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Colored Braces: What Colors of Braces Can You Get?

Not too long ago, I spent a week of my dental school career in the orthodontics department, helping the future orthodontists to straighten people’s teeth.

Pink Colored BracesA lot of the teenagers’ favorite part of their appointment was at the very end when they got to choose what color their braces would be for the few weeks until their next appointment.

One dedicated high school football player wanted the colors of his school — they had lost their last game, and he was hoping that his braces would bring his team a much-wanted victory.

It was interesting to look at the psychology behind the color choices.  Everybody that told me what color they wanted felt like they had to justify their color choice.  Some people chose their favorite color or just a color to match their mood.

If you’re wondering why people with braces need those colored bands in the first place, read my previous article about why you have to have rubber bands on each tooth with braces.

The Available Colors of Bands on Braces

At my dental school, we use the 3M Unitek Alastik brand of braces bands.

This brand comes with a variety of colors which are pictured below:

Available Braces Colors

3M is a pretty popular brand among orthodontists.  If your orthodontist uses another brand and you want to know which colors are available for your braces, just ask.  Most orthodontists want to keep their patients happy and are willing to show you all of the available color options.

Read the article 60 Photos of Teenagers with Braces to see what people look like with different colors of braces.

Not Everyone Can Get Colored Braces

As I mentioned in my previous article about the colored bands on braces, there are a couple of different types of braces.  One type has a metal door that locks in the orthodontic wire, known as self-ligating braces, and the other type holds the wire in with a tiny, colored rubber band.

If you have the self-ligating variety of braces, you won’t be able to choose a color as the braces automatically hold in the wire.

What Do You Think of Colored Braces?

When I had my braces, I had the self-ligating type, so I never got to choose a color to spruce up the look of my braces.

Do you find colored braces distracting or do you like them?  If you have braces, what makes you decide what color to choose?  Leave your opinions below in the comments section!



  1. I think that overall the colors are great. It has helped teenagers to not feel so self-conscious about braces but has made them look cool. Sometimes they can be tacky though like when someone gets really weird colors or when you have boys getting pink!

      • Hi Tom,
        I live in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. I have been wearing train tracks for a year and then I had to wear “Twin Blocks” for another year. I have to get part of my gum removed in an operation that I have to pay £250.00 for even though I am an NHS patient. Now I have to wear train tracks for another two years and then I have to pay £125.00 to get a retainer made. My orthodontist is Mark McCreesh and my orthodontic practice is Cassidy & McCreesh.
        Why do I have to pay for a retainer even though I’m an NHS patient. My friend didn’t have to pay a penny for her treatment so why do I???

    • hey, I’m getting braces next week, I’m going for the colours lime green and pink, I think they work really well togethor and they are my faverioute coulors:D I’m quite exited to get them as I can’t wait for my new smile when they have been taken off. I’m glad I have come on this website it has made me much happier about getting my braces, thankyou:)

      • Those are a popular combination right now haha. I’m getting my colors changed in 2 weeks but, right now I have lime green and teal they go great together. But next I’m thinking about getting black and orange. How does that sound?

        • im gunna b gettin braces soon and im thinking of getting either blue and green or red and blue…. i dont think ill get black except for on halloween……… just bcuz it may look like u hv something in ur teeth…. but i may change my mind!!!! 🙂 lol 🙂

        • that sound amazing Brittany. That’s a pretty name too. Right now I have yellow purple and pink with a colored wire with a heart brackets the brackets are new and I really liked them so I was going to pick the rose but I picked hearts.

      • Hey everyone !!
        I’m thirteen and I recently went to the dentist.He now told that I will need braces.. But now the only problem is in having trouble figuring out what colour I should get :(. As I have a dark skin tone and I know pink is a great colour but I don’t want them to stand out too much… Please someone suggest some colours that would help..

    • I have to say, there is nothing wrong with boys getting pink braces, in fact, I think its quite cute and pretty damn individual.

    • our office does a breast cancer challenge with the kids. boys vs girls. you would not believe the amount of boys who choose pink. It is after all just a color.

    • This is very rude. Who’s to say one gender owns a colour? Grow up!
      Plus who are you to judge any colour combination anyways. People should wear whatever colour makes them feel good.

  2. I made the mistake of getting green once when I was a teen and everyone kept telling me I had spinach or something stuck in my teeth. Also, If you get white, no matter how white your teeth are they will appear yellow next to the white! And finally, pink makes it look like you have bubble gum stuck in your braces. These are all things I never considered until I was stuck wearing that color for a month! By the end of my braces-wearing days, I just got silver or gray every time since they made my braces less noticeable than all the other colors.

    • Thanks for your comment Dana! You had me laughing. I never realized that colored braces could affect your mouth in so many ways. I’m glad it all worked out for you and hopefully you’ve got some nice, straight teeth to show for all of that embarrassment during your “braces-wearing days!”

    • You’re right about the white and dark green (but not light) but seriously (no offense intended whatsoever in this comment) I mean doesn’t silver and gray just take all of the fun out of braces??? It might be less noticeable but almost everyone goes through braces and getting colors that blend it’s just no fun (this is for teens who might be reading this, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having bright colors)

      • HI im 12 turning 13 and have no idea whatsoever what colour braces i would like to get (as i need them for a VERY crooked tooth), what would you say would be a good colour??? i was thinking of maybe light blue and lavender, any help. PLEASE?

    • I’m getting braces tomorrow and I’m not sure wether to get pink for fun or light blue or grey because its practicle I have blind hair and blue/green eyes any ideas???

      • I would get light blue and grey pluz I am so scared does it hurt whem getting them on and how long does it take to get them on

  3. I loved having colored bands to choose from, but I remember having to think about when my next appointment would be when picking colors! It was fun to have black+orange at Halloween, and red+green in December….as long as I didn’t get stuck wearing Christmas colors for the first few weeks of January 🙂

    • Hi Beth,

      Although you wouldn’t need to wear rubber bands with self ligating braces, it might be possible. 3M, the makers of the braces we use at my dental school, has this to say:

      While 3M self-ligating braces do not require elastic bands to hold the wires in place, with your orthodontist’s approval, you can still choose to individualize your braces with colored elastic bands. However, you probably won’t want to since elastic bands add resistance and can actually lengthen your treatment time and cause discomfort.

      So, if you talk with your orthodontist and he or she says it’s fine for you to have colored rubber bands, then you could wearthem. But, keep in mind that it could cause some discomfort. Also, due to the extra force on your teeth, it may require you to be in braces for a longer period of time.

      I hope that helps. Thanks for your question!

  4. i have gone with a month of braces and my next dentist appointment is this thurseday and the only colors i have choosen are light green and purple. and my next appointment will be the second time i go. and can you please put up the colors that smilecare dentistry has for patients with braces.

    • Hi Jennifer – I’m not exactly sure which colors SmileCare dentistry would have. Since they appear to be a large chain, I am sure that they have a contract with one of the major companies that manufacture rubber ligatures for braces.

      I am sure that they would probably offer most of the colors shown in the photo above, but I can’t say anything with certainty.

      I hope your appointment goes well – Thanks for your comment, Jennifer!

  5. I am getting braces on Saturday and really looking forward to it. I think I am getting self ligating braces (as referred to as my dentist as ‘the new type of braces’) but I haven’t been sure if I cannot receive colours and as a 13 year old girl I am partial to wanting some pinks and purples! What sort of discomfort can it cause and how long would it pro-long it? To be honest, the only reason I was looking forward to them was for the colours!

