Why Braces Might Have Two Colored Rubber Bands Around Them

Why Braces Might Have Two Colored Rubber Bands Around Them

Why Braces Have Two Colored Bands Around Them

A few weeks ago, Emily asked the following question:

For some reason I just noticed that one of brackets has two elastic bands on it. One one One side of the bracket and the other on the other side of the bracket. Not one just going around the whole bracket like the rest. Is this normal?  Or just a mistake?

Here’s a picture showing what I think Emily was getting at: Two Rubber Ligatures on One Bracket with Braces To answer Emily’s question — it probably wasn’t a mistake.  If you look in the photo above, you can see (aside from the great choice of colored braces) that there are some spaces present the upper first and second teeth from the middle.  In my opinion, the orthodontist is using the extra band to make sure that a big space doesn’t open up between the front two teeth. Another way that orthodontists can keep teeth together while they move them is through the use of a power chain.

To learn more about power chains and how they hold your teeth together, read the article, Power Chains: Why Some Colored Braces are Connected.


I hope that helps everyone out there who may have been wondering the same thing.  If you have any other questions about braces, go ahead and leave them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi there,
    I’ve had my ceramic braces on for 4 weeks now. I still speak with what seems to be wind through my teeth as I talk and everyday my teeth feels sore. I know it’s early days but there doesn’t seem to be any change. I won’t see my ortho till the 4th of Aug. Please advise whether this is normal. I was told this speech impediment will go, that the pain/soreness is only in the first couple of days. It’s very different in my circumstance. I also salivate more than normal. I’m not really enjoying this process right now!!

    • Hi Tina – Usually the difficulty speaking subsides after a while once you get used to it. You may have to “re-learn” how to speak with your braces. You could try practicing speaking certain sounds that are more difficult for you to pronounce. Other than that, I would ask your orthodontist’s for any suggestions they may have.

      Good luck with your braces, Tina! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. my orthodontist put a band around my braces that looks similar to the set in the picture but it has a flat part on the top to stop my bottom teeth from knocking under my top..almost like a guard..do you know where i can purchase it,or the exact name of it?

    • Hi Kay – I’m not sure what that is since we only receive a brief overview of orthodontics in my dental school. Hopefully someone else knows and you can get it figured out. Good luck with your braces!

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