Six Reasons Why Your Crown Fell Off

Six Reasons Why Your Crown Fell Off

Why Crown Fell Off
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Have you ever bit into a sticky piece of candy only to find out that the candy grabbed the crown that your dentist just put on your tooth?

Gold Crown Fell OffIf so, you’re not alone!  Many people lose crowns from their teeth.  A crown that fell off is a common “emergency” that we see at the dental school.

You may be curious why your crown fell off.  To satisfy your curiosity, I’ve written this article to let you know about some of the reasons that crowns fall off teeth.

Six Reasons Why Your Crown Fell Off

1 – The tooth underneath the crown got decayed. Many people think that when they get a crown, their tooth is bulletproof.  Crowned teeth can get cavities!  The cavities usually occur right at the junction of the crown and the tooth along the gum-line.  In this case, your dentist will evaluate the tooth to see if it is able to hold a new crownyou will most likely need a new crown made

2 – The cement holding the crown on wasn’t strong enough. This could be due to contamination of the cement while it was being prepared or any number of other reasons.  If this is the case, your dentist can usually re-cement the crown back ont your tooth.

3 – You ate too many chewy foods. As you can see in the picture above, one jelly belly was all it took for Bev Sykes’ crown to fall off of her tooth!  Over time, sticky foods can gradually work a crown loose.  When the crown is pulled off by sticky food, it can usually be re-cemented onto the tooth.

4 – The crown broke. In some instances, due to lots of force, the crown can break and fall off the tooth.  Sometimes a crown can gradually form a crack that eventually loosens the crown’s seal with the tooth and knocks it loose.

5 – You abused your crown. Maybe you used your teeth as tools, or you ended up putting unnatural stresses on the crown by grinding your teeth.   In any case, when you subject your crown to unnatural forces, you stress the bond that holds the crown to the tooth.

6 – There wasn’t enough tooth structure to hold onto the crown. Sometimes the teeth are so short that when dentists prepare them for a crown, there’s not much tooth left for the crown to “grab on to” when it is finally in place.  This is more common in back teeth that have been worn down over years of use and are short.


There they are!  If your crown fell off, it was most likely due to one of the reasons mentioned above.  It is always best to go see your dentist when a crown falls off.  If you can’t make it to your dentist in a timely manner, they may recommend that you pick up some temporary crown cement from your local pharmacy to hold the crown on until you can be seen at the dental office.

Do you have any questions about crowns and why they fall off?  I’d love to hear any questions or comments you may have in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!


  1. back tooth crown has fallen off 3 times. dentist made a whole new crown. looks as big as my pinkie nail. just got replaced 2 weeks ago. no cost to me. he said he made it a little longer and to go deeper into gum line. fell off today. what is up with this. the tooth looks like a little nub of nothing. how could anything adhere to this. any other suggestions, what about laminate?

    • Hi JM – Sometimes teeth are so broken down that it is really hard to adhere a crown to it. We usually need at least 2 millimeters of tooth structure around the entire tooth in order for a crown to adhere well to the tooth. I’m not sure what the condition of the tooth is, but your dentist will be able to offer you all of your options. I hope everything goes well! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

  2. It definitively sounds like your prepared tooth is too short. Usually not much can be done because the opposing tooth will not allow for any more room. Probably the best option is for your dentist to use resin cement. It is the strongest dental cement out there.

  3. I lost a crown while flossing, and the dentist said it had come off due to poor fit. There was a large gap between crown and tooth, filled with dental cement, and apparently cement isn’t designed for this. Is this common, and is there any recourse if your dentist does a bad job like this causing later problems?

    • Hi CD – Ideally, the crown is designed to fit very tightly onto the tooth with only a small gap (measured in micrometers) for the cement.

      I’m not sure about recourse you can take other than talking with the dentist and telling him/her that you have to have the crown re-done and you don’t feel like you should have to pay for the first crown since it was defective.