    • Hi Charlotte – Your best bet is to talk to your orthodontist. As I mentioned in one of the comments above, it is possible to get colored bands on self-ligating braces, but it can lengthen your treatment time. This may lead some people to wonder if the extra time spent in braces is really worth it to get colored braces.

      Hopefully, if you’re set on getting colors with your braces, your orthodontist can find something that can straighten your teeth and allow you to have colored braces. I hope your braces treatment goes well! Thanks for the comment, Charlotte.

  6. i got my braces on Thursday, they are fine but they ache a little so i have to keep having medicine. its really hard to eat and sometimes i struggle with bread :S when will i be able to eat propally again? Also when i went on Thursday i didnt get a choice of colour, but the lady that fitted my braces said i will next time, so for now i have silver, and their actually ok, because they dont stand out alot and i dont have a sticky out lip. i had my Braces done on the NHS, so do i still get colour choices like this?

    • Hi Beth – I remember those days when I had braces and eating a piece of bread seemed like torture! The pain should go down after a couple of days and you’ll be able to use your teeth to chew through your favorite braces-friendly foods again.

      I would assume that the NHS would allow you to choose colors as long as your braces allow for rubber ligatures. Good luck with your braces treatment, Beth! Thanks for your comment!

    • Hi my friend had hers done on the NHS and she got a limited choice of colours of only blue, pink and silver. I hope I’ve helped, and good luck with ur treatment, with only just gotten on Monday I no how it feels.

      • On the NHS couloirs are widely advaidable however the orthodontists in the UK normally go on the oral health reward system where if you have been looking after your teeth and your braces you will be rewarded with the coulour bands otherwise you will revive clear or silver/grey,

  7. Hi,
    My name is Silvia Kusel. I’m an Account Manager at Lancer Orthodontics, we carry many colors for ligature ties that go on your braces. Feel free to view the colors online

    Your Orthodonist could purchase a bag of 3000 ligature ties for $12.00.

    By the way Smilecare orders all there supplies from Lancer Orthodontics in Vista, CA

  8. what r some really cool color combinations for an 11 year old girl? just wondering cuz im getting mine next month. 🙂

    • Hey Lauren – I think you could probably get away with any color. We do see a lot of pink/purple colors in girls. If you want to experiment with a lot of different colors, there is an online braces color chooser that you can use to see how different colors will look on your teeth.

      You can click here to use it – just click on a color, then click on the teeth or click “All, Even, Odd, Upper, or Lower” after selecting the color.

      I hope that helps. Good luck with your braces!

  9. hey i go to an orthidonist called ummm well his name is [name removed] and i was wondering what colors i could get at his office??? 😀 thanks 😀

    • Hi Celeste – The picture above shows the basic colors that most orthodontists have available. If you have any doubts, you can try calling their office and seeing what colors they actually have. I wish I could be of more help! Thanks for your comment – let me know if you have any other questions.

  10. Hi!
    I’m really upset because I have damon system braces and i was wondering if i could still get colors because i was really looking foward to it and they didnt give me colors. SO can I get colors for damon system braces?

    • Hi Louise – Since Damon Braces are self-ligating, there isn’t a need for the colored rubber ligatures on them. Also, since they are smaller, I don’t think they would be able to have rubber bands on them even if you wanted them.

      I wish I could give you better news. You can talk to your orthodontist specifically about this and they might be able to do something for you, but no guarantees. I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment!

        • Hi!

          I went to my orthodontist today and she let me choose colors on my top four front teeth! I was really glad that I could get them! I got screaming pink, orange blast and plum crazy!

          Thanks for your help 8)

          • Hi Louise – Thanks for the update! I’m glad you were able to get some colored bands on your braces. Depending on how your teeth are aligned, sometimes orthodontists don’t mind putting colors on the self-ligating braces.

            That sounds like a fun color combination!

  11. Heya, i think this site is really sweet it’s 6 days until i get some traintracks.. i’m getting them with detaline (i think that’s how you spell it) anway i don’t know if i’d get the colour put on straight away .. ???

    • Hi Sandra – Your orthodontist will be able to give you the best answer on this one. If it is completely on the outside of your mouth, it might not make too much of a difference. If it goes through to the inside of your mouth, it could affect the position of your lips at rest, which can affect your orthodontic treatment. Most importantly, you don’t want a piercing to come into contact with your braces because it can work against the forces that are moving your teeth into proper position.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Sandra!

    • Hi Luke – I’m not sure if there is a maximum. The only limit is that you should probably only have one rubber ligature per tooth. If you’ve got brackets on all 28 teeth (no wisdom teeth), then that means you could possibly have 28 different colors. You might want to check with your orthodontist to see if they’re willing to do that many colors.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Luke.

  12. Red, white and blue for the 4th sounds cool… love the black and orange for Halloween and I’d do red and silver for christmas (and maybe other colors added.)

    my question is, I am getting my braces on July 27th and i’m going to be 56 in October, isn’t having colors a bit strange for someone my age? LOL

    • Hi Valerie – Sounds pretty patriotic and festive! Since it’s less common for adults to wear braces than kids, it seems that most adults try to hide the fact that they have braces. If you had colored braces, they definitely would stand out! You can ask your orthodontist where or not you’ll be getting self-ligating braces (In that case, you don’t need the rubber bands to hold the wire in place.) If you do have to get rubber bands put on, you might try a more inconspicuous color such as white or silver. Keep in mind that white may be more likely to stain depending on what kinds of food you eat.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck with your braces, Valerie!

      • Don’t worry about standing out! Anyhow, you can always get invisible braces as well, I am sure your orthodontist has a pair of them.

    • Valerie,
      I am 43 and just had my second set of metal braces put on. (first set at age 16) I love having the colors to choose from. I am wearing the Metallic Blue at the moment and love matching my braces with my business attire and casual clothes. I plan on the Red and Silver combo for Christmas this year and plan on the Hot Red for Valentines day. I feel like I am a teenager again and I am having fun this time around with my braces. Enjoy them and have fun with it, it sure will make the time they are on go by quicker!

    • Hi Brooke – You could try your favorite colors, your school colors, or holiday colors (Patriotic colors work over the summer.)

      Some other colors that go together well are:

      Pink and purple
      Red and pink
      Purple and blue
      Black and blue
      Red and orange
      Blue and green
      Green and yellow
      Yellow and orange
      Rainbow (all different colors!)

      Obviously there are many different combinations. You might want to ask your orthodontist which colors they recommend for people your age. They’ll probably have some good ideas since they see lots of people with colored braces!

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment, Brooke!

  13. I love the look of colored braces! To me it is another way to express your personality ( nail polish, lipstick, etc.) Back when I was in school, over 25 years ago, my friends with braces didn’t have the colored ones, and they were VERY self-conscious about their braces. I think it’s great that these colored bands are available, as I’m sure it helps many teens overcome their self-consciousness about smiling or showing people their braces.

  14. The first time I had braces, I had the self-ligating braces. But my retainer broke and now I have to get them again. This time I’m going to a different orthodontist so I can choose my colors. I want to get bright pink for my braces, because pink is my favorite color. Some people give odd reasons for their colors, i just love pink.

  15. hello. I would like to ask would the color Obscure be good to choose for braces ?
    just asking because i am going in September to get my colors changed, and pulled and im just wondering if it would look good. And if i can ask can someone upload a pic about the colour on actual braces??? thankyou
    please answer my question
    eni xx

    • Hi Eniko – Obscure can be a good color as it makes your braces blend in better to your teeth. With lighter colors, sometimes they can stain if you eat certain foods with lots of color like tomato-based foods and curry.

