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What’s the Best Temporary Crown Cement and Method to Re-Cement Crowns?

Having a crown come off of your tooth can be very frustrating.  Sometimes you just can’t get into the dentist right away because you’re too busy, you’re on vacation, or your dentist can’t fit you in very quickly.  Some dentists might recommend that you use a temporary crown cement until you can be seen at the dental office.

Temporary Crown Cements

If your dentist doesn’t suggest a brand name, how do you know which temporary crown cement to use?  There are many different types on the market.  I I decided to provide you with some guidance by reading over the reviews on three of the most popular products for re-cementing your crowns that have fallen off: Recapit, Temparin, and Dentemp.

Below the reviews, you’ll find a few quick tips on how to make your temporary crown cement work.

Recapit Temporary Crown Cement Review

Recapit Temporary Crown CementRecapit is available in a multi-use vial or in a stay-fresh tube.

It is a one-step cement, meaning that you don’t have to mix anything together.  All  you have to do is scoop it out and use it to glue your crown back on.

Unlike the other two main temporary cements, Recapit is made only to be used to recement crowns.  Recapit should not be used to replace a lost filling.

The reviews on Amazon range from good to bad.  Many people report that it doesn’t hold their crown on.  One person said that their crown fell off when they sneezed.

Another reviewer who gave Recapit 5 stars said, “I placed the crown back into place and there it stayed for 16 days. Even the dentist was impressed with how well it was holding. I used some sense and tried to keep hard and sticky foods away from this crown. However, I did still chew lightly on it. While I do not expect that you could chew gum or apply heavy pressure to a tooth being help in place with Recapit, it worked perfectly well in my application.”

Temparin Temporary Crown Cement Review

Temparin Temporary Crown CementTemparin temporary crown cement is available in a multi-use vial as well.  Just like Recapit, Temparin is a one-step cement which means that you won’t need to mix anything.

On Temparin’s Amazon review page, it only earned 1 5-star review and that was from somebody that used it to replace a filling, not to re-cement a crown.

S. Kennedy, who not only called the Temparin garbage, but worthless garbage had this to say:

“I lost a temporary crown and thought Dentek Temparin might spare me the extra trip to the dentist. Turns out I would have been better off chewing up the five dollars and using that to hold the crown in place. The Temporin lasted no longer than three hours.”

Dentek has come out with an updated formula that they claim is now 10x stronger.  It is pictured in the composite photo at the top of this article and is called Temparin MAX Hold.

Dentemp Temporary Crown Cement Review

Dentemp One Step Temporary Crown CementDentemp Temporary Crown Cement comes in a few different versions:

1 – Dentemp One Step (pictured)
2 – Dentemp One Step Maximum Strength
3 – Dentemp Original

Interestingly, the Dentemp One Step seems to have some of the worst reviews while the Dentemp One Step Maxium Strength and Dentemp Original have some of the best reviews.

I noticed that many people complained on the Dentemp One Step reviews that they had changed their formula and what was once a 5-star product is now a 1-star product.  Dentemp Original seems to be the answer to that reviewer, but the one person who reviewed it appears to have been using it to replace a filling, not re-cement a crown.

Dentemp One Step Maximum Strength seems to be Dentemp’s best product when it comes to re-cementing a loose crown.  On the Dentemp One Step Maximum Strength review page, I found the following review by a verified Amazon purchaser:

“I have used this product and was very satisfied with the results. If there is a loose cap that needs to be repaired and a dental appointment is weeks off, don’t fear this product will see you through.”

People also note that Dentemp O.S. Maximum Strength seems to harden very fast, so you may want to try a practice run first to see how fast you need to work to get your crown glued back on.

What’s the Best Way to Re-Cement a Crown When It Falls Off?

The number one piece of advice that I can give you is to follow the directions exactly as written.

Here’s a few other tips that will get your crown to stay glued on tight until you can get in to see your dentist:

  • Clean out the crown.  The crown probably has some old glue/cement stuck inside of it.  It is important that the inside be clean and dry so that the new cement can attach to the crown and hold it to your tooth.
  • Make sure the tooth is clean and dry.  If you can, blow it dry.  Even a little bit of water can cause the cement to not work well.
  • Before cementing it back on your tooth, you might want to make sure that the crown fits evenly on your tooth.  If it doesn’t, there may be some old cement on the tooth or inside of the crown.
  • Some people report that if you cement it just before going to bed, it will form a stronger bond as you won’t be using it while you sleep.  This may not work too well if you know that you grind your teeth at night!