  4. I had a dental implant done 5 years ago .It came out a few times and last year the gum grew up under the loose crown and became infected and some dentist (not the one who did the implant) wanted to put a hole in it – yank it out crown and my implant (only been using temp cement).I went back to the oral surgeon he removed the excess gum and recemented the crown. It lasted only 16 months.In June it came out and some standby dentist said all my bone structure was bad and wiggled the post said it was loose and got angry with me and I went back to oral surgeon again. The oral surgeon said it was fine and maybe my bite or to use a stronger type of cement.It is out again and now the new dentist wants too see me about my bite etc. I do not trust these people twice they were wrong.They are under new management I know we are in a recession and they push for sales. I grind so I noticed I have one short old filling on top and one old tooth with a filling that kind of rests on the crown. What do you think? I had my bite checked before the implant was done. Help!!!

    • Hi Mary – Do you have a night guard to help with the grinding? It would probably be a good idea to find a dentist who someone you know can recommend to have them look at the implant and give you a second opinion. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. hi tom…I have had my two front teeth crowns for 30 years…last night I was brushing my teeth and one of them came loose. I feel pressure on them today and I’m afraid to eat or drink anything….its Saturday and going to be hard to find a dentist. None of your reasons that your crowns would come loose pertain to mine. I think my teeth have moved and put some pressure on those two crowns..does that make any sense? And what should I do..they are still in place and not real loose but feel “funny”? thanks ,elaine

  6. Hi, I have an appointment to have moulds made for teeth whitening but have had to get a crown put on for a cracked tooth. I’m worried about the crown being pulled off when making the moulds… How long should I wait between having the crown put on and having the moulds done?

    • Hi Colette – Depending on the type of cement used, the crown cement should be fully set within a day. If the crown does come off with the mould, it means that it didn’t have a strong enough bond to the tooth.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment, Colette.

  7. My crown broke off to the gum line and the crown was not hollow, thought my real tooth
    Broke off to the gum line. Dentist said it is a crown only after a year and a half why did it break off
    Second time this happened but to a different crown. Does my dentist know what he’s really doing? Why should I have to pay full cost if it fell out?

  8. I did not see any about the dentist just did a bad job, i had crown fall off twice and went to a new dentist after that; he said the previous dentist angled the tooth in a way that the crown had little surface area to adhere too so that is why it fell off

  9. Huh. I just had a crown fall off last week, one of my top front teeth. It was always a tiny bit wiggly, but then so many months ago once it was wiggly enough I got in the worry habit of wiggling at it, and soon enough it came out. Also grind my teeth in my sleep. It stays in good enough except when eating, or dry mouth, or certain emphatic speech sounds. Oh well. Flies out a few times every day, and always when eating.

    Once I get a job I’ll get it cemented in. Was a metal post ground into the remnants of the tooth. Rather wish I hadn’t acceded to the dentist’s recommendation to have it on, the original dead tooth never caused any problems at all for fifteen years, and the crown’s been a pain of falling out. The temp crown cracked off on a banana peel or french bread crust I bit to start, and it subsequently disappeared in my sleep and actually had to go a few days until the permanent crown with no front tooth, feeling like a hick. Need crowns on all my molars due to bad enamel and tooth grinding in my sleep, starting to have pain.

  10. hi i just have a quick question well i just got my temporary crown and bridge on my 3 front teeth i was wondering can talking make it fall off??because im going to be preaching and singing this sunday and i dont want it to fall off so i was just wondering if it is possible that it can fall of while talking???


  12. Hi

    I had a crown but in at the front of my mouth about 15 years ago and it has just popped out today while i was flossing my teeth, i wasn wondering if thre is any chance if my dentist can glue it back on or will i need a new crown. The tooth below is quite black and i feel it fell out because there is not white clue attached to it… u think i will need extensive work done as i am worried it wont b able to be saved.