      If anyone has a photo of their braces colors for Eniko to look at, you can upload it using this form and I will post it.

      I hope that helps, Eniko. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for your comment!

    • Hi Kate – You should be able to pick colors as long as you’re not getting self-ligating braces.

      I hope that helps – Thanks for your comment! Let me know if you have any other questions, Kate.

  16. Hi I’m getting braces soon and I’m 11 but I want to kno what are all the types of braces and what are colors that will stand out I want my eyes to pop
    I have brown eyes dark brown hair and medium tan skin ( this is to help select color ) thank u in advance

    • Hi Kelsey – I’m not too good at color choice, but my wife says turquoise/blue will help your eyes pop since it’s the opposite of brown. Good luck with braces!

  17. Hey Tom! I just wanted to thank you for all the helpful tips I’ve learned from you! You’ve made this whole deal a good bit easier! Thanks!

  18. Hi!
    I have a question for you. I got my braces about 3 weeks ago. They only put the ligatures/colors on the middle four brackets on top and 5 of the middle six brackets on the bottom. I was wondering why this would be?? Thanks!

    • Hi Anna – It may be possible that your braces are self-ligating (that don’t need the colored ligatures) and they just put the colors on the front ones so that you would have colored braces. Just a guess – If you want to know for sure, I would ask your orthodontist to see why they did that.

      I wish I could be of more help – if you find out, let me know. Thanks!

  19. Hi!
    I have a question about power chains. Are they only used for closing gaps or can they also be used to create a little bit of space between teeth???


    • Hi Anna – They are normally used for closing gaps. As far as I know, there are better ways to create space between teeth than pulling the adjacent teeth together with a power chain.

      I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  20. Hey!

    On my top teeth with ligatures, the colored bands were put on in a “two slashes” form. Looks like this: “\\”.
    However, on my bottom teeth with ligatures the band goes in an “O” shape like most are seen in.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Anna – They could have done that to change the amount of tension that is holding the wire in place, or it could be the design of the bracket. If you find out the exact reason, let me know. It’s good that you’re so interested in your treatment. Good luck with your braces, Anna!

  21. Three weeks after turning 18 I got braces. Talk about bad timing >.<
    However, this was a decision I made myself & in the end it'll make me very happy. I have a color called rose on my braces right now and I love it 🙂 I'm thinking to get purple and silver on my next appointment. Or who knows maybe some blue too. Unless I chicken out and get a color that will show less. Do you recomend gray?

    • Hi Vanessa – My wife said she got gray a lot because it blended into the braces, so it all depends on whether or not you want people to notice them, I guess. Good luck with braces! Hopefully they don’t hurt too much.

  22. Hello! Next week i’m getting braces and “screaming pink” and “extreme green” are the best colours for me. I’m 14 and i think that the teenagers love these colours.

    • I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove those colours to.
      I like them cuz Avril Lavigne has them on her bangs!

      PS I am getting my braces after 3 days and i am getting those colours but i have to wear a headset (only at home)

  23. Im getting braces soon and im really scared because some people tell me they hurt alot so im really scared… do they hurt ?

  24. Hello,
    I am having my final consultation next week and the orthodontist was saying how I have a huge over bite (I can fit my thumb in between my teeth) and that he wanted to pull my bottom jaw forward and my upper jaw backwards. Also my top teeth kinda stick out slanted like…as you can tell I have a messed up mouth. I was just wondering if you could tell me what my orthodontist might want to do because I am inpatient and I cannot wait til next week! Also do you know how long after having your consultation that you actually get braces?

  25. Hi, I’m getting my braces next week but I’m getting self-ligating. I really want colour and I have heard about getting coloured arch wires? I have also heard of coloured ligatures, whatever those might be. Have you heard of any of these?

  26. im 13 and i have too get braces im going too the orthadontist october 19th im scared there gunna hurt. Will they hurt? What color should i get i want pink but someone told me it will look like i have bubble gum stuck in my teeth what should i do ? Please Help!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Danielle – If you go for a bright pink, I’m sure it won’t look like bubble gum too much. How much braces hurt depends on the person. The first day or two is usually the worst, and sometimes it’s really not all that bad. You can check out this article: Do Braces Hurt?

      Come back and leave a comment after you get them on to let us know how you’re doing. Thanks for your comment!

  27. Hi I when i get braces i want colored braces and I heard about ones that are one cooler and connect by another her if those are real which to colors would work for a 11 year old girl

    P.S. I like blue

  28. Hello Tom. I need some help. I was looking at braces and stuff online when i came upon your website. I get braces in 3 weeks and spacers in 2 weeks. I was thinking about getting orange and blue braces (by the way-i’m 11) and i just wanted to know if you thought that was smart. I am really nervous because i am very scared that they are going to hurt when i get them on. I was just wondering if you knew if you could get colored rubber bands (not on the brakets–just the connecting rubber bands that connect your top to the bottom in the front) because none of my friends have to have rubber bands and i love color, so i am afraid that i won’t get any color and i will get something dull. Thanks and i hope you get a chance to answer!

    PS: Sorry the message was so long–i'm really nervous

  29. Hello, i have to get multiple teeth extracted before getting braces and I was wondering how much time should be in between the extraction and the braces? the teeth extraction is on the 17th of jan. and the braces are feb 26th so is that too much time between the extractions and the braces because i’ve read that there shouldn’t be extended periods of time between teeth extractions and getting braces.

  30. what color braces should i get if i like to race dirt bikes, and my hair color is blonde, and my eyes are blue

  31. Thanks for responding Beau:) I was also wondering about teeth shifting, cause when you get your braces off if you don’t wear your retainer often your teeth can shift back to their original position, and i’m not sure if they’ll give me a retainer after the surgery so i was wondering since there is more than a month between the surgery and getting the braces can my teeth shift significantly after getting some teeth extracted?

  32. Thanks for responding Beau, I was also wondering about teeth shifting, cause when you get your braces off if you don’t wear your retainer often your teeth can shift back to their original position, and i’m not sure if they’ll give me a retainer after the surgery so i was wondering since there is more than a month between the surgery and getting the braces can my teeth shift significantly after getting some teeth extracted? oh nd btw i think u should try sky blue braces to go with your eyes:)

  33. Hi Tom,
    I’m getting braces probably this summer or some time in December (were not sure yet) and I was wondering how do I know beforehand if I need ligature braces or self-ligating braces? Also, my best friend says when she first got her braces, they caused her a lot of pain because they cut the inside of her mouth. Will that happen to me and will I get used to it quickly? One last thing, my friend recently got her larger rubber bands that fit around her top and bottom braces and she says they hurt really bad. Is this true? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just a little nervous about the whole thing.

    • Hi Bryanna – Our orthodontic training wasn’t extremely in-depth as I am studying to be a dentist, not an orthodontist. With that said, I’m not sure how an orthodontist determines the need for self-ligating vs. ligature braces but I plan to research it and write an article about it soon.

      If they do cut the inside of the mouth, usually the mouth forms a tougher layer of tissue that will stop the braces from cutting them. You can use wax also to keep the braces from cutting you.

      Moving teeth can hurt. My braces usually only hurt for a few days after I got them adjusted. I’m sure it will go well for you – good luck with your braces treatment!

      • what exactally though? Also Is the head ste hard to have? How big is the cuts because my mom will make me have saly water to heal them fast so I don’t complain.

      • Tom,
        For me, I never use the wax anymore because it only delays it cutting your gums. If you take off the wax, it’ll just go ahead and cut you then.

