Wear A Mouth Guard for These 16 Sports

Wear A Mouth Guard for These 16 Sports

You Should Wear a Mouthguard for These Sports
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It’s often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Sports mouth guards can not only protect your teeth, but they can protect against many injuries that can occur in and around your mouth.

Not convinced?  Six reasons why you should wear an athletic mouth guard.

Although some sports are riskier than others, you should consider wearing an athletic mouth guard while participating in any sport where you could suffer a blow to the face.  Some sports, such as football require a face shield as well as a mouth guard.  Other sports, like basketball, may not require a mouth guard, but wearing one could save your teeth.

Wear a Mouth Guard When Playing Soccer

Wear a Mouth Guard for These 16 Sports

1 – Football

2 – Boxing

3 – Ice hockey

4 – Baseball

5 – Wrestling

6 – Boxing

7 – Lacrosse

8 – Field Hockey

9 – Soccer

10 – Basketball

11 – Water Polo

12 – Handball

13 – Rugby

14 – Karate

15 – Horseback riding

16 – Gymnastics

No you don’t always need to wear an athletic mouth guard when you play the above sports, but a mouth guard can help prevent serious dental injuries.

I get it, nobody wants to be the dork that wears a mouth guard, but most mouth guard-wearing dorks do have better teeth!

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about athletic mouth guards?  Go ahead and leave them in the comments section below.  Thanks for reading!


  1. To protect the only teeth you have in life is certainly not a “dork” move. What’s really great is that often a good quality mouthguard not only protects you, but it also gives you more confidence because you can clench and bite and there for run, bump, fall without having to worry so much about doing damage to your teeth.

    • Hi Harmony – If you think you could fall and bang your teeth up on any hard object, then that would be able to damage your teeth. You have to weigh the likelihood of an accident vs. the inconvenience of wearing a mouthguard.

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