  13. i had a lot of work done on my mouth over the summer, i had two root canals done then i had to have both of my front teeth crown now by my teeth been growned down so much one of the crowns keep coming off, but i looked at it and it has nothing to hold on too. so what’s the next step can this be fixed or have i gotten a bad crown job done this is bad.

  14. I am having a crown placed on 18 (back molar) and wanted to get your opinion on gold versus zirconium. I have very limited space and I am looking for longevity. Have you heard of zirconium causing issues with opposing teeth? Have you seen cases where gold becomes an allergy problem? Do you find one superior to the other in terms of staying on/bonding??
    Thank you

  15. My question right now is, can braces have caused a crown to move and be misaligned, or the tooth move and not the crown?

    And my second question is
    When you get braces put in,and you have a dead tooth witha crown, wouldn’t you remove that tooth instead of a healthy tooth??

  16. Hello Tom, Not sure if you are still part of this blog but I wanted some advice regarding something really strange that happened to my crown post tooth that I had root canal done on many years ago…

    Recently this bottom tooth that is capped crowned post became loose, so I tried not to eat on that side before I got a dentist appointment, but i forgot and while I was eating a poptart today :) lol the whole entire thing just fell out of my mouth and into my hand!! the permanent crown, the post and some other rod like thing coming out of it!! Now I have a big large hole in my mouth with only a very tiny sharp piece of tooth in there! I am worried because it is saturday and dentists offices do not open till Monday, and I am hoping this is not considered an emergency! there is no blood, no pain or anything just an uncomfortable weird feeling in the gum pocket that looks like it goes so deep… I have rised it out with peroxide on and off all day today, and I have saved the whole permanent cap crown post rod thing, but I am not sure if the dentist will even be able to save this and put it back in my mouth… I mean what would this rod like screw thing even adhere to if there is only a very small tiny pointy piece of tooth left?

    I noticed that you responded to others that maybe getting some temperary cement to hold this crown cap thing in place would be appropriate thing to do… But my other question would then be, where does the rod screw like thing go into? that’s what I cannot figure out… thanks for any advice you may have and I am lookng forward to your response!!

    I truly hope you still are part of this blog because I could really use your help and advice..

    Thank you so very much,


    • Hi Lisa – I’m still here! It looks like when that tooth had a root canal done on it, the metal rod was placed down into the root to help give the crown some extra traction to stay attached to the tooth. If you apply temporary cement, you can put it on the rod and there should be a small hole in the tooth where the rod will fit into if that makes sense. As long as you’re not in pain, we usually will wait until after the weekend to take care of these sorts of things. If you have any questions or doubts, you can call your dentist – most have an answering service where you can still get in touch with the dentist to ask a question.

      I hope that helps and that you have as great of a weekend as you can considering the circumstances!

  17. Tom,

    I have something similar to the above post, but there doesn’t appear to be any screw or hardware of any sort attached to the crown.

    I had a root canal on my back top molar many years ago, maybe 10 or so, it’s been a long time…
    Last month I noticed that once in awhile I could feel a little movement back in there when I was eating. I currently don’t have dental insurance, so I’ve been being very careful about what I eat and chewing on that side of my mouth :( Well, the inevitable happened, the crown came off yesterday. I’ve been thinking to myself that when it did come off I’d get the crown adhesive stuff from the drug store as a temporary fix…. Well, the crown isn’t hollow, it looks like my tooth is in the crown (ewe), to be honest it’s pretty unsightly. I just have a hole in my mouth, it’s really hard for me to see what going on up there (it’s 2nd to my last top molar), pretty hard to see…. Would it be unsafe to put the adhesive on the crown and the tooth-like looking stub that’s coming out of it and just stick it in the hole?? I’ve been afraid to eat and have been rinsing with peroxide multiple times a day….

    I hope you have some advice. I know I need to see a dentist, wish I could afford it right now. Started a new job this week, awesome benefits kick in in 30days!