        For me, it always hurts like crazy when I get them tightened (like yesterday), for anywhere from, like, 3-5 days. (I start school day after tomorrow)

        What I do, is I go ahead and let them cut me, so I’ll be used to it and they’ll heal over while the rest of my mouth is already hurting.

        I’ve had braces for 9-10 months, and still have almost a year to go. Ugggh


  34. well, i have had braces for about a year now, and i get purple every time…. it isn’t that noticeable, especially in pictures 🙂

    • Your name is really cool 🙂 I dont know if you did it on purpose, but your name is the same as a Christian artist (and author) I like.

  35. I’m 16 now no longer have braces but I had them for a few years and was seeing an orthodontics for a few years for treatment before I even got braces but I guess it was worth it haha. But my favourite was always pink and blue :3 the only downfall to the braces was that the wires used to cut into my gums :/ and the wax stuff wasn’t much good as when I took it off, they would just repeatedly cut. But I learned to deal with it…and Bonjela helps a lol 😉

    • it depends on your ortho i asked mine and they said they like to do 2 because its easier in my opinion a lot of diffrent colors are tacky i recomend 2 or 3 colors one on top one on bottom, every other one, or lets say you want 3 colors blue, pink and green the top could be pink/green/pink/green… the bottom however could be Blue/pink/blue/pink compleatly up to you and your ortho but ..]……000000000i hope i helped

  36. Hello. My name is Mia and I have been an orthadontist patient since I was 5 years old. I had a promenent top jaw. I am now 12 years old and i’m getting braces on Thursday 1st December 2011. (this thursday.) im thinking of getting multicoloured or purple. just wanted to leave a comment so 🙂 brilliant article by the way

  37. Okay I am Kayla and I have to get braces in January and I’m kinda scared that it will hurt.. will it hurt or will it be okay and would purple and teal go together?? Thankss!!

    • Hi I totally feel u I’m getting braces in january too. I kno some people say it’s a pain but If u take meds it won’t be so bad and ur color chooses are cool I though of getting purple and hot pink I hope it goes good I hope we can talk in the future my name is Kelsey if u want contact me if u need love and hugs good luck
      If u need anything let me kno I will tri to get with u

  38. hi um im wondreing what color braces i should get im 10 with brown hair and brown eyes it would be really helpfull


  39. I’m getting braces in january. January is 17 days away any advice is helpful please contact me and also I have a YouTube so wen I get my braces I will do videos my YouTube name is klovergotit

  40. I’m getting braces Jan. 3 and I’m planning getting them all hot pink. Is there a problem with pink? Also, what is the worst part of having braces?

  41. Hi im getting braces soon but the dentist said that my baby teeth grew into my jaw bone, yet they are still putting on the braces before they do the surgery to get the teeth removed, why is that?

  42. Hey I’m 14 (male) and I am probably about to get braces put on in the next few months, what colours are durable for my age and which ones would look childish?? Thanks for the help =]

    • Hi I think colors for a young male would be like black or blue. I kno they say if u get black ur teeth will look yellow but that’s not true of u take care of them. My friend( male ) has blue and my other friends (males) had black. The other friend has orange. Believe it or not some GURLS like colors or dudes that they like. My fav color is red and my cousin got red it it was pretty. Get darker colors and don’t be scared to go all out wit braces. I’m getting braces in a few weeks or next month. When I get them I’ll start makin YouTube videos my name is klovergot2 on YouTube so rate my videos thanks And hoped this helped

  43. Thanks for that it Really helped!!!! I am considering one black and then one blue and so on …. Alternating 🙂 I will be keeping an eye out for your videos 😀 thanks again

  44. I’m getting braces tomorrow and im looking forward to it I am going to chose hot pink and lime green I am so happy because in 2 years my teeth will be strait. I hope I look good lol

  45. Hey my friend just got braces yesterday and she is in a lot of pain right now I am just wondering because I’m getting braces in like 2 or 3 weeks will they hurt. Oh and I was wondering what colors I should get and I’m a Tom-boy so I don’t like pink because it makes me feel like a girlie girl.

    • Taytum I had braces for 4 days now, and I still can’t eat the way I want to the pain is easing away…it doesn’t hurt to get them on, but 2 hrs later you will feel it. Just take some pain killers for a couple of days and you will be fine, in about a week you should be feeling no pain at all.

    • They only hurt for the first day or so. I’m a sensitive person to. Take an Advil or some kind of pain relief before you go and after the medicine wears off. Just don’t forget to take it or your mouth will hurt really bad!

    • Pink/ bright(neon)green
      purple/bright green

      i don’t like red very much, or orange

      Do not get yellow, brown, clear (usually will stain), or dark green!!!

  46. hi my name is Selena and i mite need a spacer if i have teeth on the top of my mouth and it is like on my gums what will i need for them to come down straight a spacer or braces

  47. Hey, I’m 15 years old and i had around 6 appointments so far on my braces. The problem is that why didn’t my dentist ask me which colours i want for braces. All i have now is just plain silver and it looks so boring. Is it because he doesn’t have any colours or is it because i have to pay extra money for colours?

  48. I have an appointment tomorrow with my orthodontics. I don’t know what color braces I should get. I was wondering if you can help me out a little ? It would be so great if you could.

  49. Hi,well im getting my braces the day after tommorow and i really don`t know what to expect.Anyways what colors do most 12 year olds wear?

    • see above

      Oh, fine1 I’ll copy and paste my answer from earlier 😉

      Pink/ bright(neon)green
      purple/bright green

      i don’t like red very much, or orange

      Do not get yellow, brown, clear (usually will stain), or dark green!!!


  50. Hey, im getting braces put on next thursday and im worried that people will laugh because i have to have the elastic bands to help my overbite/cross bite:/ has anyone on here had this problem?!..

    • Almost every teen has had them and i am getting them soon! but here are some tips
      Before you put them on you can stretch them with your fingres..get cool neon ones:)

  51. i might be getting braces in april i have brown eyes and a carmel colored hair with red highlights what color would be a good choice?

  52. hi my son is 16 and having train track braces this week and hecant decide on colours. please help….he has dark hair blue eyes

  53. hi tom!.,
    i was just wondering, can i combine some colors for braces?
    or its another cost of money,when i combine,
    cause i like to combine light blue and teal
    cause i love blue soo much!
    is the color alright?
    well if having COLORED BRACES is an add to a money
    is there uncolored braces?

    • Hi Jade – Yes, you can combine colors as long as they are all single bands (not a powerchain) I think light blue and teal would work great.

      There are “uncolored” braces that don’t need colored bands to hold them in. Talk with your dentist/orthodontist to see which kind you’ll be getting.

      Good luck with your braces!

      • oohh!! tnx so much for your reply!!
        i have my braces now.
        well it really helped..
        my mum wanted my braces to look colorful
        so i agreed with those with rubberbands.
        yes your right! light blue and teal works great!
        and it matches our uniform!
        so my classmates started calling me blue girl,.
        well what can they do i love that color!

        tnx for your reply Tom!
        it really does help.

        P.S. my braces just hurt about 10 Hours!
        and then my teeth back to normal like i dont have braces at all.!

  54. Dear Tom,
    What is the difference between self ligurature, ligurature, and regular braces? Thanks just wondering getting braces soon.

    • Hi Abby – Braces are either self-ligating or they need a rubber ligature to hold the band in. The self-ligating ones have a metal door that holds the wire in place whereas the braces requiring ligatures are metal, but have a rubber band (usually colored) that holds the braces wire in place. I hope that helps!

  55. I am getting braces in a few weeks (finally) and I wanted to get the colors teal and gold. Do you think they would go well together?