Based on the reviews (note that they are unscientific), it appears that Dentemp O.S. Maximum Strength is the best cement for recementing your crown, followed by Recapit and Temparin.


Remember that before attempting to re-cement your crown you should talk to your dentist to make sure that it is appropriate.  Make sure that you read all package inserts to understand how to use the product, what specific risks are present with use of the product and how to minimize those risks.

If your crown is on a back tooth or upper tooth, know that there is a higher risk of you swallowing or aspirating (breathing in) your crown.  If you have any doubts about whether or not you can get your crown re-cemented, you should talk to your dentist to see what other options are available.



      • Tom, Mr Dentist, I have the Dentemp in front of me and tried it and it says wet, do not DRY your tooth or crown and you tell us follow instructions and then tell us to dry the tooth and crown, I follwed instructions and applied it wet and it fell off four hours later, eating mashed potatoes. Dentemp? Junk, and so is your advice. Give us a real adhesive that works like the dentist have readily available, What is it? You didnt read the instructions did you?

  1. hey, thanks for posting and researching this. I will keep an eye out for DentTemp Max and stay away from caramel from now on.

  2. thanks for the info!!! its new years eve 2011 and my front tooth crown just fell out as i was eating lunch….what a nightmare and i had plans for tonight….wish me luch!

  3. Hi I would like to thank you for your article, it is very interesting
    I just had a crown and post fall off. I have spent thousand and thousands of dollars to fix my teeth 5 years later everything is falling apart, I thought the crowns would last longer than 5 years

  4. Its a pretty unsettling thing to have a crown fall off. Today is the first time this has happened to me and I knew if I searched the web I would find some helpful information. Your articles were very comforting. Thanks so much Tom.

  5. The directions on these things say to keep the inside of the crown moist after you clean it. The water helps to harden the cement somehow.

  6. If you had bad teeth in olden days you would die, and desrevingly so. It was a sign of laziness, the worst possible human character flaw. People who have crowns in there mouths today serve only one purpose: to give dentists work. Otherwise, they deserve the same fat as their ancestors for being dirty, lazy, selfish slobs.

    • Hi Perfect Teeth,

      Not everyone is taught proper hygiene, not everyone is brought up in a family that places a high importance on dental care or healthcare. So while many dental problems are preventable, not everyone is set up for success. It’s one thing to know the right way and then be ignorant to it, but another to not be taught the right way in the first place or to not have access to good care because of financial issues, etc. until it is too late.

      • Oh my perfect teeth,u speak of ancestry,the year is 2017 the foods we eat now compared to our ancestors are world’s apart! whether it’s 1817 or present day being so narrow minded,naive, judgemental,and an obviously conceited,selfish not to mention self serving person I hope u n ur perfect teeth are very happy together as someone with such beliefs will die lonely! Everyone’s situation is different.our ancestors also had “karma” being such a nasty horrible human being will bring the life u deserve,after all ur right laid in my coffin god forbid I not have perfect teeth!! Why u on this sight anyway? Your teeth are perfect …..right? Carry on like this n u may just lose that perfection I’m certain someone will come along soon to knock that perfect teeth out entirely,get u make your mum very proud……not!

      • I had to get 2 crowns because I cracked my teeth after hitting my head on the steering wheel, after being blown up in Iraq. So I’m with you. It had nothing to do with my dental hygiene. What an a$$.

    • I realize you’re simply a Troll, but I’ll replay anyways. Duncan Keith, of the Chicago Blackhawks, took a puck to his mouth in the Stanley Cup Finals a few years ago. He lost four or five front teeth, and there was blood pouring out on the ice.

      You go tell Duncan that he’s a lazy selfish slob and then see if you need a trip to the dentist!!

    • “…they deserve the same fat as their ancestors…”

      There is no greater sign of laziness and sloth than the failure to check your spelling before submitting a comment. Dumb ass.

    • Wow Perfect Teeth, may I take my hat off to you and salute you for living life among us foolish and obviously undeserving human beings. How you have managed to thrive and survive in this world alone has me in awe. Tell me, were you born a total A%$hole or did your upbringing make you one? I guess the crown in my mouth was not from biting down on a polish Sausage with a bone chip in it, rather my lazy and selfish inability to predict the future and nut chop up all my food to insure nothing is left to chance.