  18. I forgot to mention, thanks for making this blog!

    Unfortunately, I think the reason for my crown falling off is due to #1, the tooth underneath got decayed :(
    I know this because there’s nothing there! It makes me feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it, I can’t wait to have this fixed!

    • I think Tom has done an excellent job advising the public on crown care. Flossing around the crown and avoiding certain foods is the way to go forward. People complain about limiting their food choices but we as people pride our dentition so sacrifices have to be made. I wish you the best for your tooth prognosis and certainly you read up on how best to maintain any existing and future dental restorations.

  19. Hi…my crown and post fell out. It was inserted in May of 2011. The first time it fell out was 2 months ago. I called my dentist only to find out that she has sold her practice. The new dentist said she is not responsible and re cemented it, charged me and said I really need to get a bridge. I decided it would be too expensive so opted for the re cement. Now two months later, it has fallen out again. First of all, isn’t the new dentist responsible since she bought out the practice/? Second, why didn’t it stay in for longer than 2 months? I. also wondering whether I should just keep getting it re cemented for $8 instead of paying thousands of dollars for a bridge. I have two other places in my mouth which need bridges also so at this point, it is financially impossible to keep up…Its like the cost of buying a new car! Thanks in advance for your response.

  20. hi. i have a silver cap on my top back molar and my bottom tooth started hurting but now my tooth under silver cap is hurting. so i was trying to test it out and see if it was hurting because its loose. but now its a little loose. should i try taking it completely off? BECAUSE im tired and want to sleep but im afraid i could swallow it in the middle of the night and theres no way to get ahold of a dentist at this time.

  21. What about a dentist DELIBERATELY having two crowns made for front teeth when the teeth are damaged, and loosse and he has been told three times by the patient that the head of the UCONN Dental Clinic stated that those teeth could NOT support crowns? Does that qualifoy as a reason?

  22. Hi, my dentist attempted to beat my bridge (4teeth, 2 crowns and 2 side false teeth) off with a rubber hammer. He hit the front crown 10 to 15 times. I felt the pressure all the way up to my eye and pain, even though he had given me a local anesthetic. The back crown had already came loose previously and his rationale for using this method was to break the cement loose on the front crown, put a filling in the back crown, and re cement the bridge. He had stated that the X-rays were showing small decay in the back tooth under the crown and none in the front crown. This did not work and he sent me home and said to eat sticky foods. After 1 week, the bridge was still on, so I returned to the dentist, where again he started beating the front crown. After 3 times, I told him to stop, I couldn’t stand it. He then cut the bridge in half and the back crown bridge fell off. The tooth could not be repaired after all, so he pulled it. The front bridge that was left was now loose and starting to hurt, I told him, but he didn’t answer. Two weeks later the front bridge fell off. I went back to the dentist and the tooth had fractured and was inside the crown. I asked him, did all that beating on that tooth make it fracture and he said no. I feel like he is not accepting the responsibility of fracturing my tooth and now it cannot be saved. I feel like a fool for ever allowing my dentist to perform such a barbaric method of bridge removal on me. The crown in front would have probably lasted several years longer if he had not beaten on it. Please, I would appreciate an answer, because I am seriously considering filling a complaint with the State Dental Board.

    • I would have cut the bridge from the outset in the first visit. Yes it sacrifices the bridge which cost money but everything has an expiry date. However it depends on how sensitive the patient is to the bridge being cut. Sometimes a dentist can be spurred on to save the bridge and begin to to things that are questionable.

  23. A general dentist placed a crown on a lower bicuspid tooth. It had no contact with one of the teeth next to it and food got caught in the gap after every meal, which I flossed out. Also, there was some tenderness and redness in the gum around the crown. When I went back to the dentist, he said it was due to crown lengthening and it would heal in 6 to 12 months. The symptoms did not improve and In about 15 months the crown fell off. The dentist said he had no liability on it and refused a refund that I requested from him, as the crown had to be re-done. I had the exposed tooth evaluated by 2 separate dentists. None of them found a crown lengthening. A post was also not found. A build-up like material was stuck in the detached crown. My new dentist placed a post and build-up on the tooth and cemented a new crown. He said that the tooth was very weak now as the crown had to be re-done. An implant may be needed in the future.