  56. Hey I’m a teen and I always get two colors for every other. I think it’s fun to show your “true-colors” (lol pun) but really it’s just a way to express your self kinda like earrings. I think it’s fun to get spunky colors like extreme green and plum purple together because despite what others say I really like it, and I think it’s what’s fun about braces!

  57. Hi, I got my braces 2 months ago, and now I have a wire sticking out at an end where the braces stop. Is that because of my teeth moving and the brackets going with the teeth? But, I have been putting wax on the wire so I have no pain until my next visit. … But so far being in braces I can’t feel them in my mouth and are giving me a better smile, can’t wait till I have a straight smile.

    • Hey, I hve braces and I do agree there are many colors . But yes you do get to change out what colors you get every appointment.

  58. I’m Phill and I’m a teen and I had braces put on, the bandy ones, three weeks ago using this chart. I wish i found this earlier as it was so much help with choosing in the future, I have the Mediterranean Blue on the top (I don’t have bottom braces) and I love them, I wanted them for ages as both their actual use and for aesthetic reasons because they are so popular and common among young people, i also find that they often make a guy or girl a lot cuter but I don’t know if that’s just me. I chose my colour because I couldn’t choose on the spot and was guided to this or the midnight glow if i wanted to stay safe but next time I think I’m going to have either Midnight Glow with Plum Crazy, or M. Purple and M. Blue just because i want something different 🙂

  59. Hey, I am possibly getting braces soon. Have my first appointment Wendsday to get my exray etc.
    However, I have a tongue piercing. Will that affect braces?

  60. Is it possible to get green, white, and orange? I want to go with the colours of Ireland. And does it hurt to get braces?

  61. Hi, Tom. I just wanted to say that this is a great article! It really helped me a lot. I’m getting FastBraces, otherwise known as Viazis braces. They have triangular brackets with 3 “prongs” instead of 4. Do you know if I can get colore elastic ligatures with these? If not, could you take a look at a picture of the fast braces and get back to me ASAP? Thanks!

  62. On another note, here’s a couple tips that I learned from my friends (I’m 14.) my friend Chris got all red once and at least once a day, someone would ask him if his teeth/gums were bleeding. It’s not a good choice. Also, all black looks like you either have something in your teeth or severe decay. All dark green is not good either. It tends to look like lettuce in your teeth. I hope this helped someone! 🙂

  63. I am really scared of getting braces, my mum says I need them to close a gap in my teeth. Does it hurt? I like the colours but I don’t know if they have them and whether I will change my mind. I live in the channel islands, a quiet place with not much, I don’t think they will have many colours. Thanks! Xxx

  64. Hey, I’m getting braces in September and this definitely made it more exciting! thanks I’m getting extreme green and screaming pink. Cant wait!

  65. I am getting braces and i didnt want them but when i saw all these cool colors i felt diffrently i am doing black and red

  66. Hi, I’m getting braces soon, and I rather like the idea of the coloured bands. But my dentist didn’t really elaborate on my braces much, so I don’t know which kind I’ll be getting. So I was wondering how common self-ligating braces are, and if they’re used to treat special things? I have an overbite, and a gap between my two front teeth. I’m rather anticipating getting my braces with the coloured bands, so I was just wondering what self-ligating braces do.

  67. Hi, I’m getting my braces soon and i was wondering if I can still play the alto saxophone in my school band with braces on ?

    • Hi Andrea – I would think you still should be able to play. It will probably require some changes to the way you’re used to playing, but once you get used to them, I would think you should be able to play the saxophone as good as you can now. Good luck!

  68. I’ve noticed that you should stay away from the colors black white and yellow. They definitely make your teeth look weird.

  69. Is neon green a good colour to get? And what about black because some people say they make your teeth look yellow?

    • Hi Amber – Neon green could work. You can try getting one at the orthodontist’s office and holding it up to your teeth to make sure it’s what you want.

      White really seems to make people’s teeth look yellow. Black might also make it look yellow, but I have heard that some people think it makes their teeth look whiter. Some good choices to make your teeth look more white are darker colors like dark green, navy blue, and maroon.

      Keep in mind, it’s not permanent – so if you don’t like your colors, they will probably be changed at the next visit. I hope that helps – good luck with your braces!

  70. I am 19 years old and I am receiving braces in a few weeks. I decided to go with the traditional metal braces. What colors look most natural and non noticeable on teeth?

    Thank you!

  71. Im gonna have to get braces and i want to get gray and blue. But i heard there is a glow in the dark and i want to know if it will match the blue and gray?

  72. Do you get to choose your color the first day you get your braces ?…How many colors can you get at one time?

  73. For anyone who is wondering about colors I would recommend ether Mediterranean or light blue. They basically go with everything but if you like bright colors than go for bright colors you can always change them 🙂 p.s. this isn’t speaking from experience just what I think would work, I have to get braces soon 🙂

  74. Hi Tom,
    Just wanted to say thank you very much for making such an informative website!
    It has really helped me alot and has made me seriously consider doing something about my teeth.
    I’ve always had a dental phobia, and have always hated my teeth.I’m a female in my early 20s.
    I’ve gone through life never being able to smile or laugh, or even looking directly at a person when speaking to them because I don’t want them to see my teeth.

    My teeth are all pretty much okay-ish, apart from the top right tooth, it is very crooked, kind of turns inwards due to overcrowding, I’ve often fantasized about knocking the tooth out, I hate it that much.
    I’ve never really been to a dentist about it because I’m ashamed and I know I probably can’t afford it anyway, and even if I could afford braces I don’t know if I could handle having them on for so long as things regarding teeth highly irritate me.

    Ive always wanted to ask a dentist if this is possible:
    To have my crooked front tooth removed and replaced with a straight dental implant, even if it has to be smaller than my other tooth, just to stop it from being so obvious.
    (I’m not planning on showing my teeth off, or smiling widely, just want it to appear that I have normal sort of teeth while talking)
    People have asked me before if I am missing a tooth because that’s basically what it looks like when viewed from an angle below me. (I’m quite tall)
    It has severely effected my quality of life and self confidence. I rarely even talk to anyone because I’m so ashamed.

    Do you have any suggestions of what could be done, in alternative to braces.and how much it would cost?
    I know dental implants cost around 5k, and I could definitely see myself having it done so it’s just over with straight away without wasting anymore of my life being a recluse. Ive just realized how quickly life is passing me by. It’s depressing.

    If braces are my only option, how much do they cost? And how long would someone like me need to wear them? My front bottom teeth are also a bit crooked but nothing as bad as my front tooth.

    Or is there some other procedure I could have done to solve my problem, such as veneers or a bridge?

    Thank you so much for reading, it means alot to me, I’ve never even had the guts to anonymously ask anyone about this because it just.. This deep seeded shame I’ve felt for a long time.. so I generally try to avoid it altogether and not even mention to word “teeth” in fear of drawing attention to my own, the word teeth almost makes me cringe, instantly reminding me about my own.
    People don’t realize how much bad teeth can effect your confidence. I often get told I’m a pretty girl, but if I wasn’t covering my mouth I’m sure they’d have a different view. Sorry for sounding like a sook.
    Thanks again for listening. Wow it feels nice to get it off my chest!

    • Fang,
      You sound like a wonderful young lady!!
      Please consult a dentist, there are many that offer a free (or low cost) initial consultation including x-rays and then they can fully describe your options.
      You have much to offer and a new smile will do wonders for your ability to also help others.
      Seek referals from your friends or on-line reviews of dentists or orthodontists in your area.
      Best wishes!!