      • my crowns came to me after an idiot hit my car head on, resulting in my steering wheel and dashboard entering my mouth cutting the top and bottom front rows of teeth in half… so perfect teeth its my fault is it.

    • Some crowns are because of unfortunate accidents where a tooth has been chipped beyond repair, maybe due to a sports injury such as my case. It is completely ignorant to say crowns are because of lazy hygiene. Get it together.

    • …or, you know, in olden days, people didn’t know that much about tooth hygiene and so COULDN’T take better care of their teeth and also had different diets that wore down the enamel much faster than the diets today. I think someone has a bit of a warped view of their history or is trolling.

    • I am very anal about caring for my teeth, brushing every morning and evening, flossing, rinsing, etc. However, one of my front eyeteeth started to crack and discolor. My dentist decided on drilling it down and applying a crown. So it is not always the persons fault…perfect teeth?…I sincerely hope you never have anything like this happen. To have people judge you as such a disgrace. But then again, perhaps you need to feel the disgrace.

    • Some people also have medical conditions that increase the acid in their mouth, in conjunction with genetically soft enamel. People who have never experienced the frustration of cavities and root canals when brushing correctly, flossing and using mouthwash should shut up and count themselves lucky.

      Not to mention dental root infections caused by dental negligence, which resulted in the loss of one lower molar.

    • Well I had the perfect teeth in my 20’s then Years of suffering bulimia plus a daily cocktail of medication didn’t help my teeth…Stop being so judgemental!!

    • What a horrible thing to say! There are many reasons people loose theeth, and not all of them are from lack of attention to their oral hygiene!

      Maybe those with REAL issues should wish your teeth to fall out!!!

    • I have decaying teeth from oral dehydration from chemotherapy! You arrogant judgmental idiot. Quote your sources of that information you are throwing around!

    • Hundreds of thousands of people have a bacteria in there body that is at a much higher level than someone who has what you would call perfect teeth. This bacteria eats at the enamel on the teeth causing cavities and decay, even with great oral hygiene the decay and cavities is unpreventable. Thus the caps and crowns, to maintain a healthy looking smile. Walk in someone else’s shoes before you judge or stereotype.

    • Many people are not taught to properly care for their teeth,and many do NOT have the financial resources to access proper care. There are many who also are missing teeth due to genetics, Myself included. Your comment is seething with contempt, hatred and ignorance.
      You may have perfect teeth, but your your consciousness is a one a scale of 1-10.
      Anyone who would take the time to come onto this site just to post such a negative comment obviously has greater issues than crowns coming loose.

    • Some people have other legitimate issues for getting a crown installed. For example let’s say they run across some arrogant jerk who thinks he is better than others because he does not share the same problems with them even though he cannot properly spell when composing sentences or bother to proofread what he types–the worst sign of laziness in the modern era. Then let’s assume the guy reading this horrible mess of a paragraph decides to track down said individual and bludgeons him until he literally chips his own tooth on what is left of the hammer he is using as he flails mercilessly until it simply splatters in the flaccid pulp of what was once the smug face of his arrogant elitist detractor with perfect teeth. I would say the guy then needing the crown not only is not lazy but has earned a well deserved and perfectly crafted crown by his dentist and to be celebrated by all reading this thread.

    • Some people have other legitimate issues for getting a crown installed. For example let’s say they run across some arrogant jerk who thinks he is better than others because he does not share the same problems with them even though he cannot properly spell when composing sentences or bother to proofread what he types–the worst sign of laziness in the modern era. Then let’s assume the guy reading this horrible mess of a paragraph decides to track down said individual and bludgeons him until he literally chips his own tooth on what is left of the hammer he is using as he flails mercilessly until it simply splatters in the flaccid pulp of what was once the smug face of his arrogant elitist detractor with perfect teeth. I would say the guy then needing the crown not only is not lazy but has earned a well deserved and perfectly crafted crown by his dentist and to be celebrated by all reading this thread.

    • Wow, compassion much? There are a number of reasons people have crowns. Genetics can play a role sometimes. I have had problems since I was 4. i bet you have them now.

