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Should Dentists Buy Back Halloween Candy from Kids?

Over the past week, I’ve heard of a few dental offices around the United States that are offering to buy back Halloween candy from kids.  The going rate is $1 per pound.  The dentists then take this candy and ship it overseas to American soldiers that are sacrificing for our country.

Here’s an article that talks more in-depth about this program.

Kids Trick or TreatingOn the surface, it seems like a great idea: free candy for the soldiers, money for the kids, and possibly less cavities for the kids.

On the flip side, it seems like this program kind of sucks the fun out of Halloween.  Isn’t Halloween about indulging yourself in great-tasting candy?

However, as a dental student, I can appreciate the promotion of oral health!

User badbutgood left a comment on this article about a Tennessee dentist who is buying back candy this Halloween:

“Let Kids be Kids! Halloween comes only once a year. Besides, most of the candy goes in the garbage after a few weeks anyway. (That is what I don’t sneak and eat.) I don’t let my child have the gummies or bubble gum because she has braces also. But buying back kids Halloween candy seems a little wrong to me.  Although, it’s a quick way to make some easy cash!”

This comment really made me think about these programs.  Here’s a few thoughts on the subject:

Should Kids Sell Their Candy to a Dentist This Halloween?

1 – No – It’s rip-off for the kids – The Halloween candy costs a LOT more than $1 per pound.  Trust me, now that I’m a grown up and am expected to buy Halloween candy to give out to kids, I can tell you from personal experience that the kids aren’t getting fair market value for their hard-earned candy.  Maybe the most enterprising children could negotiate a better rate with their dentists and fetch a couple of bucks for each pound.

2 – Yes – It’s a bargain for the kids – Who knows…  Maybe by selling a lot of their Halloween candy, they will avoid getting a cavity.  That alone could make the Halloween candy buy-back a bargain for the child.

3 – No – It might cause cavities in the soldiers – Last year they shipped 60 tons of candy overseas.  Maybe they caused 60 tons of cavities in the soldiers.

4 – Yes – It’s a worthy cause.  What soldier wouldn’t be delighted to get some candy from America?  It’s a win-win situation, the kids get some money, and a soldier gets some free candy from the good old USA.

5 – No – They’re selling a gift -The Halloween candy was given to the children for them to enjoy, not to make a profit.

Would You Sell Your Halloween Candy?

I don’t think I would have sold my candy as a kid.  My candy symbolized a hard night of work knocking on doors and lots of walking!

Let us all know what you would do or what you will do this Halloween in the comments section below.

By the way, if you don’t end up selling your candy or your children’s candy, be sure to check back here on Monday.  I’ll have an informative article detailing the best strategies that you can use to eat your Halloween candy and keep your teeth happy.

Have a happy Halloween this weekend and stay safe!



  1. It seems kind of like a big hassle. I don’t know how many pounds my kids will get this year, but probably just one or two. If they want me to buy it from them, I will for $1 per pound and then toss it. Let them enjoy their halloween candy. I did and my teeth arent too bad!

    • Thanks for your opinion, John R.

      I agree, it does seem like a hassle – but, it does help out the troops by giving them candy.


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