    Is the dentist who did the first crown liable and should he refund me ? I am in California.

    • I’m not going to point fingers but there should never be a gap between teeth because as you rightly said food gets impacted and that is a failure no matter how strong the filling adheres to the tooth. Tight contact points between teeth with a twang of the floss as it is forced through confirms a dentist has duplicated the natural anatomy of the tooth. I’m only replying to help people understand the criteria for a good filling. In terms of blaming your dentist – I can’t say as someone from abroad

  24. i have a crown on my lower incisor with another crown second molar back and a bridge between. About three weeks ago I started having tooth pain in that area, that continued to worsen to the point of going to the ER. Was prescribed something for the pain and amoxicillan 875 bid. Three days ago while eating pound cake of all things, my crowns/bridge fell out. I no longer have dental insurance, live in a different state than before, am in severe pain and my jaw is swelling. Dont know what to do. feels like a nerve is exposed. The ground down teeth are both black in color. Is that the way they were prepared before crowning? HELP

    • Hi Tammy Gin,

      I got your message forwarded to me (and to others on the Oral Answers web site). I posted a message as well, under “Nel”. I did not receive an answer from the dentist (Tom) yet. I read your post and found it very concerning. I am not a dentist but had a lot of dental work done. If the teeth under the bridge (which fell off) turned black, it does not sound good, especially as you have also pain. Could be a decay situation, possibly even infection in a root or roots, also a fracture, I speculate. Your teeth were not black most likely when the dentist placed a bridge on them, because teeth are “white”, even if discolored (“yellowish”). Is there a community service in your area, where they may have a list of low cost or free dental service places ? Also, dental schools offer low cost or free dental work. You’ll have to have it taken care of, the sooner, the better.

      I’m awaiting a response from Tom to my above placed message. He doesn’t answer all messages.

      • It seems your advice is pretty much correct. A dental school could be the way forward. When my crown fell out after a stick toffee it had slightly blackened the adjacent tooth. If there is no pain from the blackened tooth then my advice is to apply a smear of toothpaste every night on it directly and try not to touch it with your tongue. The fluoride in the toothpaste helps to remineralise the lost enamel. Don’t brush too vigorous over the black area – just enough to clear the plaque and food debris

  25. I have had a terrible sinus infection for almost 3 months. I am seeing an ENT and they keep treating me with antibiotics. When I finished this last one after about 3 days, my Eustachian tubes became quite swollen and my sinus area too. In addition, 3 of my crowns came off my teeth. I put them back on and went to the dentist. He couldn’t get them off. Now a few days later my 4th bridge has come off (it’s only 2 years old). Could it be the sinus infection putting pressure on these crowns? I just don’t understand why all 4 of them are coming off?

  26. My problem is identical to ‘Rochelles’ experience!
    Except that I have a deep hole with like an ‘upside down sharp cone’ shape ALmost all the way around (hope that makes sense…
    feels like the tooth that is left had plenty of an edge to glue it to. I also have super sharp edges with a deep hole although I can feel the gum, wheres its healed up deep inside :/
    And of course no dentsl insurance anymore! :(

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Maggy. The dentist may have made the upside down cone shape to help the crown have more internal tooth structure to hang on to. Are you having any pain on the tooth? Any idea if it has a root canal? Good luck!

  27. Hi,
    I have a shaved tooth with a crown on too that has fallen off.. It has an Oder and the tooth has a grey color too it. The gum around the tooth is swelled up a little bit. I cant afford to go to the dentist anytime soon and i dot have insurance. Ishoupd i still put the crown back on the tooth? And is there anyway to get rid of the infection like salt water or something ?