  7. What an off-the-wall comment with terrible spelling to boot! Individuals can require the services of a dentist even if they have brushed and flossed daily. In the olden days, fewer people probably died from dental problems than died from stupidity, which the comment I am replying to represents.

  8. I was a victim of a vehicular assault accident on a motorcycle and list my two front teeth. So i have a crown and post.. so not every tooth issue is from poor care… unbelievable!

  9. hi…. do you know which dental cement that cannot be used as a dental crown base?
    (it’s between resin-based cement, zink phosphate cement, polycarboxylate cement, glass ionomer cement, or zinc oxyde eugenol cement)
    thank u!!!!!!!!

  10. I got the Dentemp yesterday and used it. I have to admit, after reading the reviews on the web, I was about to take it back for a refund. But, after reading this publication, I decided to give it a go. I feel like it’s a good product. I used a little too much in my crown and my jaw doesn’t seat exactly perfect, but this will work until I get to the dentist. My advice is to make sure you slather the product evenly around the tooth and don’t forget to try and remove as much glue as possible. I used a thumbtack flag. Bite down hard on it. Yes, it did hurt and throb after I did that, but I did this at night before bedtime and now (morning) I feel fine. It’s still in and the bond feels strong.

  11. This morning I had a crown fall off. The dentist is not in. However, the hygenist was able to give me some two-part dental cement in a packet, which is the EXACT same stuff that they use when they’re putting a temporary crown on while you wait for them to get the permanent one back.

    The packets are labeled “TempBoneMe” and are made by Kerr.

  12. Hi Tom,

    I had a crown with post loose for a couple of months now and with no-time and other financial commitments, I ignored the problem until it fell our yesterday whilst eating breakfast and boy biting on a crown really hurts! Infact, I’ve damaged my back tooth (filling) or chipped part of that tooth off when I bit hard into the crown and to top it all off I bit/chipped part of the enamel off the crown and now you see patches on a silver metal crown (no enamel). My questions are: 1) Will I need a new crown or can the enamel be pasted back on the crown? 2) Since the crown in 10+ years old and the enamel has chipped away, can I have the enamel on the front part of the crown changed to fit the new whiter smile I carry 10 years later? 3) Where do you buy the temp cement? I’m glad I stumbled on your blog!!

  13. Priceless information as my crown just fell off and I am flying out of town the second I leave work. My husband is on the way to purchase your recommendation.
    Thank you!

  14. I appreciate this information. My front crown fell off while brushing . Ofcourse It’s Saturday. My first purchase will be Dentemp OS, MAX strength.

  15. Unfortunately I’m in Italy. Any chance they have those brands here? If not, any suggestion for travelers in a foreign country ?

  16. Hi Tom
    I am a 57 year old, five years ago I had gingivitis bad 9mm pockets, lost two teeth. I started brushing my teeth with soap, today I have no gingivitis. I did not change my brushing habits only what I was brushing with. Have you heard of anyone else with this kind of success.

    • I have had the same success! I am 60 now…I always had problems with my teeth and I didn’t know why. I learned that whatever is in the tooth paste caused my teeth to hold on to whatever caused cavities. My teeth always hurt…I hated them! Today,I have no gingivitis at all, no plaque after going to the dentist today and not having my teeth cleaned in years. I just need a crown put back on…I thought 155.00 was too much to pay. I advise everyone to start using ivory soap. I also rinse my teeth before bed with colloidal silver…never a problem since for me or my son. He is 23 and has perfect teeth!

  17. My son’s crown came off shortly after having it done. I couldn’t get him back into the dentist for more than a week, so I replaced it with the Dentek product shown in your photo (that was what was available at my local store). When I took him into the dentist, she said that it has bonded well and she thought we should just leave it rather than try and get it off just to put it back on. The crown finally fell off again – almost a full year later.

  18. Don’t waste your money on the fix it kit. Its very expensive and you get just enough for one try.
    It did not hold for me.
    Wait and go to the dentist and get it done right. They are going to charge you anyway so don’t waste your money on this junk.

  19. Ok halloween ers;) I have bought the custom fangs that cap over k-9s. Their mixture did not work:( thinking of using “recapit” as they are very similar to caps.
    1. Will it hold?
    2. How long?
    3. Can I just push them back off and what might the residue look like?
    4. How do I clean cement off my teeth?