      • Thank you so much for responding. I’ve noticed Tom hasn’t been responding much lately, so I stopped coming to this site to check..I randomly found this site again while searching for wisdom teeth removal after care and realized it was the same site I visited last month.
        I finally got my ass to a dentist, and got the ball rolling. First stop was wisdom teeth removal. I’m still in alot of pain, but the pain is diminished when I think of the outcome at the end ^_^
        In two weeks time I just need to get 1 filling, then I’ll be getting braces. WOO HOO! I never ever thought I’d be one of those fancy people who get braces. They cost so much.. But after learning about payment plans I realized I can afford it. (though paying 7k upfront would be quite a struggle) the first place I was going to go through was going to cost 7k, but I was referred to another which only costs 4k-5k, and my health insurance will pay almost half! So I’m only going to be about 3k out of pocket, but over 18 months, that’ll be fine ^_^ (yay)
        Surprisingly the ortho thinks straightening my teeth will be easy. (I thought I was going to be a horror story) my teeth seem so bad to me because everyone in my town seems to have perfect pearly white teeth.. So I’m truly ecstatic to know my case won’t be too difficult to treat. I was hearing horror stories about people who needed braces for 5 years and up, and I didn’t want to take the chance of that happening to me.. But I’m finally ready to take the plunge, and hopefully in a years time I will have straight teeth and be able to talk and smile without hiding.
        Thank you so much for responding, it’s nice to have some reassurance.
        I’m going to take a photo of my teeth once a month and make a time lapse video when I’ve finished treatment! The thought of taking a photo of my teeth scares me, but I know someday they’ll be straighter, so I won’t have to feel the deep seeded shame I have felt for the past decade or so… I wonder if I’ll get to pick which colors I want. I now see braces as a good thing, a privilege. Where as when I was younger, I was very fearful of them because everyone at school with braces tended to get bullied.. How silly that that’s the case.. The worse thing is, the kids who did the bullying often had terribly crooked teeth themselves.. I now look back and wonder if the bullying came from shame they had themselves. Who knows! But once my teeth start straightening, I will proudly show off my braces and embrace my adult dorkiness. 🙂

        The dentist scoffed at my question to get dental implants too.. I dont know why it sounds so bizarre to him.. It’s a good quick fix, but then he explained dental implants don’t feel like real teeth, and it’s best to keep your natural teeth as long as possible.. And it’s only a year of a little bit of discomfort to have all my teeth straightened.. So I agree that is the better option, and am now excited to get my bracies ^_^

        • i am getting braces on the first of october im excited and my teeth arnt crooked but spaced horribly and i have a over bite i hate my teeth my dentist said max 2 years but if i do everything rite it will decrease the time dramaticly so as long as you where and do what you need to it should be rite around when your dentist says maby even shorter i was going to tell you about payment plans but looks like you beat me to it!! im 16 and braces are so common in school now football players have them almost everyone but y would you just leave your teeth when you can fix them my dentist said i would be a very good canadate for invisalighn witch is a invisable braces and i didnt want them because everyone around me is getting their teeth fixed but even if i got them you wouldnt be able to tell i was making an effort to fix my smile! so i believe you should look at it that way at least you are making an effort and everyone can see that i hope i helped just think positive and learn to love them my sister had a horrible dentel phobia but my dentist is so good she loves it now (she is 29) wen you go in you get i think three shots in the back of your mouth but i swear you can not feel anything at all i got a root canal and i almost fell asleep no joke it felt good like i was getting a very noisy massage so if you live in the indiana area i could definatkly give you my dentists websight!

          • Aw thank you so much beck.. It’s sweet that people are so accepting of braces these days.. You’re so lucky you’re getting braces when you’re younger.. I wish I had gotten them as a teen.. You have a much better success rate because the bones haven’t formed properly behind the teeth yet. I’m worried that when I get mine off, they’ll end up crooked again.I’ve heard alot of people saying that happened to them (because they didn’t wear a retainer) and that’s quite a daunting thought.. You better make sure you wear your retainer when you get them off! If I were 16 when i got braces..I know I would have never worn a retainer.. But as an adult, I’d rather it be done right the first time and never have to do it again! When I was in primary school people used to bully kids with braces.. But I’ve realised these days it’s kinda in fashion to have braces.. We are in the era where technology is cool, back in my day, you were a geek if you spent even an hour a day on the computer.. Now you’re weird if you don’t spend time on the computer. Even if it wasn’t more acceptable these days, I still would smile proudly with my braces.. Just because I’m so happy we have options to fix our flaws… Technology is great these days. When I wrote that comment I honestly thought I’d never build up the courage to go see an ortho.. Been almost 3 months of braces and my teeth are almost straight already. Except my overbite needs to kinda move back.. It’s more of an alignment problem rather than crooked teeth though.. Seriously my teeth are almost straight after just months, I am in awe at how quickly teeth move! They have become a fact of life now.. At first it was so weird. Have you got yours fitted yet? The first few months it feels so weird.. Now it’s second nature.. I still eat chocolate and hard foods though, and even chew gum and stuff. You just have to learn how to do it, and do it slowly and break things into small pieces.. Can’t believe I avoided this for so long, I was a sook.. Now I’m least ill have nice straight teeth before I’m 25. It sure beats having crooked teeth my whole life.. Don’t take them for granted, you’re so lucky you have parents who love you enough to pay for braces..not all of us are that lucky.. Many parents won’t, even for kids with severe teeth problems.. It’s sad.. I always refused to see the dentist, I was a stupid kid.. Never thought of the life long consequences! Anyway, cheers TO US, in just a few years time, we will be smiling with our gorgeous straight teeth! Teeth are SO important.. From confidence, to job opportunities, to even dating.. Crooked teeth are frowned on in western countries.. So everyday instead of waking up thinking damn these braces are annoying, we should instead think, damn we are lucky to have these tools to provide us with confidence and opportunities in the future.. Being able to smile at a man to flirt is one thing I’ve never been able to do.. So lets be happy someday we might be smiling at our future husband across the bar haha ^_^ good luck with your treatment!

  75. Get a dark color. Dark magenta, black, and dark navy blue look good. Don’t get dark green, it looks like spinach. Don’t get red, it looks like you have cool-aid stains on your teeth. Don’t get white or yellow, it makes your teeth look yellow. Don’t get pink, it looks like bubble gum. Don’t get mixed colors, it looks childish and weird unless the combination is really similar and if it works. Teal looks okay, but Dark Magenta is definitely the best. If your dentist doesn’t have it, than get a dark red or navy blue. Dark purple looks okay too.

  76. Heyya i’m 17 and due to get braces soon personally I prefer the colored ones as it makes the braces look nicer and to be honest its become more of a fashion thing and I personally think color braces are rather trendy an it makes them unique from other peoples ,However I am trying to decide on a color at the moment as I think I’m getting my braces next Thursday but I can’t decide what color my original thought was pink but then a lot of girls have that color and I don’t know the color would suite me so then thought of green like the Kelly green in the picture above as lime green is my favorite color but I wouldn’t want a light green in-case it looked like I have something on my teeth obviously I know I would have but hope you get my drift 🙂 my third thought now is a turquoise/teal colour as my mum is always saying that sort of bluey colour suites me due to my ginger hair , skin tone and hazel eyes but I really have no Idea I love braces on other people but cant seem to decide so any suggestions would be great thanks 🙂

    • my mom and my sister have red hair and the colors that they look good in are: a calm blue a calm gray pink a dark kind of forest green (all tho i wouldnt get really dark or really bright braces tottaly up to you) the colors i never let my mom where are: PURPLE never ever do i let her where purple! black just makes her look mean but on my sister these colors look good because my mom is a dark red and my sister is the natural normal red color BUT she puts lots of blond highlights in her hair so it looks more of a strawberry blong witch is georgous by the way im 16 and i get my braces on the 1st of october some people say they hurt lika ____ and some say they bother them like a discomfort but no pain and some say they are barely noticable!

