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Jessica Simpson Doesn't Brush Teeth
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Last Wednesday during an interview with iHeartRadio, Jessica Simpson proclaimed to the world that she doesn’t brush her teeth.  You can see a video of that part of the interview at the bottom of this article.

Jessica Simpson's Teeth by jvh33 on Flickr!Here’s how it came out of the pop-turned-country singer:

I don’t brush my teeth! No really! I just use Listerine and sometimes I’ll use my sweater.  No— I do brush every now and again, but my teeth are extremely powerful.  I mean, find me when I’m 60 and they’ll probably be all out.  But, I still like put on my face creams — they’re next to my bed.

After that, she exclaimed that she loves fried food.

I can only hope that there is fluoride in her face creams.  But in all seriousness, how can Jessica Simpson have such great teeth if she doesn’t even brush them?