on a spoon and now I notice one of my bottom canines seem a little loose, they are small but I don’t think they’re baby teeth. Could they be?

  88. I’m 12, and I have a tooth that’s been loose for a pretty long time now. Today it feels more loose than it ever has, and I have no idea if it’s a baby tooth or a permanent tooth, as it’s way in the back, making it harder to see. Is it normal to still have baby teeth at this age? Also, on some days it feels more wiggly than normal and I just wait those out, but today t feels more wiggly than ever. I really don’t want to pull it. What do I do?

    • Same, I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t lost all my teeth and I’m 13 so I’d probably tell your mom or dad, and they would takr you to the dentist ?

  89. I’m 13 and about a month or two ago I notices that my 4 tooth on the left was loose and now it hurts I don’t know what to do, I’ve looked up multiple things but they don’t help, Please Help, Thanks ?

  90. Hey I’m Riley and I’m 11 years old, I have a tooth with a tooth popping out from the side but it’s very small. The big tooth is wiggly, I’m not sure if it’s a baby tooth or an adult one, what should I do???

  91. I just lost a tooth and I’m not sure if its permanent or a baby tooth can you give me a chart for what a big teeth are supposed to look like plz help I’m desperate and scared

  92. I have a new molar coming in and the gum part is weird a little tiny peice of my gum is just like hanging down.. What does this mean? is it bad, do I need dental help? respond ASAP please, Alana

    Age: 11

  93. Long roots? As a child I had most of my baby teeth pulled because the adult teeth were growing in front of or behind the baby teeth. I basically had a double set if teeth! But I had every one pulled, roots and all. They were at least an inch in length! I am now in my 30s and believe it not, I still have 4 baby teeth! I have had x-rays done only to find that the roots for the adult teeth were not present. Within the past couple years I have been having issues with my teeth caused by a medical condition. The adult teeth are rotting away, breaking and very brittle where as the baby teeth are still standing strong!

  94. I have a very wobbly tooth in my lower set and im not sure of its pernanent or a baby tooth plz help. I can see a bit off tooth at the bottom so could that mean its a baby tooth?? ??

  95. Okay so i am 12 and the last time i was at a demtist was around 8 months ago . i had just lost a tooth and the dentist told me all pf my baby teeth had fallen out . tonight i just saw that one of my tooth is bsgginning to move !!! Do you think the denfist was wrong (which i dont think but who knows) or that i will loose a permanent tooth ?? This is kinda scary for me cause if i loose a permanent tooth i am so going to get bullied HEEEEEEELLLPPPP PLZZZ ??

  96. Hi I have a dentist apt tomorrow and I’m afraid that I have a cavity and I hope to god it’s not what should I do

  97. My two bottom canine teeth have been loose for a couple of weeks and they haven’t changed I am so scared that they are permanent teeth!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  98. Hello i am 15 years old and my tooth is damaged and i feel that i can pull it by my own but what i care about is i dont know if it is already a permanent or a baby tooth…

    If the tooth is permanent and pulled out is it able for a new tooth to grow?

    Thank you

  99. I am 12 I have a loose tooth. Well it was wiggling a little and it’s a pretty big tooth so I was scared of it was an adult tooth. I bit into a hard pretzel and now it’s about to fall out and keeps cutting my tongue. How do I know if it is just a baby tooth or an adult?!?

  100. Please doctors help us know whether permanent teeth can grow again or not when accedentary removed on children above 7yrs, coz many unanswered questions are such condition… Plz help us.

  101. Hi, I’m 13 and for like a year or more, on the top row of my teeth, the very right side in the back, my 2nd to last teeth (one of my molars I’m pretty sure) is LOOSE and from time to time it starts hurting really badly and I can even wiggle it. I got my braces yesterday and it hurts even worse everyday now b/c of the pressure from the braces. WHAT DO I DO!??

  102. I might 16 years old and still have baby teeth. I have a wobbly tooth and I’m not sure if it’s a baby tooth or not as it’s not very wobbly but im having a tooth ache in it and when I wobble it it goes away. Any help ?

  103. Hi I’m 10 and the right molar closest to the front of my mouth is wobbly but I don’t know if it’s a baby tooth or a permanent tooth. Please help.

  104. Hi i am 11 nearly 12 and one of my teeth (bottom left 1st molar) has cracked from the top, I did research and found that it is a baby tooth because it is white, but it is a little bit yellow ish not much. Should I worry about it being removed or will it grow into a adult tooth?


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