OA Links: Do You Lie to Your Dentist?

OA Links: Do You Lie to Your Dentist?

Do You Lie to Your Dentist?
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There are many good dental articles on the Internet, and I would like to share them with you every few weeks in a series I will call, Oral Answers Links.

Oral Answers LinksI won’t interrupt my regular Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule for these links, I’ll try to post them on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  If you have any feedback on this feature, please leave a comment below.

Angie’s List Dental Survey – 32% of patients report sometimes lying to their dentist when they’re asked about oral hygiene practices. A good thing about the survey was that about 80% of the respondents say that they have “great trust” in their dentist.

20 Worst Drinks In America – Men’s health did a feature a few months ago that I’ve been wanting to share.  They show pictures of the 20 “worst” drinks in America and then show a shocking picture of each one next to some junk food to illustrate just how much sugar is hidden in those drinks.

Neglecting Your Teeth May Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease – A recent study done at New York University shows that gum disease (an inflammation of the gums) may lead to an inflammation of the brain, leading to Alzehimer’s Disease.  Obviously, much more research will be needed in this area to confirm the results, but I always find it interesting to hear confirmed reports of how closely linked the mouth and body are.

Chewbaru - Photo Courtesy of R. Steven Rainwater
The dentures on Chewbaru’s roof

Europe is Regulating Online Teeth Whitening More Closely – It seems like you can buy any strength of teeth whitening gel online for a cheap price.  Some contain peroxide levels that are considered unsafe for your gums.  Europe is regulating this to hopefully increase the safety of the teeth whitening gels that are available to consumers.   Should the USA follow suit, or should consumers be allowed to choose unsafe gels without knowing the consequences?

Chewbaru the Mobile Masticator – A few years ago, a man had a dream to build a car that represented the mouth.  He purchased some dentures on eBay and eventually decorated a Subaru from the 90’s with a medley of dental-related items.

He even installed wireless infrared cameras so he could watch people’s reactions to the car and perhaps catch those who would vandalize his work of art.

You can read his story at the above link and see a lot more pictures of the Subaru turned into Chewbaru.

If you have any questions or comments about the above-mentioned articles, go ahead and leave a comment below!  Thanks for reading!


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