    • It sounds like you have an infection. You need to see a dentist to drain that area of infection and/or get an antibiotic course. I understand you can’t afford to see the dentist but unfortunately people forget about maintaining their dental treatment. A pair of jeans has to be replaced depending on how much it’s taken care and it remains the same for your dental treatment – even if it’s just a review.

  28. I am concerned why my son went in last week got a crown and it fell off today? His dentist said repeatedly it was my fault. Please keep in mind I have not gave my son any soda he has only been given water and milk to drink since last week. I have been scared that a crown would come off so I have had him on soft foods and soap. I’m very interested on knowing.

    • Reasons why the crown has come off in one week:
      Hard chewy food like Toffees
      Vigorous cleaning with floss which has forced the crown off

      However one week is too little time and probably reflects on how the crown was fabricated or the cement mix used to fix the crown was too thin/weak.

      You could try the apologetic approach or try another dentist

  29. Recently had a root canal! My tooth broke off at the gumline and needed a crown; however they shaved some of my guns and bone so my crown would attach to more of my tooth! My bandaid just now can off a week later and there is a hole!!!!! Is this normal! Will my gum tissue grow back?

  30. Hi

    I have porcelain metal fused crown in the bottom left. I went to see a dentist who said I needed a new crown. To be honest, he didn’t make it clearly at the start he was going to give me a new one. The problem with the old one was porcelain contacting with another tooth is missing. The suspicion was that whoever put in at the first place had trouble to fit it in so chipped away the porcelain on purpose. Is this a good reason to have a new crown? Plus the dentist said there’s too much decay in the area underneath the crown (not just at the junction of the gum and crown). What should I do? Thanks.

  31. In addition to my previous post, when my dentist said the part of tooth underneath the crown had too much decay, my understanding was the old crown was structurally flawed and whatever I eat may have got between the crown and the tooth for a long time which causes decay. I was worried about if the old crown goes back on, the decay would be somewhat continuing and insidious. But again, my crown is not fractured at all. Only the side in touching the tooth further back does not have any porcelain at all as I mention before, the person who put it on first chipped away the porcelain to fit it on. Do I need a new crown? Thanks

  32. My front left top tooth that I had a crown on for about 15 yrs just broke off. It looks like the remaining tooth I
    had under it broke all the way to the gum line and it looks like its decayed. I look hideous and feel like dying. Right now I do not have insurance due to my husband changing jobs. If I need an implant I’m screwed because I won’t be able to afford it. I Cant stop crying. This is such an awful feeling. I dont know what to do?

  33. hi
    i had a dentures on my upper 1st molar… but it fell off…also i have a grinding problem at night,,,that may be the one reason to fall,,,however, does it affect my other teeth( i mean the supporting side teeth) if i don’t put dentures again,,,if i leave as it is,,,

  34. I had my crown about 3 years ago and it has just came out. would I have too pay for a new one and if so how much?

  35. OMG help!!!!
    I had a crown put in almost 3yrs ago. I noticed after having the crown placed I had bad breath. No matter how much I brushed, flossed, etc the bad smell was still there and recently about 4wks ago, while chewing gum my crown came lose on tooth #19. Now today, I noticed the upper back left side of my gum is really swollen. What can this mean? An infection? Or a wisdom tooth trying to breakthrough?

  36. Hi, About 3 months ago my top front tooth broke off at gum line. All my teeth are splitting in pieces or slabs braking off. I have extremely dry mouth from medications. I have tried all the different products for dry mouth, nothing helps for more than a few mins. Anyways, had a crown put in front, and noticed it felt loose last night , tonight it broke off at gumline . I saw it had decayed at gum where it broke. After seeing all these other people having so many problems with their crowns, I’m wondering if it’s normal for these things to happen or if it’s all cause by improper placement of the crowns. This is my 3rd crown. The other two constantly fell off, so ended up pulling those 2 teeth. Only had crowns for 2 yrs. I hate getting crowns cause it sure seems like a big waste of money . Can’t believe my tooth decayed in a matter of 3 months . Do you think crown wasn’t on right ? I also had a purple discoloration on gum around crown. dentist said it was either bruising or a tattoo . Don’t know what he meant by that . Thanks in advance for any answers !