    • Hi RJ – Depending on how well the fangs fit to your canine teeth, the Recapit may or may not work. It may be your best option though. It should scrape off of the tooth after you take the fang off – I would be surprised if you can’t get it off with your fingernail. Good luck – Happy Halloween!

  20. Hi there,
    My tooth broke in half (vertically) and I was sondering if you know anything to cover that tooth just for the weekend till my dentist comes back? I’m in no pain but it broke right at my smile. I do need a Root Canal then a Crown but just for now I really need help.

    Pls. help

  21. Hi, I loose my teeth when I went to the dentist to fix it he said I need a bridge , he broke an other teeth and put a cement to stick 2 tooth , I spent a lot a money to do do that but after one year these articles teeth take off , I went to other doctor to fix them he said i need to do a new bridge then he put a cement temporary , but after one year they fall down again when i went to the dentist he said i have to change all these teeth and put a new bridge but it’s very expensive for me now what I can to do please can u give any suggestions I’m feels very upset to stay like that.

  22. hi, my little girl is 8yrs. old she had a tooth caped 2 weeks ago and it fell off im snowed in and cant get to the store what can i do for her.

  23. hi, my little girl is 8yrs. old she had a tooth caped 2 weeks ago and it fell off im snowed in and cant get to the store what can i do for her.

  24. Recapit is definitely useless. It is not a cement or a glue. It is simply a paste which does not hold anything. Waste of money.

  25. Great writeup Tom! This question likely comes up at the pharmacy more than we expect. Obviously, the 1st thing a patient should do is call their dentist. (and it’s likely they could be seen that very same day) But these are great options in a pinch. Thank you for the detailed post.

  26. Great writeup Tom! This question likely comes up at the pharmacy more than we expect. Obviously, the 1st thing a patient should do is call their dentist. (and it’s likely they could be seen that very same day) But these are great options in a pinch. Thank you for the detailed post.

  27. Ty for posting this!! My reg dentist is out for X-mas and 4 days…I was chewing on new GIN GIN chews, when my temporary crown fell out.

    I hope my local stores have these items 🙂 DEC 24, 2015.

  28. I used the DenTemp Max Strength on two crowns that came off within 7 days of each other while I was on vacation, and it worked great. Then, I went to my dentist to have them re-cemented. He put the crowns on less than a year ago. He looked and the crowns and teeth and said they were in great shape and did not need any additional work except to be re-cemented. He then said he was going to charge me $85.00 each to do it. JUST GIVE ME MY CROWNS BACK AND I WILL GO ELSEWHERE. IF I HAVE TO PAY IT WANT BE TO YOU. I SAID I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE CHARGING ME! YOU ARE THE ONE THAT PUT THEM ON AND I PAID $1000 EACH AND YOU CAN’T PUT THEM BACK ON FOR FREE? I GUESS IT ENSURES RETURN TRIPS AND MORE MONEY IF YOU DON’T USE STRONG ENOUGH CEMENT TO START WITH. I took my crowns and found another dentist who ensured me that if they come off again, not for good reason, within 2 years that he will fix them for free.

  29. I changed dentists, and today was my first visit. I was getting a routine cleaning. When they were flossing my teeth a crown covering a molar popped off. When I removed it I noticed the inside of the crown smelled bad. The dentist later came in and asked if I want it cemented back into place. I could see that they did not clean my crown, or the tooth they capped with it. This seemed unusual to me.
    Should they have cleaned my crown before cementing it into place?
    Am I going to be at a higher risk for tooth decay because my old crown was not sterilized?

  30. Heat the crown with hot water place on tooth. The remainder of the
    Cement should hold until you get to dentist.

  31. I’ve used this product a couple times and it works great but each time it seems as if not all the residue is rinsed. Not sure how but it gets lodged in my throat and then my throat becomes very painful and it’s hard to swallow at times. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

  32. Im too scared to even try and fit the crown back! The tiny bit of tooth there doesn’t seem like much. How do I prevent infection while I wait the weekend to see the dentist?

  33. I give Dentemp Maximum Strength an A+.
    I followed direction on package and it has been 10 days without any issues.
    I didn’t eat for 5 hours after cementing the crown back on, but after that point I have eaten regular foods.
    I recommend this product for a temporary fix on a loose crown.

