Halloween Candy and Your Teeth

Halloween Candy and Your Teeth

Halloween Candy and Teeth

I had a fun time trick or treating tonight with my son and daughter.  The first thing my daughter wanted to eat when she got back was a bag of pretzels she was given.  She eventually moved on to the candy.  When I went to brush her teeth before she went to bed, I got one side done and then she wouldn’t let me brush anymore.

I could see the Kit-Kat stuck to her teeth and told her we needed to clean them.  I took a picture to show her, and then she let me brush.  Here’s what the Kit-Kat did to her back teeth:

Brush Teeth on Halloween

Note that I had already brushed the teeth that are on the right in the photo.  This picture shows why people so often get cavities on the chewing surface of their teeth.

If I had simply not brushed her teeth tonight, that Kit-Kat probably woud’ve been sitting there for many hours, if not all night, since our salivary glands almost shut off while we sleep.  During this time, the bacteria in her mouth would have been enjoying the Kit-Kat and starting a cavity.

Find out how plaque cause cavities.

Hopefully this photo provides a good illustration as to why it is important to brush your teeth after eating sugary snacks.

Do you have any questions about Halloween candy and your teeth?  Write them below in the comments section.  Thanks for reading!


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