  37. I started seeing a new dentist six years ago. I had vowed to take better care of me teeth. Over the last six years I had no less than six crowns put on my upper teeth along with a 3 piece bridge on #’s 6,7,and 8. 7 had been extracted. The crowns lasted an average of one year then one by one they would break off tooth and all at the gum line. In the privacy of his office he admitted they all should have lasted longer and he accepted full responsibility and offered two solutions at no charge to me. I was not crazy about returning to the Man that single handed destroyed my mouth. He tried to blame it on some medication I was taking saying it caused the teeth to be dry and brittle. The only problem with his weak theory was during this same time span not one single lower tooth had any problems. That blew holes in his theory. Looking at my one and only crown left on my uppers I noticed the Crown is ill fitted. It does not cover the entire tooth and leaves a gap at the bottom where the tooth is exposed. I don’t have to theorize why they all met the same fate. He screwed up. People be careful who you choose as a dentist they are not all the same. Better yet get lots of good referrals from actual customers. It’s too late for me now as I have to first find a surgeon to cut my gums open to remove the broken roots. Then it will be a denture which I don’t look forward to.
    David Meyer-AZ

  38. I recently had my silver filling removed and my teeth were extra sensitive after. After 5 visits to correct my bite my dentist said I needed to get my one tooth crowned and that would stop the sensitivity. There was nothing wrong with the tooth and completely healthy. Is that normal to crown a tooth for being sensitive? The root was fine and not exposure either. My bite was off since they did filling and now thati have the crown my bite is better and think that was the problem the entire time.

    • If your bite is off that can cause sensitivity. I have a problem with sensitivity and one thing that works good for me is Crest makes an ultra sensitive formula tooth paste. After a few brushings it really quiets the tooth down. Hope this helps.


  39. My crown fell out this morning and is full to the brim with debris and nothing really left in the gap left in my mouth – am I right in thinking that it is not going to be possible to reattach? What are my options going to be? Do not want to have to have an implant!

  40. Hi Tom,

    I had a permanent crown put on my bottom molar (right side) a few months ago. It felt a little sensitive today. After I brushed my teeth a few minutes ago, the crown popped off. I pushed it back down but; not really sure what to do. No pieces broke off of it so, can my dentist just cement it back in?? I hope it is as simple as that. Do I need to know anything specific before I can get an appointment to see him? Thanks!! -Christina

  41. I had root canal done 8 years ago and yesterday the cap popped off while flossing teeth. Dentist says only option is Bridge or Implant. Insurance won’t cover implant. He took me in on Saturday to look at it and replaced the cap. I have been having the worse pain since then? I am going to have a bridge and pray that takes care of it.

  42. I had temporary crown put on one tooth last Wednesday. The permanent will be done in about
    another week, however on Saturday, the crown came off in small white pieces. I think it is all
    gone now. I wonder if I can just wait till new one is ready or should I go get other temporary
    one done?

  43. My crown came off last night and my dentist can’t get me in until next Wednesday afternoon. Between now and then, is there a chance that the exposed tooth can become infected? If so, is there anything in particular that I can do to combat any infections? thank you for any info or advice you can give.

  44. I had a bad experience at my dentist- first she injured the underside of my tongue in five spots and it hurst a lot of course. Then the temp crown fell off that night with just brushing. Then the next day I went in to thane the temp crown done again. They did a whole new impression and everything. That night, over some spaghetti, the crown came off again. I feel very frustrated with the dental office. How can I find a dentist that can actually do this right? I live in northern california. Also is it typical for dentists to make you pay the entire cost of the crown and the work involved up front?

    Thank you!

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