  77. so i am getting braces on the first of october i have a few thoughts in mind but i just waanted to say i have been on this sight for like 2 hours and find it very helpful i have heard diffrent things from diffrent people like it hurts lika or its just discomfort or it doesnt hurt at all but i guess it all depends on you im bout to find onut in 4 days wish me luck!!!!

      • Omg I got mine fitted on the 1st October too. That is cray cray..seriously.. BRACES SISTERS lol .. How has it been over the (almost) 3 months so far? How many tightening a have you had? I get mine tightened every 4 weeks..have had 2 tightenings so far..3rd one coming up in 2 weeks.. New wire last time really helped them move quicker.. Have yours moved much? How many brackets have fallen off? (2 have fallen off for me.. Hopefully that’s normal.. Trying to be more careful now!)

  78. hi! i get my braces in two days.
    Since Christmas is just around the corner, red and green sound practical. however, I feel like Red will look like kool-aid and Green will look like spinach.
    I feel like getting pink would be nice. I think pink and blue or pink and green would be too much for my mouth. Idk, does that sound good?

    • Hi Maia – Right now, I think most people will be accustomed to seeing red and green and won’t think that you have koolaid and spinach goin on. Good luck picking out the right colors!

      • Tom, don’t you ever get sick of agreeing with people’s color choices? I’d go insane being asked thousands of times what color looks good on ___ insert hair color here. You must have great patience.

        • Lol, not really! It’s interesting to see some of the combinations they come up with. I think most anything looks good, so maybe my opinion isn’t the best judgment of whether or not it really looks good!

      • Its okay don’t worry or stress about the colour in getting my braces in January\febuary too I was thinking dark red looks good Sewell as light blue but then again don’t worry its like a blip in your life if you choose the wrong colour it won’t stay that colour for long as the colours generally fade.

  79. I am getting my braces in a few weeks. I am 28 years old and I am excited yet nervous. Anyways I am thinking of getting pink. Does pink stain badly? I don’t really drink anything like coffee and I don’t smoke or eat curry. Thanks! 🙂

  80. My name is Meagan and I went to the Ortho, they said that they would call in 4-6 weeks I was just wondering how long you think it takes. I also would like to know if they actually call you or you have to call them because its been so long, I have heard of cases like that.

  81. Im also thinking of getting teal on top and a pattern of purple and teal on bottom. What do you think? Is there anything thats bad about those colors? Also do you get to pick your types? Like my friend has I think what they call railroad or train tracks…. Or do they give you what braces they think you need?

  82. Hey all, I’m getting braces soon and I was thinking about colors. I really like maroon but I’m not sure what they’ll look like on… Ps. I really don’t want orange, pink or purple. Any suggestions? Also, my friend’s braces keep breaking when she eats. Is this normal? All replies much appreciated!

  83. i think the color braces you should get is pink and purple blue and pink or just blue my favorite i would get is pink and blue and if i change i would get blue just blue

  84. I was just told that I would need braces as soon as my teeth grow in. I was wondering…
    1)Does my dentist use the 3M bands
    2)Do I have to go to an orthodontist to get my braces
    3)Does it hurt to get braces on your teeth

    Please reply…I am desperately in need of some answers

    Your Friend,
    Jane Doe

    • Hi Jane – Many offices use the 3M bands, but if not, they will likely have similar colors to what you would like to have. Some general dentists do braces, most don’t, so you will usually go to an orthodontist to get your braces.

      As far as hurting, when they glue the bands on your teeth you shouldn’t feel anything. It does ache a little bit AFTER you leave the office and the braces start working to move your teeth. Good luck!

  85. Hey guys I read some of the comments earlier um I was just wanting to know what colors you would recommend for a 11 year old boy like me?:);)

  86. Hi . I’m getting braces today :s I’m pretty nervous , but I love the colors exreme green and teel 🙂 would they look good together ?

  87. Getting braces soon but don’t know what colours to get, I wanted to get green annd black for my school colours because when I get them I will have 6 weeks left in school and then 6 weeks before they are tightened so then I can change the colours when I leave the school but I’m afraid to get the colours because they are the main colours that look like food!!! 🙁 Plz help!!

    • try a light green and maybe a gray a darker one so it wont be as bad! good luck….is their any pain getting them on?

  88. Hi, I might be getting a tooth taken out, and if I do I will need braces to close the gap. My teeth are perfectly straight, I just need the gap closed. I have the choice to have it taken out, and I probably will. If I do get braces, they will be to close the gap, could I get colours? Thanks, I’d really appreciate the reply! xx

    • It entirely depends on what type of braces your getting intill then keep it in mind just in case I would suggest the first time whatever coulour you get it doesn’t matter as you have them on for a short time.

  89. im getting my braces on in a month! idk what colors to get and will they hurt i getting scared after reading some comments about how much they hurt what foods are best to eat after ypo get them on??? and what colors whould look best on me im kind of pale and have light blue eyes and dirty blonde hair???

  90. im getting braces soon and i was planing on getting red white and blue for the forth of july but friend said at her orthodonist they only let you get 2 colors .is this true for most orthodonists?

  91. Tom i am scared to get them i do not know if my friends will like them or not i have some question
    1. Does it hurt
    2. How many color is there

  92. Okay so I’m a teenager, like a lot of people on these comments and my boyfriend has colored braces and I am getting mine September 13th ((Friday 13th, something is bound to go wrong)) and my family is giving me grief that our braces will get stuck when he kisses me… Should I let that get to me? I’m not enjoying their teasing much because I don’t know if it is true or not.

  93. I’m getting my braces fitted next week and looking forward to picking to going picking out the colour for my bands. I didnt know there were so many colours to choose from. I think I’m going for something bright!

  94. Hi!
    I just got notice a few weeks ago that I need braces because I have eye teeth that are stuck up in the roof of my mouth and I need to have them pulled down over a little while, and I was wondering why I would need braces for that? I just need the top ones cause I have two that are still baby teeth and I’m 15

  95. Hi I’m Becky , im 11 and I have just got my orthadonist referall today and even though it seems like a long time away I am wondering about what colour to choose! I will receive treatment from the NHS (uk health service) and I don’t know what colours I can get! I was thinking about glow in the dark because the don’t stain, look clear , don’t make your teeth look a funny colour and well, their glow in the dark! If they don’t offer that colour in bands or braces I would choose silver or pink! Please help me because I’m worried about my braces and don’t know what the NHS provide!

  96. Hey Tom,

    I have a question for you. I am getting braces in several weeks, not because I need to straighten my teeth but because I am missing 2 adult teeth on my bottom row of teeth. So when those 2 baby teeth fall out there will be permanent gaps since there is no adult teeth to fill the gaps. So I am getting braces so when those baby teeth fall out the brace will pull the other teeth in to close the gap. I was just wondering if since I have this problem will I be getting colored braces or self-ligating ones?

    If I am indeed getting colored ones I am going to go for either: Teal (to suit my eyes), Light Blue (again to suit my eyes), Dusky Blue (again to suit my eyes) or Plum Crazy (because purple makes your teeth look whiter and I have naturally yellowish teeth.)

    Thanks! And please answer quickly as I really hope I can get colored ones!

  97. Ello, all. I was wondering if it is even possible to get colored Damon braces. And I’m not talking about the rubber bands. Just the braces in general. Thanks!

