Finals Week in Dental School
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You may have noticed that I didn’t write an article last Friday.  Sadly, I won’t be writing any this week either.

Dental School StudyingThe Fall 2010 semester of dental school is wrapping up this week with eight exciting final exams for me to take!

I thought I could fit in a new post every other day like I did during mid-terms in October, but with all of the studying I need to get done, buytramadolbest.com it’s probably better to finish out the semester on a high note.

Next week, I’ll resume my regular posting schedule.

If you have any comments, questions, or anything you’d like me to cover in future articles, leave them in the comments section below.

Have a great week!

Welcome to Oral Answers!

My name is Tom and I am a second-year dental student in the United States.  For quite some time, I have considered starting a blog related to dentistry.  I recently finished taking part I dental boards and  I now have more time available to pursue this interest.   I love learning about dentistry and helping others understand how they can improve their oral health.

Dental OfficeIn the various clinics at dental school, I encounter many pharmacy patients that genuinely care about their oral health.  After having a cavity filled, these types of individuals want to know what they should do to prevent further tooth decay.  I have also noticed that many patients have misconceptions about dentistry.

I decided to start an educational dental blog to help others understand how they can beautify their smile and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth.  Since one’s oral health plays a significant role in his or her overall health, it is vital that individuals  maintain and protect their oral health.

My goal is to write a new article three times a week, on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  If there are topics that you would like addressed or if you have questions about anything on this site, please use this contact form.

Check back Wednesday for a new article.  Thanks for stopping by!