  34. Hi, I’m 27 and I had my crown done one year ago and it fell off yesterday, also my teeth inside broke apart. Luckily my dentist could fill me in today so I went to see him. He explained the reason that my crown fall out is because I bite things too hard. He also emphasized that he did everything right when he did the treatment because the crown is perfectly remain intact. And now he suggest to do the implant which cost a whole lot more….So I started to do my research about this and I found here. My question is: Is it possible the crown fall out due to biting too hard? I like to eat almond, is it consider hard food? But if the crown cannot resist the force of biting almond, how could it last for 10years? Would be great if u can clear my clouds out of my head. Thanks

    • Hi Davide – I think most dentists would apply the cost of a crown that fails after one year towards an implant crown if the tooth can no longer be saved. The life-expectancy of a crown should be much more than one year. Crowns on the back teeth are supposed to allow you to chew things such as almonds.

      • Thank you for your reply Tom! I went to the dentist yesterday and brought up the issue with him, now he agreed to apply the cost of the crown towards the implant. Very appreciate for your help.

  35. Thanks for the info. A temp crown fell off this Sunday morning, dentist’s answering service not answering, LOL.
    Went to Walgreens and bought Dentemp Max Strength. It didn’t work. The cement looked dried out and hard to apply, like a can of spackling putty when it gets dried out. Bad batch? I tried mixing a small piece with water but it wouldn’t mix. I’m taking it back for a refund and ask some folks from the pharmacy. So far that’s been my experience.

  36. I crazy glued a crown once, it held. Unfortunately I put the crown on wrong…had to get new I’m mixing my own Zinc Phosphate this weekend on one. See how that works.

  37. Well I guess I’m lucky because I was flossing tonight and my front cap popped off but I’ve had it for about 18 years. It’s a Thursday night and I’m working all weekend so I’m gonna try to get some of the stuff at Walgreens tomorrow to get me through to Monday. Thanks! It really freaked me out ?

  38. I’ve read through most of these comments & there’s great info about reattaching a crown, but I need to fill a hold where an endodontist temporarily scooped pulp out the tooth to stop the pain because I cannot afford the $5,000+ it would cost out of pocket to have the tooth extracted and then have an implant to replace it. Every dentist I see in my area has majorly screwed up my teeth and then didn’t stand behind their work. It all started when I had a chip out of a back tooth that kept catching food. The dentist tried to file it but chipped out the tooth and then tried bonding it to another tooth which was riduculous. Then he didn’t file it correctly and it caused the tooth above it to crack which ended up with a root canal and crown that cost me $2500. The crown just popped off today as I was flossing to head to an cleaning appt. I pushed it back in and then this dentist looked at it for a split second, pretended he was trying to pull it out but was afraid to break it and then be responsible so he basically just walked away from it. The hygenist then told me to start saving my money toward the extraction/implant – great news & advice – thanks alot!!!!

    • Many dentists and mds take a step back from humanity and stay there. I am also a victim of negligent poor quality work that has left me with a partial denture @56 yrs old, and I believe, an immune disorder due to a dentist over filling a root canal with a metal filling, even though I indicated I have metal allergies on the patient intake sheet. This metal point was detected by another dentist, however, the one who did it denied it for years calling it “scar tissue” This is criminal in my opinion. Every root canal he made failed with 5-7 years. every crown he made fit poorly making it impossible to clean , even with the water jet. he’s in his late 60’s and shakes badly. Some people need help to realize they should be retiring as they are hurting people. “Do NO Harm” That is what they should be practicing.

  39. my 10 year old crown came off last night. I went to walgreens, bought RECAPIT it for $6.99 went home, carefully followed directions & recemented. I ate cereal & toast this am, brushed my teeth & it feels perfect. I cleaned out whatever glue (not much) was left in hole of crown, put cement onto back inner side as instructed, wet my tooth & slid tooth in. PERFECT…tight. will go to dentist in 2 days for perminant cement.. I had plenty of tooth to put cap back on & it worked PERFECTLY. if uyou don’t have enough tooth left, of course it won;t stay on.

  40. Dentemp Recapit is the biggest little rip off I’ve ever seen.
    I purchased a second tube yesterday and like the first tube the second tube was not even 25% full. It contained barely enough cement for one cap replacement.
    And this is at a cost of $169.81 an ounce not including tax, assuming you are getting a full gram.

  41. Want a good laugh… I met a lady in Florida that said her crown fell off and she reglued it with Super Glue and its still on 10 years later…

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