  98. I am 10 years old but if I have braces I will like to have red and orange ones. Those colors represents my favourite anime .

  99. I had self ligating and you can still choose colors for your powerchains if you need them at any point. And some orthos will put colors for deco if you want them.

    • What’s the difference between power chains and regular bands?? I’ go to Campbell orthodontics, and in 1 week I go to get braces and I’m freaking out, does it hurt?? I hate having anything in my mouth.. But I’m still Super excited about the colors! I think I’m going to get lavender and light blue!! Any other suggestions? I’m 12 year old girl and have bright green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I surf, will it hurt when I go over a wave and my fiberglass board hits my face? Will the metal break my board? Will it hurt my mouth? Will a bracket break off? Please reply ASAP!!

      xoxo Addy❤️

      • Oh and what is a self legitimating or non self legitimating braces, my ortho hasn’t said anything about this and I’m really scared, xoxo Addy

  100. I’m getting my braces in a couple of weeks and I don’t know what colour I’m going to get! I’m thinking about lime green and bright blue but I’m still no sure. I have blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, oh and I’m a girl btw. Please help!!!

  101. I’m getting my braces in a couple of weeks and I don’t know what colour I’m going to get! I’m thinking about lime green and bright blue but I’m still no sure. I have blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, oh and I’m a girl btw. Please help!!!!

    • Well Katalla I would defanetally help you but i need to knnow what kind of girl you are to see what kind of colors fit you

  102. I believe that having colors is awesome. When I had braces there was no such option. Now my daughter is going to get braces and she wants them pink. It really takes out the stress out of the experience and makes braces trendy.

  103. Hi, My dentist said i have to get braces once i loose all of my teeth and i have done that already but my mom and i are having trouble finding the right orthidontist any ideas?

    I already have some clue about my colors but i have 1 question does the teal color fade because it looks different from the screaming pink?

    • My orthodontist doesn’t have that color but I know that it will fade to be a dull teal because when I got the radical red it dulled to be a light pink

  104. I’m just gonna say I got braces today and just picked out silver ties, and if your getting braces don’t get silver first I’m already regretting not making it more fun

  105. Im 24 and i just got the ceramics braces 2 days ago. I got the ceramics braces just because i wanted it to really blend with my teeth and make it less obvious. Now i cant wait to get the coloured bands 😀 i dont care anymore! wish i dint have to pay extra i should have gone for the metal braces LOL! oh well…

  106. Hi….Um I just wanted to know….I got braces about two months ago and I got them because I have a gap between my front teeth (its pretty huge) and im scared that it wont be closed in the two year period. so I was just wondering if braces are specifically meant to do this and do you have any tips to speed up the process because only after two months I am seeing improvement but its slow. Ima 13 year old girl by the way so thanks….can you help me Tom 8)

  107. I am being referred to the orthodontist to get braces and have no idea what colour to get. I am 13 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Any idea what colour I should get??????? HELP

  108. Hello I am getting my colors changed today but I don’t know what colors to get I need help right away ………
    please see to this soon

  109. Hey I’m getting braces this Friday but I don’t know what colors look good on natural beige skin and dark black hair??Please help

    • If your braces are traditional metallic, go for grey because it will blend in. If they are transparent or white, then go for white

  110. For the first year of my braces my dentist would use transparent rubber bands every month (i have tooth coloured wire with transparent brackets) which would become yellowish in a week! yesterday after i asked him he showed me all coloured bands and i was like “why didn’t u tell me earlier?” So this time i opted for WHITE ones. I hope these wont become yellow

  111. What’s the difference between power chains and regular bands?? I go to Bozart family Dentistry and in 1 week I go to get braces and I’m freaking out, does it hurt?? I hate having anything in my mouth.. But I’m still Super excited about the colors! I think I’m going to get lavender and light blue!! Any other suggestions? I’m 13 year old girl and have bright green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I surf, will it hurt when I go over a wave and my fiberglass board hits my face? Will the metal break my board? Will it hurt my mouth? Will a bracket break off? Also I was wondering if someone could reply a link for a good braces procedure video? I want to know what they are going to do before I get my braces..
    Please reply ASAP!!

  112. Regular bands do not pull your teeth but as the power chains they pull your teeth closer together and or back. They may hurt more but they work. No it does not hurt your teeth bit your cheeks will get cramps. Yes you can still surf. I would suggest being careful about falling because if you hit it to hard your braces will get sick to your lip. And I would suggest not getting white as a color it will turn yellow. And don’t get black they make your teeth look dirty 24/7. I will send a link right now hold on.

  113. Hi I just got my letter today that I got approved for braces and I go to east carter high school in grayson ky 41143 and when should my mom call my denist to make me an appointment

  114. For those out there who are having a hard time choosing braces here’s a few tips
    Lavender and dark blue go really well with dark skin
    Baby blue and pink go really good with light skin.
    I’m getting braces tomorrow and I’m getting lavender

  115. hi i am 13 and i need braces and my mom can’t pay for them and we don’t have enough money i need them for FREE plz

  116. I”m getting braces on Friday ;(
    I’m SOOOO scared!! I’m going to a dentistry program at the University of Alberta where a student will be putting on my braces. I don’t know if they have colours and I’m scared something is going to go wrong. I’m so nervous.
    Any tips?

  117. I’m getting braces on Friday and I’m SOOO scared ;(
    I’m going to the University of Alberta dentistry program where a student will be putting on my braces. I don’t know if they have colours and I really want this to be an okay experience for all the pain I will be going through (including 2 surgeries). I’m really nervous. Any tips?

  118. Not a big fan of coloured braces to be honest – especially something like yellow/orange – I would worry that from far away it would look like you had really yellow teeth. But I can see how they might be fun for kids so can see the benefits there. If I had to have braces I would probably go for something as invisible as possible such as Invisalign.

  119. I am getting braces over the summer before school starts! I am very eager to see my new smile after they are taken off, and I’m glad I won’t have to wear braces in high-school, only in 7th grade (thank you dentist!). I was thinking of doing a light pink (no other colors) because I don’t want my braces to take over my whole look. Otherwise I will probably get lavender or something light but pretty.
    This article really helped! thanks!

  120. Hi I have a dentist oppitment Monday and it’s Saturday and it is just like the every 3-5 months checkup at least I think it is 3-5 IDK. Anyway he already told me I needed braces but since all of my teeth are out and grown in will he send me to my orthodontist? And if he does how long should you say it would take before I can get my braces?
    Please reply and my mom said colour braces don’t work as good but I don’t believe her I really want colour braces PLEASE REPLY AND TELL ME THE TRUTH.

  121. What a cool technology! Anything would be better than the horrible silver machinery I had as a kid. The more I learn about this business the more exciting I realize it is. Fast changing, Very cool.

  122. I’m thinking about getting the silver with light pink or green and pink or blue and pink or blue and lavender. Thanks in advance. I get mine in January sometime.

    • Oh and I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. I look like a ghost compared to my friends. Is there any color that could make my skin look darker?

  123. Ok so I am 15 mixed with grayish blue eyes I am getting braces tomorrow I already had them once on the top hot pink a aqua but I don’t kno what color to get??

  124. Hi I’ve not long turned 17 and I’m with Airdrie Dental Care I’ve been to the orthodontist a couple of times and I’m supposed to be getting braces (train tracks) top and bottom but I have been told that before I get them I need to get 4 teeth removed before getting them and I don’t know if the colours pink and purple would go?

    I can’t decide which colours to get and I have been thinking of rainbow colours but I don’t know which ones to get either pink and purple or rainbow

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